The Exiled Prince – Chapter 3: Running Out of Time

Abe had been summoned to the classroom by Mr. Nakamaru just after they had gotten back from their community service work and the monument. “Abe, skipping out on the work that we are doing here is…” Mr. Nakamaru began, but was soon stopped by Abe.

“Hey, don’t assume you know me. I did not skip out on anything.”

“Then what is your reason for not being there?” Mr. Nakamaru asked.

“I had gone back to the car just to drop my I-pod off.” He voiced. “Then this weird guy approached me. Started asking me all of these questions. I think he was intoxicated or something. He just kept going on about how things would never come to pass and asking me if this was what I really wanted.” He remarked with a shrug.

He hid it well, but concern knitted over the face of Mr. Nakamaru as he grew silent. “Don’t let it happen again.” He finally said as he dismissed Abe. Abe had thought it was a little weird that he was dismissed so easily, but good fortune was obviously smiling on him. When he exited the classroom he found himself wandering around looking for Tationy though he had told himself it was simply because he wanted to toy with her.

“Seriously? That sounds like so much fun.” Tationy spoke to the person she was talking to on the phone. She had only been in the house for a few minutes when her phone had rang. It was her friend Mai and they had talked about how much fun Mai and Pai Pai had at the beach. Mai never asked how Tationy was doing.

Tationy had felt a little bit sadden by the fact that she could not join them, but this summer was a great opportunity and as her mother had said, it would look good on a university application. Though that hardly took the sting away from giving up her summer.

“I am not certain if he will let me though.” She added after a moment of being silent. “I will ask him. If I am not there, then you know he said no.” She spoke before giving her goodbyes to her friend and went off to find Mr. Nakamaru.

Abe had finally found her as she was entering into the house from near the pool area. Having just been about to grab onto her shoulder and scare her he found himself in that same position. Turning around Abe found himself face-to-face with Sadoo and an unhappy expression crossed his face. His fortunate day had just turned ugly.

Inside the classroom Taku, Chochi, and Mr. Nakamaru could hear the arguing of Sadoo and Abe.

“Those two are the same as always.” Taku voiced.

“It still gets old listening to them.” Chochi remarked. “Like two little old ladies bickering over who makes dinner.”

Taku laughed, “Somehow our prince is always the cause of their fights.”

Chochi made an unhappy expression at that and let the conversation drop. This was not a conversation he wanted to discuss.

“We have a problem.” Atsuki finally spoke. “Abe was approached in the parking lot.”

“Ishi Clan?” Taku asked.

“It’s a possibility. I did not press him for details. Chochi I want you to head back to the park and see if you can find anything.”


“It just could be coincidence. Abe said the man could have been intoxicated, but we should not take the risk.” Atsuki remarked.

“It would be a strange maneuver.” Taku voiced. “They do not usually go after Abe first. They head straight for Sohma.”

“Abe might stand out as the easiest target at the moment.” Chochi stated, “After all he has ailienated himself from Sadoo and Otoha. Not to mention what transpired with him in our previous incarnate. They might be trying to use him to do their dirty work.”

A knock upon the door interrupted their conversation and Chochi and Taku made quick exits out one of the side door as Mr. Nakamaru spoke, “Come in.” She had been sitting with Sadoo and Abe, but then the two of them started arguing so she had gone back to her task of finding Mr. Nakamaru. She took a moment to collect herself before entering the room.

“Am I bothering you?” She asked noticing that Mr. Nakamaru was facing the desk like he was giving a lecture.

“Not at all, I am just planning my work for the next school year.” He voiced as he turned his body while she moved toward where he was standing. “What can I do for you, Tationy?”

“Well you see, my friend called and she and my other friend are in town. They did some shopping here today and wanted to know if I could meet them for dinner. So can I go?” She asked.

Atsuki stared at her for a moment before speaking, “You can go, but Abe will be going with you. I want you both to be back no later then 7.” He voiced. She had wanted to ask why Abe was going with her, but she bit her tongue as the arguing from Sadoo and Abe got considerably louder.

Mr. Nakamaru excused himself leaving Tationy alone in the classroom.

“Get off my back. You have no idea what is going on.” Abe yelled at Sadoo.

“That is enough.” Mr. Nakamaru spoke. “Sadoo please leave us.”

Abe expected a lecture as Atsuki stood before him. “I want you to take Tationy to meet her friends.” He voiced. Abe could not hold back the surprised look on his face. He expected a lecture about arguing and letting go of the past. Letting bygones be bygones and all of that stuff that adults liked to throw out there.

“Uh, sure.” Abe finally said.

“Good.” Atsuki remarked as he turned and disappeared from the room. Abe stood there in stunned disbelief as he tried to understand what had just happened. He was used to being lectured, his parents loved to tell him everything that he did wrong. Even the stuff that he accomplished perfectly they were quick to find something wrong with. He was not certain how to react to this situation.

Abe had waited for her near one of Mr. Nakamaru’s cars. The drive there was quiet with neither having much to say. Abe simply replayed the events of the day over and over again as he tried to understand all the unexpectedness that had transpired. They had finally arrived, they were heading to a small family style buffet restaurant in the area. They parked the car not to far away and began the walk toward the building.

Abe spotted the two girls that Tationy was with the most. He knew them as Mai and Pai Pai and considered them to be the most annoying girls at Aslann High School. Walking toward them, staring at the two brought back memories.

Abe hated those girls. They were ugly both in looks and personalities. They were the type of girls that talked about you behind your back. They loved to gossip and spread rumors. No one was off limits. “Abe did you hear me?”

“Sorry Mr. Shinohara, what did you say?”

“Just make sure you are at practice.” He remarked as he turned to walk away from Abe. Abe was no longer on the baseball team at that point, though Mr. Shinohara had been trying desperately to get him back. He did not let his eyes leave the harpies until Tationy came into view.

They were giggling. “She has no idea how tacky those leggings look.” Mai told Pai Pai. Abe was close enough that he could hear what they were talking about. They would talk about anyone that passed them in the hallways including teachers, but when very few people of interest were around they focused in on their friend, Tationy.

“I know they are so ugly.” Pai Pai laughed. “She is never going to have a boyfriend looking like that.”

“Sssh, she is coming.” Mai whispered as the girls giggled some more as they waited for Tationy to make her way toward them.

They were the type of girls that were always saying “hello” to Abe in singsong voices. He spotted Tationy walking toward the girls. He figured she had to be pretty stupid to hang out with girls like those or she was exactly like them.

He had not seen her doing all the gossip and whispering they did, not to mention he also did not see her being loud and obnoxious. He did not spend a lot of time trying to figure it out, but he did not understand why she stayed with these girls because it was obvious they were not her friends.

If Tationy did not hang out with girls like Mai and Pai Pai she may have even been popular. Despite being flat-chested, in Abe’s opinion, she was fairly good looking. Though he was hardly interested in girls that let others walk all over them. He was also not a fan of the ones that were two-faced or selfish. Really there were not any girls at Aslann High School that he was interested in. They were all pathetic in his mind.

His eyes remained on Tationy even as the harpies walked by singing hello to him before entering their class. Tationy, had met his glance only briefly before slipping into the room. She never spoke to him. Did not even thank him after he saved her life at the community pool, though he did not give her a chance either having taken off before she could. Abe was completely unaware that she did not have any knowledge he was the one that saved her.

The girls watched with great curiosity as Tationy walked toward them with Abe. They were whispering to each other. “Her and Abe, he must be taking pity on her.” Mai said in a hushed voice and Pai Pai giggled. They both giggled even harder as Tationy waved to them and moved to head toward them, but was stopped when she felt something grab at her hand.

She felt Abe’s hand rubbing up against hers; fingers tracing lightly before clasping his hand with hers. She had turned her head to look at him then looked away quickly as he tugged her along. His eyes were on her two so-called friends. “Tationy is there something you want to tell us?” Mai asked as she and Pai Pai moved closer toward them.

They had instantly noticed when Abe had taken her hand. Tationy stared at them blankly still confused about what was going on when Abe spoke up, “Tationy, should I be offended that you did not tell your friends that we are dating?” He asked.

Mai and Pai Pai exchanged looks with one another before smiling which spoke volumes to each other, saying in their own way that they were none to happy with this development. “Well you will have to tell us all about it.” She had expected Tationy to be stuck with a bunch of geeks and here she was showing up with the most popular guy in school. Mai was already settled into the thinking that she was going to steal him away from Tationy.

They had eaten dinner together. Mai spent the entire time watching Abe and asking him questions. Neither she nor Pai Pai said much of anything to Tationy. Mai never asked about how he and Tationy got together because to her it did not matter. “Abe why did you leave the baseball team?” Mai asked.

“Yes, why? You were so good.” Pai Pai spoke.

Tationy sighed inwardly. Much as it always was she felt like the third wheel. It seemed like she was invisible most of the time and it was a feeling that she never got use too. “No reason.” Abe said. “Just needed to do something different.”

Abe was hardly paying attention to the girls. While he did not outwardly display it his focus was on the man that he had run into earlier that day. The man with the white hair and oddly yellow eyes was currently sitting at a table not to far away from them. The man’s eyes had often lingered upon the group. Abe felt that same bad feeling he had gotten earlier that day though he passed it off as his own dislike of people in-general, but now he had to wonder how it was that he had seen the same man twice in one day. This town was hardly a little nook, it was a major city.

“So did you and Tationy get together after Tsubaki?” Mai asked as the corner of her mouth curled slightly. She was pretty happy with herself at that moment.

Tationy kept looking at her plate she did not know why she was playing along with this. She felt bad for not speaking up and telling the truth. “Tsubaki was a slut willing to give it up to anyone on the baseball team.” Abe remarked coldly, “She and I were never together.”

“Oh I am sorry, forgive me. I must have misunderstood.” Mai played innocent. “She is beautiful though, I can understand how guys would be interested in her.”

“I was never interested in her.” Abe spoke, “The only person that has captured my attention is Tationy.” He stated. For a moment even Tationy believed him, he was a pretty convincing liar.

Abe noticed the man was still sitting at the table watching them. His food had long since been eaten despite, the waitress having stopped by to ask him if he wanted anything else he repeatedly sent her away.

Abe finished the last bite of his food before wiping his mouth with his napkin and speaking. “We have to go.” Tationy was not even finished with hers as he asked the waitress to hurry back with the bill.

“So soon?” Mai asked.

Tationy had gone to open her mouth to say that they did not have to be back until 7, but Abe spoke up before she could. “Yeah, I told Mr. Nakamaru we would be back by 6.”

“Awe that is a shame, maybe we can do this again sometime.” Mai spoke as she reached out and touched Abe’s hand.

Abe pulled his hand away quickly, tossed enough money down on the table, before looking to Tationy. “Let’s go.”

“Right.” She said as she stood up and said goodbye to Mai and Pai Pai. Neither had gotten a chance to say anything back before Abe forcibly pulled Tationy out of the restaurant leaving the two staring after them trying to understand what they had just witnessed.

The ride back to Mr. Nakamaru’s house was silent for a while before both had gone to speak at the same time. Ultimately Abe had won out as he started to speak in a harsh tone about Mai and Pai Pai. Tationy sat there listening to his words with her head bowed slightly as Abe drove them back to the house.

He had exited the car, slamming the door shut before entering the house.

“Where is Tationy?” Sadoo asked. As usual he and Otoha were sitting near each other. Abe did not see Chochi around and wondered very briefly where he was.

“She is coming.” Abe remarked.

“How was it?” Taku asked.

Abe made a face which told them all that he had not even remotely enjoyed himself.

They all grew quiet as Tationy entered. “How was your dinner?” Mr. Nakamaru asked Tationy, but she did not respond simply headed toward the stairs to go to her room.

Everyone stared in stunned silence before Sadoo spoke up, “What the hell did you do to her?”

“I did not do anything.” Abe remarked.

“Then why is she ignoring us?” Sadoo asked as his voice raised considerably.

Mr. Nakamaru sighed it was always like this between the two of them where their prince was concerned.

“Don’t know.”

Sadoo was frustrated with Abe as he stood up and moved toward Tationy’s room while Abe took a seat next to Otoha once Sadoo was gone. “So what happened?” Taku asked.

“Nothing, those girls are how they always are.”

“What do you mean?” Sohma questioned.

“They are bitches.”

“Abe.” Mr. Nakamaru scolded.

“It’s true, sorry Mr. Nakamaru, but that is the nicest word I can find to describe them.”

“Is that why you are back so early?” Sohma asked.

“No. That weird guy I ran into earlier today was there and he just kept staring at us.”

Mr. Nakamaru kept a neutral face as he listened to Abe talk. The fact that Abe saw that man again told him that he was most definitely a member of the Ishi Clan. Taku had looked toward Atsuki both knowing what the other was thinking.

Things were progressing much faster than they had anticipated and they were quickly running out of time. He knew that he would have to pull Chochi and Taku aside and talk to them about this new development, but for now he simply sat silently listening to his students talk.

Sadoo had knocked on the door, but she did not respond so he opened the door and let himself in. She was lying on her bed when Sadoo had entered. “Are you alright?”

“Mmmhmm. I am fine.”

“You did not say anything to us when you came in.” Sadoo remarked.

“Oh sorry I was just thinking.”


“It’s nothing.”

Sadoo looked around the room for a chair, finding a stool near the corner and pulling it over so he could take a seat.

“Tell me.” He encouraged.

Before she could stop herself she began to tell him what she was thinking. “It hit me on the ride home, when Abe was yelling at me.”

His fist clenched, “Why was he yelling at you?”

“He thinks that I am stupid because I hang out with Mai and Pai Pai.”

“Did he say why he thinks that?” He asked controlling his unhappiness with Abe so she would not see it.

“He told me that I did not act like they do and he did not understand why I let them walk all over me. I didn’t think I let them walk all over me.”

“Abe…” Sadoo began, but was halted by Tationy’s words.

“Until today.”

“What happened?”

“They did not even ask me how I was doing. They just kept talking to Abe like I was not even there. I felt pretty invisible sitting there with my friends who only wanted to know more about Abe. I do not know why I should be all that surprised, I usually feel that way even when it’s just the three of us. Like they have some sort of inside joke that I am not privy too. You probably never feel like that, right?”

“I do sometimes. Usually in-regards to Abe and Tsubaki. Sometimes it feels like there is something right there and I just don’t understand what I am seeing.”

“Abe said nothing happened between him and Tsubaki.”

“When did he say that?”

“Tonight when Mai asked about them…” Her voice trailed off. There was something she was not saying. “Can I ask you something without you taking it the wrong way?”

“Of course.”

“Am I ugly?” When he did not say anything right away she stumbled to continue, “They just seemed surprised that I was with Abe. I tried not to read into it, but on the way back I kept thinking about the look on their faces when we walked up together. Like they could not believe I could go out with a guy like Abe. So I was just wondering if there was something about me that would make people think that.”

“You’re not ugly.” Abe said from the doorway as he entered the room without knocking. Sadoo made a face as Abe moved toward the end of the bed and stood. “They are jealous of you.” Abe added, “Because they know if you did not hang out with them you would be hanging out with me, Sadoo, Otoha, and the rest of us. Isn’t that right Sadoo?”

Sadoo had been a little upset by the unexpected arrival of Abe, but he looked toward Tationy and simply smiled. “Abe is probably right on this. You said that they were only interested in talking to Abe and ignored you, true friends would not do that.”

Abe moved toward the side of the bed, laying himself down next to Tationy. He did not ask to join her, simply made himself comfortable. Sadoo noticed instantly that Tationy had not yelled at him, or push him off the bed. “What did we miss while we were gone?” Abe asked. There was no awkwardness in what he had just done. Sadoo noticed how natural it seemed for both Abe and Tationy as though they had been in this situation many times before.

“Mr. Nakamaru told us a bit more of the story.” Sadoo remarked still a bit uncertain about what he was witnessing. He kept his composure despite his dislike of Abe and his confusion over the situation before him.

“Seriously, we missed the story?” Tationy pouted and Sadoo had to keep from smiling. There was something endearing about her and he turned to look at Abe for a moment and noticed that Abe was looking at her too. Sadoo wondered if Abe had noticed this quality long before they had arrived to Mr. Nakamaru’s house. “Tell it to us please.” She begged.

“It was not much really he talked about what happened just after they had crossed the sea which was before the general had died.”

“Mr. Nakamaru certainly is jumping around with this fairy tale.” Abe remarked.

“Yeah we mentioned that as well. His response was that sometimes stories need to be told in a particular way for the people listening to learn something from them.”

“Anyway, the story started out. They had found an abandoned house after having crossed the sea. The prince had received an injury to the back which was tended too though he had a long road to recovery. The house had not been abandoned for very long because it had yet to be ransacked by scavengers and bandits. It was a cozy enough place.”

“The guardians sat having tea together discussing the best course of action to protect their prince. None of them could agree on what was right, but they all understood each other’s point of view. They knew they would not be safe for long. That eventually the soldiers would catch up to them again. Their best estimation was that they had seven days before they had to set out on their journey or risk being overrun.”

“The discussion turned to a darker theme much more so than being overrun by an army hell bent on killing them. The leader of the guardians purposed a last resort, something that would allow them to come back to life. He was descended from the Onimusha or demon warriors. The Onimusha had served the Devine Emperor for centuries and were well know for their extended lifespans and abilities in the unnatural elements.”

“The brutal warrior closed his eyes, a smile passing over his lips. He spoke, To be brought back to life to protect our prince. That certainly would strike fear in our pursuers.

“The tactician and the fighter sat silently near each other. Both contemplated what might become of them if they took such a course of action.”

“The silent assassin turned to look at the leader of the guardians. Surprised that such a suggestion would leave his mouth.”

“The general spoke, A warrior that never dies is nothing more than a demon, but I would gladly become one to protect our prince.

“The greatest swordsmen of the New Aslann Empire laid upon the floor quietly contemplating the battle. In every possible scenario he came up with, he was unable to protect his prince. He hated himself at that moment. He had failed to do the one thing required of him. How could his prince ever forgive his failure.”

“The leader spoke, We will forever be slaves to our prince. As long as he is reborn, we too will be reborn. We will be driven only to protect him, seek him out. We will never have wills of our own. This is the price we would pay for using such a technique to protect our prince. Look into yourselves and decide if you are willing to go to such a length to protect him.

“The guardians had grown quiet after his words. They each would depart each others company leaving the swordsmen alone with the leader. He spoke once more, Now is the time to say what you need to say to our prince. If you do not do it now, you will never be able to say it.

“The great swordsmen continued to lay on that spot on the floor. He knew the words of the leader were right, but he could not bring himself to move from that spot. Some things he felt were better left unsaid.”

“The guardians trained for many hours. Training and strategy were all they could really do at that point. They could not move right away, not with their prince injured so they had to be prepared and in right form just in case their pursuers arrived sooner than they expected. The great swordsmen did not train with them.” “The great swordsmen found his way to where the prince was resting. He stood there in the entrance watching his lord. He felt a heavy weight upon him for not being able to protect him. It had been lingering all around him and it had become tangible.”

“The prince had been injured with a sword to the back. He was lucky to have maneuvered in time or it would have been far worse. That did not take the sting away as the swordsmen continue to watch his prince.”

“The prince had not been alseep, but was startled out of his contemplation by the fact that someone was staring at him. He pulled himself up into a seated position the best he could. His eyes focused in on his great swordsmen. He seemed unaware that the prince was watching him. The prince spoke to his swordsmen, Is something troubling you?

“The great swordsmen had been so lost in thought that he had not noticed that his prince had noticed him. He instantly went down on one knee, bowing his head, and spoke to his prince. Please forgive me, my intention was not to disturb you my lord.

“The prince had not spoken right away simply staring at his great swordsmen. He could feel the emotional turmoil surrounding him. He spoke, That is not necessary, what is troubling you?

“The great swordsmen arose and looked to his prince. He felt he should apoligize and beg for the forgiveness of his lord. The words of the guardian leader kept replaying in his mind so he simply let his emotions drive him, something that he did not normally do.”

“The great swordsmen began to remove his clothing one piece at a time. Leaving himself in nothing, his pride exposed.”

“Wait a minute.” Abe interrupted. “It’s that kind of story?”

Sadoo had started to chuckle and went to respond, but Tationy had spoken up. “That is so romantic.”

“What?” Abe said turning to look at her. “Are you insane? Two guys getting together is hardly romantic.”

“Why not? Don’t you boys think of two girls together all the time as being erotic?”

“That is different?”


Sadoo listened to the two of them go back and forth. He did not know why he found it slightly amusing.

“It just is.”

“That is not an answer.”

“Why not?”

“Because it is not.” She argued.

By this point Sadoo was laughing even harder at the two of them and he had to calm his laughter before he could muster up the strength to talk again. “Do you both want to hear the rest of it?” Sadoo asked.

They both answered at once, Abe with a no and Tationy with a yes. Despite Abe saying no he did not leave the spot next to Tationy.

“The great swordsmen did not give the prince a chance to say anything as he rushed toward the bed and pinned the prince to it. His breathing was coming in long pants as he anticipated what the princes mouth would taste like. The prince pressed his hands against the chest of his great swordsmen as he spoke, Why are you doing this?

“The great swordsmen leaned in and claimed the mouth of his prince with such passion and intensity that the prince ceased to struggle and moved his hands to rest on the back of the great swordsmen. The great swordsmen whispered softly into the ear of the prince, I want to be just a man and not your guardian for just one moment in time. Please, princess let me be your prince.

“That is so romantic.” Tationy said. “I want a guy like that.” She practically giggled at the thought. Both boys could tell she was picturing it in her mind.

“Wait, you said princess and not prince.” Abe remarked after it hit him that the swordsmen words were not that of a man asking another man to be his prince, but asking instead for that person to be his princess.

“Yeah I did.” Sadoo remarked. “Mr. Nakamaru did not get a chance to explain because you both had gotten back, but the swordsmen did refer to the prince as his princess.”

“So the prince was female?” Tationy questioned.

“It’s a possibility.”

“If that were the case why would the prince…I mean princess hide her identity?” Abe question.

“We do not know. We will have to ask Mr. Nakamaru if we want to understand the situation. It is also possible that the swordsmen was taking on some sort of dominate role or even that the story was translated wrong. There is no saying for certain if the prince was female or not.”

“I want to know.” Tationy stated. “My mother used to tell this story all the time when I was little, but she did not know nearly as much of it as Mr. Nakamaru does. She just knew the basic tale. It feels so, like you just get lost in the story. I love that feeling.”

Abe understood what Tationy was saying. He had found that he also got lost in the story as it was being told. He identified with the great swordsmen in many ways. “I feel that way too.” Sadoo remarked. “When he was telling us the story of the general I felt like I was there.”

“All great stories are like that.” Both Sadoo and Abe agreed with Tationy’s words regarding great stories as they talked a bit more about the prince or princess in the tale.

After Abe and Sadoo had disappeared into Tationy’s room. Taku and Atsuki took the time to depart as well so that they might discuss what Abe mentioned. Otoha fallowed them moving outside to stand near the sliding glass door to listen to their conversation.

“We have no choice now, we have to head there.” Taku voiced.

“If we head there we run the risk of not being reborn if anything happens to us.”

“We cannot protect them here.” Taku argued. “No amount of training we do here is going to mean anything. We are dooming ourselves to the same existence over and over again.”

“It is too dangerous. With their memories not even intact yet it is too soon, Taku.”

“I think Taku is right.” Chochi remarked as he entered the room.

“So it was Ishi then?” Taku asked though he already knew it.

“Yes, their stink was all over the place and it was not just the one. There were at least five of them. They probably brought that many just in case Abe’s remembered and he put up a fight.”

“This is far worse than our previous incarnates.” Taku remarked.

“Atsuki.” Chochi began, “I know you do not want to hear this, but I think Taku is right.”

“If we go there we only have seven days before we are thrust back through time to the New Aslann Empire. Do you have any idea what that will do to them? They have to be prepared. They have no fighting skills or knowledge of that world and all of its customs. At this point only the three of us are capable of protecting them.”

“Four of us.” The voice of Otoha spoke out as the others turned to look at him. They were surprised to see Otoha standing there and speaking because in thousands of years he had often never spoke to anyone other than Sadoo.

“How long have you…” Taku began.

“6 months.” Otoha remarked.

“Why did you not say anything?” Atsuki asked. His silence answered the question, “I see, you were waiting for Sadoo to remember.”

“Not like they are any closer to remembering.” Taku pointed out.

“Sadoo might be close.” Otoha spoke. “He has begun to dream of past incarnates. Abe’s instincts are sharp, but his memory does not appear to be any closer to recalling the past.”

“This might be due to what happened during his previous incarnate.” Atsuki began then paused a moment, “Strengthening his relationship with Tationy is the only way for him to overcome the blocks he has placed on himself.”

“But at the cost of what?” Chochi asked.

Each of them bowed their heads for a moment, “We all loved our prince and perhaps our prince loved us the same, but their relationship has for the most part transcended time itself. With a few notable exceptions of course.” He voiced as he noticed Chochi scowling at him.

“I am in agreement with Taku and Chochi.” Otoha spoke, “It is the only way to protect them.”

“I suppose we have no choice then.” Atsuki remarked with a sigh. “Tell everyone to pack we will be going on a trip and we are leaving tonight.”

To Be Continued


  1. ABE!! I like him a bit more now, that was really sweet 🙂
    Ooooh, creepy guys. The reincarnation thing is really cool, and how they stay the same person each time. Although I get they’re protecting Tationy, I personally would want to know EXACTLY what was going on…

    • That tends to be the case with Abe. He is a character that people tend to hate and then he does something and people end up liking him a little more each time.

      Yes, some creepy guys in there as well. Quite a few.

      Thank you. The reincarnation theme is common throughout all the stories (though the Aslann story we have not seen it due to it not being finished). Yeah I would also want to know, but these guys a pretty secretive. Only a couple of them would tell her and are pretty much halted from doing so by Atsuki.

      • I think, from my perspective anyway, is that since they are all ‘older’ they are wiser and have more depth/knowledge. I guess that’s one of the reasons they are so interesting and engaging! ^_^

      • Yes, I love older characters even if physically they might not be young. They have so much to share and of value to give. Love it. ^_^

    • HAHA, completely boobs. We see boobs a few times and other things. ^_^ NSFW some chapters.

      • Hahaha! It wasn’t because I’m worried of nsfw stuff. It’s just… I thought there’s some boyxboy stuff getting down and then I look at the picture. Whhuuuttttt… So there’s a plot twist XD

        Why you do dis to my fujoshi heart lol

      • HAHA, do not worry. There is always some boyxboy. ^_^ Technically Tatsuya the prince is transgender; female body, but male at heart. When I do up pictures of him they are always male and not female. We only see female Tatsuya in the stories. We do see boyxboy throughout the series with Zen, Oro, and Nao who are all gay. Abe who is bi-sexual, Kuro who is pansexual, so on and so forth. So no worries, plenty of boyxboy. ^_^ And seeing we are on the topic, Tationy is female, but soul wise I do not give “her” a gender because Tationy is really a number of beings all put into one body so while the form is female, I actually do not see her as female or feminine. Others do though, which is all about perspective I guess. HAHA. There is no easy answer for Tatsuya/Tationy throughout the series. ^_^ In the reality story, which is the canon verse, it is something I hope to explain and hopefully much better then I am here. HAHA.

  2. Oh, I’m certainly looking forward to everything you have to offer! This story of yours is such a sprawling universe, exploring it so far has been an exciting ride. I tried to read other parts/more recent rewrites but I felt I must start from here to really enjoy the story and ease into their unique world. #NoRagrets :p

    • It is alright. It really can be read in any order, but starting from TEP, then building to TEPR, Aslann, Prequel, and Reality really gives insight. We see how things started, how they changed and by Reality we see how things were mean to be.

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