The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel – Chapter 10: An Unknown Future

They had walked several blocks to the closest hotel, checked in, and found their room. Hiko stood staring out the window, silently. His mind was distracted. The receptionist had caught him off-guard, when she referred to Tationy as his wife and asked how long they had been married. Before he even got the opportunity to say anything, Tationy had grabbed his hand, pressed her breast into his arm, and smiled while saying, “Just a few days. We are still on our honeymoon.” It had gotten them a discount and some complementary items, but Hiko had been in a daze since.

He realized as he stood staring out the windows at the rather plain scenery that he and Tationy were alone in a hotel room together. Admittedly he was kicking himself for asking her if it was alright if they waited to have sex. This was probably the perfect opportunity to enjoy each other without any distractions. He groaned aloud, “Why did I ask that.”

Her soft little laugh drew his attention, “Is my Hiko thinking about having sex with me?”

With a sigh he responded, “We agreed to wait.”

“That does not mean we cannot change our minds.”

She was right they could if they really wanted to, but would it hinder them? They had rushed so much, slowing down and enjoying each other in other ways seemed somehow important. “No. Let’s take our time. We rush enough as it is.”

“Are you disappointed with the pace we move at?”

“Asking me like that makes it seem like I might be disappointed in you and that is not the case. I don’t really know how fast is too fast. I just don’t want you to be unhappy with me and I am afraid you might be if we have sex too soon.” She had a rather thoughtful expression upon her face, but offered no words.

His attention was drawn away from her when his phone made a rather telling sound to let him know that he had gotten a text. He was hoping it was anyone other than his father. Hiko stared at the message, “Your dad?”


“What is wrong?”

“He is pissed at me for taking off. Wants me to come home.”

“Seems like it might be more than that. Your expression seems rather somber, Hiko.”

His lips pursed as he tossed his phone aside rather roughly, “He says we can work it out.” His tone was raising, “He says a lot of shit. It is always his way. He says we will talk, but what he really means is he will do the talking and I will do what he says.”

“Yet, you want to believe him.”

Hiko’s eyes fixed on Tationy, “It is stupid.”

“No, it is not stupid.”

He changed the topic not wanting to discuss his father any longer, “What about you?”

“What about me?”

“What is your dad like?”

What was that cold stare she had given him? Her shoulders shrugged, “Don’t know. Never met him. If you believe what you hear in the tabloids he is a boozer and a misunderstood songwriter, but truth is he does not even know I exist. My mother never told him. It was just sex. Something about her fiance died and she was emotionally distraught so her friends dragged her out to try and cheer her up. She slept with the first guy that offered her a good time. Got herself knocked up, disowned, and here I am.”

He hardly ever heard any emotion in her tone, but this topic obviously irritated her. “I am sorry, I did not mean to bring up anything painful.”

“It is not painful, it pisses me off.” It made sense to him now why she did not fight him on them waiting to have sex. Tationy was afraid that if she slept with Hiko, he would get her pregnant and he would take off. She would be just like her mother. They were the same. He was afraid of becoming that cold-hearted Kari that drives a wedge between himself and everyone that he should care about. He felt unwanted emotion and he promised himself that no matter what he and Tationy would not walk that path.

He took several steps toward her pulling her close as his forehead rested against hers, “Are you listening to me?”

“Uhh…yes,” She stumbled over the words.

“I will not let us become our parents.”

He could hear the soft sounds of emotion and he realized that the strong woman that she appeared to be was vulnerable. Hiko was certain that only with him, would this side of her come out. She was about control and losing it in front of people was not an option. The trust she must have in him overwhelmed him. How could anyone give themselves so completely to another, like she had with him? He wanted to understand. He was damaged. She was damaged. Yet, she was still able to trust and show no fear and he failed at both of those things.

He felt her hand take his as she stepped back and tugged, “Come.”

“Where are we going?”

“I thought maybe we could take a shower, together.”

His body tensed, “Together?”

“Isn’t that alright?”

“We are waiting….”

“Hiko Kari, are you trying to tell me you are incapable of controlling yourself long enough to take a shower with me?”

Hiko looked between their joined hands and her face and realized it was not about sex. She wanted to be close. “I might lose control.”

“It is alright. We will be in the shower. If you do, I won’t notice unless you tell me.”

He knew that was not true. She had said it to put him at ease. He nervously stepped with her toward the bathroom. He had seen her partially naked only once. This for him was going to be the first time she would be completely without clothing and he without his. Hiko never felt so nervous in his entire life. Tationy was so comfortable. Each piece of clothing she removed without any hesitation, started the shower, and stepped into it. He on the other hand was fumbling about trying to unzip his pants without hurting himself.

There were way too many thoughts about whether or not she would be disappointed in him. Was he too small? Was his penis disgusting looking? Was he clean enough? Maybe she didn’t like hair. He was getting nervous with each thought and thankfully it kept him from becoming fully erect.

Swallowing the lump that formed in his throat he stepped into the shower. He took a breath before turning to face her, careful to keep his eyes on hers, “Is the water too hot?”


The steam was rising, the silence overpowering, “Are you disappointed?”


“My body. You have not even looked at me.”

He pulled his eyes away from her long enough to allow his eyes to wash over her form, “Your breast are…” He caught himself he almost said big and remembered that women did not like that according to Kuro.

He was stammering. She spoke,”Just say it.”

“Kuro said girls don’t like it when guys call them big.”

“Is that what you were going to say?”

Hiko had rubbed his neck nervously, “I like them.”


He groaned. Why did she have to ask him that? The only thing that came to mind was telling her they were big and he was fairly certain it would get him smacked. “Tationy, I don’t know what to say.”

“Just say whatever comes to mind.”

“You will probably get mad.”

“Why are you so timid?”

Hiko took a breath, “They are big alright.” He had snapped and did not mean to as he bowed his head, “They are round and look firm. Your nipples are standing out. I am wondering if they are heavy.”

“Are they too big?”

“What?” He forced himself to look away from her breast, “Why would you ask me that?”

“Guys always joke that more than a mouthful or a handful is a waste.”

His lips purse. He got it, far slower than he should have. She was self-conscious and was looking for his approval, “Those guys are stupid. They are amazing and…”



“No what is it?”

“If you have a baby they will get bigger. Fill with milk. Give nourishment.” He stumbled over his words when he realized that talking about her breast was making him hard. “I really want to see you like that someday. I probably shouldn’t have said that though.”

“You…” She was staring at him, “Kari men are really something.”

“What I said, doesn’t bother you?”

She shook her head, “No.”

They were just staring at each other now and that silence was back. He braved it as he rested his hands to her hips, “What about me?”


He glanced down between them, “Is….am I too small? Too hairy? Are you disappointed?” She gave him a comforting smile as she allowed her eyes to drift toward his penis. Her body jumped noticeably as she turned away and giggled. Hiko stared at the back of her head as he tried to understand why she laughed. He was self-conscious enough as it was about his body and here the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with just laughed when she saw his penis. It was probably the most cringe-worthy moment of his life.

“Hiko, that is not small.”

“It isn’t?”

He heard it. It was a nervous laugh, “Not even close.” Hiko looked down at himself trying to decipher the awkward fit of giggling, “I don’t know if…”

When her words cutoff, Hiko forced her to turn. “What?”

“I don’t know if we would just be able to have sex. We might have to do a lot of preparation so neither of us gets hurt.”

He stared wondering what she meant by hurt, “Are you afraid?” Tationy had nodded her head rather timidly. “I won’t hurt you. Is it really too big?”

Hiko had not realized that there was anguish in his voice as he asked the question. He could tell she was trying to hide the combination of fear and worry as her features softened, “No. No. It is not too big. It is perfect, just like you.” Tationy paused a moment as she collected herself by releasing a small amount of breath, “We can do research. I am sure the internet has plenty of articles about penises.”

Even though she was trying to lighten the tension he was worried. Was this just another obstacle? Why of all things did sex have to be something that might hinder them, “Tationy, please don’t give up on me.”

She blinked her eyes as concern knitted across her features, “I won’t. I just never thought you would be so … It surprised me because Abe was not…” She cut her words off rather abruptly.

“Finish it.”


“Finish it,” Hiko demanded.

He could tell she did not want to, “Abe is not as big as you are are.”

“So, you are saying you saw his penis?”

“A couple of times.”

“I am bigger than he is?”

“Yes.” A low deep throaty laugh started as Hiko pulled her close, “That makes you happy?”

“Yeah, it does.”

Tationy sighed, “I will never understand boys.”

Hiko’s voice was tentative, “I was worried he might be bigger than me. That you would see my penis and be disappointed. I don’t want to disappoint you and knowing you and Abe did some stuff, really worries me. What if I am not as good as he is?”

“Don’t compare yourself to him. You are amazing. I love your body. It is powerful and strong. The thought of you being between my legs excites me so much, I was just not entirely prepared. When we fooled around a bit, I thought I had gauged your size fairly well when you rubbed against me, but I was definitely way off. I am not displeased. Just worried for both of us.”

Even though her words were encouraging, he could not help thinking about it. He had anticipated that he might be too small, but never even considered he might be too big. It was not like he had anything to compare it to. He never watched porn or looked at dirty magazines like Sadamitsu. Sure he had been in the men’s locker room, but it was not as though he was checking out all of the other guys there. In the urinal and showers there was just that invisible line from the waist down that you simply did not look past. It was out of privacy and respect for each other and Hiko was fairly certain Sadamitsu would have said something to Hiko if he was really huge after all the guy had no verbal filter.

He considered that perhaps she was just being nice, but her eyes were far too telling. She was scared. Hiko knew it was a topic the two of them were going to have to discuss again, but he thought for now it was probably better to just end it there as he forced himself to step out of the shower. He put some clothes on, grabbed a smoke, and was ready to settle in for the night with some takeout, television, and his girl. Of course, nothing was ever simple as he opened the door expecting the Chinese food and found his father instead.

Cursing under his breath, “What are you doing here?”

“Going to invite me in?”

Hiko did not particularly want to as he stepped back and allowed his father to enter the hotel room. He closed the door, moving past him to one of the chairs, “What do you want?”

He noticed how his father glanced around as he took in the environment before finally speaking, “You did not answer my text.”

“So, you just dropped everything and raced here? How did you find us anyway?”

His father ignored the questions as he said, “Had you simply answered my messages…”

“My phone is broken.”

His fathers lips pursed, “I am sure it is.”

“Just get to the point, what do you want?”

“I want you to reconsider coming home.”

“That is not going to happen.”

His father looked around again, “Might I ask where Tationy is?”


“Perhaps you should ask her…”

“Don’t tell me what I should do.”

His father had sighed as he stepped further into the room as he moved toward the window. He was Kari through and through. The majority of his emotions were hidden, his posture impeccable, his hands behind his back which was considered the proper way to stand if you were a Kari man, and very few words spoken. Hiko did not know what he expected, but certainly his father remaining in the small hotel room was not on the list. “When I was your age,” He started saying and Hiko rolled his eyes. “I was already married and my wife was carrying our child. I was dividing my time between the Kari Foundation and university life. I had no time for my pregnant wife. Not the finest moment of a Kari man and certainly not something we encourage. I failed in my duties to her.”

Hiko’s attention drifted toward his father, “Your grandfather expected a great deal out of me. So much so that you and your mother were neglected in the process. My failure. My burden. I don’t want that for you, but the Kari Foundation has been passed down generation to generation through our family line. You are my only son and it is my responsibility as your father to prepare you to succeed me.”

Standing he moved to look out the window alongside his father, “Why are you pushing this?”

“Companies like the Waichia Financial Institution, the Shima Corporation, Vice-Corp, and even the Ishi Shipping Companies are all currently in the hands of younger generations. Myself and others like me are considered relics of a different era. For the Kari Foundation to compete and prosper a change is necessary. Our company needs a younger voice at the helm. We have held off for as long as we can. The timing of this unfortunate Sofore situation could not have been better. I thought, you might be more welcoming to the idea of attending a university. Zen is helping me as much as he can, but what the Kari Foundation needs is a new voice to lead us into the future. Over the past couple of years our business has been suffering from stagnation. There are no fresh ideas and our stocks have taken a significant hit. We cannot continue moving as we are without losing it all.”

“I am not interested in being a part of the Kari Foundation.”

“I don’t want to give you an ultimatum, Hiko, but I will. If you refuse to do this….”

“I don’t care if you cut me off.”

“Do you really think that Yamada girl is going to stay at the side of a Kari with nothing? Her family only cares about money and power.”

“If that were true, wouldn’t she have taken you up on your offer? You told her you would give her whatever she wanted and all she had to do was convince me to do what you wanted. She didn’t do that did she? The Yamada might be like that, but she isn’t. She likes me for me.”

“Are you are banking your future on like?”

“I don’t have a future, if she is not in it.” Hiko shook his head, “I suppose, someone like you who has never known love could not possibly understand my feelings.”

“Hiko,” His father snapped and it was the first time he could recall seeing that kind of emotion from his father. It took a moment for Tadayoshi to collect himself, “Reconsider.”


His father had reluctantly nodded his head as he turned to depart. He stopped a moment and spoke, “I hope you will at least consider my words. This is important not just for your future, but for the future of the Kari.”

Hiko heard the door close as his father left and Tationy’s light step padded across the floor as she left the bathroom. He was certain she heard the conversation as she joined at his side. His mind was too wrapped up in his conversation with his father to address her, “Hiko Kari, CEO of the Kari Foundation. It does have a rather nice ring to it.”

He squinted his eyes as he directed his attention upon her, “Is my father right? Does the Yamada woman only care about money?”

“I will ask a Yamada woman when I see one after all if you ask them, I am Tylo.” She paused a moment then added, “You are worried you are making the wrong decision.”

“I feel pressured to do what he wants that is all.”

“Well, what does Hiko Kari want?”


“Do you believe you will not get it as CEO of the Kari Foundation?”

“There are other people more qualified. Being put into that position is….”


“Yeah, that. People are not going to respect someone that is just handed the position.” He looked away from her, “I don’t intend to be my father either.”

“How so?”

“You heard him. He ignored his pregnant wife, neglected his family for that business. Had he been around maybe I would not be such a disappointment.”

“Was your father ever around? Did you spend time together at all?”

Hiko considered the question, “Not really.” His eyes narrowed as he turned to face her, “Actually, I do remember visiting the Yamada estate with him a couple of times. I was little though, six or seven maybe for some sort of family gathering. I don’t really remember. Did you ever go to those?”

She shrugged her shoulders as she moved toward the bed which caused Hiko’s eyes to follow her. Was she avoiding the question? “Not that I recall.” Her voice did not seem at all convincing, “When I did visit my grandmothers estate, I did think it seemed vaguely familiar so anything is possible.”

When she climbed into the bed she looked far too enticing to be alone, so Hiko put his smoke out in the astray and moved to join her. He snuggled into her body, his nose taking in the scent of her freshly cleaned skin. A contented sigh left his lips as his eyes closed, “Why does it feel like you are keeping something from me, Tationy?”

“Does it feel that way?”

His hands gripped her legs, holding her tightly, “Sometimes.” There were moments when Hiko would say something to Tationy that a silence would follow. Some might call her mysterious or even evasive, but Hiko felt like it was something else. Since he met her he often told himself if he was smarter he might be able to see what it was, but the closer they got the more apparent it became to him and it worried him. Perhaps it would have no bearing on their relationship or maybe it would. He hated not knowing.

“The future is a funny thing. At this moment, there are millions and in some cases even billions of possible outcomes. If you go left it takes you to a road that forks which leads to more roads. If you go right another road and more forks. No matter the direction, there are more paths and more options. Some journeys are relatively the same, but that final destination might be different. You are on one of those paths right now Hiko. I find myself wondering which fork in the road you will take.”

“It doesn’t matter,” He responded. “I am on the path I want to be on.”

“Which path is that?”

“The one you are on.”

“So, where do we go from here? We have the room for the night. Enough money to pay for the takeout when it arrives.”

“You are forgetting the most important thing.”

“Am I?”

“Ahh, we have each other.”

“Is that enough to sustain us?”

“It is.”

She chuckled softly, “You are a hopeless romantic, Hiko Kari.”

He found himself asking, “Is that the type of guy you like?”

“Hopeless romantics are sweet and endearing, but what really turns me on Hiko Kari is a bad boy.”

His head lifted as he looked at her, “Is that so? Do you think I am a bad boy?”

“I think you have the potential to be the most dangerous type of bad boy and that gets me rather excited and curious about the road you will choose.”

Hiko sometimes felt confused by her words. There were moments that he wished he was a deep thinker capable of understanding some of the meaningful things she said to him. He knew it was not her intention, but there were times he admittedly felt inadequate. It scared him because he was certain that someone as intelligent and confident as Tationy would grow tired of him. Hiko suffered from too much self-doubt and self-loathing and as much as he wanted to believe in her and in their relationship, too often he found himself doubting if he could live up to that potential she was always talking about.

To Be Continued


  1. Me love it! O/ Shower scenes *3* Oh hey! Remember we talked about this last year? You were about to make it for KinxTationy right? Or was it for someone else… er… anyway… I’m glad you can make it this time AND! with HikoxTationy! *fangirling inside* Yes yes! That pose is perfect for Hiko and Tationy! <3

    So… are we going to see Miroku at certain point? I'm excited to see which path Hiko will choose… *3* Of course he said the path that has Tationy in it. but you know… the final path that he will choose… O/ I wonder if he is going to accept the position, just like what Tadayoshi ask him to..

    • Thank you. I am glad you like it. Haha, yes I mentioned a shower scene back for The Exiled Prince Reloaded with Tationy and Kin, but I never ended up doing it because of how the story got plotted. Doesn’t that pose work great for Tationy and Hiko? It worked great for Kin and Tationy also, but really it was like it was made for Tationy and Hiko. Thank you for it.

      Yes. We will see Miroku at some point fairly soon. Let’s see…chapter 12 has the Ishi, chapter 13 we run into Sadamitsu which ultimately is the chapter that will lead into Miroku.

      In chapter 12 we learn what Hiko’s decision is regarding his father and how that turns out. I am laughing, because I am sure it will not turn out at all like people expect it to. ^_^

  2. Uh, that shower scene is probably the most sensual thing I have ever read. <3 Seriously, WHOA MAMA. I like character-building stories, and I like the direction you are taking Hiko and Tationy. Of course, dear ol' Dad has to interrupt the moment, lol.

    • Thank you. I am glad you liked it. I really like character-building stories as well, so I try to make everything I do very character driven. I want you to know who they are and why they do the things they do. Haha, yes dad interrupted. Probably for the best.

  3. The shower scene was so sweet! I love reading things like that when young people discover all the pleasures for the first time. I was bored with all that by that age xD
    I feel a bit sorry for Hiko’s dad, Hiko doesn’t want to see his point, rising a company is just like rising a child and as painful as it can be at times business always comes first. I’m glad that Tationy gives him tiny hints to take that path. Cuz I feel like he really should.

    • Yeah, Tadayoshi does try very hard to get Hiko to see reason and to understand. Sometimes the two of them just go about it the wrong way and it makes a big mess because they end up fighting.

      Thank you, yes, I think that scene turned out pretty well and was a glimpse into the fact that Tationy does not see “everything”. Which I think a lot of people missed.

      She is trying to guide him, as we will learn in the college years, sometimes things do not work out as we want them to. ^_^

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