Muse – Kuro’s Struggle

“Do you want to discuss it?”

“I don’t know if I should.”

“It is not as though I did not know this day was coming. Not even the first time I have seen this taint with my own eyes.”

“This is different.”

“He is my little brother. Oldest of my kind and all I can do is watch him deteriorate more each day. I’m angry.”

“Not at Mikio, not even yourself.”

“Sometimes, you are far too perceptive.”

“It is nothing of the sort, Kuro. You have a heart that simply speaks to me.”



    • He and Tationy have a lot in common. They both carry heavy burdens that people do not quite understand. Ishi being the first son of Rin, feels the pressure of carrying the weight of the Ishi upon his shoulders while Tationy due to Tatsuya, is still trying to save Aslann and protect it. The struggles are real for these two martyrs.

      • Calling them martyrs is so appropriate, because they both are, aren’t they? And that is something that will never end, until they both find some resolution to their problems. Don’t see there ever being a resolution, however, so does that mean they will both be living with their burdens? 🙁

      • As long as they both live, at this point I do not see those burdens lessening in fact I think with time it will just get worse for the two of them, which is really why they rely on each other to keep each other grounded and to help carry the burden. They really complete each other, and have so much in common that they are really the other half of each others souls.

        I hate soulmates, it is far deeper then such a concept. Whe5re one ends the other begins really, so that completion is ultimately what keeps them both from going off the deep end. ^_^

      • I liken it to the ying/yang concept. Not to say they are complete opposites, but because they complete the other, they are interdependent to the point that one could not exist without the other. Very cool, actually, to see two characters like that.

      • Yes, Yin and Yang is a great way to put it. Very much so with these two and it is a rare dynamic that is not used much I think. Which is a shame.

    • Yes definitely. That scene is the first real time we see Kuro angry in any of the stories. He and Tationy share a similar disposition, so it is difficult to upset, but when they are…they are. ^_^

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