Muse – Festival Aftermath


The amount of exhaustive energy needed to keep up appearances at the festival had worn him out. Kuro had never been the type of guy to put on airs, despite having an acute understanding that many clans of Aslann loved to keep the illusion that they were above debauchery and fornication. Truth was, many of them sinned and did it pretty well. However, to the outside world it was about presenting oneself above such restraint testing salaciousness.

At her side he had stood the entire night. They hardly had a moment to really enjoy the festivities. Often she was sought out for autographs, questions, and even something as private as religion was made public to the point that Kuro had refused to visit the shrine to pray. He did not need those vulture tainting his beliefs by making headlines out of them. She seemed to understand that or at the very least did not feel the need to protest it. Still, he hated pretending with Tationy more than anything.

A frustrated sigh left his lips; the book he had been reading was still on the same page and now and again he would look toward his open door for some sign of her. Nothing, not a hint. When they had returned to his home he thought for certain they would talk, but she disappeared so quickly into her room. Even though he had questions he did not push her to speak, though it hardly settled well within him.

“It is not going to read itself,” He heard her sweet whisper.

As he glanced over the top of his book he took in the sight of her before offering a response, “Is something wrong with your room?”

“No, it is fine.”

His eyes lingered and it was clear by the way she stood that she was uncertain. Fidgeting and an uneasy stance, “Are you having trouble sleeping?” It was a knowing question and even if she wanted to protest he would be able to see through it. There was no restful sleep for someone with the Eyes of the Goddess.

“A little,” She responded in a somewhat melancholy tone.

Quickly he closed his book with a sold thud, his eyes falling completely upon her. “How long has it been for you since you slept through the night?” Her eyes averted which gave him the answer. Subtly he sighed, placing the book on the shelf, and patting the spot of the bed beside him. The apprehensive way she gazed did not really surprise him, “I will keep my hands to myself.”

Inwardly he chuckled at how foolish and bold he was coming off. Kuro, half expected her to refuse the offer and leave. She didn’t though. It was clear there was uncertainty, but Tationy had simply closed the door and moved to climb in the bed with him. At first just lying side by side and then snuggled into each other.

His fingers teasing along her arm. Her leg draped over his. Constrained breathing. Even though they were so close, this moment was far from perfect. “Thank you for attending with me.”

“There is no need to thank me for that. This is the territory of the snake clan. The Queen of the Kari will be treated as an honored guest.”

“Is that all I am to the snake clan?” Kuro’s mouth opened and closed as he considered her question. That was not all she was; not to him at least. The pensive moment that overtook him was only stilled when her fingers teased along his jawline, “Rin warned me I was making a mistake.”

Tension throughout his body. At first Kuro told himself that Mikio would not keep such a thing hidden from him, but after how the day had gone he was certain that his little brother was keeping far more secrets than the woman he was holding in his arms. “When did you speak with him,” He finally braved asking.

She made a rather thoughtful sound of consideration before responding with, “About forty-one years ago. We crossed paths while in America. He was enjoying the Christmas holiday with your little brother, Bak.”

That was a time before Rin had taken over the body of his brother Mikio. When he was still flesh and blood walking the Earth as the last true god. There was a knotted feeling that formed in the pit of his stomach, “Did you sleep with him?”


The surprised whisper of his name told him that she had not expected such a question from him. Not even her eyes were privy to the fact that he would utter those words, “Did you think about it?”

“I did not sleep with him.” He was thankful, but deep down he could not really blame her if she had. She was the vessel of Tearra and he was the god Rin. They were a pair, tied together by history and emotion. Connected by their fate. Even if he wished for her to choose him, he knew that Rin would always be there teasing and tempting her heart. “That was a time when Tearra still existed.” She added the words in quite a serious disheartened tone, “I felt the pull to him as though it were you calling my name. It would be a lie to say I was not tempted.”

Kuro rolled into her, their positions adjusting with relative ease. She put her hand to his heart, perhaps to keep a distance between them and her body rolled just enough that she was now lying upon her back. The space between them seemed to be ever changing and perhaps he was simply being too forward, but she was in his bed. In his arms he wanted her to remain. “The Ishi are not Kari scum; you do not represent life, children, a future.” Pausing only a moment, “You represent power. Last of your kind.”

“There is still Mikio.”

“No, no one would see Mikio as Tylo. His are not eyes that can be coveted. He is Rin. The two of you are different. When your eyes are no longer young, there will be nothing hidden from them; more powerful than those belonging to Mikio.”

She seemed disappointed by his words, “Power; it always seems to be about that doesn’t it. Still, Mikio’s eyes are beyond mine. He sees all…”

Kuro quickly interrupted her, “Foolish and young in your thinking.” He teased as his words grew dark, “His eyes can grow no further.” There was a deep sigh that fallowed as he snuggled into her a bit and added, “His mind is submitting to darkness; he may not be long for this world. Even though he hides much, I can tell that Rin wants to be set free.”

“Are you serious?”

“Have you not seen his fate?”

“I have not looked,” She spoke honestly and quickly became somber, “I have avoided looking. He has sacrificed so much for me that I do not think I could bear seeing him fall.”

By mortal years she would be considered old, but it was clear by her response she was young. Hiding from things she did not wish to see. His fingers teased the fabric of her shirt. He was certain they had things they needed to discuss, but he was quieted by the fact that she never asked him how he saw her. It was how it was with the young. They always valued the opinions of everyone else, but not that one person that truly cared.

The abruptness of their conversation coming to an end left an uneasiness in his heart as he stared at her face. The passage of time was a strange thing and his heart ached. The poetic part of him wondered if it was calling out to her; if she could even hear it. His muddled thoughts were broken, “Kuro, I am on the edge. I am going to fall.”

“That won’t happen because I will always be there to catch you,” He stated. Perhaps his words troubled her because she offered nothing in return. It felt as though the best thing he could do was to change the topic, “Did you have fun at the festival.”

“It was alright, I miss the old days. Do you remember when we took that painting class?” She was talking about millions of years ago when the union festival was actually about courting someone, “You made that cute dog picture.”

Kuro wrinkled his nose, “That was a horse.”

She was teasing him, he could tell by the way her eyes twinkled, “A miniature horse?”

“Oh, you are really asking for it you know that?”

Tationy played innocent well, “It was really a cute miniature dog.”

“That did it,” He said as he began to tickle her which caused fits of giggles and breathless begging for him to stop. There was a playful sensuality to the moment. That got Kuro’s libido worked up. He wanted her; every part of him.

When their bodies finally stilled they were staring into each others eyes. Having her here brought happiness to his heart, but it was also engulfed by torturous feelings of longing. She moved, at first just subtly, but then he noticed her lips were getting just a bit closer to his.

Tationy was never the type of girl to be bold. Still, as her lips brushed lightly against his it took an enormous amount of strength to resist devouring her. So, only tentatively did he match her kiss. Soft, whispered, brushes. Barely even touching, but that just built the excitement further. When the moment came to an end she bravely spoke, “Are you going to tell me no?”

A sudden realization hit him as he amusingly responded, “Oh, he must have been talking about this.” When his little brother Mikio had told him not to tell her no, he had been certain it had to do with the Kari pride. Never had he suspected it was something more personal. Kuro understood that this would not mean they were together. It was not about being a couple or having a future, it was about a moment of need. Normally, this kind of situation he would instantly refuse, but she was not someone he could ever say that to. Wantonly he licked his lips as he responded simply, “I won’t.”

Boldly he pulled her a bit closer and unexpectedly she teased him, “Didn’t you say you were going to keep your hands to yourself?”

He chuckled very briefly as he leaned in and claimed her mouth this time not holding back as he had done before. When he was certain she understood his intentions he broke the kiss long enough to respond, “Tomorrow, I will keep my hands to myself. Tonight, there is not an inch of you going to be left unattended.”



  1. WAHOOOO! Finally, it is about time! Though, if Kuro were truly paying attention, he would have seen that Tationy is answering the call of his heart, and her initiating that kiss seems like she wants something more than just a temporary release. Makes me want to smack Kuro on the head and demand that he pull his head out of his butt, figuratively. What’s a girl got to do to let him know that she has finally come to him, chosen him?

    Stubborn Ishi HAHA. This was well worth the wait. Can’t wait to read what else lays in store for these two. I suspect it is going to be painful, knowing you. 😉

    • HAHA, he will get it. Might take a bit of time, but he definitely will realize it. How soon that is, we will have to wait and see. ^_^

      Yes they can be a bit stubborn sometimes, especially at that age. Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it and yes there will be some painfulness coming along for everyone.

  2. I love everything about this chapter ^____^
    It is so interesting to see this side of Tationy. And I surely like the way Kuro handles the situation and how it is only about ‘now’ and not about being together or complicating things. I really admire that part of his personality.
    It’s charming how he teases her and points out that he’s older too.
    Can’t wait to see what’s next to come. You keep surprising me with all the ideas :3

    • Thank you. Yes we have not gotten to see this side of her before and we will get to see plenty more of it.

      Kuro is really intelligent and pragmatic; a thinking man. He keeps it all in perspective and never reaches which is the thing that happens far too often in relationships is the expectations and overreacting. He knows what he wants, but until he is certain he is not going to try and take it further.

      HAHA, they have that sort of relationship where they can tease each other and it is very natural to do so. Him especially who has a very ‘amused’ way of dealing with most things.

      Soon, very soon we will see more. ^_^

  3. Alright. First of all, Tationy look so cute in those pink bunny slippers! * 3 *

    I really love that line. He will always be there to catch her. 😀 Nah, there’s no need to keep your hands to yourself. you want it, go get it *_* /

    I thought I’ve seen wolf in here somewhere. Must be my imagination.

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