The Exiled Prince – Chapter 19: Enter Sadamitsu

Iashi had traveled to the palace of the Lord of the Shima, requesting a meeting with him. He had to wait a week before he was granted an audience, even then, he did not know what to say. He nervously asked if it would be alright for him to speak with Tationy and Seiji, Lord of the Shima considered it before finally agreeing.

Iashi felt like he was waiting forever, when the door finally opened and she stepped inside. She quickly made her way toward him. The look she gave him, he could not decipher it, but Seiji must have sensed something because he quickly departed the room. “I do not care to hear about Sesiago.” She spoke.

“Ahh, I am not here about him.”

“I am supposed to believe that? Your King of the Gods, did not command you to fix this for him?”

Iashi laughed, “Ahh, as interesting as that would be, no he did not.”

“Then why are you here?” Why, that was a good question. He must have taken to long in responding because she spoke, “Tell Sesiago, that I never want to see him again. I do not care if he is Kazuma, he will never have me.”

Iashi sighed bringing his hand up to rub the back of his neck. She was stubborn. “Ahh, I came because of you.”

She eyed him suspiciously, “I am fine, you have no need to be concerned.”

“Ahh, will you stop and let me speak.” He voiced his temperament not as free-spirited as it usually was. He was frustrated. “I don’t like what Sesiago did. I don’t agree with it and I am angry with him for doing that to you. No woman deserves to be treated so badly.” He tried to find the words he desperately wanted to say, but he could not make out what he was feeling or thinking. “I left the Kari.”

“Why would you do that?” She asked clearly surprised by his words.

“Ahh, Zen and I talked and he encouraged me to make the right decision for me and not for the Kari. I wanted so much to …”

“To what?”

“Ahh, it took everything in me to keep from hitting Sesiago. My mother was treated badly amongst the Kari and then to have him do that to you, I…said all the wrong things. I should have known what to say to you, but I am Kari. I might be just as bad as he is.”

She shook her head, “You are not bad Iashi. You and the Kari just have a warped perception. I cannot honestly believe sometimes that men like you all exist.”

“Ahh, men like us?”

“You know, beat on your chest…me man, you woman.” She rolled her eyes at the concept. “I almost got sucked in by it. The illusion that a man will stand by a woman and protect her, love her, give all of himself to her. You Kari men, enter into …. it is weird, you just sort of arrange a marriage and you are with them until they die then you move onto the next. No emotion, no feeling, as though it never happened at all. What type of man is so callous?”

“Ahh, no one is more dangerous than a man that can harness his emotions.” He voiced.

She looked into his eyes and responded, “When you numb emotion, you numb it all.” She turned her back to him, “You should leave.”

“Ahh, I don’t want to.”

“What do you expect that I am just going to forgive the Kari, forgive Sesiago?”

“Ahh, I don’t care if you forgive him or not, I just want the opportunity for you to see me as a man and not a member of the Kari.”

She glanced over her shoulder at him, “Don’t expect forgiveness Iashi.”

“Ahh, I don’t.” He voiced.

“Fine then, I will inform Seiji that you will be staying,” She said as she left him standing in the office of the Lord of the Shima.

The sun had not even risen, but Kuro was awake and dressed. He had come back from the bath that serviced the floor of the palace he was residing on to find Hiko in his room. Over the past week it was not uncommon and for the most part, it always ended the same way. Neither of them would say much of anything, Kuro would leave and Hiko would return to his room. “Have you talked to the little girl since she confronted you?” Kuro asked as he moved into his room and found a spot next to Hiko.


“Don’t you think you should?”

“Then what?”

Kuro sighed inwardly,”You Kari men it is amazing your clan is not entirely extinct.” He paused a moment, “What is with your hair?”

“I don’t think you are in any position to be saying anything about my hair.”

“What is wrong with my hair?” Kuro questioned.

Hiko sighed, lighting his smoke on a nearby candle. “Nothing, I just don’t think that you should be insulting my hair when yours defies the very laws of nature.”

Kuro laughed, “Oh, you thought I was insulting you. You are abnormally sensitive today.”

“If you weren’t insulting me then, why did you ask?”

“You did not mention you were going to get it cut. I was just wondering why.”

“Oh.” He responded, “You are right, I might be a little on edge.”

“We will find Tse. We are in the devil’s playground, they can be hiding anyplace. It will take us time to find him.”

“I don’t like Tse being in their hands any longer, the Gods only know what they are doing to him.”

“Tse is strong. The strongest person I have ever met, do not let your mind dwell on it.” Even though he spoke those words, at night when he was by himself he could not help, but let his own mind dwell on ‘what ifs’. “How is it being back in uniform?” He quickly changed the topic.

“It is nice. I forgot how much I missed it. Strange being just a soldier again though. What about you?”

“What about me?”

“You start Tationy’s training today, I overheard Moromari and Yayoi mention that a location was acquired.”

“It has taken a week to get the preparations in order, but yes that starts today. I also hear that a member of the chantry is en-route.”

“Really, a member of the chantry training her. I have never heard of them taking on women as apprentices.”

“She will be the first.” Kuro paused a moment, “You are worried about her.”

Hiko took a seat in a nearby chair, “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t.”

“You have feelings for her.”

“No, it is nothing like that.”

“I am finding it difficult to believe you.”

“There are times when I look at her and I swear she is the Prince of Aslann and then other times when I am certain she is not. It is just wrecking havoc on my emotions. If circumstances were different, I don’t think I would even give her a sideways glance, but they’re not, so I do. You are in no position to make judgements Kuro, I have seen how you look at her. We all have that same look. Are we all fools?”

“Fools, probably.” He voiced as he took a seat on the edge of his bed. “Until she gets herself under control, the rest of us are going to be worn down by her behavior. We have to be stronger than that, and make certain we do not lose our composure. I assure you it is as difficult for me as it is for you. When she argues with me, I want nothing more than to bend her over the nearest piece of furniture and other times when she seems so delicate I want to lock her away as my toy and do to her as I wish. It will not change anything if I do, she is not Tse.” Kuro stood and stretched, “I have to get going. You should talk to her when you have some free-time.”

“Ahh.” He responded not even turning to look as Kuro left him sitting there.

“Your palace is very busy these days, Lord Shima. I am surprised at all of the new faces.”

“Young Master Sadamitsu, I was expecting your master.” Seiji voiced.

“He apologizes for being unable to stand before you, he has taken ill and has sent me in his place.”

“Ill, I was unaware. I am very sorry to hear that. I hope it is not anything serious.”

“As of this point in time, things are uncertain. Just know that the chantry is stable and prepared if he is unable to recover.”

“I have no concerns, I know that he would not leave this world without making certain his affairs were in order. It is something he and I have in common. I know that you are capable Sadamitsu, the reason I sent for your master is that my successor is in need of training.”

“Yes, your messenger mentioned as much, but he did not go into further detail. You wished for someone who has lived in both Aslann and Torgahdah, someone well versed in the history of both, someone who is also knowledgeable regarding the clans of both nations. I assume this is because you successor is needed to represent both Torgahdah and the refugees from Aslann, I noticed as I traveled here from the chantry.”

“That is correct.”

“I feel as though there is something you are withholding from me.”

“There is, please forgive me for being so secretive, I only wish for you to have the most basic of information.”

Sadamitsu gave a single bow of his head to acknowledge the words of Lord Shima. “Please take me to your successor.”

Tationy had met Kuro outside and the two walked silently around Shimragata. For this being training, he had yet to teach her anything. She lost track of time, certain that it was at least a couple of hours of walking with not a single word. She did not understand what he was waiting for. He was blood-bound to her now, he and the rest of his clan that were currently in Shimragata. The preparations and ritual had been performed that week. She did not feel any different, she wondered if he did. Quickly though she pushed the thoughts from her mind as he stopped walking and she turned to look at him. When he did not move, she ventured toward him. His eyes were locked on something, though what he was staring at she could not figure out as she turned allowing her gaze to flow to the direction of his intended target. “Do you know what the difference between you and me is?”

“I dress better.” She remarked.

He ignored her comment, “You lack control. Even though you are not attracted to me, right now I could make your body react to my touch. You would call out my name in moments.”

“So this is about sex?”

“Control is about everything. From the way your body reacts when someone touches you, the way you breath when you are afraid, the way your eyes dart back and forth when you are on guard. You have not mastered the control of your body that you need to master those eyes. The Tylo clan eyes are dangerous, powerful. The reason so few members of the clan develop the eyes is because they lack the ability to control themselves. Reaching a state of enlightenment is not something the Tylo clan can do so easily.”

“How many have mastered the eyes?”

“In my lifetime, three. Four if you count the fact that Tse mastered the eyes twice. Your grandfather, Soti was the first and after him was his son, your uncle Hayato.”

“You talk about them like they are my family.”

“They are your family. Do not forget that even though you are Tationy Tylo, you are also Tatsuya Tylo, Osa Shima, and Tearra the Queen of the Gods. This is why teaching you control will be far more difficult than it was for your predecessors to learn.”

“I don’t want to be those people.” She voiced.

“You have no choice.” He responded.

There was no compassion in his voice. No hint that he even liked her, in fact to her it seemed more like he was put out having to deal with her. She turned her attention completely on him. Tationy did not really understand the Ishi. “So how will you train me?”

“You need to control your body, I don’t particularly want to be the one to teach you to do that and your Yamada blood will make it difficult.”

“I don’t understand.”

He stepped in close to her, his breath brushing against her lips. It was fear and anticipation, she did not understand the emotions especially seeing she had no interest in Kuro.

He whispered softly as his lips brushed lightly against hers, “See, you have no control.” His words stung her as he stepped back his hand reaching out and tracing along her cheek. He could see it in her eyes, unhappiness with herself. “The Prince of Aslann loves me,” He said simply, “Your reaction to my touch is not surprising to me, though apparently to you it has overwhelmed you. The Prince of Aslann had amazing control when she was a small child. I had never witnessed her show weakness, even as she stood in the lair of the snake. All I have to do is step in close to you, your knees will get weak, your loins will burn hot, your breast will heave, and you will beg me to take you. You already know that this to be truth. Unfortunately for you, your weakness is not just limited to me, but to other men as well. Hiko Kari, Kazuma, Hisoka, Rin, Ryozo, all of the lovers from your past lives, every man that you have ever encountered that you have felt a stirring for, is your weakness. Fixing that is no easy task and the only way to teach you control, is to teach you to control your body when around these men. It is the first step, but the most important one. Only when you can control that can we move forward.”

“How do you plan to do this?”

“Truthfully, I am not certain.” He responded pulling his hand away. “Training Tse control in his new body was easy, I just took him until he learned to release his passion on command.” He was very direct with his words, nothing hidden, no secret motives or agendas. Everything he had to say he would simply say.  “I have no desire to bed you.”

“That makes two of us.” She voiced.

“Training you to fight, probably is the best course. Through meditation you can learn to focus your mind, though how well it will work I cannot say.”

“I know some fighting,” She said simply, “Oro and Zen trained me when I was with the Ruthlbahdo.”

He stared at her containing the surprise, he would never have suspected she had any fighting skills with how delicate she seemed and Oro failed to mention he had trained her. “Well that will make things easier, though I have one request.” He voiced.

“What is that?”

“You have things in your head that you cannot let go of. You need to find a way to do that. Someone to speak with, someone to let climb on top of you, I don’t really care which. You pick one, and each night after our training you will do it. You need that release. No amount of training is going to calm your mind with as much stuff as you have going on in it. You need more than that, so it is important for you to have multiply outlets for that release.”

“Did the Prince of Aslann have multiply outlets?”


“I understand.” She voiced.

“We should head back to the palace, we will begin training tomorrow. Prepare yourself, I will not take it easy on you.”

As he walked away, she looked to the ground and sighed. She did not really understand everything that he said, only that her body lacked control and to access these cursed eyes she needed to learn to control her body. She followed along behind him, silent as she contemplated everything he said to her.

Sadamitsu and Seiji stopped outside the library. “I wish to speak with your successor on my own, if that is acceptable.” He voiced and Seiji agreed as he opened the door to the library and watched Sadamistsu enter. He stood there dumbstruck at first, he was not expecting a woman. She was humming softly to herself as she looked through the bookcase. She turned her head a moment her attention focused on him. It was not like she was looking at him, more looking through him and for a moment he felt unnerved by it. It was those eyes, those cursed eyes of the Tylo clan. “I am Sadamitsu.” He said taking another step into the room.

She had turned her attention back to the bookcase, “Tationy.”

“You must forgive me Tationy, I was ill-prepared for our encounter.”

“Why is that?” She asked pulling a book from the bookcase and flipping through the pages.

“The Lord of the Shima failed to mention you were a woman and one from the Tylo clan. Do you know who I am?”

She brushed her bangs from her face as she closed the book using one hand and turned to face him. You sort of look Waichia, but your eyes kind of remind me of Iashi of the Kari.”

“I do have Waichia and Kari blood running through me, but I am Anami.”

“Ahh, I see.” She voiced.

The small intake of breath did not go unnoticed by Tationy, “You are Yamada as well as Tylo.”

She cursed under her breath, she had slipped again. It had been happening a lot lately. She did not entirely understand why she was feeling so nervous as of late, but she knew she had to get it under control. “Yes, is that an issue?”

“An issue, no, just surprising.” He paused a moment, gesturing for her to take a seat at one of the tables. He remained standing as he considered his words. He had a feeling he was going to have to do a lot of that around her.

“You came from that chantry?” She asked.

Her words broke his thoughts, “I did.”

“You do not look old enough to be the Master of a Chantry, not that I really understand what that is anyway.”

“I am not the Master. Master Yoite was unable to make the journey, thus he sent me. The chantry is a place of knowledge. Highly intelligent children are sent by their parents to the chantry for schooling. My grandmother was Kari and from the village not far from here and married my grandfather, a Waichia from Aslann. They had twenty-four children, including my mother who left Aslann with her parents when she was a small girl. During their journeys they were killed, but my mother escaped and was found by the Anami. It was there as she grew into a woman that she met my father, and I was born several years later. When I was five I could already read, write, and speak thirteen different languages. Thus, I was sent to the chantry. Now, tell me about you.”

She took a breath in considering all he said before she spoke, “I don’t really know a lot about my grandparents. My grandmother was Yamada, but I am not sure about my grandfather. He died during the war, leaving my grandmother to raise my mother and uncle on her own. My mother married my father, who is Tylo. They really did not have anything. Live day by day sort of life. I was more of an inconvenience than anything and definitely not smart like you. I did well enough in school, but I was never really interested in anything they had to teach us, so I guess I did not really pay attention.”

“I find it remarkably interesting that you are both Yamada and Tylo. It is extremely rare for the two clans to interact with one another.”


“The Yamada believe that you are to look forward and embrace your future. The Tylo clan believe you are also to look forward, but change that future if you do not like it. Their views are very different and yet very similar. The Yamada have great difficulty accepting the ways of the Tylo clan. I have not known or even heard of any Yamada and Tylo having a union together.”

“So it is rare?”

“More than rare, I cannot even think of one example other than yourself of it ever happening. The Yamada would never engage in any union with a Tylo, it goes against their beliefs about the future. The Yamada are a sensible clan that embrace their time on these lands wherever their path leads them, while the Tylo clan is constantly pushing forward and changing their path because they do not like where it is taking them. A perfect example is Soti Tylo, he was not content with just being an assassin for the Dragon Lords, he wanted more and used his sisters kidnapping as an excuse to take the world and make it his. The Yamada would not do the same if put in that position. Your blood works against itself.” He waited for her to say something, but she did not respond so he asked, “What do you know about the nations of Aslann and Torgahdah?”

“Just a little bit. I read some stuff when I was with the Ruthlbahdo.”

He made note to question her about the Ruthlbahdo. “Torgahdah, the lands of the great Dragon Lords sprawl across an entire nation. Once upon a time, Aslann had been part of those lands, but war between the clans led by Soti Tylo drove a wedge between the Dragon Lords and their people. It is an insular country, settled in the great Pacific, nestled just far enough away from other nations that we remain hidden. Its borders once spanned the entire island country, not a single place was left untouched and the Dragon Lords certainly reigned supreme over all. Their reach spread far and they ruled with an iron first, more than willing to wadge war against those who opposed them.”

“Torgahdah was a great monarchy ruled over by the Lord of the Shima. Osa’s line of succession has carried on in the blood of others, like the great Commander of the Shima, Seiji. Lord Osa could not trust a single soul outside the walls of his palace. He had no real concept that the true dangers had laid within, with his great Generals, Bai, Shun, and Tan. Disillusioned with their great Lord, they begged the Gods for the power to end his existence, offering to pledge themselves as the eternal servants to the Gods if their prayers were answered. Guided by the Great God of War Ryozo, granted wisdom by the Queen of the Gods, and given immortality from the great God King, Kazuma the Generals murdered the Lord of the Shima and claimed all of Torgahdah as their own. Thus proclaiming themselves as the Dragon Lords of the Shima.”

“The Gods saw great love from the Dragon Lords, and wished for them to truly have a kingdom to rule over. Kazuma had blessed the world he created with the Shima, long before any other clans had been given the gift of life. For the Shima, there was no greater gift for their loyalty then subjects to rule over. Ryozo created for the Great Generals the Maiba, Anami, Saitama, and Kensuku. Clans that loved to war and fight. Even though he had created so many clans, he wanted one man, one beast so powerful that he could topple the Dragon Lords with his own hands if necessary. So Ryozo descended from the heavens and bedded a Shima woman called Makalia. He made certain that before the night was out she was with child, and informed her that he would be called Cho of the Takahashi.”

“Hisoka wanted to give the Dragon Lords beauty and love, so he created the Misomoto and Yamada. Rin created the Zenaku, Shinohara, Sato, and the Nakamaru. Clans that delve into the forbidden arts and became known as chalta’s. Tearra created no clans, just a single woman said to be filled with her hate for Kazuma. This woman she called Emi of the Sosa. Emi combined her strength with that of the Nakamaru, a fearsome union. The Nakamaru were hardly filled with compassion though, and stole one of Emi’s twin sons. They used him for ungodly experiments, delving into the darkest parts of the Forbidden Arts until the Sweela were created.”

“Most of the cities in Torgahdah are difficult to navigate and not safe for those not closely associated with the Shima. Shimragata, is located on the coastline was once the royal capital of Torgahdah, before being replaced by Zenmata. Outsiders find it easier to navigate and do business in Shimragata. Zenmata is a cold place, and outsiders are looked upon with a suspicious eye. Regardless of what part of Torgahdah you reside in, slavery is in abundance. A high price can be fetched for women, especially with those that have been unsoiled by the touch of a man. Women who can bare children are also highly sought after and prized amongst the clans that reside in Torgahdah. Men are generally killed for the amusement of the Lords of the Maiba, Anami, Zenaku, and Shima.”

“While the Shima control all of Torgahdah, they have given nations to the Maiba, Zenaku, and Anami. Not far from the center market in Shimragata is the Temple of the Gods, which offers safe haven to men who have devoted themselves to the heavenly bodies. Just beyond the border of Shimragata lies Ormato, a once bustling market now seemingly abandoned and cursed, it has become a sanctuary to chalta users fleeing persecution. The farmlands of Garvator are north toward Aslann and the Kari village lay between the two, with Bermitsoh, a way-station and the Retreat of the Empress, lands of the Saitama, located between the Kari Village and Garvator.”

“Do you have any questions?’

“Many.” She voiced.

“Please ask me.”

“Who really leads the nation, Seiji or the Dragon Lords?”

“Lord Shima rules and leads over only Shimragata, though he has considerable power throughout Torgahdah. The issue comes with the fact that the Dragon Lords took control over the nation after they killed Osa. While their power has lessened through the centuries, there are many who still feel that they are the rightful rulers and thus they still have a remarkable amount of power and influence. Lord Shima’s influence and respect has caused them great difficulties in maintaining the structure and hierarchy of Torgahdah as a whole. This has resulted in them having no power in Shimragata and many of the villages and neighboring nations see Lord Shima as the ruling body. He could easily make a full play for power, but removing the Dragon Lords has become considerably difficult. They simply are reincarnated after each death.” He could see it, she was deep in thought. “I have a feeling that this topic is going to be one of particular interest to you.”

“The Dragon Lords seem to me, to be an issue that needs addressing. I do not really understand why Seiji has not found a way to combat them.”

“The power to be reincarnated is a unique one, a gift from the gods. Men cannot simply prevent it.”

“Not even a chalta?”

“The chalta would have to be particularly powerful. Cho’s direct descendant, might also be able to accomplish the task, the issue is neither of those things exist.”

“But if they did, the Dragon Lords could be removed from power.”

“In theory.” He paused a moment, “I have yet to settle in, we should continue this tomorrow.”

Tationy looked up at him, nodding her head to his words. “If you will excuse me then.” She voiced as she departed the library.

He had been staring out the window, collecting his thoughts. Most of the day he had been there. After he talked with Tationy, the Lord of the Shima came back into the room. He did not say much, though Iashi could tell there were things that he wanted to say, questions even that he wished to ask. He did not, though Iashi had wished he had. The knock that came to the door broke his thoughts as he moved quickly to open it. There she stood, wearing a nightgown, with a tied bodice. Her hair hung down along her shoulders, it was the first time he had seen it like that.

She had stepped into his room without even asking. Tationy spoke not a single word and when he turned around to speak she was lying on her back on his bed. Her arms were up above her head and she was staring at the ceiling. He instinctively closed the door and watched her, certainly not hiding the fact that he was. “Sesiago said that you have a wandering eye, is that true?”

“Ahh, did he now?” He questioned, wondering why Sesiago would make a point to say that about him.

“He did. He said that was why you sat sideways when Suemeli, Eri, and I were playing in the pond by the waterfall.” Iashi did not respond to her words as he tried to gauge the situation, “Who were your eyes wandering to?” She questioned.

“Ahh, why are you asking? Better yet, why are you here? We should not be alone together.”

“We have already been alone together, twice.”

“Ahh, this is different though. You are in my bedchamber, dressed the way you are, certainly people will get the wrong idea.”

“Maybe I want them to get the wrong idea.” She responded.

His mouth opened to respond, but nothing came out at first. He sighed, tilting his head to the side, “Ahh, I did not take you for that type of girl.”

“You do not like me like this?” She questioned.

“Ahh, I did not say that, but if you keep this up I am warning you I will not hold back what I want to do.”

“I am not stopping you.” She voiced.

He was hesitant even though his words had been aggressive. He reached behind himself turning the latch to lock the door as he took a step toward the bed. There was no hesitation when he climbed onto the bed laying next to her. His fingers instantly went to the ties, fastening the bodice securely in place. “Ahh, why are you doing this?”

“Kuro told me that I need a release. Talk to someone he said or let someone climb on top of me. He did not care which, but every night after our training that is what he wants me to do. I don’t feel like talking.” She voiced.

“Ahh, so you came here?”

“Is that alright?”

“Ahh, it is, but I don’t really understand why. General Saitama, would be more than willing if you offered yourself to him. I imagine, even the Lord of the Shima would not have turned you away. Why, did you come here, especially with how angry you were with me earlier?”

She could have told him that Hiko was there. She could have even mentioned that she was technically the child of the Lord of the Shima. She also could have told him that she had considered going to Moromari, but figured he would turn her away. Instead, she brought her hand up and rested it on his back. Her fingers lightly tracing over his bare flesh, “You’re Kari. I miss it, the village, the people, even the ridiculousness of the ways of the Kari. I was not truthful.” She responded. “I rather like it when you Kari men beat your chest and claim what you think belongs to you. I could not imagine myself allowing just any man climb on top of me. I wanted a Kari man.”

“Ahh, I get it you picked me because I am close to Sesiago.” He had considered pulling away from her right then.

“I picked you because you are Kari.”

“Ahh, you’re going to say it had nothing at all to do with Sesiago?” He questioned as his hand rested on top of the ties of her bodice. “Tell me you are not wishing I was him right now.”

“I want you to make me forget about Sesiago. I want to wash him from my memory entirely. His touch, his kiss, his words, all of it I want it replaced by something more passionate, more powerful, and more intense. If you don’t think you are up for it, then I should go.” She voiced.

“Ahh, what happens if I make you forget about him?”

“What do you want to happen?”

Iashi did not respond to her question. He rushed, like a teenager to get her out of her clothing and he out of his. He had been with women, lots of them. His first time he was ten years old. There were times when he was with more than one woman at a time, but he had never anticipated a moment more than he did this one. He tried to keep his cool as he moved down her body his mouth resting upon her womanhood. She jumped, squealing nervously as his fingers gently played with her and his tongue made contact with her clitoris. Sesiago had never done this to her, he could tell by the way, she nervously tensed. He wanted to make sure she enjoyed every part of this day.

He made certain that he pleasured her, bringing her to the brink of orgasm and then stopping. He adjusted his position, the pout on her face was cute as he leaned down, his lips inches from hers. “Ahh, please tell me you are not disappointed in me for stopping, I want to be in you. I am hard and more than anticipating feeling how hot and tight you are.”

She blushed noticeably. Though his words were hardly dirty, no man had ever spoken to her like that before. “Iashi.” She managed to whisper. She did not understand why she was so turned on. It was like that time back when she fantasized about the man at the bus stop.  She had never been so aroused before and even after making love to Sesiago, she had never felt that intensity that she had from that simple fantasy, until this moment. “Please.” She whispered and he smiled as his mouth claimed hers.

He knew she had only been with just Sesiago. The way she reacted told him she was practically innocent. He knew he could not go as deep as he wanted into her, she was not ready to accommodate his size and he certainly did not wish to bring her any pain, so he simply allowed the tip of his cock to slip past the gates while he savored the taste of her mouth.

For Tationy the experience was more than she could have even anticipated. Sesiago had lacked control, her touch sending waves of pleasure through him enough that he went from just wanting to touch her to having sex with her. Iashi was experienced, he knew exactly what to do to bring pleasure to a woman. He was confident, knew exactly what to say. During the course of their lovemaking, he often told her how good it felt having his cock embedded in her. How tight she was, how warm, how he wished he could remain enveloped by her. Other times his words were far more romantic, telling her how beautiful she was, how he was so happy that she came to him. He knew exactly what she needed to hear as though he could read her mind and her body.

He did things to her. Things she never in a million years imagined she would let any man do. He touched her places, kissed her places, and his fingers and cock explored every part of her body. She had protested over several things he wished to do, but he managed to persuade her, and promised he would never do anything that would not please her. He had been right, she loved everything he did to her and did not wish for him to stop.

She had lost count of how many times he had brought her to a full orgasm. Sesiago, they had only done it just that once. He had taken his time, probably because he had no intention of sleeping with her, but Iashi from the moment they started he knew exactly what he wanted to do and how he wanted to please her. He never asked her to please him and there was a moment during that she had considered offering to do something for him, but he seemed so content and happy with how things were going, she did not wish to disrupt the flow.

He pulled her into his arms, his face close to hers as he looked into her unusual eyes. She smiled nervously then blushed. “Ahh, I am going to have to break you of that.”

“Break me of what?” She questioned.

“Ahh, you blush a lot.”

“Is that a bad thing?”

“Ahh, you belong to the Kari. You should be proud of your body. Everything we do, you should enjoy and feel excitement by, there is no need to blush. I will know every part of you intimately. Blushing tells me you are not comfortable around me and nervous that you are feeling awkward with the situation and a Kari man cannot have that. You tend to blush more than I have ever seen anyone, it says a number of things about you. That you have anxiety that you are nervous, and that you are shy. All of these things I believe to be true about you.”

“Think you got me figured out?” She asked.

“Ahh, at least what is on the surface I do. I have a hard time reading you. It is rather unusual for me to be unable to decipher someones personality in mere moments, but I admit that you often confuse me. I am not the only one though, others I imagine find you difficult, if not impossible to read.”

His fingers were lightly trailing over her skin. It was not that he was finished making love to her, he was Yamada he could go all night and then some. Iashi knew that her body had only known the touch of Sesiago, cold, stationary, mundane. They most likely only did it in one position, and while he was certain Sesiago explored her, he was also certain it was just the superficial stuff. He knew that Sesiago did not go down between her legs with anything more than his fingers and his cock, there was no way he put his mouth on her most sensitive areas. He was too straight-laced to do anything more than have sex with her. Certainly he probably touched her a bit, but he doubted that Sesiago could truly tell anyone how she felt from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. He was not weak like Sesiago, he did not need to ask her if she enjoyed herself. He could tell by the way she moaned, the way her pelvis met his repeatedly, the pink hue that centered at her cheeks and then seemed to travel along her whole body. “Kuro says I cannot control my body.” Her eyes seemed far away, he could see she was lost in thought. “To prove his point, he got really close to me, like he was going to kiss me. I could not stop myself from reacting even though, I am not interested in him. He says it is because the Prince of Aslann is in love with him. That my body will betray me around every man that The Prince of Aslann and Tearra have ever been involved with, as well as any of the ones from my past life. He does not think I will be able to control my body because of my Yamada blood.”

He stared at her, surprised she had told him that. She had been so insistent that she did not want to talk which was ultimately what led up to them having sex. He did not like knowing that this Kuro had put himself into such an intimate moment with her, though he was certain the point was to make an impact on what he had to say to her. “Ahh, he is right.” He voiced. “You are young though and are not from this world. I imagine the level of control that we men are taught, is probably not as commonly taught in your time. We are trained to control ourselves from the time we are small. All warriors, whether they were assassins, soldiers, spies, are taught control because without it they are easily swayed or seduced by a potential enemy, especially women. The situation sounds similar for you. Your body because of your connections, has to deal with the emotions and temptations that come with it.”

“Did Seiji tell you?”

“Ahh, he only said you contain within you a portion of the Prince of Aslann and a Shima child. That the Prince of Aslann, had planned this. I did not ask for details and he only told me what he felt was important to know. I do not need him to explain it all to me, just the bit he gave me I was capable of understanding the situation for what it is. You are a number of people and yet none of them.”

“Is it wrong that I just wish to be Tationy?” She asked.

“Ahh, it is not. The Kari are taught to look past their other blood and be only Kari. To ignore that portion of yourself can have its own consequences.”

“Do you ignore being Yamada?”

“Ahh, I have.”

She paused a moment then asked a question that had nothing to do with their conversation, “That night that you and Sesiago arrived in Shimragata, why did you come to my room?” He pulled away from her, standing and quickly pulling his clothing on. “Did I say something wrong?” She asked.

“Ahh, in a way.” He voiced.

“I am sorry,” She said as she scooted herself to the edge of the bed, crossing her legs, and holding herself with her own arms.

“Ahh, please do not be.” He voiced, “It is my own failure as a man.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Ahh, you really are unable to see what is right in front of your face.” He watched as she bowed her head and sighed. He had been too harsh with his words and had made her feel something he certainly never wanted to. “I never thought you would ask me this question. Why, would you?”

“I was really happy when I saw you.” She responded, “Such relief filled me. I did not feel that relief when Sesiago arrived. You and I hardly ever said a single word to each other, in fact it felt like you were purposely avoiding speaking to me unless you had to. You let Sesiago do all of the talking.” He was surprised that she had been so observant, which told him that her oblivious way was just a ruse. “You have no idea how happy I was to see you walk through that door. Is that weird?” She questioned though did not expect him to answer. “You seemed so concerned about Sesiago…”

“Ahh, what makes you think that?’

“You kept looking at him.” He kept his eyes focused on her as she continued, “Did you think me such a sinister woman that I might harm him?”

“Ahh, it was not that.” He took a breath in, as he reached back and fixed the small pony-tail he kept his hair in. It was not as though his hair was long enough to need it, but old habits from years of having long hair had caused him to often fix it that way. “I was not too surprised he made his way to you. Once we arrived and they called you Tationy instead of Ako, we both knew that there was a lot more going on then just the Saitama attacking unprovoked. I checked on the children, I knew Sesiago wouldn’t, but I wanted nothing more than to come and check on you. I had things I wanted to say, questions I wanted to ask, but I was reminded sharply that it was not my place when I saw him lying in your bed. I knew the moment you came to the village you were Tearra. We were told that you would come and knowing that, meant knowing that you belonged to Sesiago, no matter what I said or did.”

“He wasn’t in my bed because I invited him.” She responded. His eyes locked on hers, he had made assumptions in his mind about what occurred and why. Sesiago had never told him how it came about. “I was just laying there and then found him on top of me. He was asking who I was. The guards charged into the room, but I sent them away. He collapsed. It took me forever to push him off of me. I did not sleep at all that night and certainly did not share a bed with him. I…”

“Ahh, what is it?”

“He is attractive for an older guy.”

“Ahh, I am an older guy.” He voiced.

She sighed, “I know, I mean….He is attractive and I didn’t have any feelings for him then. Even when the two us of were alone together at that place, we hardly talked. Most of the time we were fighting and I didn’t feel anything.” Her words struck him as he listened, “He told me to leave, sent me back to Aslann by myself with just a map. I am not sure why he came after me, but he found me and told me that I belong to the Kari and that he was not going to let me go so easily. I felt strange when he said it. It was something that was important and yet it felt odd at the same time. It was like those words were meant to be said and yet not by him.” She voiced. He took in her words as she talked, trying to understand what she was saying. “That night, he claimed me as his. He told me he just wanted to hold me and touch me a little that we were not going to have sex, but he could not stop himself. I knew going into it that I was not prepared for it, but…” He could see the tears welling up in her eyes, “After what happened with Hiko, I just wanted to be wanted. Anyone would have worked. I was foolish enough to think that Sesiago was not the type of man to have sex with someone and just walk away like he did. I only ever wanted a boyfriend, never had one. Always wanted to be loved and cared for, never had that either. I think there is something wrong with me Iashi. Something that makes men want me and then when they have me, they cast me aside. If he is Kazuma and I am Tearra, how could he let me go?”

“Ahh does it bother you that he did?”

“Yes, it makes me feel like there is something wrong with me. The same with Hiko, I don’t really understand why he did what he did, but if he had not left none of this would have happened.”

He frowned, “Ahh, you are right none of this would have happened.”

She looked at him, hearing it in his voice. “I did not mean…”

“Ahh, no I get it. You just needed a Kari on top of you. Don’t worry Tationy, I know my place.”

“No, Iashi, you misunderstand,” She said as she stood and moved toward him quickly.

“Ahh, how is it that I am misunderstanding?” He questioned, but tensed when her lips met his.

He could feel her hot breath as the kiss broke and she whispered, “I feel something when I am with you. I don’t understand why, but I feel something. Please don’t think you are just some Kari man. I wanted to say things to you, talk to you so many times, but you were always keeping a distance and the Kari have all of these rules that prevented me from just coming to you, and then there was Suemeli. I don’t understand why you are so afraid of me. After what Sesiago did, I was upset because I was losing the Kari, but the thing that hurt me more than anything was you telling me I had to leave. I don’t understand why, then you showed up and all I could think was you were here to defend that man. That made me angry that you kept your distance, but were coming here to defend a Kari that does not deserve your friendship. Someone that would cast aside a Yamada, just like you because she is broken.”

“Ahh, you are not broken.” He whispered.

“I won’t lie to you Iashi, I almost did not come to you.”

Her words stung him, “Ahh, who did you almost go to?”

“I had consider Hiko because he is here.” He tensed, “I almost went to Moromari, but I thought he would turn me away.”

With her mouth so close to his he tilted his head and leaned in stopping just short of her lips. Her hands had come up to his face, “Ahh, Moromari would have been a good choice. He is a reasonable man, would have been able to sleep with you and then go about his business. You could have kept it casual.”

“And with you?” She asked.

“Ahh, my Yamada blood can allow me to keep it casual if I wanted too. Just like yours could. I do not know much about that side of me, but I know that we are very good at keeping an emotional distance when we wish to, but I am Kari. That blood runs true and hot. That part of me won’t let you go so easily.”

“Don’t say things you don’t mean.” She whispered.

“Ahh, I am not Sesiago or Hiko. Only death will pull me from you.” He voiced. His hands slid along her hips to her back pulling her in closer to him as his lips found hers greedily. He was not certain what was transpiring, as he tried to make sense of it all. He thought back on all of their encounters, he never even got a hint that she had wanted to speak to him that she had even noticed him. He understood now more about his own mother than he had ever thought he might. They were similar, true Yamada, could hide their emotions behind a facade. He was more than capable, he always seemed free-spirited, but certainly there were times when he could not keep the Kari in him from being straight-forward and direct. This girl though, like his mother could keep it all bottled, hiding it all behind a set of sad eyes. He would never know what she was thinking or feeling, unless she told him. He could not help, but wonder if his father faced the same issue. Did his father ever learn to read his mother? He wished he could ask them, he felt the emotion within him as he broke the kiss. “Sorry.” He voiced, the emotion etched into his Kari features.

“Something is wrong.” She whispered, “Did I do something?”

“Ahh, no, you definitely did nothing wrong.” He did not want to talk about what he was thinking so he responded, “The sun has risen and neither of us have gotten any sleep. You have early morning training, right? You should try to rest or you are going to be of no use to anyone.” He took her hands in his, kissing them gently as he tugged her toward the bed. She moved to grab her nightgown on the floor when they had stopped moving, “What do you think you are doing?’

“Putting some clothes on.”

“Ahh, I don’t recall saying you could do that.”

“You put yours on.”

He smirked, as he stepped toward her grabbing both of her hands and moving them toward his hips. “Ahh, want me out of them?”

She smiled, “I do, but then I don’t think either of us are going to be getting any sleep.”

“Ahh, is that so?”

“Mmmhmm.” She responded as he helped her hands guide his trousers off of his hips as his mouth leaned in and claimed hers.

Iashi did not let her get any sleep, though she certainly had to take some responsibility for that. She was late meeting up with Kuro. She had to go all the way back to her room and clean up and change then all the way to the other side of the palace to meet up with him. He had lectured her about being late as the two of them found their way down by the water. There was a chill in the air, storm clouds in the sky looming, but not producing anything. Even if it did start to snow, it would not remain on the ground for long, not in Shimragata. He told her to take a stance and the two positioned themselves to fight. He wanted to see what she was capable of.

For the first hour he allowed her to be the aggressor. She had slacked off, the last time she did any sort of training she was with Mikio in that small farmhouse in Garvator. She had tried to continue her training, but the moment the others arrived and she journeyed with Hiko to the Kari village, there seemed so little time and it would be difficult to explain that she could fight in two different styles, one of which was the Kari fighting style and the other belonging to the Snake clan, the Ishi. It would be too hard to explain to the Kari, a clan that wanted women to be women.

Kuro studied her movement, he could tell she was trained by both Oro and Zen. While Oro was proficient, he certainly was not the strongest of Ishi fighters, so her Snake style was relatively weak in comparison to the style of the Kari. However, her body was more suited to that of the Snake. The Kari style lacked finesse and was more suited to a man’s strength, than to the agile form of a woman.

He let her get comfortable that she was going to be the aggressor, then he spun quickly his kick narrowly missing her. Had she been a half-second slower he would have certainly taken her head off. He was not going to baby her, if this was her journey he was going to be as hard on her as he would any Ishi, even if she was killed.

For Tationy, Kuro hit like a truck. Even though she managed to evade many of his attacks, the ones she was forced to block left bruises on her body and fractured bones. She felt the bones in her wrist at one point crack as his attack was blocked, and her face contorted in pain and anger. She had to force herself to remove the unwanted emotions, it would do her no good to give him any sort of advantage over her, especially seeing he was the type of man to exploit it and enjoy it.

By the time her training was completed for the day, she could barely stand and hurt all over. She managed to sit herself on the ground and his eyes focused in on her before he took a seat next to her. He glanced from the corner of his eyes, before looking out over the water. “You have Hamara blood?” She questioned breaking the silence.

“I do.”

“How are you related to Chee?”


“You and Mikio had a lot of brothers?”


“You are the oldest?”

“Is this your attempt to learn more about me?”

“Sure we will call it that.” She voiced. Truth was she did not think she could move her body enough to make it back to the palace, though she was not about to tell him that.

“I am the oldest, born to Rin and Rikku of the Hamara. Then Mikio, born to Rin and Tearra. Rin had many children, including Bak from the Sato line, Rykuero of the  Maiba line, Mitsuo of the Shinohara line, Katachira of the Yamada line, so on and so forth.”

“How many children did Rin have?”

“Over fifty, maybe more.”

“So how are you related to the Ishi that killed the Prince and the Guardians? I mean obviously you and Mikio are brothers, but what about the others?”

“Cousins all of them.”

“Are any of them descended from your line or Mikios?”

“No. Togore is from the line of Bak. Oro and his sister Nene come from the line of Rykuero. Nao and Jin both come from the line of Mitsuo. Mitsuo had a daughter who had two sons, Kenta and Ryoko. Kenta is Jin’s father, and Ryoko is the grandfather of Nao.”

“How is it that you and Mikio are still alive? Are other children of the gods, still alive?”

“The Ishi clan has the ability to regenerate at high speeds, making injuries and wounds heal quickly and slowing our aging. He and I are closest to the line of Rin, which makes our speed of regeneration at its peak. Other Ishi, have their bloodlines deluded, thus their regenerative abilities are not on par with ours due to time. I am unaware of any other children directly descended from the Gods that still remain.”

She considered his words before responding, “There might be a chance my eyes might never develop, seeing I am thousands of years removed from Soti, Hayato, and the Prince of Aslann.”

“That is certainly a possibility.” Kuro was not the type of man to say things that were not true. He could have lied to her and told her that he had faith or some other form of positive response, but he was a realist, and did not believe in sugarcoating things for anyone. “Which one did you let climb on top of you?”

“What makes you think I let anyone?”

“Child, the day you fool me is the day I have one foot in the grave. So who was it?”

She felt like he was asking for a reason, “Maybe it was Hiko. Maybe it was Moromari. That is none of your business.”

He hid his reaction when she said Hiko’s name. He had not seen him last night because he was supposedly working, though he had also not seen him that morning. It had been the first time since they had arrived there that Hiko had not visited his room. It was not like anything intimate had happened between them, not since that one day where he went down on Hiko and the intimate moment ended abruptly. Hiko was not interested in being with a man, though Kuro did not particularly care if you were a man or a woman. He could see beyond gender, though his preference was certainly the delicate flesh of women. “We should head back.” He voiced as he stood and began walking. He did not even give her a moment to respond. Part of him was a little annoyed at her comment about it potentially being Hiko, but he pushed it aside he was not about to let some little girl get under his skin with such a comment.

Sadamitsu had waited for her arrival. Once she had joined him in the library he prepared himself for putting her on the intellectual path, by teaching her everything he knew. He had opened his mouth to speak, but she quickly halted him from doing so. “Where is you weird mask thing?”

He blinked at her, “Pentalo.” He voiced, “Traditional face mask of the Anami.”

She brushed a bang from her face as she stiffed a yawn, “What is the point of it?”

“When the war clans were created, each of them had things that they did to make them easily identifiable on the battlefield. The Anami wore the Pentalo which served as a guard to protect the mouth and nose and also served to make them less recognizable if the guard was removed. The Saitama, marked themselves in red and white paint, with black tattoo markings. The Maiba were a far more sensible clan, not adorning themselves in anything to lavish. Usually just a decorative head guard that protected the forehead, temples, and ears without hindering them. The Kensuku wore red face paint and often adorned themselves in horns or bones.”

“Do any of the clan still follow these old practices?”

“The Anami are still known to wear the Pentalo, though it is mostly decorative these days. The Saitama are the only clan still practicing these old traditions. I suppose that tradition may come to an end soon. There were rumors circulating the chantry that the Saitama clan have disappeared.”

“The whole clan?” She questioned.

“Those that reside at the Retreat of the Empress, have according to rumors not returned and the Retreat is seemingly abandoned with no trace of the Saitama. I hear that Lord Shima is currently investigating the situation. I must say I am surprised he has not mentioned it to you.”

“I am sure he has his reasons, he does not seem the type of man to just speak without knowing all of the facts.”

“Of course.” He responded. “I thought that we might…”

She interrupted him again, “Why do you wear the Pentalo?”

He nervously smiled, “It belonged to my father, his father before him, and on down the line of succession. I wear it to remember them and to honor my clan.” He paused just a moment to collect himself. As he proceeded to speak, she yawned. Not a delicate yawn, but mouth wide open, hand covering it, with her eyes closed tightly. She did not hide the fact that she was tired and he completely lost his train of thought watching her. He brought his hand up to his face, rubbing a spot on his cheek as he kept his eyes fixed on her.

“So do you look the norm of the Anami?”

Sadamitsu did not speak right away, when he finally composed himself he responded, “No.” He waited a moment to see if she would interrupt him again, when she did not speak right away he asked, “You are an unusual woman. Are you always like this?”

“Like what?” She asked.

“You are inquisitive, excessively relaxed to a level that comes off as inappropriate, yet oddly normal at the same time.”

“I am just who I am.” She voiced.

“Just who you are.” He repeated then acknowledged he understood by giving a single nod of his head. “We should begin then.” He voiced. He began talking about Shimragata. Everything from its laws to its people, how the military works, even how the government runs. Hours of him talking as he walked the floor, going over everything he thought might be important and even some things he was certain were not necessary, but added them in for general flavor. He paused a moment and looked toward her, frowning when he realized her head was laid upon the table and she was sleeping. He lifted a book from the table dropping it and she sat up suddenly. “What was the last thing you heard me say?” He questioned.

“Pentalo.” She voiced.

“You are tired, please go get some sleep. I will speak with Lord Shima to see if your combat trainer and I can switch times. I would rather have you awake for my lectures.” Sadamitsu had barely got the last part of his words out, before she was up and out the door. He brought his hand to his face, sighing deeply, “She is exhausting,” He said to himself.

Iashi had spent his whole day in his room. He was feeling restless. If he was amongst the Kari he would be working and training hard, but here in Shimragata he had nothing to do. He turned his head as the handle on his door moved. He knew it was her and he was more than happy that she decided to return. She stepped into his room, closing the door behind her. He watched every movement, as she pulled her hair down from the confining clasp letting it fall in ringlets down along her back before removing her clothing. As each piece fell to the floor, his smile turned to a frown. She was covered in bruises, some were just in the beginning stages, small and purple, but others were large in size and dark. He deduced it was from her training with the man called Kuro, though that did not make him feel any better about the fact that her body was marred.

She climbed onto the bed next to him. At first he said nothing, trying to gauge the situation. Tationy had not spoken and he wondered why she was being so silent. He figured it out after a moment of thinking about it and smiled, “Ahh, want me to kill him?”

“Would you?”

His smile broadened, “Ahh, if you ask me to.”

“He avoided my face, but the rest of me…I think he might have broken bones in my hand, at the very least fractured some. It hurts.” She whispered.

His smile quickly faded. If she were a man, his words to her would be different. “Ahh, I think you should tell the Lord of the Shima that you no longer wish to pursue this path.”

“To be truthful, I don’t really want to do this. He is dieing though, what am I to do? He sees me as his child and the future ruler of this kingdom.”

“Ahh, tell me what you want Tationy.”

“I want to go back to the Kari village, with you.”

“Ahh, that is not an option.” He responded. “We could travel across the water, to the homeland of the Yamada.”

She turned her attention fully on him, “If we go there, what will happen if they follow us?”

“Ahh, it is possible they might decide to bring you back, by force if necessary. They will most likely kill me to ensure that they reclaim you. I will protect you though, if you really want to leave.”

Iashi got up from the bed, blowing a couple of the candles out while Tationy adjusted her body to get comfortable before Iashi climbed back into bed with her. He pulled her close to him, his arm wrapping around her tightly. When she flinched, he smiled, “Ahh, sorry sorry.” He paused a moment before speaking, “Tell me what you want to do. Whatever it is Tationy, we can do it.”

“Part of me wants to go home to my own world, but I know that is not an option and then I would not have you. I keep letting people drag me this way and that way because it is easier, but I just want a nice quiet life. If I am stuck here for the remainder of my life, should I not be able to do what I want to?”

“Ahh, you should be able to.” He voiced. “So a nice quiet life, doing what?”

“Just like in the village. People working together, helping each other, for the betterment of the community. The sights, the sounds..” Before she could finish her words, he had leaned in and kissed her.

“Ahh, sorry.” He voiced as he broke the kiss his fingers lightly trailing along her arm.

“What brought that on?”

“Ahh, I like how you talk about the village. Lets…” He paused a moment, “Let us leave Shimragata and find someplace, we will make our own village. What do you say?”

“Alright,” She said with a smile.

It seemed hopeless, a pipe-dream if there ever was one. Both of them wanted desperately to leave Shimragata, but they were also well-aware that it would not just happen. The two of them clung to each other that night, allowing themselves to live in the fantasy of what their village might be like and the freedom they would have when the two of them were able to leave Shimragata behind.

To Be Continued