Muse – Instagram

“105 degrees out and we are spending our afternoon in your bedroom.”

“Cannot think of anything else I would rather be doing.”

“Well maybe one other thing.”

“Are you going to tell me or should I just use my imagination?”

“I am sure your imagination is far dirtier than mine. You have seen some shit.”

*Laughs* “I might have the dirty mind, but you are far more adventurous and this better not end up on Instagram.”

“Never, this is for my own personal enjoyment.”



  1. …until Bak has to use Kuro’s phone for something, and “accidentally” posts that picture to Kuro’s Instagram account HAHA.

    • HAHA, they really do. Sad thing is I had been waiting to use that pose for a couple of years. ^_^ It just would not happen with the Kari. Even the more outgoing of the Kari like Iashi and Kin, would not dare be so bold.

      The Ishi, they are a lot more free-spirited in that regard and completely comfortable with their bodies. Despite being the sons of Rin, they do not mind being nude.

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