The Exiled Prince Reloaded – Chapter 2: The Birthday Present

“So let me get this straight…” The man standing near the bar next to Sesiago began, “You met a girl on the beach and subsequently laid into her for taking your picture. You dragged her back to your uncles house, only to find out she is Hiko’s girlfriend. Then, you told your father and uncle that she is your girlfriend and this is my favorite part …. stuck your finger in her ass. She laid into you calling you a pig. Then, you stripped out of your clothing and climbed into the shower with her. Did I miss anything?”

“No that is about right.”

“Happy birthday too you.” Iashi laughed. “So is she hot? What am I saying she is Hiko’s woman of course she is. Probably got legs for miles, big tits, and an ass that you just want sitting on your face.”

“Surprisingly no.”

“No? I am confused then because we are talking about Hiko Kari. Hiko only dates models and porn stars, what does this girl got to be on the arm of Hiko?”

“The ability to be broken and vulnerable.” Sesiago responded.

“Ahh the fetish of Hiko and Tadayoshi Kari. That side of the family is so depraved.” He grew silent for a moment, before adjusting his posture as his eyes attention was directed toward the the other-side of the room. Sesiago followed his eyes.

“That’s her, the one with Suemeli. What is she doing here?”

“I am sure it is Suemeli’s doing. You know she loves to pick up strays. I think, perhaps it is time to get this show on the road.” Sesiago did not have a moment to consider how it was that Tationy had made it to the party. He was certain that Iashi was right, Suemeli most likely invited her and it was not uncommon for Suemeli to pass someone on the street and drag her or him along.

“Iashi…” Sesiago managed to say, but could not finish his words as Iashi took off a moment, before returning. Sesiago was certain that Iashi played his own part in her being here as well. There was nothing that transpired on the island that he was not completely aware of.

“May I have everyone’s attention?” The room fell silent as everyone gathered around. “Most of you know me so I don’t think that I need an introduction, but for those that might I am Iashi Kari.” He said with a smile. “Tonight is a glorious night. My good man, Sesiago, turns 23 years old. I asked him, tell me Sesiago what do you want to do to commemorate this momentous occasion? We can go anywhere in the world, dancing in New York, partying hard in Amsterdam. He looked me dead in the eyes and said, no brother.” Several members of the crowd laughed at the relaxed way he said no brother, “I just want a quiet night with my kin. A quiet night you say, what is this madness you talk of? We are Kari there is nothing quiet about us. We party hard, we get wild, and we are those dirty deeds in this hotbed of moral of turpitude.”

Iashi talked like he was a preacher giving a sermon. Though the crowd certainly seemed to be enjoying the spectacle.

“Ladies.” He said with a smile and every woman in the house smiled back at him. Even Tationy found it difficult to resist the pull that was Iashi Kari. “One of you ladies is going to give my man here, the birthday of a lifetime. Right now you see a hat being passed around. Just slip your driver’s license into the hat. The lucky lady that gets her license pulled gets the ride of her life. Now ladies, I don’t want you thinking that we Kari men are just trying to morally corrupt one of you beauties because lets face if you are here already there is nothing angelic and pure about what you all got going on. Ahh, yes you ladies …” He grabbed himself, “Know how to make a Kari man hard. You make him want to fuck and come until he has nothing left to give and even then, you cowgirls will keep on riding until your horse is tired and broken, but let me assure you ladies. We Kari are strong stallions. You can ride us as much as you want and we never get tired.”

The women in the crowd were hooting and hollering as the hat finally made its way to the front. Iashi reached into the hat lifting a single driver’s license from it. “Sesiago, you ready to give this little lady the ride of her life.” Sesiago smirked giving a nod of his head.

He handed the driver’s license to Sesiago whose eyes instantly looked up at Tationy.  He knew Iashi would make sure hers was drawn. This was an old play that Iashi and Hiko used to run. She looked away from him as he crossed the floor turning the license around so she could see it. “Are you going to be a spoil sport?” He questioned as his hand went to her butt, giving a gentle pat. Much to his surprise she said nothing. Instead she let her finger do all the talking for her.

“So this is Hiko’s girlfriend.” Iashi spoke as he made his way over with a full figured girl. “Still cannot picture it.” He responded as he looked her over. “Now my dear as lovely as you are, you should probably put that finger away. Some Kari men might take it as an offer.” He said with a wink and he watched as she brought her hands down to her sides. He grabbed a case of beer as he gestured for them to follow him. Sesiago had noticed that Tationy seemed reluctant to do so, but she did in fact move to follow. They traveled up the stairs to one of the bedrooms and he offered each of them a beer. Tationy accepted because she was certain she needed to drink around Sesiago to keep from killing him.

How much they drank was anyone’s guess. Iashi had left at one point to get some more, so they went through at least a couple of cases. Tationy was smiling more, though when Eri went down on Iashi, she was smiling less and pressing herself further into Sesiago. Sesiago brazenly leaned in brushing his lips along her skin. “Let’s get out of here.”

“Alright.” She responded with a smile, instinctively bringing her hand up to touch his face and hair. She told herself she was way too drunk to drive so she hoped that wherever they were going they were walking. She just walked silently at his side. He was different when he was drunk that is what she kept telling herself. He had not grabbed her butt or put his fingers anyplace they should not be. They stopped at a little beach area. There were no picnic tables or places to sit and Sesiago stood in the sand in his cowboy boots looking out over the clear blue water. It was probably about five in the morning before he finally spoke.

“Hiko is probably worried about you.”

“Probably not.” She responded. He moved up behind her, his arms wrapping around her waist. “Are you going to stick your finger someplace inappropriate again?” She asked.

He laughed, “Not unless you give me permission. Do I have your permission?” He questioned.

“I have a boyfriend.” She responded.

“Yeah you do.” He said as he leaned in and kissed right near her ear. “Don’t you want to feel something other than loneliness?” He whispered.

“I don’t think that the guy that stuck his finger ….” She blushed because she could not even bring herself to say it.

“I liked it.” He responded and she stiffened. “Having my hands on your body. Hiko always gets the best toys.”

She pulled away from him whipping around to face him, “Is that how you see me?”

“That is how everybody sees you.” He responded. “Hiko picked you because he liked something about you. Something that makes you endearing to him, but he doesn’t love you. He loves whatever it is about you that makes his dick hard.”

“You don’t know him.” She voiced.

“Trust me I know him. The moment he found out what happened he was practically jerking himself off. It turned him on, having you put in that position. Those kinds of things always do with him. He loves to watch you in distress.” She had gone to argue, but remembered vividly the time in the subway. She had been certain that Hiko could tell the man had his hands all over her, but he had never once stopped him. “Same thing will happen to you that has happened to all of the others. He will be unable to take it any longer and find someone to take you. The more distress it causes you the better. Then, he will give you some money and send you on your way. There is no white picket fence.” He told her. “You have no idea where you are. You’re in Hell. This is the Kari playground. Sad thing is you’re too stupid to see what is right in front of you. At any moment he can just pass you around to anyone he wants. Trust me, sweetheart, he will.”

“So what do you get out of this?” He turned away from her, choosing not to respond.

“Fine don’t tell me.” She yelled as she turned on her heels.

“Tationy wait.” He yelled, but she began to sprint. “Damn it.” He swore as he took off after her. “Where do you think you are going?”

“I don’t care. Away from you. Off this Island. Wherever.” She yelled as she ran.

“You’re going in the wrong direction.” He hollered back.

She was angry and not talking to him. When she finally stopped running she turned herself in a circle looking about for some sign of where she might be. “I told you, you were going in the wrong direction.” She turned her nose up at him and began walking. Silently the two moved side by side before Sesiago finally broke down and spoke, “I …”

“What?” She snapped.

He sighed, “Kari men are taught not to apologize, but I feel like I should.” He voiced. “I … ” He could not find the words so he change the topic of conversation. “Have you ever been to a spa?”


“Want to?”

“This does not make everything perfect between us.” She voiced.

“I know.”

Tationy had never had a mud bath before and almost felt like she was royalty with all the pampering. Sesiago had remained at her side, sitting down on the ground near the bath. He had been silent since their arrival. At first she did not want to know, it was none of her business. She had a pounding headache from the alcohol she had consumed the night before and she figured he was in a similar state. “What is the deal with Iashi?” She asked, trying to break up the silence.

He did not look at her, “What do you mean?”

“Well he is sort of a jerk.” She voiced.

“Women like him.”

“Not smart women.” She responded.

He had given a non-committal shrug not that she could see it with the cucumbers slices lying over her eyes. “He has always been that way. Says what he wants, does what he wants. He was always the good looking guy that the girls wanted to be near, did not matter how he behaved. Hiko was just as bad, though he was more likely to get into fights than Iashi was. Hiko was always beating people up. Even back then he liked to see the distress in people.”

She ignored his words regarding Hiko, “Hiko said you are an executive of the Shima Corporation, why do you not work for The Kari Foundation?”

“My mother is Shima. All of this land belongs to my family. I have my father’s shares in The Kari Foundation, but that is Hiko’s territory, it is not wise to interfere with what he does there.”

“So you’re afraid of him.”

“No.” He remarked. “I just don’t like him.”

“Is that why you…” Her voice trailed off.

He sighed, “Hiko is not a good man.”

“So you keep saying.” She voiced. The two got silent again until her mud bath was over.

The lady running the place asked if they wanted  a steam, to which Tationy said yes, not realizing it was an outdoor steam and everyone was going to be naked, herself included. Despite that she embraced the opportunity, though she and Sesiago did not say more than a few words to each other.

After their steam, the proprietor showed them to a private cabana. Tationy went straight for the hydrotherapy, while Sesiago laid down to relax. He had closed his eyes several times. He was exhausted, having been up all night not to mention he was a bit hung over. Though he was doing his best to not show it. When he would open his eyes he would have a perfect view of Tationy soaking in the tub. He was not entirely certain what he should do about this situation with her.  Truth was stranger than fiction, and even if he told her the truth he was certain that she would not believe it. There was no way she was going to see Hiko as anything other than the man she loved.

The entire time they were at the spa, he would catch men looking at her and talking amongst themselves. When she was out of earshot they would even approach him, asking if she was the one up for auction by Hiko Kari. He was selling her to the highest bidder, all so he could watch. He had tried to prevent it, the first step was telling his father and uncle that she was his girlfriend. That way if he could not stop the auction from happening, they would pull her off of the block, the problem, she was not being as compliant as he would like in all of it. His father was not going to go against someone as powerful as Hiko for a woman that had no feelings for him. Admittedly there had been other girls he could have saved a hundred times over, but he allowed Hiko to play his games. The Kari had fallen greatly from those days that they were once descended from the great God, Kazuma.

“You seem lost in thought.” She said. His eyes opened and caught sight of her naked form passing by the bed. He was surprised she seemed far more comfortable than she was originally, and he did his best to not be obvious that he was staring especially seeing she made him hard just looking at her. He had honestly never had that happen before. Most women he did not even give a passing glance too, but this one, the moment he had grabbed her arm his whole body had come alive. He never believed in love at first sight or any of that kind of stuff, and for the life of him he could not come up with a logical reason that his body betrayed him so. He held his breath when he realized she was sitting on the bed next to him.

She smiled as she glanced at him, “Have you been drinking?” He asked her.

“That nice lady brought me a cocktail or four.” She responded.

“What am I going to do with you?” He asked as he sighed closing his eyes again. He felt her fingers lightly trailing along his arm.

“Did you get everything you wanted for your birthday?” She asked.

He was enjoying the feel of her fingers upon his skin. “Not everything.”

“Oh, what did you want?” She asked him. “Better question, what do you get the guy that has everything?”

Sesiago sighed, she had no idea what she was doing to him. As her fingers continued to trail along his arm, he turned to look at her. First he told himself not to, but the more he gazed upon her the more he wanted her. He pulled her into his arms. “No matter how you tell me no, nothing is going to stop me from doing this.”

“Sesiago.” She whispered his name as he leaned in to claim her mouth. Perhaps it was the cocktails or the heat from the steam. She could not be certain what, but she just wanted to stay in this moment with him. She forgot all about Hiko and rationalized what was going on in her head the best she could.

He forced himself to pull away from her just long enough to grab his pants, pulling his wallet from the back pocket. He fumbled through it nervously, “What is wrong?” She asked softly.

“I don’t have anything.” He told her.

“So.” She responded. She really had no idea what she was saying so to, or the potential consequences of such a decision at that point in time all she knew was that she did not want him to stop kissing her. For him, even though he knew better he brushed it aside. He really had not wanted to use one anyway because he hated how they felt. For this, he wanted to be there, not a single thing between them other than their own flesh.

To Be Continued


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