The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel – Chapter 15: The Words of the Rival

It was almost romantic. Cozily snuggled together with the sound of rain falling gently. It was a shame that the mood was filled with tension until she finally fell asleep. When she did, Hiko laid there thinking about how some people have roller-coaster lives. The big drops, the ups and downs, the unexpectedness. Even when you finally think that nothing else could go wrong, you are reminded sharply that is how life is. The differences between most people are that some are riding the biggest and fastest roller-coasters and others are on the kiddie rides. He had a feeling that with Tationy it would always be the scary ones that take you at high speeds and disorient you with all sorts of different directions.

There were plenty of things that needed discussed and even more he needed to ask. He wanted to know what she and Tusbaki were talking about. What was so special about yesterday? What did it have to do with Abe? He wanted to know about Mikio. What did she see? Did he have to worry? With how upset she was about her father, he never got the opportunity. All he could really do was hold her and hope that she would talk to him. Eventually sleep overtook him, but not before he had agonized over every little thing.

Hiko was sensitive to any little sound. When he heard a door close it jolted him awake. Not even certain how long he had been sleeping, he forced himself to pull away from Tationy’s warmth as he got up to see what was going on and realized that Sadamitsu and Tsubaki had left. He locked up the door and moved back to bed, stopping a moment to watch her sleep. There was no explaining how much he loved having her with him and when he slid into bed he pressed his body into hers. Tationy smelled amazing, she was so warm, and Hiko was getting rather excited just thinking about touching her. “Tationy,” He whispered her name as his fingers teased along her hip, “Can I touch you a bit?”

Honestly he did not expect a response, but her head turned and with pursed lips she responded with, “Mmhmm.”

Hiko chuckled, “Are you sure you are awake?”

“Yeah, I have been awake for about three hours.”

Surprised he asked, “Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“We have been rushing around so much, I just wanted to let you sleep a bit.”

He smiled, “You are pretty amazing you know that?”

“Do you really think so?”

“Ahh,” He said as he smiled and licked his lips. She had given him permission and it took him only a moment to press his mouth against hers. He thought that he wouldn’t like it if she was aggressive, but when she reciprocated the kiss, thrusting her tongue demandingly into his mouth he realized he was wrong.

The angle was awkward and as much as he hated doing it he pulled his hand away long enough to coax her to her side so she was facing him. The sound of the rain and the rustling of their bodies rubbing against each other was only overshadowed by the sensations of her mouth and warmth, “Is this alright?” He asked as his fingers found their way inside her panties and after some fumbling found their intended mark. He noticed how she nipped her lip. “Do you like it?”

“Yes, don’t stop,” She whispered against his mouth and Hiko excitedly complied.

Tension filled his body rather suddenly though when her hands began to touch his chest and arms and eventually moving down between them. The sound felt ripped from his throat as he moaned, “Mmm, Tationy.” He was nuzzling her ear with his mouth. Thrusting his hips slightly, her hand was filled; he was throbbing under her touch. This was the first time she had ever rubbed him there. He couldn’t take it, “I am going to….” Hiko thought for certain she was trying to bring him to climax as his words were cut off with a feathery kiss along his lips.

“Don’t worry, Hiko. This moment is about us. It is not about achieving orgasm. If you do or I do that is just a benefit. So, breath alright.” He was so caught up in the sensation of losing control that he had not realized right away that she had stopped touching him. Hiko was disappointed when his senses returned, but after a time she moved her hand back to his need to stroke him again.

It was agonizing. He loved playing in bed with her, but all the stopping and starting was frustrating for him. It took him a while to understand she was helping him to gain control bit by bit and they managed to spend several hours in bed learning about each other’s bodies and teasing each other.

He definitely was not unsatisfied when it was all said and done, though a little annoyed that he eventually released against her thigh instead of in her. Hiko new he had to work off the frustration and convinced her to take a run with him. She dragged her feet. It was obvious she was not the type of girl that liked working out and as they jogged around the neighborhood she was always way behind him. Eventually he slowed and grabbed her hand practically dragging her along, “You got to keep up.”

“Hiko, can’t we take a break?”

“No. I have not gotten any exercise in other than basketball practice since you and I got involved. I need this.”

“I am not built for this though,” She responded and then got quiet, “Why do you need this? Your body is really fit.”

Annoyed as he thought about it he responded, “When I was younger I was a little overweight. My father blamed it on my mother’s side of the family.”

“You mean the Yamada?”

Stopping suddenly, he felt her crash into him though his body had not budged. He did not remember telling her that, but of course he did mention that he had been to some of the Yamada family gatherings so she probably could have figured it out. Either way it really did not matter. He turned to face her, “My mother is Yamada. Her name is Ako. Probably bothers you right that we are related?”

Definition: Gods of Aslann – While many gods appear in Aslann mythology, several appear among Aslann religions. Kazuma who is considered the creator of the world and life itself is known as the King of the Gods. He divided parts of himself, creating the God of War – Ryozo, the God of Death – Rin, and the God of Love – Hisoka. The gods warred against each other and in the center of their battlefield rose up a single flower. Kazuma believed it to be the most beautiful of all his creations, so he turned it into the Queen of the Gods – Tearra. In most historical text the five great gods walked the earth at one point and became the founders of the Kari (Kazuma), Tylo (Tearra), Hamara (Hisoka), Ishi (Rin), and Waichia (Ryozo).

She had a rather pensive look upon her face, “Not really. There was actually a recent genetic study that says just a thousand years ago that everyone born during that time was related in some form and that in this modern age in Aslann that over seven million of its citizens are related by a common ancestor. Anyone with Tylo, Ishi, Kari, Hamara, or even Waichia blood even if it is a small amount are all descended from the Gods of Aslann. Four of those gods were created by Kazuma, so essentially we are all Kari.”

Hiko laughed nervously, “Don’t say that to my father.”

Tationy had not smiled and he felt a bit nervous until she finally said, “I am sorry your mother left, Hiko.”

Keeping the emotion at bay was difficult so he turned away from her, “Come on we got another mile to do before we can rest.”

They had run in relative silence and eventually stopped at a park. Hiko spotted a basketball that someone left behind that was in pretty decent shape. He felt more comfortable with it in his hands, “You want to talk to me about something.”

He made a rather unhappy expression as he gripped the basketball and watched her sit upon the ground. For a moment he was a little bit too tense, but eventually relaxed as he made the ball bounce, “Ahh.” He took a breath, “About several things actually and I want you to be straight with me.”


“When we were with the Ishi and Jin mentioned Agito being the son of Hayato. It got me thinking. He has been cutting out on practice for a while now. It was starting to get pretty annoying actually and I am wondering if he saw something, him being Tylo and all. Which makes me wonder if you saw something. Is the gymnasium going to shut down? The school? Do you know the answer?”

She made a sound that was not really identifiable, “The future is really quite fickle. Some things you can weave your way through to make them happen the way you want them to and other things are a little more set in stone because you have no control over them. For example, let’s say there is a future where Sadamitsu and Tsubaki got married. It is just one out of millions. Knowing how and why it happens I could push it to happen by ensuring that they are perhaps in the right place at the right time, but other things are out of my control. The Gymnasium can go either way. I have no control over soil.”

“Did you see it though?”

“I saw millions and billions of outcomes for the school and many of them the gymnasium closed. Seeing the future is not enough, being able to calculate which future is going to happen is the key to predicting the future and changing it. The issue becomes which future? I imagine Agito is banking on the fact that in so many futures the gymnasium closed. If you have a million possible outcomes and all but one turns out one way, then it is probably a given that the one with the majority is the right outcome and it is going to get there one way or the other, but the future is always changing.”

“So, what you are saying is there is still a chance for that single outcome.”

“Of course. The Tylo are running around manipulating events right and left. They want something to happen, they make it happen, which inadvertently effects something else. If your future means going left and dieing in a car accident or going right and living happily ever after; your fate is left up to you. Do you pick left or do you pick right. Now the Tylo are a variable that lives outside of calculations. So let’s say you take the path to the right, but there is a Tylo that does not want you to live to see old age. With a little manipulation of events he could in theory make you go left instead of right.”

“This shit pisses me off,” He responded. “I hate knowing my path can be manipulated…” Suddenly he stopped talking as his eyes fixed upon her, “Have you manipulated events involving me?”

Silence. It lingered for some time before she finally said, “I cannot manipulate something when you are the one making all the decisions for us.”

Hiko deduced that was what she meant when she told his father that she was content letting him lead the way, “Is that alright though, Tationy?

“I told you already Hiko I will not let anything hurt our future.”

“Then shouldn’t you…”

She cut him off abruptly, “If I manipulate the future they can see it. It cannot be me that makes the decisions. To move beyond the eyes of other Tylo, you must lead the way. Don’t worry Hiko, I will give you a gentle hand to guide you when and if you need it, but you are doing fine. Our future is all in your hands, if you want something to happen…then make it happen. Have a bit of confidence in yourself.”

Hiko did not understand what she meant. Why did it make a difference if it was her or him leading? Wouldn’t the Tylo see him just as easily as they would her? “I am not like you though,” He said as he shot a few baskets. “I can’t see the future.”

“You are Kari. What special thing do they have that makes them unique?”

Definition: Shoruta – Innate Kari ability known as Adaptive Muscle Memory which allows them to see actions or movements done and replicate them.

He thought about it a moment, “A lot of the other families say that the Kari can do things that defy what normal humans can do. We can see an action or a movement done and instantly learn it. It is nothing really.”

“I think you are wrong about that. Imagine being able to copying the aiming skills of a marksmen, the fighting styles of any master in the world, watching a wrestling match and duplicating a move off the ropes. This is truly unique and not something that ordinary humans can do.”

“It is really not that great.”

“You are wrong. Photographic reflexes allow you to mimic any ability or movement you see. It is amazing.  The possibilities of the things you can learn to do are not just limited to physical activities. Body language for example is an action. Could you imagine what you could do if you could read the bodies of people like they were a book. It is like playing poker and spotting a tell. This essentially allows you to anticipate their actions and respond accordingly. Then, there is combat perception. People that know a fighting style are taught very specific ways of doing things. If you do this, I do that. Learning something like a fighting style and being able to use it allows you to understand how the fighter might think and move, thus knowing what strategy they might use against you. Just being able to do these things helps to improve your dexterity, agility, athleticism, which means you could compete with any of the most proficient and top athletes in the world. You are limiting yourself. The brain is the most important muscle you have. Just as you can use your body to copy these skills, your brain in theory should be able to expand as well. With time you could recall a vast amount of information. Maybe Kazuma’s gift to the Kari was the ability to defy human expectations; perhaps the Kari have simply forgotten what that means. Opening your mind to the possibilities means you are not limited. The vast repertoire you could acquire will make you formidable and unpredictable, which will be useful.”

She had a unique way of seeing things, “I am not smart like you though.”

“There are many different forms of intelligence. My brain just works differently than yours does, but that does not mean you are not capable of keeping up. It is not your intellect that holds you back Hiko Kari, it is your confidence. You do not understand how special you are.”

“Special huh? I am a disappointment to my father and my family. Any hard work I did with the basketball team is mote because I may not be able to show how much I put into it. The one thing I want to do is make love to my girlfriend and I can’t even do that without losing control.”

“Maybe we should watch some porn then.”

Hiko choked as he looked at her suddenly, “What? Why?”

“It was joke.” She responded softly, “The Kari can copy movements and actions. Porn actors last forever…never mind.”

“Oh,” He practically turned red from embarrassment.

“Today was really amazing, Hiko.”

“Was it?”

“Yeah it was. I am really sorry, it was my fault you …”

“Your fault?”

“Well, we were doing a lot of stopping and starting. I could tell you were frustrated. It felt a bit like I was torturing you.”

He got it, she was saying that she let him release instead of stopping again, “I was frustrated, but not with you. That is not even possible when you are being so patient and understanding. Cannot imagine any woman putting up with a man that cannot even control himself long enough to please his woman.”

“You please me.”

“That is not what I meant and you know it.”

Suddenly she was quiet. That silence sometimes was so companionable and other times felt heavy. He let it linger for a moment as he released the ball and said, “I want to talk about Abe. I overheard you and Tsubaki talking, what was yesterday?”

“When Abe and I first met he was so self-assured. He knew what he wanted and how he was going to go about getting it. He was scouted by professional baseball teams since he was in sixth grade. Can you imagine a pro-scout watching an eleven year old play. Watching Abe play is amazing. He is so good at everything. He can pitch and bat and he can get on base faster than any player I ever saw. When he and I were dating I went to all of his games. Never missed one and when the Thacian City Rockets started showing up to scout him, it was a big deal. Abe wants to play pro, but he wants to do it in his home country. He is not interested in going to America like so many other athletes are.” Hiko listened quietly, “There was one game and a scout talked with him after. Invited us both to dinner and after Abe said he really liked what the scout had to say, but he was not ready to play for them yet.”

“Why not?”

“They were not offering him the amount of money he expected. He asked me if I thought they would give it to him at some point, if he should hold out, and I told him yes. Even gave him a time frame for when they might approach him. We agreed on that day that if it happened that we would both be there when he signed the contracts. That we would celebrate. Yesterday he sent me a text saying he was heading to sign the contract and wanted me to be there.” Hiko felt tension settle in his shoulders, “I wanted to keep my word to him. I wanted to be there for him, but yesterday was the day it happened. The best day of his life is one of the worst days of mine.”

“Were you going to tell me?”

“Of course. You got home from the store and we started talking about other things and then Sadamitsu and Tsubaki arrived. I figured I would tell you after they left.”

He wanted to believe that, “You should have told me. Keeping your word is really important even to a piece of shit like that. I would have gone with you.” Pausing a moment he took a breath, “Is Mikio going to be an issue?”

“I cannot say.”

“Cannot or won’t?”

She got quiet a moment, “The future has no certainties, but I have seen him in my future more than once. One day you take a step forward and could become a king, but the next day you take a step back and the walls of your empire come crumbling to the ground. The Tylo bank on the probability that certain events are going to happen and in some cases ensure that they do. Mikio and other Tylos like him see the future as a giant experiment.  We are all just components being added. Whether or not he is going to be an issue or is an issue is not yet clear.”

Hiko found her words troubling as he felt her phone, which was in his pocket, vibrate. He was almost tempted to not say anything, but he pulled it from his pocket certain there could be a chance the message was important. He felt like a jealous and possessive boyfriend when he handed it to her and asked, “Who is it?”

“Got a few. Kyo says that they are cleaning out our dorms today and gave a number that we can call to check in regarding where our stuff will be relocated to. He also says he tried messaging you, but received no response. Wants to know if you are ignoring him. Sadamitsu wants us to come over to his place in a little bit for some band practice and ….” For a moment she was silent, “Booze and sex. That boy is quite a handful.” Hiko tried not to laugh as she continued, “Someone called Zen says to tell you to stop breaking your phone and call him back.”

For a moment he stared at her rubbing the back of his neck, “I wonder how Zen got your number. Did you give it to my dad or something?”

“No. The only people I gave my number to are Tsubaki and Abe. So, I imagine Sadamitsu got it from Tsubaki. Kyo probably got it off the paperwork at school.”

“Maybe he got it from Kyo.” Hiko shrugged casually, “I will tell him not to call.”

“It is fine. With your phone broken people might need to get a hold of you this will be easier.”

“Aren’t you worried about your privacy? I will be able to see your text or who is calling you.”

“I might be a bit old-fashioned in my views on cellphones, but if you are locking something it is because you do not want people to read it. That to me means you are either doing things you are not supposed to be doing to begin with or afraid to share yourself one hundred percent with someone. Locking a phone for professional reasons is one thing, but when you are in a personal relationship with someone especially if it is a long-term relationship and you don’t want your significant other to see your phone, hear your conversations, or read your text then there are some serious communication and respect issues going on there. He liked hearing that even though he was certain at some point in their relationship she might get tired of him always asking.

Hiko had wanted to jog back to the hotel, but Tationy managed to plead and beg for a taxi ride. It had been nice, the two of them cozily sitting close as they made their way through the city. There was still plenty to discuss, but they had been out in the heat far too long. It was time to cool off with a shower and get some food. There were plenty of phone calls that needed to be returned and if Sadamitsu had his way they would be over at his place later on that day.

As they departed the elevator he gave her hand a squeeze as they talked mostly about the increasing humidity since that morning. Rounding the corner Hiko stopped instantly when he caught sight of the last person he wanted to see. “Abe,” Tationy whispered his name.

“Get lost Kari, Tat and I need to talk.”

“Well start talking then, but I am not going anywhere.”

The annoyance was clear on Abe Sosa’s face, but he had relented and started speaking, “You weren’t there, why? Is it because of this piece of shit Kari?”

“It had nothing to do with him Abe.”

“Then answer me. Why did you break your promise?”

“Don’t pretend like you don’t know what yesterday was.”

“I apologized for that.”

“Is that what you call it?”

Their voices were raising and Hiko had to do his best to keep himself out of the conversation. Truth was he wanted to beat Abe into the ground. “Tsk,” The sound through Abe’s teeth sounded harsh even though his expression had remained relatively neutral, but Hiko knew the look of anger in a man’s eyes when he saw it. “You think this Kari does not have perversions? Eventually Tat he is going to want to be balls deep in you and some depraved monster is going to show its ugly face. All men are indecent.”

“Your the only guy like that Sosa,” Hiko spoke.

“Stay the fuck out of our conversation, this has nothing to do with you,” Abe said as he made a motion with his hand to indicate that Hiko’s words had no baring on the discussion. He noticed the silver glint as the necklace that Hiko had ripped off of him during their initial fight became unhidden from Abe’s shirt. The fact that Abe was wearing that promise ring around his neck again told Hiko that things were not over between him and Tationy as much as he wanted them to be. Forcing himself to remain cool was proving to be difficult.

“You wrapped your hands around my throat Abe,” She finally spoke which silenced the two men, “Your penis kept rubbing against me as you squeezed harder and even though I was grabbing your hands trying to remove them, you still continued to choke me. I was struggling beneath you, dizzy, and couldn’t breathe. You would not have even noticed if you killed me because that moment was about you. It was about your depravity. I knew it was a mistake, but how else is a girl suppose to make a selfish guy like you understand when he does not believe the words she speaks?”

Tationy’s phone rang which halted the conversation. Even though Hiko did not want to answer it he knew he needed to when he saw it was Zen. He was hardly listening to Zen though as Abe spoke, “I seriously do not want to be having this conversation in front of that Kari.” With an annoyed sigh he continued as he set the gift box on the windowsill, “I was excited. My betrothed who had been telling me no for the longest time said she would share my bed. Everything was perfect Tat. I was comfortable. I thought we could share everything with each other, but really all those times you told me that you would accept me for me, you were really saying just the things you approved of. I might be depraved, but at least I am not a frigid prude. You told me hundreds of times there was no one else, but that slutty body of yours never once got exited by my touch. Tell me again Tat, that I was the only one.” He stared at her, “Nothing? Need your Kari boyfriend to get off the phone and speak for you?”

Hiko was annoyed as he listened to the conversation between Tationy and Abe. Speaking on the phone he said, “Zen I will call you back.” If Zen had wanted to respond he was given little opportunity when Hiko hung up the phone and directed his attention upon Tationy whose face seemed far more hurt than he expected it would. Abe’s words must have stung deeply, “Tationy go inside.”

She instantly protested, “But…”

He had to refrain from snapping, “Go.”

“Please don’t fight, Hiko.”

He had to bite back the irritation at being limited in what he could do in this situation, “I won’t.” While she walked away the two men stood silently staring at each other. Don’t fight. Inwardly he groaned he wanted to beat this Sosa scum into a bloody pulp. Round two that was what he wanted and this time she would not be there to see him lose control. No one deserved it more than Sosa did. He took a breath as he leaned his back against the windowsill. He needed a cigarette. Having not had one for nearly two days his nerves felt rather shot. After several long moments of silence he spoke, “Saying that shit make you feel better?”

“I don’t need a lecture from you.”

“No lecture. I kind of understand.” He noticed a subtle movement from Abe, but the guy offered no response. “If the roles were reversed I would be pretty angry. Don’t know what I would do or say.”

Abe snorted, “So, what are we friends now?”

“No, I just don’t like seeing that look upon her face. So, why don’t you tell me what this was really all about? You came all this way to make her feel like shit?”

There was silence from Abe and Hiko thought for certain he was not even going to say a word. He could hear him moving about and then felt a nudge to his arm. When he looked he noticed a photograph which Abe had pulled from his wallet. He had to hold back the choking feeling when he realized it was of Tationy.

Taking the offered picture he gazed upon it. This girl was not the same girl he was sharing a bed with and calling his girlfriend. “What you think you know and what you know are two different things. You don’t know shit. That girl in there is not the real her. To get back at me she went from this,” He said tapping the picture in Hiko’s hands, “To that. You are just another thing in a very long list of revenge tactics.”

He didn’t want to believe that as his eyes memorized every detail of the photo. Hiko wanted to tell Abe to shove it that Tationy did not want to be with him. Even though he recalled Tationy saying she changed her appearance because Abe hated it, there was a part of him that was doubting. She seemed so happy in the photo. Her eyes were smiling. Did her eyes twinkle at all since they got together? As Abe continued talking his words stung, “This is the life you have planned out for the two of you; hotels and asking for money from her mother?”

How did Abe know about that? “I did not ask, her mother offered. It is a business arrangement.” Hiko did not know why he was even bothering to defend himself.

“So, you bought Tationy.” Those words stung too deeply. This guy knew how to hit below the belt. “Think what you want of me Kari, but I was never desperate or depraved enough to buy her. Even when her mother offered. I guess that is the difference between you and I. I love her and you want to own her.”

Definition: Low Blood – Derogatory term used by the elite of Aslann for those who were not born with wealth and privilege.

This guy got under Hiko’s skin and even though he was screaming at himself not to do it. Within seconds he had Abe backed against the wall and his forearm pressed across his throat. Through strained breath Abe spoke, “Go ahead, low blood.”

“Keep talking,” Hiko said through gritted teeth. “Give me a reason.”

Abe managed a smirk, “Someone like you don’t need one. You got nothing to offer her. The only thing you know how to do is hurt people with your fist. I have plenty of patience. Someday, Tationy is going to find her way to my bed and I am going to fuck her. She won’t ever go back to a piece of shit Kari like you.”

Hiko knew he was being goaded. Every ounce of strength he had to resist the urge to hit him that is what it took to pull himself away. “Don’t come back her again. Don’t call her. Don’t look at her. Don’t even attempt to visit her. If you do, I will definitely kill you.”

When he entered the room he slammed the door behind him. Several deep breaths later he finally sought her out with his eyes only to be disheartened when he saw that pained look upon her face. The same look she had the day he and Abe fought over her. It angered him. As if he was not irritated enough to begin with, having her look like that again frustrated him. He was moving, even though he kept telling himself to stop and take several breaths the palm of his hand slammed into the wall at the side of her head. No reaction from her. She knew it was coming. “Is that look on you face for him? Answer me Tationy. Tell me you don’t feel anything for him. Please, tell me that.”

Her lack of response was not helping the situation, “I lied to you before.”

With an exasperated sigh he responded, “Of course you did.”

“I told you that when I said I love you to Abe he did not believe me. Always said that it seemed like I wanted to say those words to someone else. You asked me if I did and I told you no that there was no one else. That was not true though. There was someone else. You asked me earlier today if I ever manipulated events regarding you and I gave you a partial truth.”

“So, lying is all you know how to do huh?”

“I was deceptive when I pretended as though we did not know each other and when I pretended to not remember that day when we were little. I remembered. I just didn’t say anything. The truth is Hiko, that you have been in my head my entire life. When Abe and I got together I was at a point where I refused to believe that I could see the future. Each thing he did just made it clear. I knew what was going to happen when I went with him that night. I knew it and I went anyway. I guess I hoped I was wrong. That all of this craziness I see in my head all the time was just that. I put myself in that situation.”

He found himself staring blankly at her as she spoke, “I didn’t hate Abe for being who he is. I knew he was that way all along and even though I was afraid I stayed with him. After what happened I just kept thinking about this power. How I hated it. Having it brought me nothing. So, this is where that partial truth comes in. I am a selfish woman who wanted to have that little boy look at her again, even if for just a moment. So, I followed that path. I got myself kicked out of school after school, until there was no place else for my mother to send me. She was happy sending me to Sofore after all Abe was there. All I had to do was let my mother know which dorm Abe was in which happened to be the same dorm you were residing. She did the rest. I was happy just being able to see you even though you never once looked at me. That little boy, changed so much.”

Hiko expelled air from his lungs as he placed his other hand on the wall near her side. “You really piss me off you know that?”

She finally looked at him, “I know.”

“I told you no more secrets and no lying. Seriously, do not know what I am going to do with you.”

“Love me, own me, keep me. You have my permission to do anything you want.”

“Are you going to regret those words if I become a monster Tationy?”

“I am more a monster then you will ever be.”

There was tension in his arms and his shoulders as he looked into her eyes. He could see it so clearly. That pained expression wasn’t because she was unhappy or tormented, it wasn’t for Abe or even him, it was because she was aware of the depths she would go to obtain what she wanted and hold on to it. She had called him timid at one point. Told him he needed to have more confidence. He was Kari. She was his woman. He was her man. His responsibility was to take care of her and protect her. They were the same, “If this is how it is Tationy, then understand I won’t tolerate Abe coming around. Don’t give your word to another man ever again. Are we clear?”


“Is there anything you want to say?”

Her eyes were fixed on his, “If you ever betray me Hiko Kari, I will send you to a place you will never be able to return from.”

He leaned down slightly, “You are really scary you know that?”

“Stop pretending it does not turn you on.”

Hiko nervously laughed a moment before speaking seriously, “I wanted to kill him especially when he said you would find your way to his bed. This, me and you, was not for revenge right?”

“Abe is a sadist that is incapable of feeling love. He can fake it pretty well, but true pleasure for him comes from hurting people regardless of the form. Revenge has no baring on a situation where the person involved is incapable of caring. Abe says what he says for reactions. Pushing your buttons is fun for him. Taking the girlfriend of a rival is conquest. Nothing is more fun to him then seeing the face of the guy when he walks in and his girlfriend is on all fours being taken. Abe likes those guys he can break. Timid guys that are not going to fight back or those guys like you that are quick to temper. Making a fool out of men is just as much fun to Abe as his kink and fetishes in the bedroom. Revenge does not work on him. Me leaving was a slight against him. How dare I walk away from Abe Sosa. He only cares because I left. It has nothing to do with wanting me back or love. That is the type of guy he is.”

Tationy always took a simple yes or no question and turned it into a long drawn out answer. He was glad though. Even though she was older she was still that same odd little girl he met at the Yamada estate and played in the thistle field with.

To Be Continued


  1. Can’t say I blame Tationy for manipulating events so she could see Hiko again, especially considering the crappy life she has lived and the immense power she wields. Not to mention, having Abe as a boyfriend, yikes!

    • We will learn a bit more about how the Tylo’s see the world and why that encounter with Hiko was so important for Tationy in Chapter 21. We will also learn why Miroku was not around and how her life would have been, had he been there.

      Haha, well Abe is a different sort. His relationship with Tationy is very interesting and will be explored a bit more in later chapters. For now, he just gets to be the bad guy. Haha.

  2. Abe ♡♡♡ I love him even more now. That last speech of hers about him… he’s surely my shipping material. Can I keep him? xD
    As for Hiko, I’m surely getting the feel that he misses a sword. Even his special ability seems a bit hard to use in modern setting, while in earlier times it would be a huge gift. It makes for a great character struggle though.
    I think Abe was very right about Hiko willing to posses. Like… this kind of addiction is much more dangerous than Abe with his games, since Abe does it purely for fun or some other reasons of his own.
    The way he snaps at Tationy surely shows that there’s a place for a monster to grow. Though she seems very well aware of that.
    Also all that reminds me on underlines in my own stories a lot xD It really amusing to find out Letty and Tationy have plenty of things in common.

    • Yeah that speech of hers pretty accurate, but she leaves out the most important thing. She gives Hiko what he needs to groom him and not the whole picture, because lets face it Hiko could not handle the whole picture.

      HAHA, yes you can keep him. Ship him like crazy. ^_^ Yes, Hiko definitely is missing his sword, he does not fit into the world and the story at all, but that tends to be how it is sometimes, you have that one character that you have to work out the kinks on before you can realize he is meant to be someplace else.

      All Kari really possess in a lot of ways. Men that stubborn in a lot of ways it is hard for them to do anything else, but at the same time there is a level of respect in everything they do, Hiko is always the exception to this. Let’s face it, he does not understand what he is feeling and confuses half of it with something else.

      Yes, Hiko very much can be turned into a monster. There is a saying among the Kari when someone says “He is a good man” The Kari will come back with “We are Kari, none of us are good men.” None of them are. Kyo who is the nicest of the Kari is not even a good man, it is just harder to get him to cross that line where we see that side of him.

      HAHA, yes Letty and Tationy should be BFF’s. They have so much in common and the list of men that have died because of them is so long. HAHA.

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