The Exiled Prince Reloaded – Chapter 23: A Night at Club Sublime

Tadayoshi had admittedly never been to a nightclub a day in his life. Certainly there had been points where he would take in a beer at a pub or even have a business meeting while enjoying the exotic dancers at a gentlemen’s club, but that was a long time ago when business meetings were less likely to be in the boardroom. Club Sublime was not what he expected of the Shinohara and he considered the ambiance to be quite mellow in contrast to the seedy loud music and musky smells. As he walked down the stairs from the main floor to the private VIP section he heard a familiar voice, “Just as I expected, early and overdressed.”

His breath felt ripped violently from his throat as he gasped slightly in surprise. He had seen her naked before, but like this somehow seemed more erotic to him. Perhaps it was the way she wore the dress with confidence, whatever it was he allowed his eyes briefly to wash over her entire form before he ventured speaking, “Why are you here?”

“I like your new hair cut.”

His lips pursed into a frown she was always like this. “I believe I asked you a question.”

“You didn’t notice I changed the topic?”

“Are we really going to do this?”

“No, we hardly have the time. You need to get rid of that jacket and vest, you are way too overdressed for this meeting.”

“As opposed to what exactly?” He questioned looking her over again, this time disapprovingly.

She smirked as she moved toward him. Tationy had leaned into him, which caught him off-guard as her hot breath tickled his ear, “You can pretend you disapprove all you like Tadayoshi, but we both know you are picturing this dress on your bedroom floor.” He had attempted to scoff, but before he could she was behind him helping him out of his jacket. “Vest too.” The way she appraised him as she walked around him made him feel oddly self-conscious, “Miss, if you will check these for us please.”

“Of course, Miss Tylo.”

Tadayoshi waited for the attendant to wander off with his jacket and vest before he spoke, “You seem rather familiar with this place.”

“I am surprised you do not know already, but Hiko used to bring me along for his meetings with Takuya.”

“So, you being here is Zen’s doing?”


“I do not need assistance on this matter.”

Tadayoshi scrutinized her as she laughed softly before turning to a waitress and speaking, “Miss, could you bring us a bottle of Chateau d’Yquem 1787, please?”

“I prefer red wine,” Tadayoshi interjected.

“Not tonight you don’t. Takuya only drinks white wine.”

He noticed how she looked him over again before stepping in closer. She unbuttoned several buttons on his shirt, “Stop trying to turn me into Hiko.”

“Tadayoshi if you were Hiko, you would have me in the bathroom right now making me feel amazing. What I am doing is simply making you acceptable to the eyes of Takuya Waichia. He will never trust you, if you are so stiff. So relax. Try to remember what it was like to be young or is that an impossible thing for you?”

He did not get a chance to respond to her words right away as a waitress returned with their wine. She elegantly took a seat, glass in hand, and he was reminded of the woman who greeted him and Suemeli when he visited his son after the death of Sesiago. He could not help looking at her, “When I was young such frivolous pursuits were not a priority.”

“It is my understanding that Takuya Waichia had a similar upbringing as Hiko. His father was quite stern and rigid in his ways. Perhaps that is why he and Hiko managed to connect. They did a lot of business together, the fact that you are seeking him out tells me that you understand the importance of a beneficial relationship with Takuya Waichia. As the president of the Waichia Financial Institution, he controls the money of every one of value in Aslann. He can make-or-break a business simply by investing or not investing. While the Kari certainly have enough money to fund this endeavor to America, having an investor such as him would lessen the burden upon the Kari Foundation. It is a wise decision, but you should have sent Kin instead. This environment is more suited to the young.”

“Are you saying I am not capable?”

“Not at all. I am only saying you are not suited for this environment. That is why I am here.”

Tadayoshi found himself considering her words. She was not wrong. He understood that approaching men like Takuya Waichia would be difficult. His son had forged relationships with businessmen and CEO’s around Aslann during his time as the head of the Kari Foundation. By no means was Tadayoshi a slouch when it came to business, but Hiko had certainly taken it to a level that none of the previous CEOs had ever accomplished. It would be expected and in some cases required that they speak with Hiko. An uphill battle would not surprise him. What he did not understand was what Tationy had to offer in all of this.

Even though the two of them were in the same place he was not certain what to say to her. They had left things in a rather unpleasant place. It was not as though harsh words were spoken, but he was admittedly not happy with her when he had left Shimragata that day. He didn’t understand how she could think that it was over simply because he thought she needed time to herself. Perhaps it was the gap in their ages. Maybe someone his age didn’t think the same way someone her age did. The thoughts annoyed him when he realized she had set her glass down and her eyes were fixed toward the stairs.

He recognized the man instantly. The Waichia even in this millennium were still considered to be the most beautiful. Tadayoshi was not surprised to see him carry himself with confidence and swagger, much as Hiko always did. Once upon a time it was believed that the Waichia could read minds and sway people to their will. Whether or not that was true to this day was anyone’s guess, but Tadayoshi was certain he was not going to let his guard down. His focus left Takuya and drifted toward Tationy as she stood. Her posture screamed at him though he was uncertain at that point why.

It took Takuya Waichia only moments to scan the room and find his way toward them, “Here I thought I was meeting with some crusty old Kari.” Tadayoshi felt annoyed by the man’s words even though his tone was indicative of him joking, “Miss Tylo, did Hiko send you as a gift?”

“Hiko is aware that you appreciate me coming.” Tadayoshi turned his head sharply toward her, his eyes scrutinizing. Her tone was almost salacious.

Takuya had chuckled almost boisterously as he licked his lower lip before finally responding, “I certainly do appreciate that.”

Tadayoshi’s stomach felt like it was filled with acid as he silently stood there. He felt foolish, “So this meeting why exactly am I meeting with Tadayoshi Kari instead of Hiko? Tell me Tationy, is there something I should be made aware of?”

The man was perceptive, which told Tadayoshi he was right to be cautious with him, “Perhaps we should sit someplace a bit more cozy and discuss business.” He noticed how Tationy gestured for the waitress and quickly instructed her to bring the wine to the VIP section. Takuya’s eyes never left Tationy’s form which only made the pit of Tadayoshi’s stomach feel knotted more, especially seeing Takuya had not even addressed him. He had been the head of the Kari for years, not to mention the CEO of the Kari Foundation, was he looked upon so unfavorably these days?

His thoughts were shaken when Tationy took his arm, which did not go unnoticed by Takuya as the three of them made their way to the VIP section.

As they situated themselves, Tadayoshi made certain to sit close enough to Tationy to feel her warmth, but far enough away to disguise his feelings or at least that was what he thought he was doing until Takuya said, “How long have the two of you’ve been sleeping with each other?”

“You are mistaken,” Tadayoshi defended.

“I don’t think so. Perhaps you are not sleeping with each other, but you are definitely together. I have never seen a Kari without his bracelet until now and she is wearing one. While it could certainly be Hiko’s, it seems unlikely. Hiko has not answered my calls in nearly a month. His woman returns to Aslann without him and then appears here before me with his father. Scandal is nothing new, my family is filled with it. I thought it was slightly suspicious that you asked to meet with me, honestly I intended to blow you off once I got here. Tell you I would only speak with your son, but this development has me rather curious. So how long have you been sleeping with each other?”

Tadayoshi’s eyes fixed on the man who was sipping a glass of wine casually. He had considered how to change Takuya’s perception of what was going on, but before he could Tationy spoke, “Tadayoshi is not interested in sleeping with me.”

He choked, “Tationy.”

“What? It is true isn’t it?”

“This conversation is hardly appropriate.”

“Please, Takuya will tell you everything he wants to do to me. Won’t you Takuya?”

Takuya smirked, which only annoyed Tadayoshi more, “I don’t think your old man would like hearing what I would like to do with you.”

“He is not my old man. We have no formal commitment to each other.”

“What about Hiko?”

“What about him?”

Takuya laughed, “You are such a saucy minx Miss Tylo.”

“You always like me this way, Takuya.”

Tadayoshi inwardly sighed as the two flirted with one another as though he was not even there. The serious words and tone of Takuya that came next stilled Tadayoshi, “I was quite disappointed you were not on the auction.”

Those words, only solidified his reasons for dealing with his son once and for all. He was about to stand and offer his hand to Tationy, but her words broke up the silence. “I assure you Takuya, you never could have afforded me.”

“So who bought you? Was it him?” He asked directing his attention toward Tadayoshi.

Tationy leaned in close to Takuya and with a smirk she responded, “He couldn’t afford me either.”

Tadayoshi noticed how quiet Takuya had gotten as he stared at the two of them, “Tell me Tadayoshi Kari, do you intend to allow Hiko to continue doing as he wishes. Even though the merchandise at those auctions is quite nice,” He responded as he looked Tationy over, “It is bad business. I am sure he is making a wealth of money by such nefarious means and I will not condemn a man for having his hand in many pots, but most of his auction clientele have money in my banks. I have told him this many times and Tationy can attest to it, I will be a rather unhappy man if my hard work is destroyed because he wants to have it all.”

His question took Tadayoshy slightly by surprise, “The Kari respect ambition, but the means he has garnered it has weighed heavily on me. I do not condone his behavior and have already taken steps to deal with his side businesses.”

“Those side businesses as you call them, are not just his. Many of your family have sought illegal means to garner themselves power and influence. Again, I do not condemn a man for having his hand in many pots. As a businessman, such things mean nothing to me unless they effect what I have built. You understand I am certain.”

“I cannot give you guarantees if that is what you are looking for.”

“Empty promises mean nothing to me. A simple understanding is enough. Whatever it is you are doing people are noticing and talking. They want to know why Tadayoshi Kari is back at the helm of the Kari Foundation. Why Seiji Shima has not returned from his vacation. Why Hiko Kari is still on Shimragata. The Kari have a lot of power in Aslann, but one word from me and no legit business will work with you again. What effects the Kari, effects all of Aslann. You understand, I have to minimize any damage caused by whatever this Kari dispute is.”

Tationy’s soft voice broke up the seriousness, “Takuya, certainly a businessman such as yourself would not rush to judgement before having all of the facts. You have worked with Hiko for many years, please give Tadayoshi a chance. Under his control, the Kari Foundation was grossing over 491 billion dollars in revenue. While the amount did go up under the control of Hiko, there has been a lot of infighting and posturing, due to power struggles. Which as you know can hurt a company in the long run. Tadayoshi along with Zen and Kin are working very hard to put the Kari Foundation and the Shima Corporation in order. If you continue to support them, it will go a long way in assuring that all parties involved, yourself included benefit.”

That silence again befell the small VIP section where they were located. It was clearly evident that Takuya was considering the situation. “Tadayoshi do you know why Hiko always brought Tationy to these meetings with me?”

“I do not.”

“It is simple really. While she is easy on the eyes, her appeal is that she is reasonable, not clouded by unwanted emotion, and can articulate large complex business situations into a finely compact statement. My father always dragged out these conversations endlessly turning them into rather unnecessary monotonous monologues. Thankfully he died a year ago and I do not have to listen to him talk any longer, but I admit there are days I think about him and wonder what he might do in a situation like this. It is true our relationship is mutually beneficial. Your company is the most profitable in all of Aslann, but over it hangs a cloud formed by nefarious underworld dealings, infighting, and power struggles. I am not certain how comfortable I am, waiting to see what happens without knowing that there is a strong leader at the helm. One cannot deny your results. Under your tenure the company flourished, there was great disappointment as I understand it when you stepped down and allowed your son to become the CEO. There are many that felt it was a terrible decision on your part, but he did manage to put the Kari Foundation into a favorable position as a mega conglomerate. So, in one word tell me why I should continue to back you.”

Tadayoshi stared at Takuya wondering if the young man was serious. Did he really expect him to use one word to tell him why he should continue to back the Kari? Tadayoshi considered the question for some time before finally responding with, “Failing.”

It was an odd answer and he was certain that it would need some explanation, though whether or not Takuya would want to hear one was at this point anyone’s guess, “Continue.”

“To keep it brief, we succeed together or we fail together. If the Kari foundation takes a massive hit we will not be the only ones suffering. As you said, what effects the Kari effects all of Aslann. If we Kari work on our own, we succeed and fail on our own. There is no benefit to any others. Working with like-minded companies, insures that any adverse effects that we suffer or they suffer are protected with the buffering factor that allows us to dip into resources that are specifically set aside if things begin to go downhill. When things are at their best all those associated with us are at their best. Not just the financial benefits, but the overall attitude it creates brings positive energy to our companies. Such an atmosphere results in business booms. If your thought, Takuya is ‘your failure is not my problem’, then this conversation is rather mote. However, if you truly believe that what effects the Kari effects all of Aslann, then your question should not be why should you continue to back the Kari, but how.”

He noticed out of the corner of his eye that a small smile had adorned Tationy’s lips. For a moment he felt a bit of pride that she seemingly was proud of him, but he did not allow his attention to remain fixated on her as he waited for Takuya to respond, “I find your answer acceptable. I will give you three months to prove the Kari Foundation is stable and resolve what remaining conflict is lingering. At that time we will meet at your office, discuss that financial investment you are looking for. I expect you to have everything in order and have a business proposal prepared regarding this move into the American markets. Tationy as always it was lovely to see you again. When you get tired of Kari men, come and find me.” He reached out and took her hand kissing the back of it as he added, “Tadayoshi, try to show her a good time tonight it is on me.”

Tadayoshi had been about to tell Takuya it was not necessary, but he was gone before he could even utter a single word. Tationy stood and began to move away which resulted in Tadayoshi instinctively grabbing her arm, “Where are you going?”

“The meeting is over, I was going to head home.”

“Do you find my company so objectionable?”

“Of course not.”

“Then stay. Please.” He noticed she seemed rather hesitant, but eventually took a seat next to him. Awkwardly they would look at each other before looking away, “How was your visit with Kin?”

“Tadayoshi what was the point of giving me all of that?”

“Were you not satisfied? Do you want more?”

“Why are you trying to buy me?”

He could not hide his shocked expression, “Tationy I promise that was not it at all. I thought you would be more comfortable having money of your own. I thought perhaps you were feeling smothered by the Kari. Hiko picked out everything you wore right down to the little details, I just thought you would like to have freedom to buy what you want and there is also the boys to take care. You have not worked in nearly two years, I swear I was only thinking of your independence.”

“Why so much though?”

“Was it really too much?”

The way she tilted her head, the brief smile which almost seemed sad to him, caused a slight panic in his heart. “I grew up with nothing. I suppose if I grew up with the kind of money you had, I probably would not think it was. I am sorry, maybe I overreacted.”

“No, I perhaps went overboard. Zen and Kin kept telling me it was too much. That you would be overwhelmed and I just kept thinking it wasn’t enough.”

“If you need it….”

He interrupted her, “No. The Kari are not hurting financially and I still have plenty of money to take care of you.” Tadayoshi bowed his head wishing he could take back his words, “That was bold of me. I should not be so presumptuous. You obviously have plenty of prospects.”

“Are you jealous of Takuya?”

“I…yes, I am.”


Tadayoshi felt a somberness wash over him as he responded, “Because you laugh for him.” That awkwardness had returned in full force and Tadayoshi just wanted some normalcy. Any at this point was better than the uncomfortable atmosphere, “Would you like to dance?”


The VIP section was pretty crowded and Tadayoshi was certain that he and Tationy would be the talk of the town for days to follow. Truthfully, he should be keeping his distance and as he pulled her into him he told himself as much about a hundred times. A year, it was not just for her it was for both of them. He knew that eventually it would have to come out that Hiko and Seiji were dead. It would not look right for Tadayoshi Kari to jump into bed with the fiance of his son before or after the announcement. His hand pressed firmly to the small of her back and he thought to himself that he wished he was not a man of discipline. “Why did you take it off?”

“Take what off?”

“The necklace Hiko gave you.”

“I…just did.” He noticed that she had wavered slightly as she spoke which told him there was more to it than her words indicated. He would not press the issue though.

“How are the boys?”

“Osa keeps asking when you will be coming to visit him. I think he has a lot on his mind he wants to talk about. I don’t think he feels comfortable talking with me.”

“There are things young men are simply incapable of saying to their mothers, no matter how much they care about them. My own mother was a remarkable woman, but I would not have dared speak about certain delicate matters before her. She would not have thought any less of me, but there are just some things a boy cannot discuss with his mother.” His eyes never looked away from hers as he asked, “How is Kazuma?”

“He misses his daddy. At bedtime he ask me when his daddy will be home. He does not want me to read his favorite bedtime story to him. Only Hiko does it properly so he just lies there trying to stay awake, clutching the book in his hands. I do not know what to do for him.”

“When I visit, I will speak with him.”

“He is a bit young Tadayoshi, it is not like he is going to understand.”

“He is the son of my son, he will understand.”

“Boy do you have a surprise coming when you see them, if you are referring to him as the son of your son. Osa has already taught Kazuma to call you Papa Yoshi.”

Tadayoshi choked, “Excuse me?”

She laughed softly as she teased him, “Papa Yoshi.”

He scoffed as he changed the subject off of himself, “How is your father?”

“He told me what you did for him.”

“I…” He paused as he tried to think of how to respond, “That was a long time ago.”

“Does it bother you that I know?”

“Not at all.”

For a time she stared at him, perhaps trying to decide if he was telling her the truth, “He is doing fine. Sober these days and I think he might have a girlfriend.”

“Is he enjoying having you and the boys there?”

“I think so. I really need to decide what the boys and I are doing though. Osa needs to go back to school soon.” He wanted to tell her that she could come and stay with him, but he knew how inappropriate that would be so he remained silent, “Is something wrong?”

“Of course not, I was just enjoying the moment. Seeing you have been here before, what sorts of things are available for us to do here?” She smiled at him as she pulled away and he could not help keeping his eyes fixed on her as she spoke with an attendant. When she finally returned to him he found himself sucked in by that smile as she took his arm, “Are we doing something?”

“We are.”

“Should I be concerned?”

“Not at all.”

They had arrived at a small lounge. Within it was a sitting area and a hot tub and several bottles of Merlot nestled on a table in the corner. Behind them the door closed and she pulled away from him long enough to lock it. He felt his heart pounding violently in his chest as he kept his eyes fixed on her. It was not long before she slipped out of her dress and climbed into the hot tub. “Are you not going to join me?”

At first, he simply watched her, but eventually he did begin removing his clothing. He noticed that while he was undressing her eyes never left his body and there was some pride knowing that she was looking upon him, but also foreboding. Tadayoshi was fifty-two years old and while he kept himself physically fit for a man his age, there was no hiding that he was not as young as he used to be. He stood confidently, clasping his hands behind his back much as he always did, “Before I join you, might I ask a question?”

“You may.”

“How many times did you and Hiko do this?”


“Not once?”

“Coming here was about Takuya and business. I always asked and he always told me no, maybe next time. When we went to places like the beach I always felt like he was ashamed to be seen with me. Takuya invited us to a pool party once, he went without me. Is there something wrong with my body Tadayoshi?”

He took a step toward the hot tub as he spoke, “No there is nothing wrong with your body.”

“It’s not Tearra’s though.”

He took the spot next to her in the hot tub, sighing contently as he closed his eyes. He was not certain what words to offer her because it was true her body was not that of the goddess Tearra. She was not perfect. He felt the water move and opened his eyes to catch sight of her putting a bit of space between them. He realized that his lack of a response might have made her think he was disappointed with her figure which was far from the truth. Tadayoshi reached out and let his fingers trail lightly over the bare flesh of her shoulder, coaxing her to come a bit closer to him.

At first he thought she did not want too, but eventually she smiled softly and moved closer to him. Her body almost snuggled against him and with some apprehension he placed his arm around her shoulders, “This is nice.” The words felt almost foreign to him as he said them, “You look beautiful tonight”

“Do I?”

“Yes, quite radiant.”

“You are just saying that because I wrapped Takuya around my little finger and got you what you wanted.”

“I find it slightly frightening the way you managed to do that, but no I am saying it because it is true. Tationy, did it bother you when he mentioned buying you on the auction?” There was silence. “I am sorry I am spoiling the moment. I just, it made me quite angry. I was always taught to discipline myself and purge emotions like those, but there were several times this evening I thought I might lose my temper. You must think less of me knowing that.”

“Hiko never got jealous. Takuya would always make comments and flirt with me and Hiko just let him. It was business he would say, but he never got jealous. When he finally did….” He felt goose-bumps travel along her bare-skin and he did not need her to finish her words because he knew what she was trying to say. Hiko never got jealous, not until she gave herself to Sesiago. Tadayoshi was certain that Hiko never thought she would stray. Though he himself could not condone her behavior, he did understand it. Hiko deprived her of love and made her feel insignificant and worthless. By the time he showed any sort of feelings for her, the damage had already been done to both of them. “Jealousy is not a terrible thing Tadayoshi unless it is taken to an extreme. That does remind me though, Kin did mention you might break his arms if he touched me.”

He felt tension through his body, “Is Kin thinking about touching you?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Then how did this conversation come up?”

“We were talking about you and how you didn’t call or come and see me.”

“I am trying to be respectful of your space.”

“I asked you not to give up on me, what more do I need to do?”

He sighed, “I know you did and I told you I would never give up on you, but people are going to talk. They are going to make assumptions. It is one thing for them to drag me through the mud, but I do not want….I don’t want you to be hurt. The press is going to want to know every little detail about you. With Hiko gone, they are going to want to follow your exploits. Who are you dating? What do you do for fun? How do you spend your days now that Hiko is gone? They are going to wait for that moment when you break down because you have no more strength in you to keep smiling. I just don’t want to be a burden upon you. Why is she with him? He is so much older than her. She is just with him for the money. I keep playing it in my head and I just want you to be in a good place in your life before we….”

She had turned to face him rather suddenly cutting him off mid-sentence. When she leaned in his entire body tensed her mouth brushing lightly against his lips, “Close your eyes and kiss me, Tadayoshi.”

“If I kiss you, I might not be able to stop at just one.”

“Then don’t stop.”

Her lips parted as she leaned in with eyes closed. She was waiting for him to kiss her. He could tell she did not want to force him to do something that he did not want to do. She was giving him the opportunity to tell her no they should wait, but he really didn’t want too. Even though he told himself not to he leaned in and brushed his lips against hers. Tationy’s mouth tasted sweet like watermelon and chardonnay. He told himself not to deepen the kiss, just keep it simple and sweet, but he had dreams about this moment. Fortunately his mind was jolted back to reality as he forced himself to stop kissing her, “I am sorry. We shouldn’t. You look at me and see Hiko and that is not a good situation for either of us to be in. If I don’t stop this now, I don’t think I will be able too.”

She was disappointed it was clearly written across her features as she pulled away from him, “Is it just me seeing Hiko that is causing you to keep your distance or because of what he did? Do I disgust you Tadayoshi?”

Her words where unexpected and sent his emotions flailing. He never even considered that she might think that him keeping a slowed pace was because he was revolted by her in any way. “What happened to you was not your fault. I haven’t been with a woman since Sesiago was conceived. That was nearly twenty-five years ago. I don’t want us to rush into something because of carnal temptations. It is probably foolish of me, but I want every moment to matter. I want you to look back on our lives together and think how special each moment was without any regrets. I…”

He halted his words as he moved closer taking her into his arms once again. At first he laid a tentative kiss upon her lips, eventually deepening it. He was careful as much as he wanted to continue, he did what he could to keep his wits about him until he forced himself to pull away just enough so there was some distance between them. His eyes washed over her face, “You and I, both made mistakes going outside our relationships. I did it because of the pride of the Kari and you because you were lonely. I don’t want you to feel lonely, but I don’t want us to rush things. Maybe you will grow tired of me. Tired of this old body. Tired of waiting around for me to move at a pace that your young body finds acceptable. Please have patience with me. I promise if I disappoint you it is not because I am trying too. I just want everything to be perfect. The year apart is for both of us.”

“To make us stronger?”


“I don’t know. I don’t have a lot of patience.”

“Whatever happens in this year is forgiven.”

“I wish I could believe that Tadayoshi.”

“You are my queen. No matter how this year ends, I promise you I will not give up on you, me, or us.” There was a moment where he paused as he stared at her face and he realized that even though he gave her a free-pass to do as she wished he really did not want her too. He understood himself to be a selfish man wanting her to remain chaste for him and to put her emotional life on hold. It was clearly evident she needed a physical connection, most likely because the last one she had ended so violently. She needed this time to heal and it worried him that she might do rash things while apart from him, simply to feel something of meaning even if it was not real, but he was acutely aware she would never get the help she needed if she did not fight for herself. It was what he wanted more than anything else, even more than his own happiness. He wanted his queen to be whole again.

“Please kiss me Tadayoshi.”

Her soft little beg, parted lips, closed eyes, and warm body only served to remind him that he was not immune to her charms. Breathlessly he spoke, “Just one more, then I will take you home.”

Tension filled his body when she whispered, “Your home or mine?” His mouth inches away from hers he knew he was playing with fire as he leaned in claiming her mouth aggressively.

To Be Continued


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