Muse – 182 Years After the Prequel

“Kuro Ishi, you are staring at me.”

“Forgive me, I was just thinking.”

“About the past, I imagine.”

“Am I that obvious?”

“No, it is more likely that I understand. You are not the only one with pensive moments these days. Perhaps because we are approaching a milestone. How old will you be?”

“I am trying not to think about it.”

“It gets harder every year, Kuro. We have both watched the people we love wither and die. There is always talk about the cursed eyes of the Tylo as though it is the only burden placed upon a clan. There is no changing our blood, we are Ishi; long in life and sharp in tooth.”

“Do you think about him? He was your husband, you had a child together, certainly….”

“There is not a day that passes that Hiko is not in my thoughts, but he is not of this world any longer. He stands at the side of Kazuma and next to him is our son. His death was a great pain to me, but it was Hiko who suffered more. As the years passed, he aged and I didn’t. There is nothing worse than watching the heart of the person you love break before you, but look at me telling you things that you already know.”


  1. “Long in life and sharp in tooth” – I like that description of the Ishi. It is fitting in a lot of ways. If anyone would understand the things Kuro has already experienced, it is Tationy. And vice versa. Nice little ditty.

    • Thank you and yes very much so. That line is very reflective of how of the Ishi and this one basically wrapped up what happens years later in the prequel for the two of them. ^_^

  2. I love that with Ishi Tationy doesn’t have to pretend, so we see much more of her real self, which I love a lot. Telling things one already knows seems to be a thing with like-minded people

    • Yeah it is really hard for her to be herself around other people. Like the Yamada, as we have talked about many times it is all about appearances; looking, acting, talking the part. The Kari are quite similar in a lot of way. Value tradition over other things. Women have their roles. Allow their man to take the lead, etc etc.

      The Ishi are very much the flip-side of the Kari. They believe any publicity is good, even if it is a dick pic on Instagram. MAHAHAHA! Seriously though, they do not get hunt up on such little things and they never force their kin-mates to restraint who they are.

      Due to this, it is a much more relaxed environment then it is with the Yamada and the Kari. There is no need to have a proper hat on and the right display showing, just do what you want.

      This freedom is very refreshing for Tationy who has basically been under the thumb of both the Yamada and the Kari. Certainly by her choice and for the greater good of Aslann, but also at a great cost to herself.

    • The closer to the blood of Rin the longer they live. So, we know that Kuro is millions of years old. Bak, also is directly born of Rin, so he would also live a long time. Tationy is born of Miroku, who is born of Soti (the twin of Mikio) who were both born of Rin. She would live a long life, though not as long as Mikio and Kuro. Others, further down the bloodline such as Oro could live for a couple of hundred years. Ultimately, they do not live forever though, they can be killed.

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