The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel – Chapter 19: Defrocking Sadamitsu

After dinner, they had taken off to the hotel to check out. His father had ask him and Tationy to return and stay with him until it was time for them to head back to Sofore. Hiko had wanted to tell him no, but he was tired of all of the shuffling around that he and Tationy were doing. He wanted to give her stability and the fact that the two of them where constantly on the move showed that they were not anywhere close. When they returned to his father’s house, they spoke briefly about an unexpected arrival in the form of a highly intoxicated Sadamitsu.

Dropping the bags to the side, he was staring at him when Tationy finally entered the room with flowers in hand. She did not seem surprised to see Sadamitsu and went about putting the flowers on a nearby trunk, “There,” She said with her hands upon her hips. “Your room almost looks like a girl is staying here.”

“She isn’t just staying, this is her room as much as it is mine.”

“Ohh, is that so? Should we paint the walls pink then?”


Her responding giggle told him she was slightly amused as he watched her move toward Sadamitsu. Tentatively her hand reached out, “Should we wake him?”

“Let him be. He needs to sleep it off.”

“Hiko, don’t you want to know why he is here?”

“I don’t need to know. I have only seen him this drunk once before and due to the timetable you gave me on yours and Abe’s relationship, I am guessing it was because he found out that Tsubaki was sleeping with Abe. Which tells me that this is because of her.”

“How long has he been here?”

“My dad said he arrived just after we left and was slurring his words so much that he could not even understand him. So, he gave him a bucket and some water and told him not to puke on his floors.”

Tationy chuckled, “Your father is so caring.”

“Is that what you call it?”

“Sure, he could have kicked him out. He didn’t though and even gave him a bucket to puke in and water to help with the dry mouth. All without a lecture.”

“Tationy, you have a unique way of seeing things.”

“Do I?” She asked as she glanced over her shoulder and smiled.


For a moment, he was lost in thought as he stood staring at Sadamitsu with his hands in his pockets. He hadn’t realized he was tense until she spoke, “You are angry.”

With an annoyed sigh he responded, “I knew spending time with her was a bad idea.”

“Do you not like Tsubaki?”

“I don’t like any girl that thinks cheating is acceptable. The state he is in just proves she is trouble.”

“Hiko, you seem so certain this has to do with her….”

He cut Tationy off, “It did and I do not even need you to tell me as much.”

‘Hmm’, was her response. Even as she opened one of the bags and grabbed something to wear to bed he considered what exactly ‘hmm’ meant. Hiko had been starting to have a pretty decent day, but now with Sadamitsu here he could not help wondering about Tationy’s words. It was just not to long ago that he had found himself asking a single question and now here he was asking the same thing. Was this what she meant when she said that the audition might not go as Sadamitsu wanted it to?

His thoughts were distracted as he felt the bed move when she climbed on it. With her hand resting to his shoulder she asked, “Are you going to talk to me?”

“Why are the lives of my friends turning out like this?”

“It is interesting really.” Her words only served to irritate him more until he remembered what she said about the Tylo. The world to them was an experiment and everyone was just another component. “The stuff with Sofore was always suppose to happen, but had you and I not gotten together then that camping trip would have been just you, Kuro, and Sadamitsu. Tsubaki would not have been a factor, but I do not believe it changes things all that much. In the outcomes I have seen for your friends, they each experience ups and downs and ultimately this division that is happening was always meant to transpire. Some might call it outgrowing your friends, but the truth is far more complicated. Even when two people are connected, not every path leads to the same location.”

Hiko told himself that he did not need to ask, but he did anyway. “Did you see what happened with Tsubaki?”

“Tsubaki’s path has always been the clearest I have encountered. She wants to leave Aslann. That is the only thing that is truly important to her. Even if she and Sadamitsu spent several lifetimes together, she will always carry a torch for Abe. This is ingrained within every fiber of her being. It is something I understand because I feel the same about you. It is a complicated love line. Sadamitsu loves Tsubaki. Tsubaki loves Abe.”

“Abe loves you.”

“Abe is incapable of loving anyone. There is a path for him that makes him far more endearing. Almost even human, but ultimately that path is determined by Tsubaki’s. If she goes left instead of right, Abe will never grow.” Pausing only a moment she added, “I did see it. That night we were all gathered for band practice. I even insisted she not visit Abe the next day, but even as she said she didn’t plan on it I knew she was going to. There was no stopping it after that. The confrontation with Sadamitsu was inevitable.”

“So, she chose Abe?”

“Tsubaki will always choose Abe even if her and Sadamitsu were married. Sadamitsu knew that and entered into it anyway. He is such an optimist and a romantic really. He wanted to be her one and only and deep down knew he was never going to be. That did not mean he wasn’t willing to lay it all on the line. He is pretty abrasive and says what he wants, but deep down he has a true-blue heart that he just wants to share with that special girl. Tsubaki cannot appreciate that as she is now.”

Hiko frowned as he asked, “Sune is not going to play the drums after this is he?”

“Sune is not the type to put himself in the middle of something. Any reasonable person would be able to see that he is not siding with Sadamitsu just honoring his obligations, Tsubaki will not see it that way and Sune is acutely aware of this.”

“A single action can shatter someones dream…”

“I would not say it is shattered. There is still hope.”

“Do you know another drummer?”

“No, but I know someone that could learn quickly.”

It took him far too long to realize she was talking about him, “No.”

“Hiko, you are Kari. We have just a few days left and in that time both Sadamitsu and I could teach you. This is Sadamitsu’s last option for the audition. If you do not play, he will never get another chance like this.”

“What if I can’t do it?”

“I have faith in you and Sadamitsu I am certain will just be glad to have a chance to show his worth to Tequila Monsters.”

It was with uncertainty he shook his head, “I don’t know. I am not into music. I never wanted to learn to play an instrument. I just don’t want to be the source of disappointment.”

“Sadamitsu really needs this right now.”

Hiko agonized over his answer. If he didn’t help he knew he would feel guilty. Sadamitsu was his friend, but could he really do this? He never even played in a band. Never picked up an instrument. He hardly listened to any music at all. He sighed thinking how much he would prefer to learn a fighting style as he said, “Fuck it, alright I will do it.”

She chuckled and her words were almost as though she read his thoughts, “The beats of battle. Did you know that the military used drum rolls to relay the commands of an officer during battle to their troops. Drummers are the backbone of any band. Every member should be able to keep time, but the drummer needs to be a master at it. It is his beats that communicate what is happening to the rest of the band. You, more than Sadamitsu and I will be the foundation. Playing the drums is not about being loud or fast. It is what brings the band to life and holds it together. Without it, it is like a body with no heart.” Tationy always had such confidence in him, but he still found himself doubting whether or not he was even capable of doing it. She moved around on the bed until she laid herself down and added, “Hiko Kari, you have such a big heart. Have a bit of confidence in yourself.”

As he maneuvered himself into a comfortable position he grabbed a hold of her tightly. Tationy was always saying things like that. She always made him feel as though he was important, even if most days he did not see himself that way. It made it difficult to say no to her. Anything she wanted, he was certain he would give it to her. All she had to do was ask him. Until then, he was content just holding on to her.

In the morning Hiko and Tationy were both up early. Showered and dressed for the day, they made a few phone calls and had some breakfast. Hiko wanted to make certain that they got on the list for the next entrance exam date. When he returned to his room he spotted Sadamitsu coming out of the bathroom. He was almost thankful it was him instead of Tationy. The last thing he wanted was for her to see another guy in varying states of undress, “How is your head?”

“Pounding.” There was a moment of silence, “I used your shower, I hope that is alright. I sort of …”

Hiko waved his hand. The smell of vomit in his room told him that Sadamitsu had an accident, “It is cool.” He grabbed a shirt from his closet and tossed it toward his friend, “Want me to give you a ride home so you can get some clothes…”

Sadamitsu cut him off, “If it is alright. I would rather just hang out here for a bit. My father is on a warpath.”

It came as no surprise to Hiko that Sadamitsu did not want to go home. Tationy had told him as much indirectly when she mentioned that it would be fun if the three of them did something together, “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not right now.” He rubbed the back of his neck as he quickly changed the subject, “Is your dad pissed at me?”


“Hmm,” There it was again. Tationy had done the same thing the night before. Was she echoing Sadamitsu? “Did I interrupt your night with Tationy?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Well I was passed out on your couch. Does not really encourage intimacy.”

Consideration from Sadamitsu caused Hiko to chuckle, “We were both tired. It was a pretty emotional day for us dealing with a house full of Kari and then an exceptionally long dinner with my dad. There was no interruption.”

“Things worked out?”

“My father gave me full control over my money and asked us to stay here with him until we return to Sofore. So, yeah it worked out. Surprisingly far better than I anticipated. I thought it was going to be a bad day when I walked in and saw all of those Kari standing there.”

“That is good. I am glad to hear it.”

Hiko really did not like seeing this side of Sadamitsu. He seemed lifeless. Certainly not the lively, excitable guy he normally was. “Tationy made us plans for today, so you should probably get dressed.”


“Yeah, hurry she does not want to be late.” Hiko did not give Sadamitsu any opportunity to protest as he exited his bedroom. Tationy had mentioned several times that morning that she thought they should take Sadamitsu out to have fun. He had brushed it off as unnecessary, but now after talking with Sadamitsu he understood why she was so insistent.

Sadamitsu had been quiet, not even asking where they were going. When they finally arrived at the amusement park, Tationy disappeared rather quickly leaving Sadamitsu and Hiko alone. He was almost annoyed at her for doing that as they wandered a bit and he realized that this was by far the worst he had ever seen Sadamitsu. Back then, Kuro had handled him while Hiko stood on the sidelines and watched.

Hiko ducked his head into the arcade and looked about. Surprising it was not as busy as he thought it would be as he moved toward a game of whack-a-mole. If nothing else, Sadamitsu could picture the moles as Tsubaki.

At first Sadamitsu seemed uninterested as Hiko played the game, but eventually he exchanged some cash for tokens and began to play. The more he played the louder he got, “You fucking mole.”

Hiko laughed, “Having issues.”

“I feel stupid.” At first Hiko thought he was talking about playing the arcade game until he added, “All I wanted to know was why. I don’t understand her need to be so hurtful. Sure I knew what I was getting into with Tsubaki it is not like she is a nice girl like Tationy. No, she had to say that she hates my music, my friends, my style, and my face. All she had to say was I am still fucking Abe and we could have just called it a day, but she just wanted to dance around it without giving me an explanation about why it was over. When she finally did, she just got petty. I knew it was casual, but she was really callous with her words. Of course, I probably was not much better. I told her I pitied her. I might as well have called her slut and got the same response.”

It dawned on Hiko as Sadamitsu spoke that his friend, despite all the bravado was actually sensitive. “Did you know she was sleeping with Abe?”

“I suspected she was,” Sadamitsu responded as he whacked the same spot several times and cursed, “Stupid mole.”

“Why would you get involved with her then?”

“You wouldn’t understand.”

“Why is that?”

Sadamitsu shrugged, “I never even saw you look at any girl until Tationy came along. You are not exactly the type of guy that lust after women. For a long time I thought you might actually be asexual, but I guess you are probably more demisexual.”

“Do I even want to know what that is?”

“Demisexual is a lack of sexual attraction to anyone unless they are deeply connected romantically or emotionally.”

Hiko was quiet as he considered the words of Sadamitsu. Among the Kari he knew what was expected of him. It was to get married and have children. That was not to say that the Kari were not supportive of those that might identify themselves as homosexual or bisexual, but generally most Kari would refer to themselves as heterosexual. Hiko had always thought of himself as being straight. When Hiko looked at people, he just saw people. He couldn’t recall a time that he had gotten aroused or felt sexually attracted before Tationy came into his life. Which made him instantly think back on something Tationy had said. She had described his father as cautious and smart after they met for the first time and then added, ‘He calculated the odds of you bringing home a particular type of girl. Under normal circumstances his calculations might have been spot-on.’ 

He recalled telling her that he did not even know what that meant, but now that he thought back on the words maybe she was referring to the fact that he didn’t feel sexually attracted to anyone. Maybe what she was telling him was that if he was ‘normal’ like Sadamitsu, his father’s calculations about the type of girl he brought home would have been accurate. He grumbled under his breath, not certain if it was a compliment or an insult. After a moment he spoke to Sadamitsu, “I think I might understand better then you think. If the situations were reversed, I would consider sleeping with Tationy even knowing she was with Abe. I wouldn’t like it and would not respect myself after, but she means everything to me. However, a relationship built on cheating is not healthy and violates all parties involved.”

“Is that your way of saying, once a cheater always a cheater?”

“Ahh, sorry.”

“Nah, you are right. It was probably ninety-eight percent ego on my part. I guess I might be to use to being the smartest guy in the room. Part of me thought that maybe she might think I was fun and worth her time. That I could make it so she never thought of him again, but I am not Abe. I don’t even know or understand what the hold is he has over her. I think I could get it if it was just the sex or the violence even, but I don’t think it is just that. Part of me thinks she actually likes how he degrades her. That she wants to be in that position where she is nothing more than his sex toy.”

“Is it degrading to her?”

Sadamitsu turned to look at Hiko when the game came to an end, “Huh, you make a good point. I never considered that maybe she does not see it as degrading at all.”

Hiko had been about to respond when he heard Tationy’s voice ask, “Am I interrupting?”

“No,” Sadamitsu quickly responded.

“Good, because I signed us up for a room.”

“A room?”

“Hiko says you like Karaoke. I figured the two of us can continue that song contest. Are you up for a challenge?”

Sadamitsu chuckled, “Yeah, I am definitely up for a challenge.”

When they got themselves situated in one of the many Karaoke rooms it was Tationy that got the contest started as they put the machine on random and whatever song came up they had to sing. Well her and Sadamitsu, Hiko was not participating. He watched her from his spot on the sofa and was impressed that she had waited in line since their arrival just to secure them a room and made certain that there were amenities available for them such as sodas and pocky. He liked this about her. She knew how to make certain that everything was situated and organized without him having to do any of the fuss.

“Are the two of you really going back to Sofore?”

“Ahh. We are going to take the entrance exam and get everything situated to start in the fall or spring, but until then we are going to finish out what time we have left at Sofore. It is an important part of our lives and we need to see it through until it is time for us to move on.”

“I guess maybe I should do that as well.”


“What do you mean why? Sune is not going…”

Hiko interrupted him, “Tationy and I already discussed this situation with the audition. When we get back to my father’s house later the two of you are going to teach me how to play drums. She did ask if you were up for a challenge.”

He could feel Sadamitsu’s eyes securely on him, “You two are unbelievable.”

“Don’t make a big deal out of it. I might suck.”

There was a tension filled silence that followed until Sadamitsu broke it by saying, “Sorry.”


“Talking about you and Tationy behind your backs with Tsubaki.”

He wanted to say he was surprised, but he wasn’t. “I am Kari. There is nothing you have said behind my back that has not been said to my face. Don’t worry about it.”

“Still, I consider you a friend and participated in those conversations even made jokes. You two are the only people standing with me. Probably the only friends I have.”

“Don’t apologize, it is not like you. Just get back to the asshole you normally are. Something feels wrong with the world when you are like this.”

“How do I do that though? I knew that eventually it would happen, I just didn’t expect it so soon or for her to be so callous. I figured she would just tell me it was over and why, not what she did. I don’t understand why she couldn’t be straight with me. It was like pulling teeth just to get an answer and when she finally did she told me she hates everything about me….”

♪ I close my eyes and see you before me ♪
♪ Think I would die if you were to ignore me ♪
♪ A fool could see just how much I adore you ♪
♪ I’d get down on my knees, I’d do anything for you ♪

Hiko noticed how Sadamitsu halted his words and focused on Tationy who was still singing. Sadamitsu finally spoke, “Are you in love with her?”


“Have you told her?”

“If you are asking me if I said ‘I love you’ the answer is no. She and I are the same. When she addresses me she always uses my name and I always use hers. She does not call me hun and I do not call her babe. To do so would be disrespectful and without even saying so we both seem to understand that. People say ‘I love you’ for all the wrong reasons. Without meaning they use it. I will never tell her ‘I love her’ and I know she will never say it to me.”

Hiko could have told Sadamitsu that their ‘I love you’ was something different and shared just between them. Only they would ever understand its significance and most people if they heard it would pass it off as something else entirely, but for as long as he could he wanted to keep the intimate details of their life together just between them.

“Doesn’t that bother you?”

“No. I know how she feels and I trust in those feelings.”

“Is that what love is?”

“For us it is.” Hiko noticed the expression that graced Sadamitsu’s features and decided that he was probably considering the words. He had never experienced loved before Tationy so he could only speak about what he knew. To some their relationship might not make a lot of sense, but it worked for them and it was young and blossoming still. Certainly they would have ups and downs, after all everything since Hiko met Tationy was like a roller coaster, but that did not mean they were any less committed just because they were moving quickly and were slightly outside conventional.

When Tationy and Sadamitsu finally switched places she quickly took a seat next to him. He loved feeling her warmth, but did not react to her proximity until he was certain Sadamitsu was enthralled in the Karaoke.

♪ Risin’ up straight to the top ♪
♪ Had the guts, got the glory ♪
♪ Went the distance ♪
♪ Now I’m not gonna stop ♪
♪ Just a man and his will to survive ♪

He used his hand to coax her head to turn as he leaned in. His lips were already wet, his mouth open, and his tongue ready to taste her as he leaned in and claimed his kiss. Even though it was not the first time that day he got to kiss her, it felt like it was. Breathless, she only spoke when the kiss finally broke, “How is our big kid doing?”

Chuckling he responded, “A little better. I think you were right, this was a good idea.”

“I wish I knew someone to fix him up with, but he has his heart set on Tsubaki. Until he moves past her, he will never completely move on.”

“Cannot blame him. I would never be able to move on from you. Every day would probably feel like I was just going through the motions.”

“You are far stronger then you give yourself credit for, Hiko Kari.”

“I am stronger with you.”

She was teasing him when she asked, “How are you going to survive a class without me when we are at a university together?”


She laughed as she swatted him, “What am I going to do with you?”

“Play with me always.”

She smiled as she snuggled into him, “Always and forever.”

They spent the entire night riding the rides, playing games, and just enjoying the freedom of being young. It was only after the park closed at nine that they headed to Sadamitsu’s family home to pick up the band equipment. Tationy had thought that would be the best time to go, so they could avoid Shin Anami, Sadamitsu’s father. Hiko had not gotten a chance to ask Sadamitsu about why his father was on a warpath, certain that it was probably something that was none of his business he did not push a conversation even though he was slightly curious why Sadamitsu asked if he could crash with him for a while.

With the drum set up, Sadamitsu played a bit. Each movement only made Hiko more concerned that he would not be able to do it. The noise drew his fathers attention to the living room, “Hiko, is there a particular reason my living room has a drum set in it?”

“Sadamitsu has an audition and they are trying to teach me to play it to help.”

“I take it the reason this is transpiring here instead of at his place is due to some conflict between father and son.”

“Sorry, Mr. Kari. He is pretty mad at me right now.”

His father gave Sadamitsu a hard stare and honestly Hiko half expected him to tell Sadamitsu to go home, “Fathers and sons don’t always see eye to eye. Don’t push him out of your life entirely. As for this…” He directed his attention upon the drum set.

Interrupting, Hiko responded, “We just need a few days. The audition is coming up soon. I am not sure I am going to be able to learn.”

“Why not?”

Hiko really had no reason other than self-doubt. His mouth opened to say something when he noticed his father picking up the drumsticks and taking a seat, “What are you doing?”

“Something children forget is that parents were once their age. My father forced me to learn an instrument, so I picked the one that would annoy him the most.”

His fathers words surprised him, but Tationy and Sadamitsu both laughed.

It would be Sadamitsu that would respond though, “Sounds like something your son would do.” With pursed lips Hiko thought about saying something, but kept his mouth shut focusing instead on his father. Hiko noticed the concentration upon his dads face as he began playing. He was not certain how to describe the style. It felt restrained like Tadayoshi Kari, but not in a controlled way. Relaxed perhaps was the appropriate word. “That is a nice sound,” Sadamitsu spoke. “Mr. Kari has been listening to the Jimi Hendrix Experience got a little Buddy Miles feel to that beat.”

“Very solid,” Tationy responded and Hiko suddenly felt a bit of jealousy. If his father could do it, why couldn’t he?

Over the days that followed Hiko learned from each of them. Tationy’s style at the drums was a bit similar to his fathers, but there were noticeable differences. On the downbeat she was emphasizing the bass drum instead of the snare and some of her beats were different sounding to him. Hiko had asked about both and she told him she preferred a deep base sound and the odd arrhythmic sound he was hearing was called syncopation which in some cases made the beat seem ‘off tune’. It was a style of drumming commonly used in reggae, but it was not unheard of in rock on a variety of instruments and had been used in songs by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Rolling Stones.

Sadamitu’s style was by far the most energetic. He had explained that rock and punk tended to be that way with punk being faster and more aggressive. Keeping time was important and that adding flourishes called “fills” between beats would bring a drummers style to life and make it truly unique from others. The most important thing Hiko learned though was what it was about Sadamitsu that made him unique. Hiko knew that the Anami had a similar ability to the Kari. They were able to see something done once and replicate it, but he had not realized how limited the Anami were until he asked Sadamitsu where he learned so much about music.

“I can hear a song and replicate it. Every aspect of it from the downbeat to the upbeat. Even how the musician plays it. It is sort of similar to what the Kari do, but I am not capable of learning everything and anything. I am limited to just this one thing so when my father realized that music was my unique Anami quality he set me up with a bunch of tutors to teach me any instrument I wanted to learn and how to read music. Having high intelligence and an eidetic memory helps. Tationy being an autodidact is far more interesting though.”

Hiko stared, “Autodidact?”

“I am surprised you have not noticed. When I seen her play bass I thought there was something interesting about her style, but I noticed it again when she was playing drums. She taught herself and puts these unique flourishes in her play style that do not fit in without the other instruments. I am betting her dad will notice it right away. It is an interesting style and she plays slap bass which is not a common practice among bass players.”

“She is pretty unique huh?”

Sadamitsu chuckled as he pulled himself away from the drum set, “Yeah. I like her and she is smarter than I am. Cannot say that about many people.” He stretched and yawn, “Alright, time for you to get in some more practice. I am going to get some food and a catnap.”

The hours and days moved by so quickly as he played. Trying to incorporate what he learned from all three and mastering it in just a few days. Tationy finally joined him at about midnight, “Cannot stay up all night. We got a few hours before we need to be at the hall for the audition.” She took a seat on the sofa and yawned.

He continued to play as Sadamitsu entered and gave Hiko a curt nod as he spoke to Tationy, “He is getting pretty good.”

“Yeah he should do fine.”

“Are you sure about these two songs?”

“Of course. Miroku plays bass and writes the songs. He is not looking to hear his own work. He just wants to know if you can play them. What he is looking for is how well the band plays together. I am certain of it. Every song he writes is very intricate, but is not written just for one instrument. They are weaved together to tell a story, which means the instruments really need to compliment each other. Playing their songs is not going to show them anything because they have a particular way they like to do them and we would be doing it our way.”

Sadamitsu nodded his head, “Bands will probably be lining up pretty early. Thankfully we do not have to lug the drums with us, but we should try and get there as soon as possible. Do you have something picked out for Hiko to wear. I swear the only thing he owns is baseball shirts.”

Tationy laughed, “Do not worry he will be drummer appropriate though probably complaining.” There was a momentary pause before she asked, “Hiko and I noticed you were not here for dinner. Did you go and see your dad?”


Hiko stopped playing, “Why not?”

“Just don’t know what to say and even if I did, it probably would not make a world of difference. I should tell him though that I have not been chaste since I was twelve, but he has already demanded retribution from the Zenaku. If I say something now he loses face. It would just get uglier. I am guessing that is why Tsubaki has not said anything. It would just make it harder on both of us.” He paused a moment, “Alright enough of this talk. Time to get some sleep.”

Taking a seat next to Tationy, Hiko wrapped his arms around her as Sadamitsu wandered off, “You are worried about him, I can tell.”

“Am I that obvious?”

“No, you just have a big heart and he is your friend.”

“I wish I knew what to say to him. What advice do I give him? Even, my dad has been really understanding, which tells me he knows a lot more about what is going on then even he has said. I don’t want to push Sadamitsu to talk about it. The little that he has revealed tells me it goes a lot deeper. I thought my dad and I had issues, but I guess his are worse.”

“I imagine this has to do with Sadamitsu’s moral well-being. His father has groomed him to be a priest of the Anami. He probably expected morality and chastity. Not two words that describe Sadamitsu.”

He laughed, “Probably should not even be in the same sentence with his name.”

Tationy offered a comforting smile as she took his hand, “You are doing all you can and your father is being supportive because he understands what it means to be at odds with his son. He is not unsympathetic in this matter. There is nothing either of you can do though. Sadamitsu is smart enough to understand the path that is before him. I believe, he has already made his decision and any words you did offer would just solidify his reasoning for making that choice. Now, as much as I like this quiet time just the two of us we should probably get some sleep. We have a big day tomorrow and I need to relax my Hiko a little because he is rather nervous.”

Hiko realized he had failed to hide the tension as she teased her fingers, “I want this to go well for him.”

“Which is all the more reason for you to take me to bed so I can relax you.”

Chuckling nervously, “Sadamitsu is still sleeping on the couch.”

“I promise not to moan too loudly.”

“Well that would be disappointing if you kept that promise, I like it when you moan for me.”

That smile made him so happy, “Want to stay right here for a bit?”

“Ahh,” Hiko managed to respond before leaning in to seize the opportunity to kiss the woman he loved. He was acutely aware that they could not stay in the living room kissing all night. It was late and they had to be up early just to make it to the audition location, but for just a moment he wanted to hold her tightly and forget all of the craziness that was going on around him.

To Be Continued


  1. You know. When I look at Sadamitsu, I feel very sad. I almost cry…. *nearly let out a small tear tbh* hehehe. I just want to hold him close and comfort him. ; 3 ; Sada-kun! I’m so sorry Lily-chan. You took Kuro from me and I’m going to take Sada-kun from you >:D haha Nice one, I think Sadamitsu is like, imagining one of the mole is Tsubaki. o/

    Look at that. Tadayoshi looks so cool. *3*

    • Haha, isn’t Sadamitsu cute? He needs some serious love and yes he was definitely picturing Tsubaki and even Abe as the moles. Tadayoshi has some cool in him. ^_^

  2. I kind of like seeing Tadayoshi trying to show his POV to Hiko through this situation. He’s a good dad, but it seems all Kari men are pretty stubborn, so it’s hard for them to get along.
    Poor Sadamitsu though… there’s surely more to his feelings than just a breakup. But I still can’t figure out what it is.
    It’s cool to see Hiko and Tationy being so supportive though! If only everyone had friends like this!

    • Kari men are SOOOOOO stubborn! HAHA, they just repeat the same bad patterns each generation, there is really no getting out of that. He does try with Hiko, but it is hard for him and he fails at it miserably.

      In TEPR had Hiko lived we would have seen the same issues with Kazuma (his son), but he was practically raised by Tationy and Semei, so we see a very different Kazuma because of it.

      Sadamitsu is a character that does not want any responsibility, just fun. He has no aspirations in his life other then playing music and couple that with the issues with his father and that Tsubaki the girl he has liked forever has chosen Abe (who he hates) over him (even though he knew that was a possibility), it has gotten him down. There is a lot in his head though, but most of it is, why do I even bother trying sort of stuff.

      Tationy, more then Hiko is very supportive. Hiko really has not friends and does not really see any character as being a friend. He is pretty selfish guy, so to him, he is just doing it because Tationy is convincing him it is the right thing to do. With out her, he would never have been as supportive as he was.

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