Muse – The Gods


The fallen god Rin knelt at a shrine dedicated to the Goddess Tearra. Deep within him was a burning; had he only listened to her then none of this would have happened. Forsaking his heart for the God Kazuma. How could he ever stand before her? “Please forgive me,” He humbly begged, though hardly expected an answer.

“A king should not kneel,” A melodic whisper sang.

“I cannot rise,” He responded. “Not until you have forgiven me for my foolishness…for what I have done.”

“It is she who begs for forgiveness. The path behind you was laid out before her eyes and she gave you little warning. What a heartless creature she is.”

Quickly he stood and turned to protest, though was silenced as his eyes laid upon the Queen of the Gods. She was just as beautiful as she had been in the heavens, perhaps more so. “My queen needs no forgiveness,” He finally managed to say.

“How lucky a woman she is to have a king such as you. One willing to look past all of her unforgivable faults and love her regardless of the sins she has committed against you. However, when she is done with this world you will no longer be able to hold true to those words.”

“I will not forsake you a second time, regardless of the path you lead me down.”

“Your words inspire and warm her heart.”

The heaviness that had surrounded him felt as though it was lifted simply by her presence, “Command me my queen.”

“A queen does not command her king, she stands at his side. Accepting her hand, means you understand that this path is one which cannot be turned away from. A path of death, for you and her. There will be no heavens on this road.”

“No heavens…” He repeated the words and allowed them to linger. “Why is this path so important?”

“The King of the Gods has become tainted by the manipulations of the demon Kisho. Darkness lurks within his heart. In the shadows he will move until he can strike against the other gods. One by one they will fall and return to his hand. With each, his power will increase until there will be no one to stand against him. The world will burn and all life will be lost.”

Rin shook his head, “That darkness existed long before that monsters trickery. Kazuma was never benevolent. Mortals were foolish to worship him.” Pausing he considered his words a moment, “Let us not wait. We gather the others and strike at the heart of the beast…”

The purse of her pouted lips drew his attention and he realized quickly his heart was pounding. He could hear it in his ears. Why did it seem so loud? He had almost forgotten he was no longer a god within the heavens. Powerless was he as he stood upon the Earth as a mortal man.

“You are trembling. Has the reality of your fate finally settled to your bones?”

“It is not that,” He responded as he took a step toward her, “I have stood at your side many times, but this feels different.” His words must have moved her because she began to match his pace and before he could speak further they were standing before one another.

Tentatively he reached out, allowing his fingers to tease lightly along her chin, “My heart is beating. Never have I felt such a longing. It swells and aches as I look upon you. How do mortals not die from this feeling?”

“Your touch warms her body to a fevers pitch with words that tease her heart. Burning as hot as the purest flame. Longing is brought to her soul. Please give your forgiveness, so she might lie in your arms free of the dark burden before her.”

“Never is there a need to ask for my forgiveness. I adore you and there is nothing in this mortal existence that you can do to change that. Now, before I lose what little restraint I have left tell me my queen, how long do we have before you are lost to me?”

“When the power within her womb surpasses six blood-moons, she will give her last breath.”

Rin pulled back suddenly, “Power…your with child?”

“She carries within her two that mirror. The strongest of your blood. One a protector for his people and the other…a darkness that will grow in power which will rival the King of the Gods. His existence is important, yet he must never be allowed to gain momentum or all will be lost. Strike him down without hesitation for he will rise again and born of him will be the fruits of labor that will be the downfall of Kazuma.”

“My queen asks too much of me.”

“A heavy burden is placed upon the shoulders of those that walk this path. She understands your pain, but this task is yours alone. If you hesitate in this, there will be no hope.”

“What of your path?”

“Only death. Her purpose is simply to facilitate the birth and meeting of the future King and Queen. There is sorrow when she thinks of leaving you to this mortal realm, but you will never be alone. Her gift is life and power as your eyes wash over the dawn of men and witness the rise of the future age.”

“I do not wish to witness it without you,” He snarled.

“Your pain makes her heart weary, but this is the path she has chosen to walk. Even if she wished to turn back, it is already too late.”

“What am I to do without you?”

“Fight and live, see it through until the end. However, you have to do that. Her blessing is given and her love.”

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  1. My heart…the feels…*cries* You two are almost as heartbreaking as Kuro and Tationy. 🙁

    So this is where Tationy announces she is pregnant with Mikio and his brother…Soti? I can never remember the twin’s name. Thus was beautiful, but so sad.

    • Yes Tearra, told Rin after he fell from the heavens. Yes, Soti is his name. Also lays the path for Soti out and why he is always killed by Rin.

      Thank you, yes, their story is quite sad, but is ultimately the groundwork for the story of Tationy and Kuro as well as other. Without what these two do much of what exist would not.

  2. This is one of the best pieces of your writing I’ve seen so far! It is simply breathtaking! And the visuals are amazing too!
    So sad and yet so beautiful! It surely adds a lot of depth to the feelings between Tationy and Kuro.
    It feels though Tearra was much more gentle than Tationy is these days. While Rin seems much more open and willing to show emotion, and Kuro is more reserved.

    • Thank you. Tearra and Rin have a great love which we have not seen seeing their story is “dictated” by what clan is being focused on. Their story is one way with the Kari and another way with the Ishi, so this is the first true look at Tearra and Rin.There is another part to this, but it will come later. So much to do so little time.

  3. The one with the darkness is Soti, yes? You said this is the first true look at Tearra and Rin? :'( I love it. So beautiful, so deep..despite the sadness where he had to continue to.. uh how should I say it, to walk down the path? without her after that. :'(

    Have I mentioned that these set of pictures are the most beautiful and very fantasy-ish? I did, right? I love everything, EVERY DAMN THING in this. The sky, the scenery, the shrine, the decoration, the outfit, everything made this scene looks perfect. It’s like damn movie *_*

    • Yes Soti is the one that falls to darkness and this is the first look at Tearra and Rin. There is other muses to come with them as well, so we will see a bit more.

      Thank you. I am glad you like it. *blushes* I feel most comfortable in Sims 2 for these sorts of scenes seeing I have lots of stuff for them, but really you would “die” if you saw the set. There was nothing to it. HAHA.

      • Shhhh.. shhh. sshhh. The original set is supposed to look plain and empty. What important is, the look of that same set in the real scene. hehe

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