Muse – Friendship Part 4

“How much are those shoes worth?”

“We are not really talking about my shoes are we?”

Morri gave her a hard stare which resulted in a resounding sigh that carried in the quieted bedroom of her apartment. Not that it ever felt like hers. For as long as he had known Tationy, the place she called home seemed as though it belonged to someone else and she was simply a guest.

“Thank you,” The words were practically whispered, “I appreciate you attending with me tonight.”

“Really you do not have to thank me. Though I would like an explanation.”


Considering his words a moment he chuckled before shaking his head, “Are you really going to make me ask you again?”

A thoughtful expression appeared before she responded, “These shoes are made with kwiat diamonds and threaded together by platinum twine. I think they are worth at least a million. Hiko bought them for me…” She abruptly paused and shrugged her shoulders, “That was well over a hundred years ago, I honestly could not tell you what they are valued at now.”

The disappointed look he gave her must have been rather telling, “You are unhappy with me. Was that not the question you wished for me to answer?”

“I hate it when you become facetious. Seeing you want to play it this way, fine. I noticed that Ishi you are always avoiding was not at the gala tonight. Normally when we attend this stuff you are in a better mood, but tonight you seemed distracted. I asked you earlier if it was because of him…”

She cut him off, “This has nothing to do with Kuro of the Ishi.”

“Kuro of the Ishi…” Morri repeated the name, “In the years I have known you there has not even been a hint of interest in your eyes for any other. So, that seems a pretty cold way to address a man you have feelings for. Are you going to tell me what the deal is or should I just make wild assumptions?”

“If you feel the need to conjure up various scenarios regarding my relationship with the son of Rin, by all means, do so.”

Morri crossed his arms as he leaned against the window pane, “Is that it? Is your interest spiritual? No, I don’t think it is. Something deeper.”

“Don’t look at me with those Shima eyes, Morri of the Zenaku.”

“Why? Finding it hard to resist them?” He had not expected an answer so he continued, “Nice change of topic by the way. I do not understand why you have to be so difficult all the time. Just answer the question. Why were you so disappointed tonight?”

“Why is a good question.” She began to move around the room as she spoke, “I just thought I might see him before I meet with the new Elder of the Kari. In a way, I could use his strength right now. Always when I have nothing left in me to give, he has been there. Even from a distance I am brought comfort knowing that he has lived on.”

“Tonight you needed him to be there,” Morri acknowledged. “Why not do something wild and crazy, like go and see the man.”

“That is not such an easy step to take.”

“If it was easy, then it would not be worth doing. Aren’t those the words you spoke when you encouraged me to speak with my father about excepting your offer?”

“A terrible burden I have placed upon your shoulders….”

Morri interrupted, “Really, you love changing the topic when you dislike a conversation. Running away…”

She snapped, “I am not running away.” There was a moment of tension as the room fell silent and she composed herself, “Forgive me, it is complicated.”

“Explain it to me Tationy. Why don’t you go to him?”

As she looked away she responded, “Because I burdened his heart with uncertainty.”

The words she spoke came as a bit of a surprise to Morri as he stepped further into the room, “In this, you have the power to wash away whatever anxiety is causing him to waver.”

“I would if I could.”

He frowned as he approached a subject that he was certain would leave her uneasy, “There is nothing so complicated that you cannot go to the man you love. What burden keeps you from taking a single and simple step?”

The expression upon her face was disheartening as she turned, “I have thought about it. I am sure he has as well. Many lifetimes; he has been all that was within my heart. I have managed to quiet the ache to some degree, but when I am alone with my thoughts he is always there. This is the true face of love; pain and sorrow. Happiness is the illusion because at any moment something small or large could crash down upon it and cracks are formed.”

“Cracks can be mended…”

She interrupted him, “Some can, but no foundation is stable once it has been damaged.”

“The guy is as old as dirt from what they say, I am sure his shoulders are strong enough to carry whatever burden weighs you down. So, what is it Tationy? Why do you run from him?”

“I stood at the side of Hiko Kari, to bring about a power strong enough to stand against Kazuma and in the end he fell. Poor Tadayoshi with the gentle hand lost his fight against the King of the Gods and succumb to darkness. Semei….the only Kari to be capable of holding Kazuma back permanently had his resolve weakened at the loss of ….” She got choked up, “Kazuma is looking for a reason to strike down the sons of Rin. Had I gone to Kuro, I would have given him one and he would have used all of his resources to smite him down. Staying among the Kari, protected what I hold dear. I am not running Morri, I am the wall surrounding my king.” She had turned away rather quickly dismissing it all, “Let us discuss something else.”

Her explanation suggested she was placating the King of the Gods. Keeping him content and distracted. Certainly he believed her words to be truthful, though he doubted it was as simple as it appeared. Nothing ever was when it came to the Gods of Aslann.

Without hesitation his arms circled her, “Any man would be honored to have his girl protect him, but I feel in this he will not be happy with you when he finds out the truth. No man wants to know that his woman sacrificed herself to another King, even if he is the god of all men. When he learns the truth, apologize and mean it and I have no doubts that he will forgive you. Love is pain and sorrow, this is true. However, it is also sacrifice and understanding.”

Tationy had not allowed his arms to linger around her for long as she turned, adjusted his tie, and spoke softly. “Words of wisdom from a man that has yet to give his heart away?”

“I simply have not found the right one.” He allowed a pause to linger a moment before asking, “Do you want me to come with you to see the King of the Gods?”

“There is a chance I may not leave there for I know not what will transpire. In this, I must go alone. Forgive me, but there is one burden I must place upon your shoulders.”

“An additional one? I sure hope it is not as heavy as the last one,” He teased lightly though he noticed she did not laugh at his humor, “What will you have me do?”

“I need you to find the God Hisoka’s reincarnate. His last known vassal was that of Abe Sosa. He disappeared during the modern age and my eyes have not been able to seek him out since. I loathe the prospect of messing with time itself, but if you took a walk through the slipstream you might be able to discover what has become of him.”

“What if he is dead?”

An uncertain pause lingered before she responded, “Then I will have to do something rash.”



  1. Oh. Right. Find Abe Sosa. Walk through the slipstream. That’s easy, no problem…. -_- That sounds…well, impossible. HAHA not a hard burden at all. Nope. No way.

    …is that enough sarcasm and incredulity? HAHA okay, I will stop.

    So what is the rash thing Tationy will have to do if Abe is dead? Go and see Kuro? I agree with Morri, when Kuro finds out what she has been doing all this time, he is going to be pissed. Yes, he will forgive her and understand why she did it – and heck, Kuro might be less uncertain and therefore stronger for the coming fight – but I expect there will be some fallout first.

    This was definitely worth the wait. Morri is really attractive, holy moly. Tationy looks amazing in that outfit, and holy crap she is wearing diamond shoes? -_-

    • HAHA, it might seem impossible, but Morri is Shima so it is something he is capable of doing. It is quite taxing even for someone of his skill level, but not impossible. It will be the first time we actually see the Shima powers in action and learn about them, but it is a muse I intend to do. Just do not know yet how to visually show it, seeing my photoshop skills are not that great.

      Go and see Kuro; resurrect a god….hmm I wonder. ^_^ So many things it could be, maybe I will just let you all think on it for a bit.

      Yes definitely. Kuro will not be happy at all. He will completely get it and most likely if the situation was reversed he would do the same, but he will not be happy about it. Certainly there will be some fallout from it, not just for Tationy and Kuro, but also Mikio and Kuro.

      Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed it. Yes Morri definitely is. *fans self* HAHA, yes she is wearing diamond shoes. Only the best from Hiko Kari. HAHA.

      • HAHA okay, but still. Diamond shoes. What the heck were you thinking, Hiko? Won’t they cut into her feet? 😉 I know, I know, this is Hiko we are talking about. He does that kind of thing.

        Oh, I can see this becoming an issue between Kuro and Mikio, especially since this is Tationy we are talking about. Isn’t that usually the way it goes, when two men love the same woman?

        It is going to be really neat to read about the Shima powers. I did not realize (or it didn’t click in my mind) that they had such an awesome ability.

      • HAHA, she has to look like she is worth it. Hiko wants only the best and nothing screams power like diamond shoes for your girl. ^_^

        Yes definitely will be. Kuro is not going to be happy with his little brother for taking the choice out of his hand. Tationy he will be upset with, but he gets why she did it. With Mikio he is going to see it as…you could have kept this from happening, kept her from having to do this, why didn’t you sort of thing?

        Yeah the Shima and their abilities are not talked about much despite their importance in the historical age. So we never really learn what they are capable of doing. So this will be a first look at it all.

  2. You can never pay too much for the shoes. Shoes are like a sacred kind of thing. 😋

    I really love Tationy’s way of handeling the conversation. She’s very easy going and at the time you can see she’s thinking about every word she says before it escapes her mouth.
    The skill of changing the subject is surely a bit of a self-insert moment there ^___^ You are great at doing that too.

    I think addressing a man you have feelings for as ‘Kuro of the Ishi’ is actually a great way to show so said feelings are there. Calling him just Kuro would be rather disrespectful and narrowing the interest to physical. At least that how I see such things.

    • HAHA, I do tend to change the topic, don’t I? I think I am not as good at it as she is.

      Thank you. Yes I have as well spent my share of money on shoes. Sometimes it is the whole focal point of the outfit.

      Thank you. She did try to get out of talking about it and certain was picking and choosing which words she spoke.

      We will actually learn how he feels about her calling him that in Chapter 2. So we will definitely know if he finds it disrespectful or respectful very soon. ^_^

      • You are pretty good at it :3 I can always tell when you don’t like the topic.

        Shoes are indeed the main part of the wardrobe. You can literally go out naked if you have perfect shoes to wear. Haha. Will make one hell of an impression though!

      • HAHA. ^_^ Well you know, it is the whole upbringing things. Properly change the topic. Yes very true. I do love shoes though so that might be why I feel that way. HAHA.

  3. People would cut off her feet just to steal the diamond shoes. hehe. Hmmm. I know Tationy is protecting Kuro, that’s why she can’t go to him. but still… Kuro won’t like it when he knew the truth.. She should’ve told him.. :'( Easier said than done, maybe, but she has to, don’t make things much more complicated. Listen to Morri! Tationy need to listen to Morri and Imari, Kuro need to listen to Taro! Gosh, those two. *headbutts them*

    I wanna know what is this something rash that she would do if Abe died! *_*

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