The Exiled Prince Reloaded – Chapter 3: The Punishment

Tationy and Sesiago had barely said two words to each other on the way back to Hiko’s families home. At one point he had grabbed her hand giving it a squeeze, but he dared not hold it for too long. In the end, she never told him that he was her first time. She told herself, she probably should have. Another part of her, told her that he knew already. There had been a small amount of blood on the bed in the Cabana, certainly there had been some on him as well. She had been a little tense, so at first the experience was not pleasant for her, and the few times she had whimpered he had quickly asked her if she was alright. She just smiled at him and told him yes, she was fine. She could not really blame her infidelity on Hiko and his lack of emotional response to her as of late. Though she had tried to rationalize it and that was certainly one of the reasons. It was not fair for her to blame Hiko or even the alcohol, she had done it because she wanted to feel cherished. Just for one moment. “Where have you been?” He asked as he stood with his hand on his hip near the desk.

She had stared at him blankly, shying away at first. “I was at a party and then went for a walk.” She responded. She cursed herself for not being honest.

He looked her over. “Iashi said you were at his house.”

She frowned inwardly. She was not certain why he asked if he already knew where she had been. “I was. I ran into this girl when I was taking a walk along the beach. She seemed really familiar by the way, but I could not place where I had seen her. Anyway, she invited me to a birthday party so I went.”

“Did you drink?”

“Yes.” She whispered softly.

“How much?”

“I don’t really remember. Two beers and four cocktails, I think.”

“Did anything happen?”

She bowed her head, nervously grabbing her arm. It was her tell. She did not realize it, but he already knew she was being untruthful or at least about to be. “No.”

She found herself staring at the ceiling. He had grabbed her arm so quickly and pulled her to the bed. Tationy had never witnessed him so aggressive with her before. “Tell me again nothing happened.”

Staring into those dangerous dark eyes of his she whispered, “Nothing happened.”

He brought his hand up, letting it trail along the silk fabric to her hemline. She had crossed her legs and he gave her a disapproving look so she quickly uncrossed them. His hand slid underneath her dress, finding the thin material of her swimsuit which he quickly worked his finger underneath. She was tense. Her pelvis hurt from her night with Sesiago. She had heard there could be some pain and discomfort after a girl lost her virginity and for the most part she was fine, but the moment that Hiko had forced her onto the bed, she felt it. It was just a tinge of pain so she knew it was there, but not enough that she was hurting.  All things considered she felt pretty good about what happened, though she had to force herself to not think about it as she felt Hiko’s finger sliding down until he was at the small patch of hair between her legs. He hooked his finger and in a quick and forceful fashion he yanked the fabric from the crotch of her swimsuit ripping it. She jumped noticeably, “Hiko, what are you doing?”

He glanced at her a moment. She could not read him. She had never been able to read him well when he was mad. Though she had never seen him mad at her before. His fingers pried her open and she grimaced, “Tell me again nothing happened.” She opened her eyes and stared at him. He had asked her that already. Her mouth opened to respond as he jammed his fingers inside her further. It felt like he was ripping her apart as she screamed out. She bit her lip as he worked not a single finger inside her, but three. “You opened right up for Sesiago.” He told her as he pulled his hand from between her legs. “He left a present.” His voice was harsh as he brought his hand toward her face, “Open your mouth.” She shook her head, but when he yelled at her to do it, she complied as he pushed his slick fluid covered fingers into her mouth.

He wasn’t gentle with her. It was not like being with Sesiago. His touch was rough and hurried. When she attempted to scream or get away he would hit her. At first he was careful not to bruise her skin, but the more he realized the distress it caused her the harder he got, eventually her face was covered in bruises. He dressed quickly, lighting up a cigarette, she was not moving, but he could still hear her shallow breathing so he knew she was at least alive. A knock came upon the door before someone entered, “Forgive me, Mr. Kari I will come back.”

“That is not necessary, is the car ready?”

“Of course.”

“I will be driving myself.” He voiced as he took a step toward the door. He looked at Tationy just a moment before saying, “Get rid of that.”

“Sir are you certain? The auction is tomorrow.”

“Selling a beautiful virgin gets you a lot more than selling a broken slut.” Hiko responded.

“Of course, Mr. Kari.”

He looked back to her once more. He thought it was such a waste. There were people who had come from all around the world to see her. He knew they were going to be disappointed, but he was certain he would find another twenty-something year old virgin out there. Though in this day and age, they seemed a lot more sparse. There was a market for them though, and fat, old, wealthy men would spend as much as they had to, to stick their wrinkled dysfunctional dicks into some innocent unbroken young woman.

“Hey, what are you doing there?” He questioned as he moved toward two men hovering over something near the water. They took off quickly as he approached. He had been walking this path of the beach every night he visited the island since his wife’s death. The men, whomever they were had taken off quickly and were long gone as he approaches the spot that they were standing. He rushed quickly, when he noticed what it was that they were looking over. A naked woman lie partially in the water. “It is okay.” He said lifting her. She was shivering as he pulled her into his arms and rushed toward his home. “I got you.” He said as he moved into the light and caught site of her face for the first time. Someone had done a number on her. He had probably been staring too long because her touch sent a shock through his body and he froze. She was not exactly conscious, somewhere in that place between the two as he felt her breath on his face and her hand to the back of his head. He almost let her kiss him, it had been so long for him, but he was not about to take advantage of the situation so he turned his face away and moved to get her inside his house.

He placed her on a bed, she had bruises on her face and what looked like dry semen on her legs. He frowned deeply. Now that he could see her better in the light he recognized who she was. She was one of the girls that Hiko Kari had up for auction. It made him feel dirty knowing that. He and his son had come to the island, not for business or pleasure. He had lost his wife five years ago. Dating in this world was hard and he was so busy with work and raising his son that he did not have the time or energy to get out of his sweats on his days off, let alone engage in actively looking or pursuing a relationship. His friends had told him he had waited long enough that Osa, his son needed a mother, but he was a terrible dater. He was uncomfortable and never knew what to say. Most women described him as boring.

Hiko ran an auction for friends, family, and business associates. It got them women and men of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Whatever you wanted he could get and once a year he held an auction. The highest bidder got the treasure that was what he called them. He felt ashamed that he was a part of it. Everyone that had residence on the island knew well what went on, but no one ever talked about it. Now he came face-to-face with Hiko’s handiwork. He couldn’t call the island police. The Kari and Shima policed these parts. What happened on the Island, stayed on the island. So he did the only thing he could do, cleaned the girl up, dressed her, and called someone that could deal with the situation.

He checked on her often as he waited for someone better equipped at dealing with her. When he entered the room again he caught sight of her sitting up on her legs. She shifted uncomfortably and when she looked up at him, he managed to smile nervously. “How are you feeling?”

“Uh, where am I?”

“My house on the Island of Shimragata.”

She frowned, “Oh.” She was disappointed. He imagined in her unconscious state she was imagining herself someplace else. She looked down at herself, she had clothing on that was not hers, sitting on a bed in a strange man’s house. The last thing she remembered was Hiko. She cringed noticeably.

“I found you in the water, do you remember how you got there?” She shook her head. “Do you remember what happened?” He could tell she was thinking about it, but she did not respond. “No matter, you do not have to talk about it. Do you have a name?”


“Well Tationy, I wish it was under different circumstances, but I am Seiji.” He brought his hand to his head, brushing his hair from his face. He smiled again nervously. When he moved the dog-tags around his neck clanked together. She tried to take in everything she could. “Is there someone you want me to call for you?”

“No.” She said a bit more forcefully, then she had intended. “I am sorry.”

“No, please do not be sorry.” He rubbed his neck. He did his best to keep a distance from her, not wanting to invade her space and make her feel uncomfortable or unsafe. He wished his wife was here, she would know exactly what to say or do. All he managed to do was clean her up and put her in his wives old clothing. “Would you … do you need anything?” He asked. She shook her head, “How about some tea?” He questioned. She nodded her head and with a comforting smile he left the room.

“Hello, Hello.” He heard a familiar voice say as he wiped his hands off with a dishtowel and moved toward the entryway. “There is my favorite Seiji Shima.”

Seiji blushed. “You look beautiful.”

She turned for him, “My husband does enjoy showing me off.”

“How is Jin?”

“Old and stubborn. So what is wrong, you sounded … well I have not heard you sound like that since Teslia’s death.”

“I found a girl on the beach.” He said as he leaned against the wall, “She is one of the girls from Hiko’s auction.” He watched her face, the way she looked away from him. She kept her posture in a very causal way, but he could see the darkness that traveled over her features.

“Is she alright?”

“I think she might be in shock.”

“Was she raped?”

“I think so. I am sorry Luna, I probably shouldn’t have called you, but I did not know who else..”

“It is alright, Seiji. Where is she?”

“My bedroom.” He said.

When Luna entered the room, she slowly made her way over toward the girl who was sitting in a chair. She took in how she looked. She had bruises on her face, she was sitting with her legs slightly parted, leaning forward. Her eyes were distant and she appeared to be lost in thought. Luna could tell that the girl knew she was there. She waited a few minutes before she spoke, “Hello, I’m Luna. Seiji asked me to come over. I hope that is alright.” Tationy had not responded as Luna looked around casually, “He still needs to decorate this place. I keep telling him it is lacking a woman’s touch. It sort of looks like he just tossed everything together even if it does not match.” She said casually. “What do you think?”

Tationy looked up at the woman. She shrugged as she rested her face in her hands and looked toward the door. Luna smiled, “Not very talkative? That is alright, I can do all the talking for both of us. Do you live here on the island?” She questioned even though she was pretty certain if she was one of Hiko’s treasures she definitely was not from the island.


“Me either, at least not originally. I was born in Bridgeport and lived there for a while before I got brought here by my boyfriend. It is a beautiful island, don’t you think?”


“Do you have a boyfriend?” Tationy flinched, which answered Luna’s question. Hiko was her boyfriend. Luna sighed, “I was in the same position you are in once. Hiko brought me to the island when I was eighteen. He was my boyfriend at the time. We met in Bridgeport when I was working as a bartender at a hotel he stayed in. Told me I was beautiful. He was always quick to rescue me. I met a man on the island, someone charming and funny. Hiko left me alone for extended periods of time and I spent every moment I could with this amazing man. I realize now that Hiko let me spend time with him to ruin him for me. My fondest memory of us together, Hiko took by letting his men rape me on exactly the same spot that he and I had made love. I was so sick, I thought I was going to die. They dumped me near the water, I was found by some teenage boys who added further insult to injury. When I was finally found by someone who tried to help me, I just wanted to die.”

Tationy silently listened to the woman talk. “Why are you still here?”

“Hiko, won’t let me leave. It is how he keeps control, but I don’t care about him anymore. He thinks I do, but I don’t. When I see him I just keep walking right by him. When he comes up to me at a party, I just smile. I won’t let him control my life. He might be able to keep me here, but I won’t let him control me.” Tationy had not realized that she was going to be trapped on the island, unable to get away from him.

“He just lets you?”

“Yeah, I married Jin Ishi. Jin has political connections around the world. Much more influence than Hiko has. All Jin has to do is snap his fingers and Hiko will jump. Of course, Hiko is very good at blackmail so it is just better for the two of them to remain silent. My advice to you, find someone powerful and live otherwise you might as well just march yourself back to Hiko, and beg him to auction you off. One way or another, your stuck here my dear, just like the rest of us.”

Seiji had returned, sitting tea down on a table in the corner. “I saw Luna leave, did you have a nice talk?” He questioned as he moved toward her.

“Not really.” She whispered.

“Do you want to talk with me?”

“Do you know what Hiko does?”

Seiji sighed, “I did not know it was this bad, but everyone on the island knows what Hiko does.”

“Luna mentioned something about an auction, what was she talking about?”

“Hiko brings in girls, auctions them off to the highest bidder. You were scheduled to be on tonight’s auction. He usually only gets one virgin every couple of years….Are you in pain?” He questioned.

“A little.”

“Is there anything I can do?”

“Not unless you can get me off this island.” She responded.

“I will see what I can do.” He voiced, “Maybe Sesiago….”

“Sesiago.” She said his name looking up at the man in surprise.

When she looked away quickly he asked, “Do you know him?” She nodded her head. “Was he there during…” She shook her head no. “How do you know him?”

“We met on the beach.”

Seiji nodded his head, “Why don’t you have some tea and take a shower. It might make you feel a little better.” He voiced.

“Seisago, stay calm.” Seiji had said as Sesiago briskly walked into his house.

“This is as calm as I am going to get.” He responded, “Where is she?” He began to call out her name opening doors, until he found her. Her eyes locked with his and his with hers. He reached his hand out to touch her face, his anger rising, “I am going to kill him.” He stepped in closer to her, his hand touching her cheek gently. This was his fault. He was the one that antagonized Hiko. He was the one that that kept her out all night. He was the one that caused her this pain. “I am so sorry.”

“I thought Kari men were not brought up to apologize.” She said.

“This is my fault.” He responded.

“No.” She responded, “I am the one at fault.” He tried to argue with her, but she would not allow him to. “You tried to warn me. You knew I would not believe you if you just came out and told me.”

“I did not know he would go this far.”

“Didn’t you?”

“No I swear.” He wanted to ask her what Hiko had done. For him he needed to know, but he knew that it would make him angrier and understood that she probably did not want to talk about it. “Seiji,” He called out. He peeked his head into the room catching sight of the two of them standing there. She was in a towel, though it looked as though she had yet to step into the shower. “Can you find something for her to wear?”

“Of course.”

“I am going to get you off the island.” He told her.

“He won’t let me leave that is what Luna said.”

He squinted his eyes a moment, wondering what Luna had to do with this. He made note to ask her later, “He won’t stop you from leaving with me.” She gave a nervous nod of her head as he left her to get cleaned up and dressed.

They were met with resistance. The Shima private jet was not available, but when Sesiago tried to use the Kari jet, he was stopped. The two were forced to wait until the Shima jet returned. When they arrived in Bridgeport, Tationy’s apartment had the locks changed. Hiko pulled strings and the apartment and all of the belongings in it were gone. It told her how long he had been planning this. She had been working for The Kari Foundation, and she knew she was not going back to work, not with the chances of seeing him so high. Sesiago took her to the city of Bridgeport. In ancient times it used to be called Thacian, time changes everything though. “Home sweet home.” He said as he unlocked the door to his apartment, letting the two of them in. He turned on the hallway light as he moved into the apartment, reaching inside a room and switching on the light. “You should probably take your contacts out.” He told her and she looked at him in a bit of surprise.

“How did you know?”

He smiled, “When we were in the shower….” He left his words hanging when she blushed. “In the medicine cabinet is some solution, and everything else you might need.” She nodded her head as she stepped into the bathroom and he moved around his apartment switching lights on. When she finally rejoined him, he caught himself staring at her. She looked like a seventies porn-star in the outfit Seiji had picked out for her. He forced himself to look away because he knew the longer he stared at her the harder it was going to be for him.

She was looking around casually when she finally spoke, “Bachelor pad.”

He ran his hands through his hair nervously, “Sorry.”

“I think I might have broken you.” She voiced. He stared at her, not certain what she meant until she pointed out, “You keep apologizing.”

“Oh.” He laughed nervously, “Just feeling a little out of my element at the moment.”

“I am sorry it is my fault. Thank you for helping me, but you do not have to continue. You should go back to the island.”

“I am not leaving you.” He told her flatly, “If I did not want to help I would not have. I want to be here with you.”

“You’re going to catch a lot of heat.” She voiced.

“Hiko can do his worse, he can’t touch me.” He responded, “I promise he will never hurt you again.”

She had nodded her head as she stepped into the room further looking out the window. It had been a while since she had been in Bridgeport. She turned about stifling a yawn, and his hand instantly went to her back. He pulled it away quickly. “You should probably rest. Let me see if I have something for you to wear.” He voiced as he disappeared to his bedroom. When he did not return right away she moved toward the direction he went finding him looking into a dresser drawer. He pulled out a t-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts. “These should fit.”

He turned about quickly catching sight of her standing near the door. He moved toward her offering her the clothes. “You can change in here. I will give you some space.” He said as he left the room closing the door behind him.

He knocked lightly on the door and opened it when she said it was okay. She looked cute standing there in his t-shirt and boxers. “Your girlfriend leave these here?” She questioned.

Sesiago could hear it even though she tried to keep it in check. She was a little jealous, and it made him smile inwardly. “They are mine. When I was younger I was really thin and short. With my long hair I often got called a girl by people who would see me from behind. As you can see I have bulked up a bit since then. Started working out, building up my muscles.”

“I would like to see pictures someday from when you were younger.”

He laughed, “Trust me you don’t want to see that. Girls like you never looked at guys like me.”

“Girls like me?” She questioned.

“You know, popular ones.”

Tationy laughed softly. It was nice to be able to because inside her heart really did not feel like it ever would. “I was definitely not popular and I certainly cannot see you as not being one of those jocks that all the girls drooled over.”

He smiled, “Nope I was not a jock or popular. I went to private school most of us were kids of money. Some of us had more money than others, but in the end how much money you had meant nothing there because we were all peers. It was about who had the right look, who was wrecked by scandal, outdoing each other. My father married Seiji’s mother, so I was a half-breed rich kid, who was built like his mother, but looked like his father. Did not go over to well you know. So I spent all of my time in the library reading books. Did not do any sports or participate in any school events. Seiji on the other hand, was a jock, but most girls found him to be boring so he was considered one of those good-looking, but dumb guys. He is really smart though, just…we both take after our mother, we always say the wrong things. Never know what to say. Seiji’s is always picking the wrong topics, mine, well I just stick my foot in my mouth.”

“So you’re telling me that you will probably say the wrong thing?”

“Yeah probably.”

“Like when you called me Hiko’s toy?”

He bowed his head, “Yeah like that. I did not mean it … I meant.”

“I know what you meant. Hiko is one of those rich, powerful guys that always gets what he wants. Are you one of those rich powerful guys, Sesiago?”

Sesiago bowed his head, “Probably to some, but I don’t usually get what I want. You should rest.” He said turning his back to her and moving his hand to switch the lights off.

“Please don’t.” She said and he looked over his shoulder at her. “Leave them on.”

He gave a single nod of his head, “I will be in the living room if you need me.”

“You’re leaving?” She asked.

“I am trying to give you some space.”

“I don’t want space. I want…”

“What,” he asked?”

“Just hold me for a bit.” She whispered.

He nervously nodded his head as he waited for her to climb into his bed, and he joined her. He lay behind her, pulling her in close to him. He loved the feel of her. He knew it was selfish of him to think such thoughts, but it sometimes felt as though she had been made just for him. He let his mind wandered as he held her, he could hear her breathing and felt relaxed knowing that she had drifted off to sleep. He had been worried that she might struggle to find peace, he supposed it was too early to think that it would always be so easy or peaceful, but at that moment he desperately prayed that it would be.

To Be Continued


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