The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel – Chapter 8: A Day with Friends

Hiko’s father had not wanted him to leave, insisting that they had things they needed to discuss which only served to irritate Hiko that his father was trying to push the issue. Tationy managed to calm the situation when she reassured his father that they would be back sometime during the day tomorrow because Kuro would have to be leaving to take the entrance exam. She had a thoughtful and articulate speech about how this might be their last chance to spend time together with Kuro potentially heading off to a university and Sadamitsu to the Anami Seminary. Hiko had been surprised when his father halted his protest and told them both that he would see them tomorrow.

The ride gave Hiko a considerable amount of time to think. Six hours to Progmato was quite the journey and even though he and Tationy had plenty of alone time he could not find the words to speak. It was not as though it was uncomfortable, in fact the silence was companionable, but Hiko felt there were plenty of things they needed to address. Talking about his feelings and his future had never been things he was particularly good at though which ultimately kept him from saying much of anything the entire trip.

“I wish I would have brought some other clothing.” She had said those words a few times during their trip. Tationy had explained that what she picked was meant for him and she was not expecting to have anyone else see her dressed like that except perhaps his father. Admittedly there was a small part of him that wished she was still that frumpy girl because he was certain that Sadamitsu was going to make comments about her body and her breast which seemed awfully bigger to Hiko in the top she was wearing.

She took his arm and smiled as they exited the car upon their arrival. He found that he was smiling as well, more than he had ever in his life. Kari men were not the type of men to show outward displays of emotion in fact it was particularly frowned upon. “In a way, I wish you would have as well,” He spoke honestly.

Tationy chuckled softly, “Worried?”

“That I will probably have to kill my friends and you will need to help me bury the bodies? A little.”

In a deadpan voice she responded, “We probably should have brought a shovel.”

Hiko laughed. It felt good to do so. Before Tationy had come into his life,  humor had been lost. The last time he could even remember laughing was when he was a child. A somberness suddenly washed over him, which she seemed to sense because she had given his arm a squeeze.

“You two sure did take your time,” Kuro spoke as the trio of Sadamitsu, Tsubaki, and Kuro came in to view.

“I do not want to hear it from you. We came from Thacian, you guys were coming from Mount Celiabai,” Hiko responded.

“Tationy good to see you and your breast,” Sadamitsu said. “Did Hiko buy those for you?”

Hiko had been about to respond when Tsubaki scolded him, “Sadamitsu, behave yourself.”

“What did I do?”

“You don’t go around talking about a girl’s breast.”

“Feeling jealous? I like yours as well.”

“You are a jerk you know that?”

“Why am I a jerk, I said I like yours as well.”

“Like mine? Is that what you call it? You are always calling me Tsubaki with the itty bitty titties.”

“That is a compliment.”

“How is that a compliment?” Tsubaki asked.

Hiko sighed as he shook his head when the arguing between Tsubaki and Sadamitsu started. Tationy had given his arm another squeeze and he was certain she was uncomfortable with Tsubaki being there, but she never voiced it. Hiko’s thoughts were distracted as Kuro laughed, “Well this conversation went downhill rather quickly.” Taking a step toward Hiko and Tationy he continued speaking in a hushed voice, “I am sorry. Sadamitsu asked her before I could tell him the two of you have history, Tationy.”

Squinting his eyes Hiko asked, “You knew?”

“Well, I did hear a good portion of your conversation that day I asked her to be the manager. I was not eavesdropping, just looking for the most appropriate time to enter without interrupting too much.”

“I hate you Sadamitsu.”
“Come on, Tsubaki….Tsubaki, wait.”

Hiko noticed that Sadamitsu was moving to follow, but Tationy’s words stopped him. “I got it. You stuck your foot in your mouth enough for one day.”

Sadamitsu chuckled as he took a seat on the picnic table, “I think Tsubaki might like me. She gets rather irritated when I tease her.”

Kuro and Hiko exchanged glances, “I think you might be oblivious. Did you ever think that the reason you never had a girlfriend is that you act like an ass?”

“Come on Kuro, I am not that bad. You make it seem like I am being mean. I was just picking on her. Hiko, back me up here.”

“Leave me out of this.”

“Tsk, she is fine. I have picked on her since we were kids. It is not like I make her cry or anything.”

“Are you sure?” Hiko asked.

Sadamitsu squinted his eyes, “Pretty sure. I mean she never told me I hurt her feelings or anything like that and she tells me she hates me all the time. It is just what she says to me. So, yeah I am pretty sure.” After a moment of silence, Hiko noticed that Sadamitsu glanced toward the direction the girls had gone and asked, “Do you think they are coming back?”

Even as he asked the question, neither Hiko nor Kuro had an answer for him. So, the boys sat around camp and as time passed there was plenty of talking about going and looking for Tationy and Tsubaki. An hour and a half in Sadamitsu spoke, “Alright, I might have gone a bit too far.”

“Only took you an hour and a half to figure that out,” Kuro responded.

“I am from a family of religious men and women. The delicate handling of a woman’s feelings is not really a subject matter touched on.”

“What would your mother have said?”

“She would have just smacked me in the back of the head and told me to fix it.”

“I will be glad to smack you,” Hiko responded.

“Tsk, somehow I have no doubt. So, tell me how to fix it.”

Hiko could feel the eyes of Sadamitsu directly upon him, “Why are you looking at me?”

“You are the one with the girlfriend. If you fucked up, how would you fix it?”

Silently he considered the question. Truth was he had no idea what he would do, “Insulting a woman’s body is not the way to go.”

“Why was it insulting, they are little? I like them.”

Kuro spoke, “Take Tationy for example…”

“I would rather you two not talk about my girlfriend’s body.”

Hiko suddenly felt ignored, “If you tell Tationy she has a nice hourglass shape she might find it insulting. No woman wants to be told they have big hips and big breast. A woman wants to be complimented. You want to show your approval, by telling her that she has the body of a classic fifties pinup girl. That tells her she is beautiful and shapely without diminishing her by criticizing her shape.”

“What do I say to Tsubaki?”

Kuro shrugged, “You have to figure that out yourself. I am not going to fix your mess besides it is never appropriate to comment on a woman’s breast that you are not dating. Unless of course she compliments your penis. Then, by all means tell her they are cute and you like them.”

“This is probably why the two of you are single,” Hiko responded.

“You are one to talk. You were one of us losers until Tationy took pity on you,” Sadamitsu said.

“Pity huh?” Hiko said and grew silent.

Sadamitsu must have sensed the tension that overtook Hiko, “Hiko, I was joking…”

Hiko felt the hand of Kuro rest to his shoulder, “They are beautiful. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Their bodies are soft, their voices gentle, their touch enticing. Compared to them we are a bunch of hairy beast with some ugly piece of meat hanging between our legs. Pity seems a fitting word when you compare men and women.”

Hiko’s attention was pulled away from the conversion and drawn toward the direction the girls had gone when he heard voices.

Tsubaki: “I laughed so hard. He was trying to act all cool while he was standing there dripping wet. Do you remember the look on his face when he realized we had pulled a successful prank on him?”
Tationy: “I thought for certain he might die from embarrassment. He was so annoyed and impressed.”
Tsubaki: “Tationy, don’t you miss that about him?”
Tationy: “He is not like that anymore, Tsubaki.”
Tsubaki: [Sighing] “I know.”

The closer they got, more of their conversation could be heard. Hiko was certain they were talking about Abe and the fact that Tationy did not seem entirely putout told Hiko that she was not displeased with the discussion. He was not certain if he should be annoyed or not, but he was definitely feeling slightly irritated knowing that she had been off talking about another man. When they finally stopped just outside the camp, the two of them looked at the boys. Tationy’s eyes settled on Hiko and she gave him a brief smile, “I hope you three did not worry too much.”

Hiko was the first to respond, “No. We knew you would be back.” Even though he spoke the words he, Kuro, and Sadamitsu had honestly not been all that confident that the two girls would in fact return.

The way her lips curved further told him she doubted that was true, but she did not press the issue by teasing him or trying to goad him into admitting the truth.

When Tationy stepped foot into the camp Hiko was up quickly his arms wrapping tightly around her. He did not take the time to look into her eyes or ask her if she was alright, he just wanted to kiss her so she might understand just how much he worried and missed her.

“Don’t give me that look, Sadamitsu,” Hiko heard Tsubaki say.

“What look?”

“I am not forgiving you. In fact, seeing I am stuck here I decided that I am going to spend this entire trip, torturing you.”

Kuro laughed before Sadamitsu could even respond, “Torture me. I would like to see you try.”

As much as Hiko did not want to break the kiss he was certain that the back and forth he was hearing between Tsubaki and Sadamitsu, while entertaining, was going to dampen the mood. “That is enough you two. Apparently more time apart is needed.” He sighed as he looked into the eyes of Tationy, “I thought this was going to be fun, but apparently we are going to spend it babysitting.”

Tationy chuckled, “It is alright. Everyone is just stressed and it is coming out in odd ways. Why don’t we all relax and just try to have some fun for a bit.”

“Good idea,” Kuro responded as he hopped off the picnic table and stretched. “I know a couple of you that need to get a few drinks in you as well.”

After plenty of drinks, the girls settled into some sunbathing and Sadamitsu could not be pulled away from watching them. As much as Hiko did not want to leave Tationy to the ogling of his friend, he got the impression that Kuro wanted to talk so the two of them wandered down the path a bit. It was quiet for a time as Hiko skipped stones and Kuro simply watched. When he finally did speak it came as no surprise to Hiko, “How did it go with your father?”

“Same as always.”

“What did he think of Tationy?”

“Don’t know. At dinner he kept going on about us rushing things and referred to her as ‘some girl’ which only served to piss me off. Then, he bribed her thinking that she would convince me to do what he wants.”

“Which she didn’t?”

“Ahh.” There was silence again and Hiko got the distinct impression Kuro wanted to say something, “Does your silence mean you disapprove? Think we are moving too fast or something?”

“Do you really want me to answer that?”

“I would not have asked if I didn’t.”

Definition: Rom Kaga – Fighting style of the military which encompasses short punches and strikes with anything available: Knees, hands, elbows, even a well-placed head butt. A soldier uses their peripheral vision to ascertain the targets around him. He goes for the weakest to the strongest. He is focused, aggressive, and concentrates only on the selected targets vital points until they are disabled, preferably dead. The vital points it targets are the top of the head, forehead, temple, eyes, ears, nose, under the nose, jaw, chin, back of ears and base of skull, throat, side of neck, back of neck, front of shoulder muscle, collarbone, armpit, spine, nipples, heart, solar plexus, diaphragm, floating-ribs, kidneys, abdomen below the navel, biceps, forearm muscles, back of hand, groin, outside thigh, hamstring, knee, calf, shin, Achilles tendon, ankle, instep.

Kuro sometimes had a slow and methodical way of talking. Every word was carefully chosen for its effect and purpose. “I do not disapprove and no I do not think the two of you are moving too fast. I am sure your father does though, but considering your personality it comes as no surprise. You have always been like this. You make decisions quickly, your emotions are never hidden, and when you want something you make it yours. That first fight we had when we were boys and were being trained by our fathers in Rom Kaga your stance was so relaxed. When we actually exchanged blows you were reckless. I did not understand how someone could be so relaxed in stance and so reckless in form and yet every movement was practical. You were not worried about theory or technique. Each action was about your endgame. That is how you maneuver through the world. You just met and you are already in love with her and it does not surprise me that your father does not understand.”

Hiko stopped skipping rocks rather suddenly at Kuro’s words. He was not certain love was the right word, but he had already admitted to himself that he was not letting her go no matter what it costs him. “It feels strange. That day I saw her with that Sosa scum all I could think about was warning her against the guy. I just kept telling myself that was why I was doing it, but after the fight and I had her in my bed I realized that I really didn’t understand what I was doing. Sometimes, I still don’t. My father calls it lust. You call it love. Does the word really matter? I never cared to think about the future and now that is all I can think about. Every second she is in my thoughts, even when she is standing right next to me. Each decision before me, I factor her into. She isn’t perfect and neither am I, yet I find that I do not have to pretend with her. She accepts me without judgement. I cannot imagine my life without her and I don’t want to. How fast is too fast? I don’t know the answer. I just move at my own pace and she moves with me. That makes me happy.”

“I can tell, you are not usually this talkative especially about how you are feeling. I know this might be off-topic, but what is going on with Tationy’s hair?”

Hiko laughed which must have surprised Kuro because he peered at him, “She curled it for dinner with my father. I liked it and told her to leave it that way when we went to bed. She did warn me it would be a mess in the morning. I think her hair might actually be worse than mine.”

There it was again that silence. This time though Kuro did not let it linger nearly as long, “Have you decided what you will be doing about Sofore?”

“School is closed for a couple of weeks while they do the structural inspections, so we are waiting to see what happens with that.”

“Is that what you want?”

Considering the question Hiko’s lips pursed, “It is fine.”

“That does not sound like it is what you want?”

“I am alright with waiting. It is just that I have been thinking a lot. If they close down the gymnasium, I would be staying at Sofore for Tationy. Tationy already said that she wanted to take the entrance exam after she finished her freshmen year, but her mother thought it was more important to try and get her a husband. So, there is a part of me that feels like I am holding her back even though she said that there is no way her mother would pay for her to attend a university. Even though we are considered adults, our parents still have a huge say in what we do financially.”

“So, if she could go to a university then you would go?”

“Ahh. I would rather we go together.”

“The two of you could always blackmail your parents.” Hiko laughed then realized that Kuro was being serious as he continued speaking, “Tationy’s mother wants her to get married and have a child with a rich guy. That is a Yamada woman for you. Your father wants you to attend a university to work toward your future. You being Kari also means that he will expect you to get married and have children someday. So, with Tationy’s mom you could tell her you intend to marry Tationy and have children, but only after the two of you finish degrees at a university. Tell your dad that you will go to a university and work toward your future only if he pays for Tationy to go as well. If they really want these things for you, they will do whatever they need to do to make certain they happen.”

“Never thought blackmailing my father or Tationy’s mother might be an option to secure our future together.”

“Well that is because you are not Ishi,” Kuro remarked. “The Ishi blackmail each other all the time. Some of us are true snakes.”

“Remind me not to stand between you and what you want.” Kuro laughed and then noticeably got silent again, “Are you worried about the entrance exam?”

“No, getting an acceptable score is not an issue. Feels a bit surreal. Never imagined that my final year at Sofore would go by so quickly. I thought the basketball team would start having its first matches. The four of us plus Agito are the strongest team Sofore has had in years. We were definitely going to take the championship. I already had a date for the summer festival. I had asked at the beginning of the year and now it does not even look like we are going to make it through the month of June. I find myself thinking how unfortunate this is and yet it is probably for the best.”

It was almost overpowering the heaviness surrounding Kuro. Hiko wished he was as articulate as Tationy so that he might say something unique and inspiring in the moment, but he was never that type of guy. Not that Kuro expected him to say anything anyway.

The voice of Sadamitsu brought the silence to an end, “The girls think you two are being all secretive and antisocial.” He placed the fishing gear down as he looked up at the sun.

“We should probably join them,” Hiko responded.

“Nah, they are going swimming. Besides I think they need the time alone. They seem to have a lot of tension lingering. Probably because Tsubaki slept with Abe.”

Hiko and Kuro both looked at Sadamitsu in surprise, “You knew?”

“Of course I knew. Tsubaki tells me all of that shit.”

“Then why the hell did you ask her to join us,” Kuro asked.

Sadamitsu shrugged his shoulders as he readied himself a fishing pole, “They need to talk. You know girls don’t address that shit. They always forgive the guy, but never the other woman. Most of the time, the other woman is the one that really needs to be forgiven. The guy…well he is just a piece of shit for doing it in the first place. Tsubaki has known Abe forever. She really thought he liked her as more than a friend. She did not realize until it was too late he was only sleeping with her because Tationy wouldn’t.”

“That does not excuse her behavior,” Hiko said.

“I know and I told her as much. She needs to own this and fix it. Even if it hurts her friendship with Abe. So, let’s fish and the girls can have some alone time.”

Hiko looked over his shoulder several times to the girls who were now playing in the water. He knew Sadamitsu was probably right. Even Tationy had said she had to forgive Tsubaki, but just didn’t know how. Talking was probably a good start. Fishing would be a good distraction so that is what the boys did. “Damn another frog,” Kuro said.

Author Note: The Ishi are known as the ‘Snakes of the Ishi’. It is not uncommon for members of the Ishi to refer to themselves as ‘true snakes of the Ishi’. However, when non-Ishi use the word snakes to describe the Ishi it is generally considered derogatory. Most older Ishi would find it offensive. Younger Ishi are less likely to be troubled by “outsiders” referring to them as snakes.

Laughing Hiko responded, “Thought you snakes like frog legs.”

“The old folks do. Most of us younger Ishi won’t eat that shit. Despite what people say, it does not taste like chicken.”

“I don’t know. It has a mild flavor and the texture is similar to chicken wings. Probably a combination of chicken and fish really.”

“You are not helping, Sadamitsu,” Kuro said as the boys laughed in unison.

“I think I am going to play the music game later tonight with your girlfriend Hiko,” Sadamitsu spoke.

“With Tationy, why?”

“Well Tsubaki sucks at it worse than you do. Kuro is at three hundred for his score and I know what to expect with him. Stumping him is pretty difficult these days. I figure she is the only one that has not played before and she might find it fun. Unless of course you are going to tell me I cannot play with your girlfriend.”

Hiko pursed his lips, “That sounded way too suggestive.”

Sadamitsu laughed loudly, “I know right? By Kazuma, those titties of hers are so nice. When she rolled over while sunbathing I swear I saw a nipple.”

“You are going to get yourself killed Sadamitsu,” Kuro spoke up.

“Hey, there is no law saying I cannot look.”

Hiko frowned when he realized that Kuro was nodding sagely. “There is now,” Hiko responded.

Kuro laughed and Hiko was once again ignored by his friends, “You can definitely tell she is Yamada with that body.”

“Alright, we are not talking about my girlfriend’s body any longer,” Hiko snapped. It was fairly obvious they were doing it on purpose to get a rise out of him, but still just the thought that other men might be looking at her, thinking about her naked, thinking about having sex with her angered him.

“Someone is a little jealous,” Sadamitsu teased.

Groaning, “I hate you two.”

Despite the rocky start the spirits of everyone had risen so much so that by the time they settled in for the night everyone was feeling rather relaxed. Hiko was mostly listening to Tationy sing. Since the moment he met her she surprised him at every turn. She was artistic, could play the piano, sing, and she filled out a swimsuit better than any model he had ever seen. He found himself wondering how he got so lucky.

♪ You’re simply the best ♪
♪ Better than all the rest ♪
♪ Better than anyone ♪
♪ Anyone I ever met ♪

Each word sung, it was like she was singing to him. It was far too easy to get lost in her voice and the words of the song. Thankfully, his mind was distracted by the conversion Kuro was having with Tsubaki. “So, you are really not returning to Sofore?”

“I have obligations more important than my own selfish needs.”

“Is that you talking or your father, Kuro?”

“My father is supportive of any decision I make. He only asks that I make them for the right reasons.”

“I feel like there is something you are not saying.”

“Plenty, but none of it matters enough to change my decision. What about you?”

“My parents think it would be in my best interest if I get a job and earn my own money to attend a university. They feel that if they pay my way, it will not be appreciated. Things lately though have been making me think that perhaps leaving Sofore and getting a job would probably be good for me.”

“How so?”

“All of my friends will be gone. Several of the girls on the cheer squad are taking the exams including Eri. Abe has already been recruited to play for the Thacian City Rockets. He was just trying to finish up the season before leaving Sofore. There is just going to be so many changes. It will be like starting all over again. Just seems a waste to remain.”

“Tationy and Hiko are waiting to see what happens.”

“Is that even a good idea?”

“Considering how they move through life, for them it probably is.”

Tsubaki chuckled, “They do move rather quickly. Though, I kind of admire that. I wish I was as confident in my relationships as they seem to be in theirs. The few guys I dated it was always slow down we are moving to fast or if I say ‘I love you’ is he going to freak. Always worrying about if he will call or if I should call him. It must be nice to not worry about that sort of stuff. I wonder if they will get married.”

“Sadamitsu and I are taking bets on how long it takes them.”

“Can I get in on that?”

Hiko sighed which must have caught Tationy’s attention because she asked, “What is wrong?”

He did not dare tell her that they were betting on whether or not the two of them would get married, “Nothing, just getting tired.”

“Old man,” Sadamitsu teased. “It is not even ten yet.”

“I am not like you guys, I cannot stay up all night.”

“Want to lie down with me?” Tationy asked which only served to illicit a bunch of hooting and hollering from his friends. He was embarrassed, but even so he took her hand and led her toward the tent.

“What is really wrong?” She asked as they settled themselves upon the tent floor.

Hiko gave her hand a squeeze, “Am I that obvious?”

“I would not say obvious. Your body is just very telling.”

“I am sorry we did not get to spend more time together.”

“I really hadn’t expected we would. It’s just a day of camping and most of it was spent on the road getting here.”

“How did things go with you and Tsubaki?”

“They went fine. She did most of the talking and I just tried to listen. Now, stop changing the topic Hiko Kari. What is wrong?”

He resigned himself to the fact he was not going to get out of talking about it, “My friends are taking bets on how long it will take us to get married. Couple that with the fact that Sadamitsu keeps talking about your breast when he is not looking at them and I am worried about this Sofore stuff, I am just feeling tired. I wish I had a relationship with my father like Kuro has with his. The Ishi respect each other. They voice their opinions and allow their men and women to make the decision they feel is best for them. The Kari are not like that. They have to control everything. Every decision is a reflection upon the family as a whole.”

“Are you worried that waiting is a bad idea?”

“Everyone is making hard decisions that affect their future and I am just holding your hand hoping for the best. Maybe I need to start making some hard decisions.”

“Are you still going to be holding my hand?”

“Always. I am not letting your hand go.”

She smiled, “Then, whatever you decide I will follow your lead.”


“I am confident that you will make the decision that is best for you.”

“That is just it, I don’t want to make a decision just for me. I am not letting you go for anything. I hope that does not scare you.”

“Didn’t I already tell you that you were mine the moment I laid my eyes on you.”

He nervously pulled away. When she said things like that it clouded his head with so many thoughts. Where would they be in five years? What would she look like if she was pregnant? Would they get married in the spring or the winter? Hiko tried not to focus on those thoughts as he dug through his bag for something to wear. The humidity was rising which meant that it was going to be muggy and he did not want to have a bunch of clothes on. He realized as he changed she was watching him.

Hiko had asked if she wanted the sleeping bags laid out, but she told him that was not necessary that she was not tired yet. Even after saying that she snuggled into him and it was not long after she fell sleep. His fingers teased the ties on the back of her bathing suit as he laid upon the tent floor and thought about their conversation. He had this nagging at the back of his mind that there was something he was forgetting. The more time they spent with each other the more he felt it, but he could not place what it was. Even though his body was tired his mind would not stop working. There was just too much to think about.

Most nights he would be grateful for the distraction from his own thoughts, but the sounds of giggling from Tsubaki and Sadamitsu on the other side of the tent screen was not a helpful one.

“Do you have a condom?”
“Do you think Hiko might have one?”
“Hiko? Hell no. His family is anti-birth control. Using birth control hinders reproduction and encourages sinful acts or some shit.” 

Hiko was annoyed when Sadamitsu laughed. It was those old-fashioned Kari ways that made Hiko cringe. He wanted such outdated thinking to be abolished amongst his family and yet when he thought about having sex with Tationy contraception never came up in any of his fantasies. He could not help wondering if she would ask him to wear a condom or even if she was on birth control. He knew that the two of them needed to sit down and have a long talk about where they were going, who they were as people, and even what they wanted.

He had never felt so connected to anyone before. It was as though he had known her his entire life.

“Tsubaki can I stick my cock in you.”

Hiko tensed when he realized that Tsubaki and Sadamitsu were going way beyond kissing and cuddling. The moment the moaning and grunting started Hiko woke Tationy up.

She rubbed her eyes, her voice was a tired whisper, “What is wrong?”

“Get your bag.”

“What, why?”

“Tsubaki you are so tight.”

The sexual sounds coming from the other-side of the tent seemed to be plenty of initiative for her to do as he asked of her.

They packed up the vehicle and picked up the camp. He could tell she was tired so when they finally climbed into his vehicle to head home he apologized, “I know you do not like it when I say I am sorry. I just couldn’t listen to that.”

“No, it is alright. I understand. Do you think that might be why Kuro was not at camp?”

“Yeah, he probably thought we were sleeping and took off to give Tsubaki and Sadamitsu some privacy. I left him a text letting him know we are heading home early.” Hiko sighed, “Tationy.”


“Are you on birth control?”

He felt it the moment he asked there was tension, “Well, yes and no. I got the pill…”

“Because you thought you and Abe would have sex?”


“Would it surprise you to find out the Kari do not believe in contraception?”

“After our talk the other day about masturbation, nothing you tell me about the Kari would surprise me. Why is this all on your mind?”

“Tsubaki and Sadamitsu were having sex without protection. I just want you to know if you ask me to wear a condom I will. I will need to buy some first, but I will do it for us.”

What was the silence that followed? Was she uncomfortable? Sometimes he wished he could read her mind. She rested her head to his shoulder which eased some of his worry.

To Be Continued


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    Where did Kuro go? He seemed to have disappeared rather quickly. Ha, I would’ve left the camp, too! LOL

    • Haha, yeah cannot really blame Kuro for taking off. ^_^ I would have left as well. We will learn where he went at some point. Well Tationy and Tsubaki did talk, but how much making amends they did is hard to say We will learn that answer as well and Sadamitsu….who knows what he is up too. ^_^ That boy has trouble written all over him.

      Hiko has definitely no intention on letting Tationy go. Certainly Yin and Yang, but even the most certain relationships hit unwelcome bumps. We will see if Hiko can handle to path he is walking.

      • Sadamitsu is, indeed, a very bad boy, totally untamable at this point, it seems.

        The unwelcome bumps in a relationship can bring out each person’s true colors, so it’ll be interesting to see how Hiko and Tationy deal with them as they arise.

      • Haha, Sadamitsu cracks me up. We get another dose of him in Chapter 13, I think which should give a bit more insight into him.

        Yes, definitely. Those bumps are very important to define their relationship and bring out who they truly are when bad things happen.

  3. Ishi sound like my kind of people xD Blackmailing each other into stuff is a daily normal in our family xD
    I like how Hiko is opening up to his own thoughts and feelings. I wonder if it was not Tationy, but some other woman who knows how to handle men, could she shape him into someone different? Cuz he seems to be rather quick to follow the lead. Or it’s only an exception with Tationy?
    They’re surely an interesting couple together.

    • HAHA, yes the Ishi are quite interesting. They will definitely step over each other to get what they want, but when it comes to other clans trying to take what is theirs they are quick to come together. Blackmailing and general underhandedness is pretty normal for them.

      No, Hiko was not designed to lust after women at all. There would never be another woman in Hiko’s life. Tationy is it. If she is not at his side, he is not with anyone. She is always the person that helps shape and mold him, whether they are a couple or not. Really it depends on how things go with them throughout history. Sometimes she molds him into a monster and sometimes she molds him into a man that can lead a nation.

      In a lot of ways Hiko is a follow the lead person. He is a spoiled guy and never really thinks beyond the moment. So he is never planning for a future or wanting something more. She is the only person capable of making him see the bigger picture.

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