Muse – Vacation Woes


What is that look for?

What look?

Don’t play coy Tationy. I am talking about the one on your face.

This look? Nothing really……I just thought when you said vacation you meant someplace nice. Warm weather, nightclubs, plenty of dancing, and great food. I didn’t think you meant we would be in the middle of nowhere.

It will be fun.

You say that and yet I have a really bad feeling about this vacation.



  1. Heheheh Tationy, you should know by now that when Kuro says “fun”, he doesn’t always mean YOU will have fun. 😉 This is cute!

    • No truer words have ever been spoken. HAHA. The slide was very dangerous for her and she was such a glutton and kept going back even after Kuro started showing off.

      • HAHA she just wanted to show Kuro she was going to enjoy herself, no matter what. 😉 And then when she is covered in bruises, enjoy Kuro’s TLC! >;)

      • -_- Would be nice if the Ishi gave TLC for that, but sadly as we learn in TEP they consider it a badge of honor for hard work. HAHA Nothing in life is easy.

  2. Ooh this will be interesting. Sometimes, it is peaceful. but it can also be very boring too. So, I kind of don’t blame Kuro. Also, he really need to watch when to comes to the looks that he gives. =P

    • I live in the middle of nowhere, it is generally peaceful, but that is about the extent of it. HAHA. There is not a lot of fun to be had unless you play tennis, fish, or hunt.

      • Kind of seems like the town I live in now. Well, sort of.. It’s small, but it does have a pool and has a park or two. Fun can be found here, I guess unless one thinks that loitering around either of the two gas stations in this town is, but still.. this town is small. Not as small compared to where I grew up at though. That town was like a village.. There are no gas stations there. The old school building’s playground is a park nowadays and it’s where I use to hang out at when I was growing up. There is also a baseball field. I use to go there too, but I’m not sure if it is being use anymore.

      • HAHA, yeah my “town” is actually a village. It does not even get town status despite me saying town generally. The kids around these parts mostly loiter, there is nothing else to do. There is no gas station here, plenty of bars and churches though. The baseball field here is empty except during summer matches and the elementary school (no high school or middle school) closed down not long ago and is basically abandoned. Small villages, ohh the joy.

      • Damn.. your town is like some of the smaller towns in the county that I grew up in. I forgot to mention that there is a few churches and bars in my town, but not in the small town I grew up in. Well, except for the fact that there was one church. No bars though.. lol Also, half of the town is my family on my father’s side. No joke.

      • Yeah it is about population 300 give or take. It is really small. Everyone knows each other and yes…haha. My ex was actually related to everyone basically. We were not originally from the area, my mother moved us there when I was two. I wish she never would have. -_-

      • Right? My dad moved my brothers and I to his small town and I dreaded the little town the older I got because there is nothing there. Now my dad and one of my bros lives out in the boonies near there and I’m like.. c’mon guys… move to a bigger town. Even if they get a trailer, it would be beneficial for them, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon though.. -.- Oh, and I think the little town that I grew up was small than 300. 65 to 90 people. That small.. ^^; My brothers and I use to get in trouble over stupid crap that other people did. Also, my dad’s side of the family is a bit nosy.. so….

      • Yeah exactly that. There is definitely nothing to do. Even if you have to get something small to start out or live on the outskirts of a city or town it is better than being out in the middle of nowhere. We are 45 minutes away from anything civilized and 2 hours away in any direction from a mall. It is frustrated because anytime you need to do something it becomes a mini vacation with how many hours it takes.

      • Yikes.. okay, it isn’t too bad for my dad and bro. They live 15 mins away from one good-sized town and 20 mins away from another. You’re 45 minutes is like how far it is for to see my Neuro doc. ^^; So, I can imagine how frustrating it is for you and I’m sorry about that.

      • Yes exactly that. For me to see the guy for my back it is 2 hours away. There is no place around. So, I can understand. The distance is terrible, exhausting, and frustrating.

    • HAHA, yeah the vacation did not go so well and thank you. I do try. It is not always easy, but it is a constant work in progress. Just trying to get better at it.

  3. I had to turn my head upside down to see if Tationy looked happy or painful when she did that back flipping slide thing. hohohoho Okay2, so next time, let Tationy choose the place, hmm, Kuro?

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