The Exiled Prince Reloaded – Chapter 13: Memories of the Past

Tationy and Hiko never got back to their conversation. Their night was spent giving baths, feeding children, and all around entertaining from television to story telling until Osa fell asleep and Kazuma had settled down enough that the exhausted parents could finally lie down and get some sleep themselves. The problem with sharing a bed with little ones is the often unpredictable sleeping habits. Osa tossed and turned most of the night and Kazuma was determined to have the whole bed to himself so much so that Tationy and Hiko found themselves in territory they had not shared since before their time on Shimragata. Hiko could not sleep with his arms wrapped around her securely, his lips inches from hers, and though she had her eyes closed he could tell she was awake.

It was about three in the morning when his phone rang and despite, knowing he should answer it, he could not pull himself away from her. He had glanced only briefly in the direction of his cell before returning his attention to Tationy and realizing her eyes were finally opened. “Hiko, your phone is ringing.”

“I know.” He responded, his fingers tentatively running along her back. He wondered if the reason she was allowing him to be so close to her was because the children were there. He certainly could see how she might see having them in the same room a security blanket.

Her eyes remained fixed on his as his phone stopped ringing, then started again a few minutes later. “It is probably work or about your family.”

“Probably.” There was a long pause as he allowed his phone to go to voice mail once again.

“You are thinking about it.”

“No I am not.”

“I am not talking about your phone.” His lips parted to speak, but he was not certain what to say so he stopped himself. “I wanted you to take me that night.”

His body tensed, his mind flashed to that kiss, and to her words about being a virgin. “Why did you tell me then?”

“I was really nervous. I did not want you to think I was neurotic or something with how skittish I was.”

“Why me?”

“I knew you would try hard to make it perfect.”

He considered her response. She was right he would have, after all he was trying to woo her for his own nefarious means, “Tationy…”


“Do you want to make this work with me?” There was a long uncomfortable silence that followed his question. “I know you hate me. I know you…”

She interrupted him, “I already told you I would remain at your side. You are really insecure.” He could not bring himself to tell her that the women he grows to love always end up leaving him, even his own mother. “I don’t know what will happen, but we are in this together. We are laying siege to a powerful enemy, your sin is my sin.”

“I want to kiss you.”

“I know.” He allowed his fingers to trail over her bare skin until he knew he could no longer hold her without complicating things further.

She must have sensed the state of his mind and emotions because she pulled away from him, sitting up as she spoke, “You should check your messages.”

He forced himself to sit up reaching for his cell phone. He had missed a bunch of calls. Most of them were from surviving Kari that managed to evade the attacks of the Saitama and were heading to Shimragata, the most impassioned one from his uncle Katsu. He wondered only briefly if his father was dead and considered that it was not a great loss if he was. The last two phone calls were actually from the airport. “Flights have been resumed.” He told Tationy, “There is a flight leaving in a couple of hours. If we hurry…”

“I will get the kids ready.”

He was disappointed that she was in such a rush to leave. He was worried that when they got back to the territory dominated and controlled by his family that she would shut him out again.

The flight was exhausting. Even though they flew first class, thirteen hours with two children was a trial in patience and stamina. The pressure from the flight messed with the ears of Kazuma, who was fussing and crying. Osa slept part of the flight, but he woke up right when Hiko was about to sleep, so Hiko ended up staying up to entertain him while Tationy took her turn tending to Kazuma. By the time they landed, he and Tationy at the most got an hour of sleep, Kazuma’s ears were popping and crackling, and Osa was restless and hyper wanting to run and play.

When they arrived at the home they would be staying in, there was a heaviness. When Hiko had asked his people to prepare one of the homes he could not have anticipated that they would pick that one. Tationy disappeared almost instantly leaving Hiko to deal with the kids. When he finally had the two of them settled down he went to look for her, finding her in the room where it all happened. “I was hoping you went to put on your swimsuit and headed to the beach.” She had jumped noticeably the moment he started talking, but he did not stop himself from continuing. “You should probably not be in here.” Hiko nervously waited for her to say something, wringing his hands as he kept his eyes fixed on her. “Please talk to me.” He had done his best to keep the nervousness and concern from his voice, but he knew he failed.

“I feel ill. When did it happen Hiko?”

“When did what happen?”

“When did you become a monster? Were you born this way? Taught it?”

“All Kari are monsters.” He responded.


He could not hide his annoyance, “Don’t tell me he wasn’t a monster. What kind of man purposely pursues another man’s woman? What kind of man the first night he meets her assaults her?”

“He didn’t…”

“Didn’t he? He stuck his finger in you. He joined you in the shower. His father’s right hand, manipulated the situation until he got you into his bed. They might as well have just drugged you and took you. He wasn’t a good man.” He was angry and had to take a step back to collect himself. “All Kari men are depraved monsters willing to do whatever is needed to get what they want. Some of us might seem the honorable sorts, but don’t be blinded by it, they are just as capable of turning to the dark-side if it suits them.”

“He kept calling me your toy and saying that you always got the best stuff. Like I was property. I didn’t like him when we met and he kept doing inappropriate things. He never apologized because Kari men do not apologize. I ran away from him at one point, but he followed me. I had more to drink and rationalized being with him. I felt like you didn’t love me and noticed how over the years you became a different person, distant, moody, and I felt lonely. When he said, no matter how you tell me no, nothing is going to stop me from doing this, I thought how much I wished it was you saying it. I screwed up and I realized when I came back and you were waiting for me that I did not know how to beg for your forgiveness.”

“I should be the one begging you.” He responded after he had taken several long moments of silent contemplation. He stepped into the room further looking around. “The Kari destroy everything,” He said, “It is all we know how to do. When I met you, I came up with a hundred reasons why I was doing the things I did, but no amount of rationalizing could explain away the little things. When we went back to my apartment that night we met, I took your hand. I am not even certain when I took it or why, but I did. I kept telling myself to keep it in prospective. That I could not get sucked in by the momentum of things.” He paused as he thought back on that night.

He had released her hand quickly and moved away to the other side of the room. There was an uneasiness centered in him as he tried to mentally explain his actions away while hiding the emotions swirling around inside of him, “I have been thinking about buying a place in the hills, but it is just me, seems a little pointless to have all that space.”

“You will get married some day, won’t you?”

Hiko never pictured himself as the type to get married. The one time he had considered it, the woman had not just broke his heart, but fractured it into a bunch of tiny little pieces that he doubted anyone could repair. “If the right girl comes along. What about you?”

“What about me?”

“Do you want to get married?”

“Are you asking?”

He laughed, it was a real and genuine and it even caught him by surprise. “We will have to wait and see.” He paused a moment, “I am going to get out of these wet clothes and lay something out on my bed for you to wear so your work clothes can dry.”


When Hiko returned he picked up the remote control after directing her down the hallway toward his bedroom, casually flipping through the channels he settled on the movie Aliens. He realized that, despite having had a girlfriend this was the first time he had brought a woman home to his apartment. He always went to their places, never wanting to soil his home with the unpleasantness of informing a girl that this was just sex and nothing else. “Your place is not what I would have expected.”

He glanced toward her, “What do you mean?”

“Seems unhappy.”

His eyes focused in on her face though he did not address her words. He supposed in a way that was an appropriate assessment, but he did not want to think too deeply on it so he smiled. “Do I seem like an unhappy guy?”

Perhaps that was not the best question to ask when he realized the way her features softened and she turned her back to him. She avoided the question, “It is a pretty nice place. Your bathroom is about the size of the apartment my parents live in. You should consider yourself blessed.” She turned back toward him and smiled and Hiko found that he instantly smiled back before following her attention toward the television, “I love this movie.”


“Yeah, why does that surprise you so much? Never mind forget I asked, guys think all girls love sappy romance movies.” He watched her as she moved toward the sofa and took a seat, giving him a very brief smile. Hiko did not hide the fact that he was looking her over. His shirt, despite her fuller shape, was still baggy on her and as she sat down he got a very brief glimpse of her cute little yellow underwear. He suddenly felt nervous as he took several steps toward the sofa and very awkwardly sat down next to her.

He ran his fingers through his hair before placing his arm over her shoulders and allowing it to slide down along her arm until it rested on her side. He could feel the smoothness of her uncovered hip, feel the warmth of her body as she leaned into him almost as though she was snuggling with him. He felt stiff as he kept his eyes focused on the television. “You said earlier that I did not have to say that, why do you think that a guy would not be lucky to have you?”

“We do not have to talk about this.”

“I want to.”

She sighed, “Guys have never been interested in me. I am not really talented at anything. I have a drunk father and an over-bearing gold-digging mother. I live hand to mouth. Can’t afford college. Forever stuck in dead-end jobs, not very many friends, and to be honest. I am not really likable.”

“Why do you think that?”

“I guess, it is hard to explain. I really do not know how to react to things. I mean, when something bad happens I just seem so unfazed. It is sort of like I am emotionally flat-lined. It does not really encourage people to form relationships with me. People think I am weird. When I am given a gift, I never know how to react. Even when I really like it, I do not know what to do. Do I show I like it by being overly excited or do I downplay it because I do not want them to think I am not sincere. That about sums it up.”

“Have you had a boyfriend before?”

Hiko made note she took a long pause before answering, “There was a guy in high school named Abe. One summer we had this community service thing to do, me, him, Sadoo, Otoha, Sohma, Chochi, Taku, and our Classical Literature teacher Mr. Nakamaru. We got lost in the woods, it was such a mess, but Abe and I kind of connected. Things did not work out though. Abe said he could not tell if I was emotionally invested in the relationship or just with him to have someone. Did not matter that I told him I loved him. He did not believe me. Your turn. Why are you sitting here with me instead of out on the town with some long legged, big boobed, bimbo?”

He released his breath in a short uncertain laugh, “Honestly I have no idea.”

“Why were you at Perlato?”

“I was looking for someone.”

“Oh, who?”

“A man named Moromari Saitama.”

“Moromari, why were you looking for him?”

“You know him?”

“Well yeah, he is my uncle.”

Hiko took a moment to consider this, “Really, well that is unexpected.” It explained a lot. Hiko had wondered how it was that the Tylo woman at his side, was able to keep from being taken by the Kari. There were only a small number of families with the sort of power required to protect someone like her, the Waichia, Shima, Saitama, and of course the Kari itself. Knowing that her uncle was Moromari Saitama, told Hiko that even now he was being watched. That meant he had to be extremely careful with how he handled this woman. “I was actually looking for him to discuss some business, my father told me that he frequents Perlato.”

“What kind of business would you want to do with a butcher? You have like a party that needs a lot of meat or something?”

He had hid his surprise. It seemed that the Saitama were purposely keeping the girl in the dark about what they did for a living. They were murderers, thieves, and spies and served the Shima family. “Something like that.”

“Well if I see him, I will tell him you are looking for him. Got a business card I can give him?”

“Don’t worry about it.” He told her as his hand rubbed lightly over her bare flesh. “I am sure he and I will cross paths soon enough.” Hiko was certain Moromari would come and see him on his own. In fact, considering how things were playing out, he would be more surprised if they didn’t come face-to-face. He became a bit more brazen with his touch his hand no longer rubbing lightly.

“This is pretty weird.”

“What is?” He asked pulling his attention away from the television.

“You and me, sitting here like we have been bff’s for years. You do not have a lot of friends do you?”

Her question stung, though he was certain that was not her intent. “People only want to be around me because I have money.”

“Would you rather be poor?”

“At least then I would know who my friends are.”

“You would think so right.” Her statement caused him to arch a brow. “Everyone wants something Hiko.”

He noticed how she stood and stretched her limbs. Certain she was about to say she had to leave he grabbed her by the arm pulling her to him. “I don’t recall telling you that you could leave.”

“What you think because you have money, I am going to do what you want?”

“No. I think you’re going to do what I want because you like it. Stay the night with me.”

“I don’t think that is a good idea.”

“Are you afraid I am going to have my way with you?”

“No, I am afraid I would let you.”

“I won’t lie. I want to be in you, but I like the idea of you being pure. That don’t mean I won’t make you moan my name.”

“We don’t know each other.”

His words were exactly what a girl like her would want to hear at a moment like that, even if he was lying, “I feel like I have known you my whole life. Stay with me.”

He made note how her body trembled slightly as she spoke, “Alright.”

Considering what she told him the previous night in the motel, he realized now she was just playing hard to get. He shook his head allowing the memory to fade away as he turned to face her leaning down so they were eye level. “You tricked me.”

She placed her hand to his chest, a mischievous look upon her face, “I don’t know what you mean.”

“Unbelievable. You’re a pretty good actress playing hard to get that first night.”

“I did tell you everyone wants something Hiko.”

“What did you want?”

“One night were I was someone special to someone.”

“Did I give it to you?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know.”

He could tell she was teasing him and he almost forgot completely what room they were in until he saw the disheartening look upon her face. He turned away his mind wandering back to that time.

He was in a hurry to get her out of her clothing and in his bed, so Hiko had released her hand, helped her off his lap, and led her to his bedroom. He could see the nervousness on her face. “How far did you and that boyfriend of yours go?”

“Kissing mostly, touched a little.”

“Did you ever give him head?”

She blushed noticeably, “I tried once, but I am not very good at it.”

While Hiko had every intention of making certain she remained a virgin, he wanted her hot for him. This girl wanted to be touched and loved, it was in every little movement of her body and he had to make her think that he was hot for her as well. She was going to be his most prized possession. He was calm as he kept his eyes fixed on her and removed every last stitch of clothing he had on, including his bracelet. “Take your clothes off. I want to see that great body of yours.”

She nervously looked at the floor. Hiko was certain it only partly had to do with being afraid. This girl thought she was ugly. Which meant that he needed to be extra careful in what he said to her and how he said it. Dirty talk would make her feel a bit adventurous and provocative. Sweet talk would make her feel comfortable. The most important thing he could say to her though was about what she was making him feel. He needed to empower her. It would make breaking her all that much sweeter. The hesitation lasted for some time and Hiko remained calm simply waiting and watching her.

When she finally started removing her clothes he realized that he had been right. While she was fairly tall, she was an average built girl. Her breast where nothing spectacular. Not too big, not too small. She had a little bit of extra to hold on to around her waist, though it was not nearly as noticeable due to her relatively trimmed stomach. The soft patch of hair between her legs was red which pleased him because it told him she was natural. He thought to himself that if she worked out, she might actually have a half-way decent body, but he doubted this girl ever did any sort of exercise.

He noticed how she covered herself up and she never looked at him. “Tationy, don’t be shy. I intend to explore every inch of you.” When her eyes looked toward him he felt an unexpected surge through his body. He brushed it off. It had been a while since he had been with a woman, he was bound to feel horny even with an average girl like her or at least that was what he told himself. He took a breath in, “Suck me.”

When she did not move right away he gave her a look, which she seemed to take as disappointment, which ultimately worked to his advantage. “I am not good at it.”

“It is alright.” He told her, “I will tell you what to do.”

She hesitantly moved to her knees before him, her right hand moving to his leg to brace herself. That coupled with her hot breath along his cock sent a jolt through his body he was not expecting and a small all-be-it brief moan escaped his lips. “Did I hurt you?” Her question brought him back to reality. He cursed under his breath because he lost control over a single touch. His body was tense, he could feel it in every muscle as he leaned his head back, his eyes closing, as he exhaled. When it happened again he pulled away from her. “Did I do something wrong?” Her lips pouted her face displayed concern and he had to turn his back to her just to regain control of himself.

He spoke honestly, “Your touch surprised me. I don’t know if I can handle it again.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I thought I could hold back, but I am worried that your touch is going to send me over the edge and I am going to end up taking you. Let’s try something else.” He turned and gave her an encouraging smile. He was a man not used to losing control. He wished he could say it was the first time that day that her touch did something to him, but it would have been a lie. He never cared about that Kazuma and Tearra nonsense, but after the tension her touched caused he had to wonder if it might actually be true.

He quickly moved toward his bed, sitting upon it with his head against the headboard. For just a moment he closed his eyes, taking a deep breath in an exhaling. When he opened them, he caught sight of her staring at him. “Your disappointed.” She questioned and he could see the anxiety all over her face.

Hiko tilted his head as he gestured for her to come to the bed. She knelt on its edge as his hand ran down along her backside, “I would be lying if I said I did not want your mouth around my cock. So yeah, I am disappointed, but you can make me the happiest guy in Bridgeport. Do you want to make me happy?”

“What do you want me to do?” He could see the nervous trepidation as she waited for him to respond. He coaxed her with his hands, helping her into a position that she clearly was not comfortable in. “Don’t look…”

He chuckled, “You do not want me to see you?”

“My lady parts are ugly.”

Hiko purposely stared intently at her as though he was scrutinizing what Tationy referred to as her lady parts. “You are not a little girl,” He told her as he paused allowing his finger to run along the stilted opening and marveled in that telltale whimpering moan she tried to suppress. He did not give her a chance to protest as his mouth devoured her and his hands moved to hold her securely in place. In a moment of pure teasing he pulled his mouth away from her, just long enough to finish his words, “Call it something dirty.”

“I can’t.”

“You can’t or you won’t?” Hiko thought her almost prudish attitude toward her sex was cute and he loved the way her body shyly sub-combed to his attention. “Talk to me Tationy.” He voiced between lavishing licks. “Tell me what you want me to do to your … ” He paused a moment, thinking how ridiculous it was to call it her lady parts. He licked, sucked, and even playfully nipped as he listened to the sounds she was making. He smiled inwardly at the lack of worded responses he was getting from her, despite the soft moans she was trying to suppress.

Hiko concluded that her mother along with probably every man she ever encountered made her feel terrible about herself to the point of where sex was a dirty thing. He could still feel the tension in her body so he halted his actions, “We should name it.” He teased her once running his tongue along her vagina. “What should we call your …. lady parts? Should we call it your pussy?” He questioned as his tongue ran from top to bottom sending an unexpected sensation through her entire body that noticeably caused her to stiffen. “Oh you liked that did you?” He asked doing it again and this time she did not hide her moan. “We should probably save pussy for when we are feeling really dirty. How about we call it your kitty? Would you like me to continue playing with your kitty, Tationy?”

“Yes. Please don’t stop.” Even though Hiko was thoroughly amusing himself at her expense, he could feel his own need overtaking him as she teased him with her soft moans.

That morning Hiko showered and dressed for work. He was quiet, not wishing to disturb her. While adjusting his sleeves after having put on his suit jacket, he glanced toward her. There was a part of him that found himself attracted to the girl and much to his dismay he realized it when he was teasing her. Her moans aroused him. It was not as though she was the first girl he had been with, but she was the first in several years that made it difficult to think of anything, but her. He wondered to himself if this was the power that Tearra had over Kari men. He sighed taking a seat on the bed, which caused her to stir.

She yawned, rubbing the sleep from her eyes and he instinctively reached his hand out to her cheek. “Sorry I did not mean to disturb you.” It was not true, he was trying to wake her up. He had plenty of time to think about what he wanted to do regarding her after their adventurous night. He noticed how she blushed from the top of her head all the way down her neck and shoulders. He smiled knowingly, “I would have thought after last night, you would be a little more comfortable. I saw every part of you.” His words only made her blush more. He chuckled, “What am I going to do with you?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” Hiko realized that part of his attraction was how vulnerable and sweet she seemed. The sickest part of him wanted to corrupt her and yet at the same time, he wanted her to always be this way. He liked how she fidgeted when he looked at her, blushed when she thought about what they did, and the way her lip quivered told him she wanted him to do it to her all over again. “There is a job at the Kari Foundation for a receptionist. I will have my driver take you home so you can change and come in for an interview.”


“You talked last night about your dead-end job. One of the executives goes through a lot of receptionist in his department, so they are having open interviews today. You just need to show up and you can be considered.”

“I thought places like yours required college degrees.”

“Well this guy is rather hard to work under. Most college graduates do not think the money is worth it. It is a lot more money then what you make waiting tables that I can promise you, but even if you get the job keeping it can be difficult. Just this month he has gone through ten receptionist.”

“What is wrong with him?”

“Nothing, he is just a bit high-strung.” He could see it on her face. She thought there was no point in doing it because she would never get the job. She was no one. He leaned in and laid a brief kiss upon her lips, “Just come to the interview, he will love you. I am certain of it.” He forced himself to pull away from her not wanting to get too comfortable in moments like that, “I got to get going. Trust me, alright?” She gave a brief nod of her head, which caused him to smile as he moved toward the door of his bedroom. He turned back, “After I am done with work, let’s go to a club I want to show off my new girlfriend.” He only allowed himself a moment to take in her wide-eyes and questioning look before he slipped out of the room and out of his apartment.

The Kari were single-handedly responsible for the eco revolution in Bridgeport and had their hands in everything including aerospace, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, robotics, and even semiconductors. When Tationy arrived for the open interviews she had an encounter with a Kari named Kin. Kin would tell Hiko later on that he was not certain how it was that the awkward bundle of nervous energy was Tearra, but he had only displayed a passive almost disinterest in her until he saw those eyes. Kin, one of the youngest Kari who then was seventeen, described it as a dangerous tug of war between his control and her presence.

His considerably older and wiser uncle Zen conducted her interview. Zen looked considerably younger than his years with a baby face and delicate lines that showed his age. His hair was always short, though slightly messy, he wore glasses and was one of the smaller and thinner built Kari. He had a scrutinizing gaze and was a man of few words, when he did speak he was clear and concise in his intent. As the Chief Design Officer of the Kari Foundation, he was the head of the Design Division and responsible for product, user experience, industrial, and package design as well as, advertising, marketing, and engineering. He was not the type of man that had time to waste on other people’s ambition. Truly the most loyal of all of the Kari, he was the first to scrutinize any Kari that allowed ambition to blind them to what should always in his opinion come first, family.

Hiko had no doubts that the moment he saw Tationy, she would be given the job. What surprised him was the stipulation Zen had placed upon her, wanting her to get colored contacts that made her eyes the same color. When he later considered this demand, he speculated that the reason Zen ordered her to alter her eyes in such a way, was because he worried that the Kari would be so blinded by her that ambition and greed would get the better of them. While Zen certainly could not look past who she by refusing to hire her, he still had to consider the weight of her presence upon his family.

Hiko thought that Tationy always had this way of making him feel special. After she had finished with her interview, she had found him on the sixth floor in his office working. She stood back and simply watched him not wishing to interrupt. “How did your interview go?”

“How did you know it was me?”

“Usually when people enter my office they speak. The only person that would wait for me to finish what I am doing is you.”


“You are saying sorry for having good manners?”

He had inwardly smiled when she less than smoothly changed the topic, “It went well. He told me I could start on Monday, well provided I fix my eyes.”

He had turned his attention away from his work allowing it to settle on her, “Fix them?”

“He wants me to get a different pair of contacts so they are the same color. He said they are distracting. I don’t really understand why, but it does not bother me to do so. I never liked my eyes.” Hiko failed at hiding his expression. He was annoyed and Tationy read the atmosphere and his look fairly well. “Are you mad?”

He quickly turned back toward his work, “No, just surprised.” Hiko realized he had been thrown a curve by Zen. Part of Tearra’s power was in her eyes, wasn’t it? Would this girl still have the same appeal if those eyes were hidden? These were questions he could not answer and it concerned him that Zen had thrown a monkey-wrench into his plans.

Her words had caught his attention, “I like watching you work. You must be pretty smart huh?”

“Smart…” There was a pause as though he were considering it, “Not really, I am just good with my hands.” Her soft laugh pulled his attention toward her. He liked that laugh, but he wanted to see her blush, “You got underwear on underneath that skirt?” It had the desired effect as he closed the distance between them. He was smiling as he leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. She was nervous and a single look after what they did the night before, buckled her knees and turned her to jelly. He felt pride. “I have to get back to work. My driver is available to take you anyplace you need. I will be home about seven and then we can head out to the club.” He moved toward the door and held it open for her, “I shall see you later.” She was the talk of the office, though Hiko doubted she realized it at the time.

That night at a Jazz Club called Sublime owned by Bak Ishi, Hiko realized that the relationship was never going to be one-sided, no matter what he intended to do with her. He had gotten held up by work, so Tationy was taken by his driver to the club. When he finally arrived he could not find her and it worried him, scared him even that he may have ruined them. They were irrational emotions over someone that he just met. When he finally found her, he rushed to be at her side, “I was starting to think you changed your mind,” He said with a smile and then paused as he looked her over. “You look beautiful.” She looked to the floor and blushed as he reached his hand out to take hers. The soft soulful voice of the singer made the moment seem romantic as Tationy lifted her head and their eyes met. “Had I known you were going to look so tempting, I would have kept you home.”

“You are not disappointed then?”

“No, I am definitely not disappointed. Let’s get a table.”

“Alright, but I need to go to the bathroom first.” Hiko felt like he was sweating. The unexpected feeling being around her was almost overwhelming. He had never in his life felt so attracted and attached to someone and he realized the more time they spent together, the stronger it felt. It was a feeling that scared him and he noticed how docile she became around him, which was a stark contrast to the girl he met just a day ago that asked him who the hell do you think you are. It confused him, the hold she had over him.

He was hesitant about releasing her hand as she moved toward the restrooms and he found himself following. Hiko had pulled her into the men’s room and into one of the stalls. “Hiko,” She stuttered, “This is definitely not the ladies room. One hand pressed against the wall that she was backed up against and the other, moved to her face. He was breathing heavy as he leaned in and claimed her mouth to his. As they kissed, his hand roamed along her body, memorizing every curve.

There was hesitation from him until he finally allowed his finger to tease a trail up her thigh and under her skirt. When he found the patch of hair between her legs she moaned against his mouth. His words were breathy, “You are not wearing any underwear. Is this for me?”

She practically cooed the word, “Yes.”

Hiko heard the door open and someone enter the neighboring stall as he bit lightly along her neck. Even though they were in a bathroom and they were not alone he wanted her and he could tell she wanted him. When her words hit him he realized that she was probably feeling a bit naughty, dirty even, as she leaned into him, “Hiko, will you play with my kitty?”

Biting slightly harder which forced a soft cry to leave her mouth, “Considering our location, you should call it your pussy.”

He could feel the warmth on her cheeks and neck as she blushed not at all comfortable with that word. It didn’t matter whether or not she said the words because Hiko had already stepped back from her just enough to unzip his pants and free himself. He directed her hand to his need which was smooth, hard, and warm to touch. His hands moved to lift up her skirt. Hiko had every intention on having sex with her and knowing that seemed to excite her. His breathing was rapid as he leaned in kissing her madly as his hands guided hers around his shoulders before moving to his need and rubbing it slowly along her little mound as though he was coaxing it to open up and welcome him in.

Perhaps it was the atmosphere or the heavy breathing in the neighboring stall, but Hiko forced himself away from her. His body felt strange, warm and tingly, as he stared at her. She had a soft little disappointed pout upon her lips. “Don’t look at me like that.”

“Is something wrong?” Her voice was a whisper.

He was hesitant to respond, but eventually spoke honestly, “Yeah. If we keep this up I am going to take you.”

“I want you to.”

“Please don’t say that.” Despite his protest he had moved to her, tucking himself back into his pants and zipping up. When he finally stood before her his mouth found hers with a soft tentative kiss. “We should wait.”


“We don’t know each other. The moment should be special. We should love each other.” He rattled off a number of perfectly legitimate reasons, but he could see the disappointment on her face.

“You’re not attracted to me are you?”

“Tationy.” He wrapped his arms tightly around her, “The problem is I think that I am way too attracted to you. I am so worried about rushing things and ruining us, just trust me alright? I want you so much, but not like this.” His words were genuine and he just held her in that stall until he felt comfortable that she understood that he wanted her even if he kept holding back.

 To Be Continued


  1. Hiko. Is he, afraid to let her too close or, he just didn’t want to rush things? Eh. wth. I took almost 1 hour for one chapter. hahahahah <– slow reader =.='

    • Both. He is worried that if they rush things they will never be able to recover after all that they have been through, but he is also afraid to be close to her after what he did. Haha, it is alright to read slow. Think of it as taking in each section at a steady pace. ^_^

  2. It is ibteresting how you always desvribe Tationy as average and not exactly stunningly beautiful. I think if she was a guy could never lose his head over her in the same manner they do around Tationy. Letty is the opposite kind in terms of looks, so all guys always see her as a straight up danger.
    I wonder about the insecure sides of her though… Is it something men want to see or is it something that is really there? I still can’t figure that out, since we never see her POV.
    I love the contrast you used to show this flashback too. And how what transpired on the island is once again handeled in such realistic manner.

    • The Yamada are not meant to be “beautiful” by conventional standards. Their power comes in their ability to charm and seduce. Which is why she is always described as average because if she was not Yamada they of course would not even look twice at her. Certainly some might find her pretty, but she would not be able to walk in a room and stop traffic. With the power of the Yamada, she can do that.

      Yes, there is a reason we never see her POV and even if we did, we might never learn the question about her insecurity level. Her mother taught her exactly how to deal with men, so it is quite possible that ever detail is chosen for effect with the man she is with, but we might never know and I am not telling. MAHAHAHAHAHA!

      Thank you. I am glad you liked it.

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