The Exiled Prince Reloaded – Chapter 1: Exit to Paradise

This is Tationy and her boyfriend Hiko. Tationy did not have the most prestigious of upbringings and college seemed almost impossible to imagine. After the events that transpired, just before her senior year of high school, she was invigorated. She set herself on a course to change her life. Tationy did not want to be that invisible girl that one that was cast aside by the people that cared about her. She wanted to dare greatly and become her own woman. She ended up not going to college, much to the dismay of her overbearing mother. Instead, she took a job as a waitress. Tationy worked really hard and her efforts did not go unnoticed. That is how she met her boyfriend, an executive at a large corporation and he told her that there was a job for a receptionist available. She was under qualified and honestly did not expect to get the job, but in the end, Hiko had pulled some strings to make it happen. Tationy was really grateful to him.

The moment she could she started looking for her own place. She had lived for years in a small apartment above a Chinese restaurant along with her mother and father. It was the first time in her life she would be on her own and she was completely looking forward to it. Unfortunately, finding an apartment on what she made seemed impossible, especially in Aslann where everything was so expensive. Hiko also helped her with that. At first they were both really happy or at least she was really happy. Eventually, it started to feel like he was pulling away from her. Perhaps he felt that their relationship was one-sided. Tationy admitted that there were times she felt like all she did was take in the relationship while he was being so giving. Perhaps the fact that they were waiting until they were married to engage in a physical relationship was the issue. Whatever the reasons, there was an invisible wall between them.

“I thought that perhaps we could go to the beach first, then maybe take a tour of the island.”

“This is a business trip.” He told her.

“Oh, so we will not be spending any time together?” She questioned.

“Ah, not much, I will be in meetings.”

She was disappointed, but hid it. “That is alright. I will take lots of pictures so you can see the island.” She voiced as she turned about to the dresser looking through the drawer quickly for her swimsuit.

ts3w-2012-08-23-22-08-00-44Down by the ocean she snapped pictures. All of this island and land was owned by the Shima Corporation. Famous people, big business executives, multimillionaires, even billionaires frequented Shimragata. Then, there was Tationy. She was just a simple girl from Aslann. She supposed for about 15 minutes she had her own fame. During the summer before her senior year she was picked by her classical literature teacher for a summer community project. The whole lot of them had gotten lost in the forest, and a big fuss was made searching for them. There had even been some speculation of wrongdoing. Though in the end, her mother was not nearly as concerned as she appeared on television.

ts3w-2012-08-23-22-12-41-25She looked down the beach, noticing a man walking along it. He seemed lost in thought and she smiled a moment. There was something about the human body. The way someone stood, walked, smiled could tell you a lot about how the person was feeling. This man seemed as though he had a heavy burden and she wondered what could weigh down someone so handsome. She brought her camera up, waiting for the perfect moment before finally snapping her picture.

ts3w-2012-08-23-22-40-41-61He looked up when the flash went off and quickly walked toward her, his expression had changed so quickly and she had not even had a moment to see how the picture turned out when he was grabbing her camera from her hands before grabbing her wrist with his free hand. “Who do you think you are, taking pictures of me? Who do you work for?” Even though he was angry, she heard no raise in his tone.

Up close he was even more handsome than she had thought at first glance. “I…” She stumbled over her words, “I work for The Kari Foundation.”

He blinked at her, though did not relinquish his grip. “Why are they spying on me?”

“They are not. I am on vacation with my boyfriend and I was just taking pictures. I like to take pictures of people.” She voiced.

“Vacation here? Who do you think your kidding with that kind of answer?”

“Please, my boyfriend is up at the house. He works for The Kari Foundation.”

“Who is your boyfriend?” He questioned.

“Hiko Kari.” She said.

She did not know what to make of it all when he started laughing at her. He looked her up and down, making it very obvious he was appraising every inch of her. “That seems unlikely.”

“It is true.” She responded.

ts3w-2012-08-23-22-59-53-93“Alright let’s find out.” He stated as he dragged her toward the house. He set the camera on a table as he passed by it, though continued to grip her wrist tightly. When they finally made it toward the door he hollered. “Hiko, you in there?”

“He might have left for his meetings.” She said.

“You better hope not.” He responded.

ts3w-2012-08-23-23-03-40-80It took several moments for Hiko to emerge from the home that the two of them were staying in. He had a cigarette in hand, taking several long drags off of it as he eyed the two. “Did you bring this girl here?”

“Ah.” Hiko responded.

Sesiago let go of her wrist, turning his head to look at her again. “Seriously?”


Sesiago turned his back to the two of them, “I will see you at the meeting.”

Tationy looked between the two of them quickly, “You know him Hiko?”

“Ah, he is an executive of The Shima Corporation and my cousin.”

“Oh.” She said as she watched him walk down the beach.

“Did you get in trouble already?”

“I took a picture and he sort of freaked out over it.”

“Try to be careful who you take pictures of, the people here like their privacy.” He voiced.

ts3w-2012-08-24-18-30-15-01Tadayoshi Kari stood looking toward the ocean. The father of Hiko Kari was lost in thought. He sighed noticeably, rubbing the back of his neck. “A little role reversal.” He heard a voice say. He glanced to the man that joined him at his side, his younger brother Katsu. “You seem extremely nervous Tadayoshi. Are you concerned about my son?”

“Expectations are high. We promised our fathers that we would do this, but…”

“I find it interesting that you who follows the old ways so strictly is the one that voices his concern the most.”

“We both remember this from our own youth, I am surprised you are not more concerned.”

“Sesiago will not fail. You are concerned that Hiko will?”

“Prophesier’s talk about how the stars are aligned in a certain way. That fortunate shines brightly for many. What they do not see or understand is that this is the first time in thousands of years that not just the stars are in a favorable position, but all of the key players exist. I am concerned what that means for Hiko. I do not wish for history to repeat itself.”

“Whatever happened back in Alsann during the War for the Kingdom, matters not here in Shimragata. We have made certain that those that need to be here are here, let us hope that we see something amazing.”

“What if we do not?”

“Then I guess we are just old fools stuck in the old ways of the Kari.”

ts3w-2012-08-24-19-30-37-49“Oh, I am sorry I did not know anyone was up here.” They heard a soft voice and the two older Kari men turned to see a young woman in a bathing suit standing not far from them. She was cute and far to young for either of them. Tationy had enjoyed her walk on the beach and had snapped pictures for hours. She just wanted to enjoy some quiet time so she wandered around the house until she found the balcony, not expecting to find two older gentlemen there. She had thought that she and Hiko would be alone at his families home on the island of Shimragata only to find out that they were definitely not alone.

Tationy had just been about to introduce herself to the two men when a voice interrupted them. “There you are. I have been looking all over for you.”

She turned slightly noticing Hiko’s cousin walking toward them. She figured he was talking to the men before her when his arms quickly pulled her into an embrace and lips smashed against hers. His sudden attention on her made her feel as though she was going to fall so her arms instantly grabbed onto to him, which ultimately made it look like she was returning his embrace. She had quickly gathered herself and tried to pull away from him when she found his hands sliding down inside her swimsuit. His hand cupped her bottom, while his finger found the small budded opening quickly, which caused her to squeal and jump when his fingertip circled along her forbidden entrance. Tationy was thankful when the man with the goatee had cleared his throat.

Sesiago pulled himself away from the girl, though kept his hand inside the back of her swimsuit his finger teasing the budded opening. She had turned to glare at him, “Uncle, it is good to see you have you met my girlfriend?”

Her mouth had gone agape. “No I have not.” Tadayoshi had responded.

“Introduce yourself my love.” He told her as his finger pressed against her most private area, just enough to let her know that if she did not do as he wanted he was going all the way with it.

“Tationy Tylo.” She said in a whisper, a pink hue had come to her cheeks quickly as she shifted from one foot to another.

“This is my uncle Tadayoshi, he is Hiko’s father.” He said and when she turned to look at Hiko’s cousin directly in the eyes he had a devilish smile. “This dapper gentlemen is my dear old dad, Katsu.”

“So you are the young woman that has captured my son’s heart, I have been hearing a great deal about you. Though he left out the fact that you are lovely.”

“Well you know, could not have you trying to steal her from me.” He joked as he paused a moment before continuing. “Anyway, she promised me a special little gift for my birthday.” He said with a cheeky grin, as he pushed the tip of his finger into her entrance. She had jumped having not been expecting it and a soft whimper left her lips. “We will catch up with you old guys later.” He said as he pulled his hand from her swimsuit grabbing her arm quickly, as he dragged her into the house.

ts3w-2012-08-24-20-02-11-78Not far from the room she was sharing with Hiko, she pulled her hand away from him. When he turned around, a hard slap connected with his face. “Who the hell do you think you are putting your hands on me, you pig?”

“I was doing you a favor.” He responded nursing his cheek with a gentle rub of his hand.

“A favor? Felt more like you were trying to …” She was so angry she could not even finish her words.

“As if you did not like it? You were practically begging me to fuck you right in front of my father and uncle. Bet you would have been wet in seconds having those two old guys watching you getting fucked in the ass.” He told her. “I bet you would have begged them to join.”

“You’re a pig.” She said as she pushed her hand into his chest. He grabbed it quickly pulling her into him, “Let me go.”

“Or what?”

She thought for a moment then forcefully yanked her hand away from him before walking away as she took the opportunity to have the final word on the matter, “Just stay away from me.”ts3w-2012-08-24-20-26-08-34Hiko was hard at work as Tationy entered the room slamming the door behind her. Up until that point he had been calm. He was on his second glass of whiskey, had already smoked three cigarettes, and she had left him alone the entire day so he could get some work done. He had been listening to them argue outside their room, which had been distracting, but he refused to allow himself to get swept up in all of it. She had sat down in a huff, “What did he do?”

She turned and looked at Hiko, who had not even bothered to lift his eyes from the computer screen. She blushed, “Nothing.”

“Did not sound like nothing.”

“Don’t you have a meeting to go to?”

“It was rescheduled. Why are you avoiding?”

She sighed, “He kissed me.”

“And?” She got silent. Truth be told she kinda wished Hiko got jealous, but he never did. Not even the time when that old perverted man felt her up on the subway right in front of him. “You going to tell me?”

“He stuck his finger in my butt.” She was so embarrassed.

Hiko finally looked up from the computer screen. He could see the pink hue to her cheeks. Even talking about it bothered her. If she only knew that turned him on more than anything. He loved the vulnerability of a woman. The problem was the ones in this day and age, did not need a man for anything. They could have children from a sperm donor. They could orgasm from any number of electrical toys. They could be successful in a career, so they were not even needed for a paycheck. To him there was nothing more beautiful than a woman that needed him. That was vulnerable. The problem for him was that vulnerability never lasted. “Sesiago only did it to piss off our fathers.”

She turned and looked at him, meeting his eyes for only a moment as he looked back to the computer screen.

ts3w-2012-08-24-20-27-02-30She watched him for a moment then looked away. He was typing furiously and it did not take long before she heard his chair move and the laptop close. He shuffled some items around on the table, before looking toward her a moment. “I have to go. I will be gone most of the night.”

“Mmhmm.” She said not even looking at him. This was how it was. She was practically molested by his cousin and he just blew it off. She wondered if there was something wrong with her. Hiko had been so amazing in the beginning, or maybe that was what she had wanted to see. She could not really figure it out. She sighed. Her eyes hurt, she hated wearing contacts, but she had a hard time seeing without them. The whole time growing up she never had glasses, her parents had just been too cheap, so the moment she had the opportunity to afford them she got herself some, the ones with the colored lenses. For her it was more a way to cover her unique eyes.

She pulled herself from the comfort of the chair. She wondered briefly where Hiko had gone off too. She was certain it was work in one form or another, it was not anything new or surprising. She moved to the bathroom letting her clothing fall to the floor. For a moment she stared at herself in the mirror. She always hated how she looked. Bound and determined she was going to put this whole day behind her, Tationy removed her contact lenses, placing them in their solution. She stretched her limbs a moment, stepping into the shower. She sighed, as she thought back on the first time she had ever been in a really nice house, Mr. Nakamaru’s home in Sobatole. That was so long ago. She had gotten all giddy because she had gotten a big bedroom to herself and her own bathroom. Now for her it was nothing new being on the arm of Hiko. Men as important as he is, never have anything, but the finest.

ts3w-2012-08-25-02-51-19-28Tationy enjoyed the quiet and the way the hot water pelted her skin like tiny rain drops. She moaned softly as she rubbed her hands over her neck and shoulders. The stress of the day seemed all embedded right there. How she longed for a massage and a quiet night alone with Hiko. Her eyes closed and she allowed herself to think about Hiko’s touch, his kiss, and such thoughts certainly did not quench the fire that was starting down below. She sighed, cursing his name. “I can take care of that for you.” She heard a voice say as she turned about quickly catching sight of Sesiago.

Before she really had a chance to protest he had her in his arms again. “Who the hell do you think you are?” She questioned as his hand slid down along her back and his lips moved in just inches away from hers.

“Sesiago Kari.” He told her. That was not exactly what she meant when she had asked him and she stared blankly at him. “You’re wasted on him.” He told her. “God you make me hard just looking at you.”

She swore under her breath, why did he have to say such things to her when she was in this state. He had heavy-lidded eyes and she could not tell if it was from lack of sleep or natural, but it gave him a sultry sway about him. His body was lean and cut. He was obviously a man that took good care of himself, yet did not go overboard. He was smaller than Hiko in build, but when she glanced down she got a look at the monster between his legs. It would put most men to shame. “I can’t.” She said, his lips just inches away from hers.

“Why not?”

“Hiko is my boyfriend and we are getting married someday.” She told him. “You need to stop this. I am not some toy you can keep playing with.”

“You’re naive.” He told her as he stepped back. He shook his head smiling, “Don’t say I didn’t try to warn you.” She watched him as he turned on his heels, wrapping a towel around himself as he left. She wondered how she kept getting into these situations with him. She did not really understand him at all, and why was she the naive one? He was the one that not once, but twice had done something inappropriate. Who the heck did he think he was? Sesiago Kari he had told her, obviously some rich kid that felt he was entitled to everything and everyone. He reminded her of a song she heard once, about looking so good, but the way things look aren’t the way they are. That was certainly true with him from what she had seen.

To Be Continued

Author’s Note: So I finally decided what I was going to do with this. I have played around with several ideas, but ultimately settled on this one. The story takes place on the Island of Shimragata which is just off the coastline of Aslann. It takes place in the modern time, with some references to the past. The story plays out as though Tationy, Atsuki, Abe, Chochi, Sadoo, Otoha, Sohma, and Taku never traveled back in time and is adult themed in nature.


  1. This is shaping up really nicely. I don’t want to spoil it by going into details but it’s very good and i love where you cut it off just as things were getting a little heated, lets just say Tationy isn’t the only one who needed a shower. Well written, funny and interesting. Can’t wait for the next part.

    • Thank you. *Blushes* I have to torture poor Tationy, I know I am just so mean to my sims. It is the soap opera lover in me.

    • I know right? In the beginning Hiko was quite hiding his feelings. He needs a kick in the butt. -_-

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