The Exiled Prince Reloaded – Chapter 5: The Storm Approaches

“That movie was terrible. Promise me the next time we go see a movie we pick one with less fake boobs and bad acting.”

“What are you talking about Sesiago, those fake boobs made the movie.”

Sesiago stopped mid-stride his face turning to look at her. She had not said much since the kiss or the movie. He allowed his eyes to wash over her bruised face contemplating his next words. They had agreed after the movie that they would just head home, no dinner or night out. By the time they made it back it was already dark, though he was hardly tired and he was not about to push and bring up the kiss. Though truth be told, his mind had not stopped thinking about it for a single moment.

“Did I say something wrong?” Her question took him by surprise and he realized that he had been staring.

“No, not at all.” Looking away from her he began to walk up the stairs. His mind mauled over how the situation with her was probably the calm before a great storm. It had just happened and she was most certainly acting as though everything was fine, at least around him. He could not be with her every moment, so he was certain there were times she broke down. He wanted to know why she was being so strong in front of him, but he was so afraid to ask because he did not wish to say the wrong thing. He needed to understand what she was going through and vowed that once he got her settled in for the night, he would do some research.

When they reached the top of the stairs he grumbled, “I forgot the bags. Let me go and get them.” He responded as he quickly darted down the stairs to get the bags of clothing they had bought earlier. By the time he made it back upstairs and knocked slightly on the door, he realized there was no need. There she was sitting upon his bed wearing his clothing. “Guess I did not need to grab the bags.”

She had not responded to his words, instead changing the topic, “Your room is really empty.”

Sesiago smiled as he ran his fingers through his hair, sitting himself on the bed next to her. “Never really knew what to do with it.”

“Do you like living here?”

“It is alright. Why do you want to live someplace else? Want to go on a trip around the world or something?”

“I don’t know.” She whispered.

“Tationy,” He paused as he considered how he wanted to ask his question. “Do you think you want to talk to the police?” For the first time since Seiji called him, he felt a heaviness from her. He frowned, he told himself he should not have brought it up. “I am sorry, I did not mean to…”

Her words interrupted him, “What would they be able to do, Sesiago? Right now, Hiko is on that island outside the jurisdiction of Bridgeport police department. He has no reason to return to Bridgeport and even if he does, he will toss his money around and get his own way. He knows very important people. One of those very important people were probably there to buy me right? What am I going to do against him?”

“If you will not go to the police will you see a doctor?” He knew it was wrong of him to avoid her question, but he felt as though he had stepped into a topic he probably should not have brought up. He was not certain she was ready to address what she wanted to do, but truth be told he was not either. He was angry and it took everything in him to keep from going off and killing Hiko himself. Getting himself arrested would leave her unprotected and he was not about to do anything foolish, no matter how good it would make him feel.


“I am not asking you to talk to anyone if you do not want to, I just want to make certain he did not hurt you.”

Her silence worried him, but when she finally relented and said, “Alright,” he felt relieved.

Sesiago reluctantly pulled himself away from Tationy, insisting that she get some rest. She asked him to stay and for a short time he did, but he knew that he needed to understand what she was going through. He had gone through pages and pages of information, but there would be one pdf that would give him much needed insight into what he needed to be doing. He had been surprised to find out that half of rape victims turn to males for help or that rape was not about sex at all, it was about power. It made sense, Hiko had always been about control and power and asserting his dominance was a quick and easy way for him to do that.

The information proved helpful, even mentioned that the most common reaction for men regarding the rape of a loved one was anger. How their first thought is to go after the rapist. It even talked about how this would be hurtful to the victim because then she or he would feel as though their rapist would retaliate. It explained to him why she was so hesitant about going to the police, but he needed to remain calm and let her make her own decisions. He could be a helping hand, giving guidance, but never making the decisions for her.

As he read through the article, he wondered if the question she asked earlier about him liking living in Bridgeport was a sign of a flight response. The web-page had talked at great lengths about how some victim’s distance themselves to the point of moving to a new city, changing their appearance, and disassociating themselves entirely from their old life. Was she trying to tell him she wanted to leave Bridgeport? His mind mauled it over as he continued to read until early in the morning.

When he finally did get to sleep it did not last long, having set the clock so he could be up at nine to make a few phone calls.

Much to Tationy’s dismay he managed to get her in to see a doctor later that afternoon. She had dragged her feet getting ready, so they had nearly been late, but he never pushed her to hurry. Sesiago felt a bit uncomfortable sitting in the exam room waiting for the doctor. He felt a need to be there to be supportive and yet he was afraid of what he might hear. Sure there was a part of him that wanted and needed to know and understand, but he was well aware it would not make him feel any better if he got those answers.

Sesiago stood when the door opened and the doctor entered. He was an older man, dressed in a suit with pants that were straight out of decades past. The doctor offered his hand to Sesiago, “I am Doctor Hamara, and you must be Sesiago.”

“Yes.” Sesiago responded as he accepted the man’s hand. He felt awkward as though the man had been trying to read him with that simple hand-shake, before his attention drew toward Tationy who was sitting nervously upon the exam table.

“I see my nurses gave you a lovely new gown.” The doctor joked lightly as he took a seat and looked over the chart before setting it aside. “Tationy is an unusual name.” He made small talk.

“My parent’s thought it was unique.” She managed to whisper and Sesiago sat silently.

“That it is.” He responded as he turned his attention toward Sesiago, “How long have the two of you been seeing each other?”

“Not long.” Sesiago responded.

With a brief nod of his head his attention drew back toward Tationy. “I have some questions I need to ask you, but they can be rather embarrassing. Do you want Sesiago to remain?”

“Yes.” She whispered.

The doctor looked toward Sesiago, “Some of these questions may be difficult for you to hear, I ask that you refrain from emotional responses. Do you understand?”

“I understand, doctor.”

Sesiago watched the doctor watch Tationy. She was staring out the window, and he was certain she wanted to be anyplace, but there. “Tationy, Sesiago informed my nurse that you were assaulted. How long ago did this happen?”

“Four days ago.”

“Did you know the person who hurt you?”

She bite her lip as she responded, “Yes.”

“Was there penetration?” Her silence answered the question. “Vaginal?”



Sesiago glanced toward the doctor rather quickly having not even considered that Hiko might have. “Yes.”

“When was the last time you had sexual relations before the assault?”

Sesiago spoke up, “She and I were intimate the night before. It was her first time.”

“Is this true, Tationy?”


“After you and Sesiago were intimate, were you in any pain?”

“No, I mean not that I noticed. When..”

“When?” The doctor coaxed her to continue.

“When he threw me onto the bed, the pain hit me. Well it was not even really pain, just an uncomfortable feeling in my pelvis.”

“He as in the assailant?”


“Are you in any pain now?”

She got quiet again and Sesiago wanted to jump up and shake her. Ask her why she did not say anything. It took everything in him to sit there quietly. “I have been cramping and there is some burning when I go to the bathroom.”

The doctor must have sensed Sesiago’s anger, “Sesiago, I am going to have to perform an exam on Tationy. I am going to ask two of my nurses to join me, but you will need to step outside during it. When we are finished you may return.”

The doctor had left Sesiago and Tationy alone. He closed the distance, brushing her hair off her face with his hand as he offered her a smile. Her eyes did not look up at him. “I will be right outside.”

“I know.” Her eyes were dead and as much as he wanted to stay with her, he knew it was better if he did as the doctor wanted of him.

He paced that was all he could do as he waited for the doctor to tell him that he could come back in. He did not understand why it was taking so long. When he was finally allowed to reenter the room, she was dressed and crying.

He rushed to her wrapping his arms around her tightly. He could hear the door close behind him and noticed him standing near the door. He was about to lose his temper and ask what happened, but her words froze him. “I can’t have his baby. I can’t have his baby, Sesiago.”

The realization hit him. The nurses had her urinate in a cup and took blood long before the doctor had even entered the room. He had chosen this place because it was one of the best family practices in all of Bridgeport, even had its own lab and x-ray technician. “The baby could be mine.” He whispered softly to her, which caused her tense body to still. Did it bring her comfort to hear him say that? He was not certain, but they had sex just hours before she was attacked by Hiko and he foolishly did not wear a condom, now considering what had transpired he was thankful he had not and yet worried what that meant at the same time.

The doctor finally spoke, “News like, you are going to have a baby, is usually followed by excitement. Considering what transpired, I imagine this is difficult for both of you. So let’s start with, the exam.” He voiced gesturing for the two of them to take seats. Tationy awkwardly sat on the edge of the exam table and Sesiago refused to sit, staying close to her. “The abrasions to her face and body are minor and will heal with time. We did do an x-ray and there were no fractures or broken bones. A pelvic and rectal exam were performed and there was tearing and bruising. I took several swabs and the lab will have that and the blood work back within the week. There were no obvious signs of sexually transmitted diseases, but considering the timetable we are working with, we will know more when the blood work returns and I have given her the standard cocktail of medication just to be on the safe-side. The cramping that Tationy has been experiencing, is fairly common with assault victims, but it is also an early sign that implantation has occurred during ovulation. The urine specimen did conclude that she is pregnant, but I asked her to remain calm until the blood work comes back. It is rare, but a false positive can happen when the body is stressed. Until we have the blood work, I think the two of you should remain calm and consider your options.”

“So she will be alright?”

“Physically she will be fine. It will take a bit of time for her to heal, but the human body is resilient. I have encouraged her to speak with the police and informed her that I am obligated by law to inform the authorities that a sexual assault happened. Whether she talks with them or not is her decision, but they will pursue and investigate. I believe she should seek out psychological help to work out, what is going on. Therapy would be good for both of you, however, she has informed me she is not interested. I am having my nurse put together some information, just in case she changes her mind. There is a survivor support group here in Bridgeport, that also includes a group for the victim’s families. So if nothing else, I encourage the two of you to perhaps attend a meeting.”

Sesiago listened quietly his hand giving Tationys a sqeeze. “Your nurse is putting all that information together?”

“Yes, there will also be a few prescriptions that you should have filled.”

“These prescriptions are for?”

“The tearing can make it rather uncomfortable for her, so I have prescribed Methylcellulose, which is a laxative, Xylocaine, which is a topical anesthetic to make it more comfortable. Glyceryl Trinitrate which will help with the healing of the tears to the rectum. The vaginal tearing will heal with time, it will be uncomfortable when she urinates. I recommend that she drink a lot of water that will remove a lot of the acid from the urine, and make it more comfortable for her. She should take baths over showers. Warm water will help sooth and encourage the healing process. More importantly, the two of you need time to heal. Don’t rush. Take each day as it comes and know that you both will experience bumps that might cause you to stumble or even fall.”

Even with the wealth of information and prescriptions they left the doctor’s office with, it did nothing for the heaviness that cascaded over Tationy and Sesiago. The drive home was met with silence and the week that followed only created more distance. Tationy hardly ate, kept herself hidden in the bathroom or the bedroom. Sesiago was at a loss on what to do to help her. He was there for her, but he had been right. The time where she was acting as though everything was fine, was just that and now the storm was coming. He was not even certain if he had the strength to weather it.

He had been lying on his couch. He had a weeks beard growth, a pair of dirty shorts on, and beer cans scattered across his coffee table. So to say his reaction was one of surprise when a voice broke the quiet was an understatement, “What is going on with you?”

“Dad.” He managed to say as he sat himself up and tried to straighten up his place.

“I told your brother that he must be mistaken. My son would never not answer his phone. Would never pass the buck when it came to work. Yet, here you are.” Sesiago hung his head low. He offered no apology because he knew his father was not looking one. Katsu wanted an explanation. “Were you going to tell me that your girlfriend was one of the girls Hiko had up for auction? Does this change in you have to do with her?” He flinched, he nearly forgot that he had lied to his father in hopes that if they saw the girl on Hiko’s auction block that they would pull her, thinking that she was Sesiago’s girlfriend. “Are you going to answer me?”

“Hiko raped her.” He did not mean to blurt it out, it was evident by the fact that it was practically a whisper.

Sesiago searched his fathers face, frowning deeply when he realized he was unable to tell what he was thinking. “Is she alright?”

“She is hardly eating, does not want to leave the bedroom. I don’t know how to help her.”


“I don’t want to hear about Kazuma. You are always talking about those stupid stories of the gods. That is fantasy, this is reality.” Sesiago yelled.

His father had continued, “Kazuma’s queen was raped by Rin. When the story is told people always emphasize that it was an Ishi that violated the Queen of the Gods on the shrine of Hisoka. Rin was simply an extension of Kazuma. He was a part of Kazuma, and thus the real culprit in the rape of the Queen of the Gods was a Kari. Hisoka’s shrine sat upon the lands of Shimragata. Through the millennium the story will be retold hundreds of times as the Gods are reincarnated. I told Tadayoshi that we might see something amazing, I suppose we have. That means, she should be preg…”

Sesiago moved toward his father, his fist ready to fly as his father grabbed onto his arm. “Don’t you dare turn our lives into some sick simulation of some fairy tale.”

Had she not cleared her throat, Sesiago would have punched his father. Both men, slowly turned their gazes upon her. The bruises upon her face where nearly faded. Sesiago noted that she was wearing the clothes they had picked up for her and not his. She was clean and alert as she stood with her arms crossed watching the two of them. Sesiago wondered how long she had been there. “Are the two of you done?”

“We were just…” Sesiago tried to explain, but the look on her face told him it was probably in his best interest to just keep his mouth shut.

“It is good to see you again, Miss Tationy.” Katsu responded.

Sesiago felt his emotion’s building inside of him as he looked at her. She looked beautiful to him and he rushed toward her falling to his knees. His face resting against her stomach. She must have been surprised because it took her a moment to react to his proximity. He relaxed as her hand rested to his head and her other to his shoulder, holding him close to her. “Sesiago.” She had whispered his name, which only caused him to hold on to her tighter. “You should go and take a shower, you smell terrible.”

He wanted to hold her longer, but he reluctantly pulled himself away from her. As he moved up the stairs he looked back, noticing how she moved about the living room picking up the beer cans. “My son told me what happened.”

“Mr. Kari.”

“Katsu.” He corrected.

“Your family is messed up.” She responded, “In what universe did I not just hear all of that?” He froze, staring at the girl, surprised by her strength. “Did you know?”

“Did I know?” He questioned.

“Did you know that Hiko has been raping women?”

Her question was the most direct one he had ever been asked. “Hiko has been out of control for the past five years. We have been aware that it is getting worse, and have heard rumors that he has taken certain things too far.”

“Yet you do nothing about it, why?”

He admired her calm, the way she kept her eyes fixed on his. He was certain it was difficult for her to do so, considering what transpired, but that strength of character was exactly what made him and Tadayoshi so certain that she was Tearra’s reincarnate. As he considered how to answer her question he looked upon her thoughtfully. “When Tadayoshi and I were boys, we promised our father that we would continue the tradition to unite Kazuma and Tearra. During the War of the Kingdom, the gods fell one by one from the heavens due to manipulation from a mortal named Kisho of the Nakamaru. The gods lived as mortals and each time they died, they were reincarnated over and over again.”

Katsu tilted his head to the side as he considered how he wished to continue. Tationy simply stood silently and listened better, then Sesiago or Seiji ever had when they were told the stories. “Through time, each head of the Kari has taken action to ensure that Kazuma finds the Tylo girl that is the reincarnate of Tearra. There have been many failures and no successes. I have never been very big on tradition. My brother Tadayoshi, older and wiser in these matters always followed the old ways, even right down to how he still dresses, but he was more reluctant to take on this endeavor. Perhaps, because he knew that Hiko would prove to be the part of Kazuma that was Rin.”

“All of the gods, even Tearra herself where a part of Kazuma. So when one of them did something, the truth of the matter was it was a Kari. While they were considered the ancient descendants of several clans; the Ishi, the Waichia, the Hamara, and the Tylo; there is no denying that they were all born from one god. Rin, as the story goes, did terrible things to Tearra at a shrine belonging to the god Hisoka, on Shimragata. Would you believe me if I told you that where we stayed was the location of that shrine?” He paused and watched how her lips pursed, “The stars are aligned in a very unique way. All of the individuals who existed during the time of the War of the Kingdom, exist here in this time. It is not coincidence and when I looked upon you with my son I was certain that I was seeing Kazuma and his queen. So to answer your question, it is not my place to interfere with Kazuma and Tearra. Only they can decide the fate of Rin or in this case, Hiko.”

“I cannot believe the lengths you and uncle Tadayoshi will go for this.” Sesiago responded as he descended the stairs.

“Had we know that Hiko would go this far, we…”

“Don’t pretend like you would have done something.” Sesiago turned toward Tationy, his hand reaching out to touch her arm. “I am so sorry. This really was my fault. My father has some demented idea that I am some reincarnate of some fairy tale god and because of it, you were hurt. No matter what it takes, I will make this right.”

Her silence troubled both men until she finally responded, “Your family needs institutionalized.”

Sesiago suppressed a chuckle, “I know.”

To Be Continued