Muse – Demons Among Us

Hero, Sin, Nene

The Nakamaru was not a clan; there was deception in calling them one. They were demons bore of the first. In the ages of old they were what lurked in the shadows, brought forth from the great void and given freedom by the Death God Rin. Weapons of war against the King of the Gods Kazuma.

They could look human enough. Mortals called them changelings; a foolish name suggesting that they could will themselves a new form. No, what they did was far cruder; skinners though some called them pamatea. An ancient Shima word meaning, shadow skin.

In a well-to-do estate, there stood two of the Nakamaru. One, wore the skin of an Ishi named Nene and the other appeared as though he was a man of the Takahashi. Old were they; older than the age of men.

Silently they looked upon one another as a soft melody from a piano played in the background. Momentarily the Ishi eyes of Nene shifted toward the player of that tune. Only lingering long enough to take him in, nothing more. It would be foolish for her to look upon him too long considering the man before her would never allow it. A troubled relationship; a complicated one.

The deep timber shook her as he spoke, “There was no need for you to come. I am aware of what is required.”

She cooed, “Are my sons unhappy to see me?” A soft humming came from her lips before she licked them indecently, “Cho…”

“I have abandoned that name long ago.”

A shiver as she spoke, “Before this age, before that age, before and then some…your name was only spoken by my lips. Callously and powerfully you cast aside your blood and became Cho; founder of the Takahashi. Now that name is no longer worthy? Hero…Saitama….Cho…”

Her attempts to utter his given name were quickly shattered when he spoke, “I will join Atsuki and do as you wish, there is no need for you to be here Myia.”

The bristles of being called by that name were clear in the way she hauntingly spoke, “Mother is not good enough for you? I gave you life; the darkness that fills your black heart came from my bosom. Show me some respect….”

The piano player had never wavered, not even for a single moment. “I will call you as I wish,” He stood strong, never backing down from the woman known as the mother of all demons.

She laughed, “Mmmm. I would expect nothing less from my second born.” Her moaned words were filled with whimsy, “It pleases me. I admit I was concerned that you might have been swayed…”

Hero had quickly blocked her view after it had settled rather swiftly upon the man playing the piano, “Why have you come?”

Her fingers came to her chin in a rather thoughtful expression. Had she any words she wished to speak on the matter of the man blocked from her sight was unknown, “It is important that we not offend the King of the Gods. I simply came to make certain that you understand the value of having him as an ally. If we play nicely, he will reward us. However, there is always a chance he has summoned us to seek his revenge. After all, it was your brother who inflicted the gods with his taint and one by one, they all came tumbling down.” She laughed, softly at first before building to an amusement, “How I wish I could be there to see Kazuma’s face when he looks upon Kisho after all of these lifetimes.”

“If he wishes to do us harm?”

She shrugged her shoulders casually, “Do as you wish. If he is useful, use him and if he is not, then be done with the King of the Gods.”

“Might I ask where you will be during all of this?”

She turned to depart, “There are whispers in the darkness of a very old hunter and his protege killing our kind. Seems he has found his way to America. I simply thought I would pay him a visit…play with my food for a bit. Would you like me to bring back his protege as a small snack or is your appetite for hunters satiated?” Her amusement carried throughout her words, but she never wavered in departing.

Hero noticed instantly when the soft melody came to an abrupt end, but it would be the players words that forced him to turn, “She is running.”

Despite the neutral expression adorning his features, Hero could tell he was uneasy. Among the Nakamaru he was called Sin; Myia’s sin to be exact. It was a shady story that involved the intoxicated father of Tationy Tylo, Miroku and a rather immoral one-night-stand. Her wanton desire was to create a demon with the Eyes of the Goddess.

A weapon for the Nakamaru against the gods or at least that is what Myia would tell you. Hero was not swayed by her words. Well he understood that his mother was looking to obtain the power of the Goddess Tearra for herself. Sin was just a means to achieve that; there was no value or honor among the Nakamaru.

“It is of no consequence. Myia will always do what she needs to do to ensure she withstands the test of time; self-preservation is always her first priority.” He paused as he regarded the man, “This is not about her though. What troubles you?”

Sin rubbed the side of his neck, though at first offered no response to the question. Tylo blood was not generally known for being rash in speech, so the meticulous way he paused was not entirely unexpected. “There is no one in this that can be trusted. Atsuki wants power as much as Myia does…”

Hero laughed, “Are you worried about me?”

There was clear annoyance in his tone, “That is not what I said.”

A smile adorned his lips, “He doth protest too much.” The frustrated expression and the way Sin averted his eyes only amused Hero more. Still, he would not simply respond right away. Savoring the moment as he tapped his foot lightly upon the ground, “If Kazuma learns of your existence he will be given reason to take action against the Nakamaru.”

“What are you saying? Are you telling me to stay out of this?”

“I am telling you that I cannot protect you if you leave this place. Do not do anything that I will regret later, Sin. Especially where she is concerned….”

The hard stare given to him always amused Hero, “This has nothing to do with her.”

“You are her brother and in some twisted laughing fate sort of way, also her father. Do not pretend there is nothing behind your eyes, but apathy. I see to your heart, brother. This conversation will always be about her.”



  1. That was a very interesting part. I was curious to see how demons look in your universe.
    So they take a shape of an existing person or more like take over the body?
    I wonder if Kazuma is going to ‘side’ with them or will they end up playing on the opposite part. It seems like next chapter can turn out to be pretty intense.

    • The next chapter definitely can. We will actually see Atsuki in the next chapter, whose “demon” is showing. So we will see that bodies can also be hard to maintain especially if they use their powers a lot and feed on humans.

  2. Interesting! So Nene/Myia is running away, and using the excuse to hunt down a hunter. Is she that afraid of Kazuma? Afraid he will kick her back to the primordial ooze, so to speak? Are we going to see more of Nene and this hunter *giggles*…or do I get to handle that?

    Sin and Hero look great. It seems like Sin is concerned for them both, and at the same time, seems like he knows he is not going to be part of their plans. Well, that is how I read in to it. Very curious to read more!

    • At this point we will not see more of Nene and the Hunter, unless of course you do something with them. ^_^ Myia in regards to the Nakamaru is often a character mentioned, but she disappears before things break out. She always does this and it is why she has lived for so long.

      Thank you. Sin is quite worried. If something happens to Tationy, that means he is the only person left in the world with the Eyes of the Goddess, which puts him and Hero in danger. No longer will Myia keep her distance after that.

      • Heheh then perhaps I shall do something with Nene and the Hunter and his protoge. πŸ˜‰ What is the old saying? “Run away, and live to see another day?” Not surprising that is how she has lived that long.

        So if Sin is the only Tylo left, would Myia possess his body? That would be a very bad thing.

      • Myia would actually take his eyes and not his body. If you noticed on my Inspo blog there are pictures of that represent Myia with two different color eyes. ^_^ She is an evil bitch.

      • Yeah now you know the answer to that. It has always been a possibility, but I never decided if it would or would not happen seeing I was always dealing with the historical and modern ages and never the future age.

      • Forgot to add in there, I look forward to seeing what you do with her and the hunter. If she lives another day or not. ^_^

    • Not quite. She has many bloodlines. Her father Miroku slept with Myia (who was Nakamaru) producing Sin. Sin has Nakamaru blood and the two are half-siblings. Same father, different mothrs.

      • Tationy has no relationship with Sin. She is not even aware of his existence, which is a testament to her eyes being young and not being able to see all.

  3. hohohoho. Lookit my sinful-kun. I like him. Of course you already know that. Are you still thinking about the last thing that we talked about? hehehe

    So, why is that Kazuma doesn’t know about Sin, yet?

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