Muse – Camping Misadventures

“Who is that guy talking to Enzo?” Viola questioned.

“Probably his dealer,” Ren responded.

“Why doesn’t that surprise me!” Knitting her brows, “Does uncle Kuro know his son is up to no good?”

“Stop jumping to conclusions. I was being sarcastic. Who the fuck knows who he is. Just some guy.”

“In the middle of nowhere.”

“Suspiciously in the middle of nowhere.”

“Talking to Enzo, suspiciously in the middle of nowhere.”

“Hmmmm,” They both responded in thoughtful unison.

Enzo finishes his conversation and approaches the campground, suddenly coming to a halt. Meticulously he eyes his cousins, “What?”

“Nothing,” They both vehemently denied as they shook their heads and shrugged their shoulders for added emphasis.

“You two are jumping to conclusions again. I can tell by the ridiculous ‘we did nothing’ looks upon your faces.”




  1. HAHA Ren and Viola “hmmm”ing in unison, that part made me laugh so hard. Yes, Enzo, what ARE you up to? Of course Ren would cut his hair just to piss Bak off. It completely worked, by the look of it HAHA. Pouting over a bowl cut, Bak you are so crazy. Anyway, I like that hair on Ren. It suits him!

    It is good to see Mikio enjoying himself. At least he did not brood by the fire the entire time, though I cannot blame him for doing that. Family makes me brooding and standoffish after awhile, too.

    *squeals* Kin asking Kat to have another child with him… Kin, you dork. Why WOULDN’T she have another child with you? *smacks his head* For a brilliant surgeon, you can be a bit… just a bit HAHA. I know, the Ishi disease always hangs on his mind, but I hope that is his only reason for being hesitant.

    Loved reading this!

    • HAHA, well Enzo is not born yet so it will be a little while before we find out what he is up to, however, we will meet the person he is talking to eventually and we actually hear about him in Chapter 2.

      Ren and Viola are always like that. Enzo is a bit older then his cousins, so he is the cool, mysterious, older cousin and they are the kids tagging along generally. So everything he does seems secretive.

      HAHA, Bak pouts a lot, but yes. His sons hair was uncool to him. I like that hair as well on Ren. It suits him.

      Mikio can and we will see Mikio do just that in the story, it just does not seem to happen often.

      Family makes me brood as well. HAHA.

      Yes the Ishi disease is always on his mind so asking her to have another child with him was a huge deal for him. He loves her, wants to have children with her, but of course that risk is always there and looming.

      I am glad you enjoyed it. ^_^ There is a part 2, I just have to get back into Sims 3. It is part of the 498 muses left to go. HAHA.

      • LOL I know, it will be quite awhile before Enzo comes into the picture, at the rate Kuro and Tationy are progressing…or not progressing. 😉 Still, I am glad we will meet the person being talked to in chapter 2. Well, it does help when the older cousin has cool, funky hair too. 😉 I know I would be a bit in awe of him! Anyway, Ren and Viola seem to be a bit more geeky and awkward, so it makes sense they want to trail after the older and cooler cousin.

        Good, I want to see more of Mikio like I remember him in the historical period. I kind of miss that Mikio. Granted, the future Mikio is going to be different, with all that time passing and his troubles, but I always did like Mikio’s sense of humor when it came out.

        I figured it was his fear of passing on the Ishi disease that makes Kin hesitate to ask Kat to have more children with him. But hey, perhaps he has made a breakthrough, or will make one, so that the genetics will no longer be an issue! *fingers crossed*

        HAHA well I look forward to every one of those 498 muses stories!

      • It is a bit of time. ^_^ They have some issues to work out.

        Yes well we will learn about him in Chapter 2. He is important for the story and then considerably important for Enzo later on.

        HAHA, he does have cool hair. ^_^ They are in awe because he is so cool and mysterious and yes they are a little dorky the two of them.

        We will definitely get to see a bit of Mikio. So no worries on that.

        Have to wait and see on that one whether or not Kin figures it out. ^_^

        Thank you. I am glad you will be reading all 498 of them. HAHA.

  2. Can’t blame Bak for being pissed off about that haircut! Haha, I certainly would be more than just pissed off. I loved his remark about being uncool. Such a neat way to put it!

    Kat and Kin are so charming together. I like the polite approach on the whole baby topic. This is how such things should be done.

    It is nice to see them in such carefree surroundings. You know I like scenes that expand on little life moments!

    • HAHA, yes Bak definitely did not like that “uncool” haircut. Ren did it to make his dad angry. Peas in a pod really they are.

      Thank you. Kat and Kin are very good together and it definitely was a polite approach to it all. He is quite apprehensive due to the Ishi disease so it was a big deal for him to approach it.

      I definitely do. We will get some more, lots and lots more muses. So we will see plenty more life moments as well as things that explain other things that may not be touched in in the Reality series.

      • Thank you. That is the hope that it will allow people to learn more about the characters between chapters as well as see things that will not be in the story for one reason or another.

  3. hihihihi.. hihihihi. Poor my Bak-kun. He doesn’t know that Ren does that just to piss him off? hahaha I love how Ren and Viola exchanging convo, then continuing, to both of them go ‘hmmm’. /

    Another kid, eh? *squeals* DO IT! Make it a dozen! I was hoping Kuro and Tationy is talking about something, too… but I guess they were just enjoying each other company in silent. hehe

    Oh, good. You didn’t put that… picture.. with *ahem* I might have to hide if you do that hihi.

    • HAHA, Bak does not realize his kid does it on purpose. He thinks he is too cool for that. ^_^

      Thank you. Ren and Viola are fun to write for. Kids compared to Enzo, so it is an interesting dynamic seeing Enzo comes off as mysterious and older.

      HAHA they will definitely have a few.

      Kuro and Tationy do talk about something in the second part of the camping adventures.

      HAHA, what picture? ^_^

      • I love Enzo, of course. *__* and where’s the second part of the camping adventures? Did I miss it?

        What picture? Oh, nothing. Forget I said anything hehehehe *innocent whistles*

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