Muse – Friendship Part 2

Imari chuckles, “There are times and places where it is perfectly acceptable. Being too nice though gets you nowhere. That is all I am saying. If you give and give and give until there is nothing left you break yourself. People love getting stuff for free. Everyone wants to get what they want, some people are just better at using people to do just that. My view of the world might be tainted because of the people around me; one would think with all you have seen yours would be as well. I guess it is that undeniable martyr complex you have that makes it so you are always reaching for that goal at the sacrifice of yourself.”

Sighing, “Let’s discuss something else, like your new boyfriend. What is he like?”

“It amuses me to no end that someone who can see every aspect of the past, present, and future is asking me what Orlando is like. You probably know him better than I do without even having met. To answer your question though. He is intelligent, respects me and does not try to silence my voice. By far the most genuine guy I have ever met and he can carry a conversation. Which as you know is very important to me. Not to mention he has a hurricane tongue…..”

“Please do not go on.”

Laughs uninhibited, “I would call you a prude, but I know you are not one. Too many years with those Kari men you have forgotten what it is like to speak openly about things you like. Sex is sex. Don’t shy away from it. Seeing we are on the topic of hurricane tongues…”

“We are not on that topic.”

Completely ignores Tationy, “When are you and that Ishi snake going to stop playing this weird game you two have going on?”

Imari continued, “I see that got your attention. That cold hard stare is burning holes through me right now.”

“It is not like that.”

“Not like that you say. I have never witnessed a sorrier display than the two of you avoiding each other.”

“We do not avoid. Besides I am involved with your brother….”

Cutting Tationy off, “Let’s not even pretend that is true. He knows the situation. When you need a little tickle from his pickle, he comes a running. However, not now nor ever have the two of you been in a relationship. You might be monogamous, but you are not involved.” Pausing a moment, “I am your friend so I am just going to say it plainly. Go see him.”

“It is not so simple.”

“There is nothing so complicated about saying hey….I got one,” Imari responded excitedly as she reeled in her catch. Sighing, “Why is it when we go fishing you always catch tons and I tend to get the boot?”

“Perhaps it is your casting flair!”

“What is wrong with my…I see how it is. You are just trying to distract me from lecturing you. There is nothing wrong with my casting.”

“You are right. Nothing at all.”




  1. Okay, Imari officially rocks in my book because she is calling Tationy out on her avoiding Kuro. YES, THANK YOU FOR DOING THAT, Imari! She is being the best kind of friend there: talking truth when the truth does not want to be heard. At least Morri knows the situation with Tationy, so hopefully no feelings will be hurt in the long run.

    OrlandoxImari, yes I like that pairing very much. Though he might have to help her with her casting at some point, because she is not good at it HAHA. Oh well, at least he’s getting a new pair of boots…

    That line, though… “When you need a little tickle from his pickle…” HAHAHAHA I nearly choked on my iced tea, thank you very much. Warn a girl next time, will ya? >:)

    • HAHA, Imari and Taro are ganging up on Tationy and Kuro. They tend to do that.

      Yes, Morri quite understands the situation and his position in it all. He is not deluded through the relationship between him and Tationy, remains to be seen.

      HAHA, she was just being as polite and as direct as she could be. HAHA. Warning you would not have had the same impact. ^_^

      • It is about time someone ganged up on these two. If it was up to them, Kuro and Tationy would tiptoe around each other for the rest of eternity. That would be bad…not to mention, stupid. 😉

      • HAHA, Imari and Taro literally are. I mean these two along with Morri got together and said…what do we do about this crap? HAHA

  2. It’s mad how outdoor lovers likes to fish.My simself too on Spring , she has the wish to do and to learn.
    Imari is an honest girl, she doesn’t cheat or lie in her speech.

    • Yes, they definitely do like fishing. It is cool though, because I like watching them do it in Sims 2.

      Imari definitely is. She is pretty straight forward and direct. She can be ‘polite’ about it, but she still will not pull any punches.

      • I am also curious of what the sims can catch and most of the time, it’s koi fish or frog with a bad quality as fertilizer.I never played fish at the sims 2 and it’s been a long time I did not do it in the sims 3.
        I guess both Tationy and Imari likes also swimming and gardening or if they don’t do these, they have the wish to do.

        In my opinion,please correct me if I am wrong,this is the reason why her and Tationy has got a strong and a sincere friendship for too long.Imari is a girl we can trust on for being straight.She has this common point with Riban, except Riban is a rebel so she goes too far .She breaks a bit people.

      • Imari loves swimming as does Tationy, though Imari is not really a gardener. Tationy is though and quite loves growing her own stuff for food seeing she is quite healthy.

        In sims 3 I was always trying to catch them all (like pokemon) with Semei. He was always fishing.

        Yes exactly that. A lot of people that Tationy comes in contact with are very underhanded with ulterior motives. Imari just puts it all out there. She does not hide how she feels, says what she wants, and because of this she is very straight-shooting and trustworthy.

      • My simself always asks “me” to garden she cooks everytime she can but she is poor so harvesting is frugal.She ate a lot of junk food she is sleepy very much.But normally she is healthy too.That’s awesome both of our main hero has got a bit of common points.I never really like the fishing part, because it’s long to level up, I just enjoy we can fish on sea water and on lakes (I wish to unlock the fishing in swimming pool as the childish people traits do).You are right to challenge yourself with a fisherman as Semei.It’s fun to collect things in this game, no matter what.

        However I am into collection and with the gnomes they always give my simself awesome gems.They are so generous I don’t know why perhaps because she’s a witch and she never bother them . In her collection she has got gold , silver, etc and very expansive gems.Well the gnome Virginie gave her is dead and I have to say goodbye to the Summer one very soon.I keep his statue into my new patio near the plants.

        With Imari, Tationy has got a somebody she can enjoy life and to empty her bag, her relashionship with Imari help her to broke her solitude in my opinion. (as you told me she is rarely with a man and she’s a loner) it’s very positive.We can really feel who she is in her hobby.Plus for your characters , having hobbies free them for their responsibility for a short moments, except perhaps some of them.

      • I have never used the gnomes in game, what exactly do they do?

        Yes she is generally on her own for a good portion of the story we will learn more about that in the next muses. So, having someone that can help push and encourage her in positive ways is quite important.

      • The Mysterious Mr Gnome is an animated one.He always move on everywhere in house or in the garden.He changes positions often.He became old and die.I got mine thanks a enquiry, Virigine litteraly gave it to my simself and all I know is since,I got a lot of gems and metals in my garden as metals I got Gold and Silver , I got expensive gems as Luminorious Gem and a yellowish one the sunstone (not sure I have to check).I also know Dogs can chew it , we can give him a name . And I got the Summer one with the bouy that appears I am so lucky .I heard it’s rare when he visits houses.
        That’s all I know about but the wikia gave a lot of information more.
        When they die, they turned into a statue and you can sell it or keep it.I decided to keep him for everything he gaves. I hope I help you.Some dig holes appears too in my garden .

        And for Tationy I agree .I really want to see I like her so much.

      • I appreciate the link, thank you. I will read up on the gnomes. I generally do not have them on so no idea what they do. It will be interesting to learn about them.

        Thank you. I am so glad to hear you like her.

      • you’re welcome as I don’t discover yet everything about the gnomes myself I rather send you a link , I only explained what I know about, but they are more enjoyable perhaps.For Tationy you’re welcome.She’s amazing .

  3. Imari gives amazing advice on being too nice there. I agree with her on every word. It never gets you anywhere.

    I like how open minded she is! Haha, ain’t nothing wrong with a bit of oversharing. Though Tationy probably would like to unhear certain things.

    I feel Tat on the whole ‘go be with him’ thing though. That’s why I rarely ask girlfriends for life advice. It always make me feel like a character of a trendy TV show who’s dragged into the middle of fandom.

    • Yes basically. They are always like just go and be with him and it is like…it is not that simple. Nothing is every that simple in those regards. Imari is really good about saying what she thinks without holding back though and that is what Tationy needs.

  4. hihihi Hurricanes tongue.. *giggles some more* I love Imari, she’s a very good friend and she said everything that need to be said. *thumbs up* Do it, Imari! Keep poking until Tationy admitted she is avoiding Kuro. That weird ‘game’ need to be stopped. pronto! /

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