The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel – Chapter 4: Losing Control

Hiko had asked her to wait for him and not to leave her dorm until he got there. He wanted to walk with her to class. It had not taken her nearly as long as he thought it might so when they finally exited her room, they were walking amongst a crowd of students.

{Sing-Song-Voices} Kuro & Sadamitsu: “Hello, Hiko’s girlfriend!”

He groaned when he heard the voices of Sadamitsu and Kuro behind him. All things considering, Hiko had to wonder if Sadamitsu and Kuro were aware that this was the path he was going to take well before he even took it. There was little time to consider it when her soft laugh drew his attention. As awkward as it was to do it he wanted to kiss her so his arm wrapped around her shoulders and he leaned in as they took steady steps down the path.

Sadamitsu: “So, jealous.”
Kuro: “I missed it. Hiko’s body was blocking my view.”
Sadamitsu: “I am getting horny watching them.”

As much as he wanted to keep kissing her he quickly lost control of his temper as he looked over his shoulder giving Sadamitsu and Kuro a hard stare.

Sadamitsu: “Scary!”

That laugh of hers was soft and gentle. It was the oddest thing how warm he felt hearing it, “Friends of yours?”

“Never met them.”

Sadamitsu: “He is pretending he does not know us.”
Kuro: “What an ass.”

“Are you certain? I get the distinct impression that they are feeling rather left out.”

“Yep, no idea who those losers are,” Hiko responded. He wanted to be selfish and keep her all to himself, but the way she tilted her head told him that was not a possibility. Sighing, “Sadamitsu and Kuro this is Tationy.”

“Oh, introducing us losers. We are humbled and honored,” Kuro responded.

“Tationy. Tationy,” Sadamitsu said her name several times in a row, “Is it true that nerdy girls are wild in bed?”

Hiko choked, “Mitsu, what the fuck?”

“What? It is just a question. Don’t get all bent out of shape about it,” Sadamitsu said with a causal shrug.

There it was again that soft little laugh of hers, “It is nice to meet both of you and yes Sadamitsu, nerdy girls completely are.”

“I am so jealous! Hiko man you have to tell me what it is like when you…”

Hiko snapped, “Mitsu, don’t even finish that sentence.”

The back and forth was normal for them and as he walked at her side he was thankful for the distraction. It was not that he wasn’t enjoying standing at her side, being close, and marveling in this newly formed relationship, but the banter with Kuro and Sadamitsu took a lot of the pressure off. He felt more relaxed even when he was wanting to rip their heads off. It was especially important because he kept noticing that Abe was looking back at them.

“So, Eri asked me to do the kissing booth this year at the festival, but I think I am going to tell her no. I did it last year and there is nothing worse then…French kissing a llama.”
“I can imagine.”
“Abe you are not even listening to me and I swear to Kazuma if you look back at Tationy one more time I am going to kick your ass. My hair is getting wet.”
“Tsk, I am listening. You want to French kiss a llama.”

For a moment their eyes locked. Hiko did not know Abe on any personal level. The two had never run in the same circles, despite both being from wealthy families. Abe and the girl at his side Tsubaki were what was known in Aslann as the “Elite”.  They were from old money and never had to work a day in their lives while other families such as the Ishi and Kari had to build their businesses and fortunes over many decades. When Tationy had told him that her mother was Yamada, it had explained a lot. The Yamada were the most influential and one of the wealthiest of the so-called “Elite”. Guys like Abe would be climbing over themselves to get to the heir apparent to the Yamada fortune. Just standing at Tationy’s side could make a nobody, somebody.

Just looking at Abe made him angry. It was not just a matter of what he did to Tationy. He did not like the guy long before she came along. He was rather thankful when Tationy’s voice broke up his thoughts, “Ugh, that is today?”

“What is today?”

“Assembly day. Damn.”

With a bewildered stare Hiko responded, “I feel like I am missing something.”

“I forgot to join a club. The Dean gave me two weeks to decide which one I wanted to join and I was supposed to get the form in yesterday.”

Hiko laughed as he held her closer to him as they walked, “Got it. That means you are going to be swarmed all day by clubs trying to recruit you. Look on the bright side. Sofore Academy only requires you to participate in one school club and on Assembly Day we get a whole day of doing whatever want.”

As great as it would have been to spend the entire Assembly Day with Tationy he had obligations to the basketball team which pulled him away. When he finally did manage to make his way to the sophomore hall, he caught sight of the cheer-squad Captain Eri along with Tsubaki talking with Tationy. As tempted as he was to move into the room and join her he did not want to interrupt so he leaned himself against the wall while he waited for their conversation to finish.

“I am not interested,” Tationy had said and Hiko made note that she did so without even looking up from the book she was reading.

“You have not even heard my pitch,” Eri stated.

“Fine, spew away.”

“Well as you know today is your last day to sign up for a club. Those that do not join one today are assigned to one by administration. Club activities are required here at Sofore Academy. You probably noticed us recruiting the past couple of weeks. The cheer-squad is responsible for school morale. We support the athletic clubs, primarily the football and baseball teams, but when we have time available we also support other teams like rugby, basketball, swim, and even our hockey team. Cheer-leading is hard work and requires commitment. We work just as hard as any of the athletic teams while maintaining at a minimum a 3.0 grade point average. We are role models for Sofore Academy and are looked up to by the student body, so it is important that we set a good example for our peers. Cheer-leading is as much mental as it is physical. The demands on your body will be high, but it will also change your way of thinking. You will learn to move and act as one body with the other squad members. Learning about teamwork and prioritizing what is best for the group as a whole instead of individual needs.”

“Not interested.”

“You did not even let her finish,” Tsubaki interjected.

“That is true I didn’t. I am sure being part of your squad would be quite fulfilling, but if you have not noticed I don’t exactly fit the mold. I am not interested in wearing a short skirt and shaking my pompoms. Even this school uniform gets on my nerves. If I wanted to be a role model I could think of hundreds of things that would be a better use of my time. Now mind you, this is in no way diminishing what you ladies do. Having a voice that can move others is very important, I am simply not suited for such a role. I have no interest in being a leader, moving people to action, or having people rally to my voice. I am happy being invisible. I would like to remain that way.”

“Wow, you are so high and mighty.”

“Tsubaki, it is alright,” Eri tried to calm her.

“It isn’t alright. Abe said she used to be a cheerleader at Aslann High School. Now she is preaching about not fitting the mold. Why doesn’t she tell the truth. She doesn’t want to be a cheerleader because she does not want to be near Abe.” Tsubaki’s words drew Hiko’s attention completely to the conversation being held between the three girls.

“Honest huh?” Hiko stilled when Tationy spoke up, “I doubt you or Abe know what the word means.” There was tension throughout his body. The questions that ran through his mind were many and constant. “So, you want me to be honest. I suggest the two of you not pitch this to me again. I have no interest in joining your squad. People who cannot be honest with themselves or others are not worth my time or my energy.”

There was something about Tationy’s words that obviously made Tsubaki angry because Hiko could hear it in her tone, “Eri let’s go.”

When the two of them were out of the room he was finally prepared to step inside, but her voice caught his attention. “You did not have to wait outside, Hiko Kari.”

He could not hide the surprise as he stepped into the room, “How did you know I was there?”

“You are the only student at Sofore I have crossed paths with that smells like cigarettes.” As he took a seat across from her he noticed that she was gazing off into the distance, “Do you think I was too harsh?”

“I am probably not the best person to ask that question. I most likely would have handled the situation in a similar fashion. About what you said to Tsubaki…” His words dangled there as he tried to decide how he wished to finish his sentence, “Do you know her?”

“We met when Abe and I were dating. Abe introduced her as his childhood friend. Said she probably knew him better than anyone. At some point during our relationship the two of them started sleeping with each other. They would just pretend and lie to my face. I probably could have forgiven them both if it was a one-time thing, but any time I would tell Abe I was not ready to sleep with him he would run off to her bed.”

“Yet you stayed with him, why?”


“You are my girl now. I want to know it all. No matter how messed up it is.”

He had expected some resistance, but there was none. “Alright. Abe told me he loved me about three months into our relationship. When I said it back, he didn’t believe me. No matter how many times I said it, tried to prove it, he always thought I was just saying it. I asked him what I needed to do to prove my feelings and he wanted me to pledge myself to him and he would do the same. So, I did. It didn’t matter though. He still didn’t believe me.”


“He said it always seemed like I wanted to say those words to someone else.”

“Did you?”

“There was no one else. Just me and Abe, well at least until Tsubaki jumped into the picture. By that point though I had already pledged myself to him. Even though he and Tsubaki were playing around behind my back, I still thought I would do anything to prove to him I loved him. So, I told him I was ready. It just sort of fell apart from there. A wise man once said, ‘If you fail to forgive, bitterness will fester and grow until it taints everything you care about’. I haven’t figured out how to forgive her yet.”

A cleared throat interrupted their conversation, “I would ask if I am interrupting, but I am sure I am. Ssshh, skipping out on basketball recruiting to play footsie with your new girlfriend. Well, can’t really blame you if I was not the Captain I would probably be skipping out on it as well.”

“Doesn’t you being here mean that you are?”

“No I am here to recruit.”

Hiko peered suspiciously at him, “Well I am already on the team so you cannot be here for me. Who exactly are you recruiting?”

“Your girlfriend.”

She laughed softly, which helped ease the tension that had formed thanks in part to the conversation they were having and the unexpected arrival of Kuro. Even so, Hiko found himself slightly confused about why Kuro was really visiting them, “Why exactly?”

“Semei and I were talking about your recent relationship and we do not want a repeat of what is going on with Agito. It starts out small, skipping one practice here and there and before you know it we have another missing member. Now I am not saying that is what will happen, you Kari boys are pretty loyal, but I would be remiss in my duties as Captain if I did not voice my concern. Knowing you the way we do, we figure this relationship has a likely chance of being long-term, but not without complications. You are short-tempered and the fact you already got into a fistfight with Abe, says you are more than a little jealous. Which allows the two of us to speculate that at some point in the immediate future that you will likely be unhappy with her being in a club that you are not actively involved in. You are going to want to know where she is, what she is doing, and who she is talking to and not knowing that is going to bother you enough that myself or Semei will have to manage you full-time. Which neither of us is interested in doing.”

Each word spoken irritated Hiko, “So, this is my pitch Tationy. Save the basketball team from your boyfriend.”

There it was again a soft subtle laugh that was infectious, “Would my duties include managing him?”

“Of course that would be your primary obligation to the team. You would also run the clock at practice, rebound for team members, hand out water and towels at official matches, film games, make sure equipment is ready for practice and that everything for away games is on the bus. There will probably be some other duties assigned by the coach, but for the most part…just managing Hiko. Just consider it and if you are interested we would be glad to have you,” He responded and rather quickly wandered off.

Hiko moved his chair around to the other side of the desk and as he took a seat in it, he gripped both sides of her chair and turned her to face him. They were alone again, his eyes fixed on hers. As annoyed as he was with Kuro for what he just did even he could not deny that it was probably fairly accurate. He never thought he would be the jealous or possessive type, but as he memorized every detail of her face he realized he definitely was, “About what Kuro said.”

“You do not have to explain. I can tell your friends really care about you.”

“It doesn’t bother you that I will probably be the worst sort of boyfriend?”

“It is probably anachronistic in thinking, but I am not bothered by jealousy or possessiveness.”


He could tell she was considering how to explain it, “Think of it as a holder over from the old ways. For example, in historical Aslann it was not uncommon for men to kill the husband of a woman they wanted out of jealousy and possessiveness. It would essentially free her to be taken without any resistance. Many modern women find jealousy and possessiveness to be bad traits. Certainly they can be taken to an extreme, but I am not bothered by either. If a man is looking at me and you did not react, I would wonder if you cared. Some women want desperately to be free and in the next breath they say how they want to belong to someone. Be someone’s woman. Be someone’s wife. You cannot be free and belong to someone. Once I give myself to someone, I want him to say you are mine and no one else can have you and I in turn will say the same.”

“Are you telling me it is okay to kill Abe?”

She smiled, “If this was historical Aslann, then yes and very few people would say anything about it, but modern Aslann has laws against such things.” The silence that followed told Hiko that they both had things they wanted to say, but neither seemed to know how to approach the topics. He wanted to know how people moved past the awkward stage in a relationship. “Hiko, do you want me to take Kuro up on that offer?”

“Yes. Even though I am sure you would probably have more fun in another club I really would rather have you close.” That silence again. “Is it just me or is there a heaviness? I feel like something happened and I … Are you changing your mind about us?”

“No, not at all. Just scared.”

“Of what? Of me?”

“It is stupid.”

“What is?”

“This feeling that I might wake up someday and you will be gone. That I won’t ever feel like this again.”

When he stood suddenly it startled her, “Sorry, I….let’s get out of here.”

The halls were quiet. Hiko knew that on Assembly Day most people were in the courtyard or on the lower levels. Each step lacked purpose as he just randomly picked a direction and began walking. Her hand was warm, but there was a subtle amount of tension. He considered the possible reasons as they moved up several floors until they arrived on one of the levels that housed the Junior student classrooms. Glancing around he found purpose in his steps as he opened the door to a bathroom and pulled her inside.

In one of the private stalls he latched the door and took a quick predatory step toward her which ultimately closed the distance. “Hiko, we are in the bathroom.”

There was an unwelcome lump in his throat, “I just want to kiss you for a bit without being interrupted by a teacher or other students. I promise I will make it up to you.”

“Make it up to me?”

“Whatever you want to do. Something romantic or fun. Just let me kiss you for a bit.”

His thumb teased along her lower lip and he could tell for the briefest of moments there was doubt, but when he wrapped his arms around her and his lips met hers it all seemed to wash away.

After that, there was little thinking and a lot of feeling. He pressed himself against her as they kissed, touched, and explored the lines and curves of each other’s bodies in a hurried, frantic way only new lovers do.

Hiko told himself to slow the pace, but even as he thought it his hands were exploring under her skirt. His pants felt tight and he noticed that their kisses were getting hotter, deeper, and more intimate. He wanted to be in her and was rather brazen letting his fingers explore between her legs.

He was certain if he did not stop them soon that he was going to take her and he had to resign himself to the fact that it was necessary. Hiko did not want their first time together to be in a bathroom so it was with reluctance that he allowed his fingers to tease her once more which elicited a deep throaty moan.

His body tensed as he leaned in and kissed her. “Shit,” He muttered when his breath finally came back to him and his eyes managed to focus.

“What is wrong?”

“Don’t look at me,” He snapped and then cursed again under his breath.

“Al…alright,” She responded as she turned away. “Did I do something wrong, Hiko?”

His head fell forward resting on her shoulder. He could hear the pain in her voice which made him angry with himself, “I am sorry.”

“Why are you sorry?”

“I…I am weak.”

“Huh?” Hiko could feel her head slightly turning. He knew she wanted an explanation and the fact that he could not answer her was causing her to panic. “Hiko, please talk to me.”

It was so shameful he could hardly force the words out of his mouth, “I came.”

Hiko did not know what he expected, but rejection was certainly on the list. When he felt her fingers tease through his hair his body relaxed, but only just a small bit. “What was it that triggered you?”

“That moan.” Groaning he asked, “Why do you have to sound like that when you are aroused?”

Her voice was soft. There was no judgement in her tone and her body was relaxed even as he held on to her waist tightly, “Next time, do you want me to be quiet?”

“Is there going to be a next time?”

“Of course, I have to teach my king restraint otherwise he will never be able to keep up with me.”

He lifted his head quickly, “You are not disappointed in me?”

“Why would I be disappointed? You make me hot Hiko Kari. It makes me happy knowing I do the same to you.” He wished he could identify all of the emotions he was feeling. Hiko had only ever had one emotional switch and that was a hot-temper. Now here he was with this woman that made him feel so alive. Hiko was not equipped to handle someone like her. He knew it and he was certain she knew it. He felt his self-esteem crumble at the thought of disappointing her.

Forcing himself to part company with Tationy proved to be far more difficult than Hiko anticipated. He had to change his clothing and he told himself if he asked her to come with him the situation would probably be more of the same. Not that he would have been disappointed kissing and holding her, but he did not want the moment to end the way it did in the bathroom.

“So stupid, Hiko,” He spoke aloud as he sat in a state of bewilderment.

“What exactly are you talking about?”

He had not realized he was no longer alone in his room until he heard the voice of Kyo which forced his body to stiffen and he snapped, “How long have you been standing there?”

“Oh, probably about five minutes. I thought at first you simply did not hear me, but when you did not acknowledge me, I realized you were lost in thought. Then, it became a simple matter of not wishing to disturb you.” There was a pause, “I thought for certain you and Tationy would be attached at the hip. Why are you spending Assembly Day in your room.”

He failed at hiding the embarrassment that overtook his body, “No reason.”

“Did something happen?”

“Not really,” He responded as he stood and pretended as though he were looking for something.

“I only stopped by to let you know the Disciplinary Committee met this morning about your fight with Abe. They are disappointed that the two of you have had another altercation.”

“Do you need me to speak with them.”

“No it has been handled. The two of you will receive a mark on your records regarding the incident. If it happens again, your parents are not going to be able to protect you. It will be straight to expulsion. You really have your girlfriend to thank. Her taking responsibility is the only reason they did not go harder on the two of you.”

“What will happen to her?”

“They have assigned her to work at the school cafe for the remainder of the year. She is lucky, but I imagine they looked at her record and figured she was trying to get herself expelled.”

Hiko peered at Kyo, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, getting kicked out of schools is a thing with her.”

This conversation felt heavy. Hiko’s mind was swimming with thoughts of him or her getting kicked out. What would happen if they were separated? Just the thought made him feel like he might die and he could not help thinking back on his fathers words about Kari men and how they feel when they find that one woman that was made just for them. He collapsed to the loveseat, “Kyo, have you ever lost control?”

There was a silence that followed his question that was not entirely unexpected. Hiko had never been the type to ask such a personal question to any Kari. “I imagine you are not asking me about temperament. So, something did happen between you and Tationy.”

That embarrassment rushed violently back and as much as he tried to hide it he could feel the heat settle in his cheeks. A noticeable sigh accompanied by Kyo taking a seat next to Hiko on the couch. “Never in a million years figured I would be the one having this talk with you. It is like the Kari version of a sex talk.”

“Hilarious. If you are going to joke, just leave.”

There was a brief silence before Kyo said, “Nothing feels quite like that moment. It could be something so small from the way she looks to something more pronounced like the way she moans.” Hiko noticeably tensed which certainly gave plenty away about what had transpired, “The Kari trials that walk us through the journey of manhood, never quite prepare us for that single moment when we get our first experience at truly losing control. We are taught from the time we are small to be restrained and disciplined, but it cannot prepare us. So, to answer your question. Yes. I have lost control and so has every other Kari man at one point or another.”

Kyo’s words were oddly comforting, “Does it always feel so shameful?”

“Most of the time.”

“Is….is it always going to be like that?”

“No, but it is not an easy road. For Kari men that have embraced discipline the journey to learn to control their bodies around that perfect creature, can take months or even years. You have to remaster your body. It is just like being a kid again and being taught how to restrain your emotions. Someone like you might find it harder because you never really learned to control that side of you.”

Kyo’s words were a massive blow to his ego. The thought that he might never be able to be with Tationy without losing control of his body, angered and frustrated him. There was some time where the room was quiet. It gave Hiko plenty of time to dwell on the negative thoughts. When Kyo laughed it managed to break up the silence, but only served to infuriate Hiko more, “It is not funny.”

“No it is not, but someone once told me if I spend all my time dwelling on what I have no control over I can never take care of the things I do. It might seem difficult, frustrating, shameful, irritating, you will probably be angry a lot….well more angry anyway. There are things you can do though. More importantly, every Kari man has one woman that throws their entire world off balance and nothing feels natural without her right next to you. If she is that woman, you have more important things to worry about then just your control. Rushing things is problematic, Hiko.”

“I can’t move at the pace of most Kari. They restrain themselves and put conditions on everything. I don’t want that type of life.”

“Then the two of you need to figure some things out. Your father is going to be furious if you are engaged before you finish school. Courting her is important, Hiko. It might seem old-fashioned, but rushing into everything you lose out on those moments. Once you are married with children, you cannot go back and replay these important years.” Kyo stood, “You should probably talk to him.”

“I have nothing to say to my father.”

“That is perhaps true, but I am sure he would have plenty to say to you.”

“I don’t need him telling me he is disappointed in me. I have heard it my entire life.” Hiko pursed his lips as Kyo walked toward the door, “I am sorry, Kyo. I … thanks.”

“I know you are angry Hiko and it is probably justified. I don’t know what type of father my brother was to you. However, you feel about him, if you and Tationy are serious you need to at least introduce her to him.” There was plenty of things left unsaid and as Kyo looked back at him, Hiko knew that if he needed to discuss this again he could go to him.

 To Be Continued


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