Muse – Moments Before The Storm

Ameya loved seeing the brighter side; a happy person by nature it was not uncommon for her friend Mao to compare her to a Disney Princess. The image of the happily ever after, prince charming on his white stead, as she sang with the birds and rabbits seemed the stuff that dreams were made of. A white light made her glow and shine; a sweet and innocent nature that seemed unearthly.

The truth about Ameya was hidden behind her eyes. Perhaps she was not as happy as she appeared to be; hopeful and longing to find that other half of her soul. Cheesy romance, but she loved it. She wanted to be swept off her feet.

Sadly, she often fretted because it felt as though what she wanted and what was truly obtainable were two very different things. In her homeland of Japan, she always seemed to be that girl struggling with her studies and dreaming big. Her mother told her there was nothing wrong with that as long as she did her best.

Sometimes, she had an ache in her heart because she felt as though she was not trying hard enough.

Her story really started far away from her homeland in the great nation of Aslann. An adventure or maybe a misadventure, she was not really certain, but her mother encouraged her to explore and learn while she was still young. It would be much harder to do once she had a husband and children of her own. Still the thought of such dreams were just that; Ameya went to bed every night hugging her snugly pillow and dreaming of Mr. Wonderful.

She took the few opportunities she had to take in the sites of her new home, but between her apprenticeship and her job there was scarcely enough hours in the day for Ameya to meet anyone. That made her very thankful for her friendship with Mao and the moments she had to engage people at the cake shop where she worked.

Still, there were some things about her job she was not happy about. Sighing deeply as she heard him say, “Good morning, little cupcake girl.”

Ameya could not decide if she liked him or hated him. Always he called her the same thing, even though she insisted her name was Ameya. He just smiled. There was something disturbing about him and yet it was the same thing that drew her in. He was no bad boy; Bak Ishi was downright dangerous.

Off hours she had hoped to never cross paths with him, but the night before at the festival that was exactly what happened. Little cupcake girl, over and over again. It took every ounce of strength she had to smile, despite her displeasure. Ameya had been a little jealous of the way he had picked up on her calling her friend Mao Mao. Why did she get little cupcake girl? Whatever it was she had barely an ounce of cares to give as she gritted her teeth and responded, “Your order is not ready yet.”

“My order is always ready….”

She cut him off, “I will pull them from the oven in about fifteen minutes. You can come back then.”

For a moment, however brief, he had stared at her before stepping aside with a clearly amused chuckle and responding, “Be back in a few, little cupcake girl.”

Ameya composed herself. She was not certain what it was about that Ishi, but since the first day she met him she had thought him weird. He got her worked up, like no person she had ever encountered. With a sigh she turned toward the oven. Baking always calmed her so she checked the items, prepped a piece of cake, and prepared herself to attend customers. It was difficult some days to put a smile on her face and a skip in her step.

Giving herself a pep talk she had turned with cake in hand and came face-to-face with a customer. “Uh…” She stammered, “You are not supposed to be back here.” There was a whisper, at least that was what it sounded like. Then, the room which had been joyous and filled with chatter suddenly stilled. Frozen in time; she allowed her eyes only to glance around at the customers whose very beings became living statues.

“He confuses you,” The man’s voice teased. It was like he was talking in her head, to her heart, to her soul. Her very core trembled which forced her to steady her grip on the plate, “His black heart will not satisfy your hunger.”


There was something familiar about his face. A memory; distant and fleeting. Something from the past. Her past? No, they had never met before. She shook the confusing thoughts quickly away, “Do you need something?”

“I need you to come with me. You want to….” His words lingered.

Her body, without her will, took a step forward and Ameya could not explain the strange sensation that overtook her. “What…what is happening?”

“We are leaving this place; together.”




    • Thank you. HAHA, completely thought she was going to ride off into the sunset with her white knight huh? Nope, she was completely kidnapped. ᵔᴥᵔ Poor Ameya will soon be among the Nakamaru; the question is does Sin have the power to protect the two of them. Hmm, only time will tell what happens.

  1. Hoho! So the power of the Nakamara reveals itself! Because Sin isn’t actually Sin, is he? Did he just mind whammy poor Ameya into being kidnapped in front of a store filled with customers? The question is, WHY. Definitely interested in finding out.

    I was wondering why Bak called Kat “Kitty Kat”. Makes sense that he would have picked it up from Ameya. It is funny to hear Ameya’s irritation over being called “little cupcake girl”. Why does she hate that name? Because of the implications about her? Because she has no teasing name for Bak? HAHA that is interesting, the way she brushed him off.

    But geez, panty dropping grin much, Bak? Did Kuro teach you how to do that? 😉 So glad you got this done and posted! Looking forward to seeing more!

    • So many questions. Sin is….well he is what he is. He cannot really be him because Bak would have noticed the white eyes. So “Sin” is just what Ameya’s sees and not the person actually standing there before her.

      HAHA, he completely mind whammied poor Ameya and yes she was kidnapped in a a shop full of people. Probably a good thing though seeing what happens in The Storm muse. HAHA.

      Why? Do the Nakamaru need a reason? Does Sin need a reason? Perhaps, but that is a question better kept an evil secret. ^_^

      Ameya hates little cupcake girl, because no matter how many times she told him he could call her Ameya, he still insisted on calling her little cupcake girl. She had a bit of a crush on Bak initially, but the longer he called her that, the more annoyed she got with him, because it felt like she was invisible and just that little cupcake girl that gets his order.

      She is so mad at him. If he called her Ameya, said her name just once, it would go a long way with her. Months and months, he has never once used her name and yet at the festival he called Kat, by her name. So, she is not sure why he does it. It is very confusing for her; does he like her, does he not like her? Is she just that girl that serves him his order? Very conflicting emotions.

      She had decided after the festival and there was a whole scene I was going to do; not sure if I will do it where she “rants” to Kat about Bak and how she is just going to “play it cool” like she does not care about him. Kat listened for hours to her plan and the reasoning behind it and the whole time going, this is a terrible idea it is just going to encourage someone like him more.

      Once a young woman sets her mind to something, she sticks with it, so very much she said…nope if he comes in, cold shoulder for him until he calls me Ameya.

      HAHA, he completely learned that from Kuro. ^_^

  2. It was starting off as such a sweet chapter… And then BAM! Did she get kidnapped?!? From her job?!?! Super creepy. Although, out of all the characters she is probably one of the most likely to get kidnapped…
    Can’t wait to see what happens to her, hope she gets out okay!

    • HAHA. That makes me laugh. Yeah, Ameya is probably the one most likely to get mind whammied and kidnapped. We will learn that it due time. ^_^

  3. Amaya is so kawaii and she seemed to be reincarnated too.
    [quote]Ameya went to bed every night hugging her snugly pillow and dreaming of Mr. Wonderful.[/quote]
    niark niark ! The real miss V too !

    • HAHA, yes she is quite Kawaii. Ameya is one of the reincarnated and has a direct connection with Sin. We will definitely learn more. ^_^

  4. hahahah Kat, come on. Disney Princess, really? BUT! I think I probably cannot argue with that hihii. You guys might be surprised one day, though. In terms of this …. matter.. I don’t know.. We will see. Who knows.. hehe.

    I’m picturing her hugging that big, long pillow. hehehe. Unfortunately, her dreams of ‘happily ever after’ is not going to be that.. shiny, glowy, full of butterflies and all, still a happy ending but.. a bit different. hihihi. because, you usually get what you don’t expect, or something of the opposite of what you wish or dream for. I love how you describe her, it’s not OOC. *_*

    Poor girl. She just wants him to call her by her name.. :'( It surely makes her think like, does he even know her name or even bother to. :'(

    She said, he’s not supposed to be back here. So, does that mean she met him already before? I wonder how’s the first meeting.. *_* Wow. Look at that. It’s like, Sin freezes time so that he can talk to her. *_* /

    I didn’t get the chance to tell you this.. so now I will tell you. I really really love the last picture of Sin… I don’t know why…… Can I keep it? *__* Nice. It’s like, he’s hypnotizing her. hohohoho

    I didn’t realize those customers were Imari and Orlando!

    • Thank you hun. HAHA, Kat is really the down to earth one and Ameya is young and has her head in the clouds. It is quite a cute contrast of character dynamics between them. I see a lot of growth for both of them as time passes and they struggle with what is going on around them and the move toward their “happily ever afters”.

      Yes, Ameya definitely just wants her to call him Ameya. It is like, does he like me, doesn’t he like me? Then he calls her the little cupcake girl she is just like that jerk. Why does he pretend like he likes me when he cannot even use my name. Does he even know her name, yes exactly. It gives her very conflicting feelings about how and whether or not he even knows her at all or even cares after all of this time of knowing each other.

      It really is simply Bak’s way when it comes to women is to give them nicknames and keep them at a distance to see whether or not they will eventually try to get to know him. Most do not even bother.

      Sin, definitely froze time. We learn a bit about his Nakamaru power, but we also see a bit of what his Shima blood allows him to do with the time freezing.

      Thank you. I am glad you like it. Yes it is just like he is hypnotizing her.

      Yeah the customers are Imari and Kieran. She is trying to fix him up on a date. We do not even know if they make it out of the explosion at this point. We will learn that though.

      • Aw. Is that his reason for nicknames? Too bad Ameya won’t get the chance to understand it :'( :'(

        He did that? Nice. I thought it’s not possible. but then again, in your story, anything possible. hehe. Hm. I hope they got out…

      • Yeah that is his reason for nicknames. He does it with all women with the exception of Tationy. I was telling Kat just today that he never flirts with Tationy or gives her a nickname, because I had originally intended for him to be the son of her and Rin, but then changed it.

        Even though I changed it, that dynamic between them always remains the same with him treating her far differently than he does other women.

        Well we will have to wait and see. ^_^ Yes, it is possible, we will learn how in chapter 3.

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