Muse – Reading Between The Lines

There was a calm that felt like it was coming before a great storm. They had kissed and made up, but nothing was resolved between them. Things seemed easier a million years ago when she was in the body of the Prince of Aslann.

There were far too many thoughts stirring his mind. Which resulted in Kuro thinking about the words of some foolish person that had said time healed all wounds, but the truth was that they simply festered and rotted like any unattended injury would. Before you knew it, you were forced to lop off a limb just to survive. Kuro suspected that both of them had amputated a part of their soul just to move through the ages in one patched together piece that resembled a human being.

His pensive moment, however, was interrupted when he heard the sound of his door opening and then quickly closing. There was no doubt it was her the way her aura teased his. Kuro stilled his body, steadied his breathing, and allowed the smoke billowing from his cigarette to calm the tension that was threatening to overtake him. He could not be certain that they would not exchange heated words, especially considering he had so many things he wanted to say and ask.

Not surprising she had remained near the door. Kuro could feel that her eyes were securely fixed upon him, though he certainly did not understand the hesitation. It was not as though he was going to turn her away.

Kuro was never one bothered by silence, but this felt different. Even though he did not wish to start an argument, he considered that it was probably best to at least initiate some sort of conversation. In his mind he went over quickly every question he should ask and picked the one he thought would be least likely to pick a fight.”What is the deal with you and Bak? I don’t think I have ever seen him treat a woman the way he coldly dismissed you.”

There was no hesitation in her response, “I shattered his belief in Rin and Tearra.” Kuro opened his eyes though did not move from his spot on the bed as he listened to her, “The truth is, Bak should have been my son, but instead of going left I went right. I could not live through the loss of another child and even if I thought Rin capable of protecting us I could not bring myself to lie with him.”

“Why not?”

Her eyes shifted away from him in what he thought was a combination of sadness and shame, “He is not you. It is not as though either of us are saints. We have both taken lovers, but Rin was one sin I was unwilling to make.” She paused for only a moment, “Bak was just a boy and very heated words were spoken around him. Rin and I probably could have handled things better. Maybe we just didn’t want to; I don’t really know.”

There was a somberness to her tone that she couldn’t hide. It made him feel as though he was a hindrance to the righteous path of Tearra and Rin. On the other hand he kept thinking that it did not matter because the two could not come together anyway. Rin had piggybacked his way to mortality through Mikio; a body he was never meant to be in.

Kuro slid himself over reaching out his hand for her. “Come lie with me,” He said though it came out more like a demand on his part.

“The day is not even over yet and we are already in our sleepwear and climbing into bed,” She stated as she moved. “Does this mean we are going to turn in early?”

“No, I just feel as though there has been a distance between us all day.”

“There is never any distance,” She responded.

“Isn’t there?” He asked as she settled in next to him. Kuro did not give her an opportunity to respond. It was not exactly rhetorical, but he was not expecting her to explain away something he felt within every fiber of his being. “I have been thinking a lot lately about that day you awoke in the past. The expression adorned upon your face as you read my future…..”

“Are you asking me what I saw?”

“I…I control my own fate. This is not about that it is about…”

Her words teased him, “And you call me foolish.”

Kuro snorted, “Is this how it is? Not even going to let me explain or ask my question?”

Much as she always did, Tationy fell silent. It would be several long moments of no shared words before Kuro would respond with an annoyed sigh, “I’m frustrated. I know you well enough to know that you are going to make some joke about taking care of that for me, so just…don’t be tempting right now.”

“Alright,” She practically whispered the word as she snuggled closer.

Her warmth relaxed the tension that seemed to have settled within every muscle of his body. It was not long after that, he closed his eyes and took the opportunity to enjoy the moment, but it hardly settled his thoughts. Which was clearly evident when he asked, “Am I in the way of you and him?”


“Don’t pretend you don’t know who I am referring. Mikio, Rin, whoever the fuck he is these days. Am I in the way? Just tell me yes or no.”

“He is not Rin at least not the part that matters,” She responded. Of course she was cryptic and avoided giving him a direct answer. Not that he expected her to deviate from her usual way of dealing with uncomfortable situations. What surprised him though was she had continued speaking, “I warned him he did not need to go any further, but he told me that I could not command him. You call me stubborn.” There was a distance in the way she spoke the words as though her mind was millions of miles away. “Had he listened to me he would not be in Mikio right now.”

“Why didn’t he?” He found himself asking.

Kuro made note of the silence that engulfed their conversation. One did not become as old as he was without learning to read people well. It was all ego at that moment, as his gut told him that the answer centered around him. That distance between them sometimes felt tangible and if he was hoping for her to put closure upon his wandering thoughts he was sadly mistaken. However, she did ease a bit of his tension, “Let’s not discuss Rin anymore tonight. Why, don’t we get dressed and go to my place. Pack my stuff.”

The way her words trailed off was almost teasing, “Yeah, let’s do that.”



  1. Look at these two, they are like old married AND honeymooners at the same time. How that doesn’t make their heads explode is beyond me HAHA. Probably going to pack Tationy’s stuff is the better of the two options, because lying in bed is only going to lead to physical things, which prevents them from doing the actual talking that they need to engage in.

    Sometimes, I think Tationy deliberately doesn’t give Kuro a straight answer, because she doesn’t want to give away the punch line, namely his future. Kuro is so determined to direct his own future, but he does such a bad job of it at times. I do wish they would be a little more honest with each other, though, about their feelings for the other person. That being said, Tationy was pretty clear about the reason she never slept with Rin. Kuro just chooses not to acknowledge that, or maybe SEE that, for whatever reason.

    Perhaps a good knock to the head will get Kuro out of his cerebralness? HAHA I suspect not, especially when he sees what Tationy’s “apartment” looks like!

    • HAHA, they really are. ^_^ Yes, packing stuff good…and yet bad. ^_^ The psychical stuff they really have no issues in.

      It is really like that actually. If she answers him directly she tells him his future, which he does not want to know because it takes his fate out of his own hands.

      Kuro has a lot of stuff lingering because she has repeatedly chosen to be at the side of others instead of him. It is a hard thing for a proud man to get over even if he knows how she feels.

      HAHA, the apartment is just going to make things worse. HAHA.

      • I know. Kuro’s pride has really taken a beating over Tationy choosing to remain at the Kari’s side, rather than go to him. Right now, it must still feel that way, since she is wearing Tadayoshi’s heroska. Still, Kuro needs to find a way to work past that somehow. It will be interesting to see if he can.

  2. There’s so many questions that need answers between them! Tationy surely has her way of avoiding important topics, but Kuro is pretty patient with that. That’s admirable.
    I guess she’s referring to what happened in that Christmas muse? Is that when Bak got his faith tainted?

    It must be pretty hard to resist staying in bed all day when a man looks so great in his underwear. ^___^ But perhaps they should really get on with the moving while they still can do it.

    • They really do. Slowly, but surly they will get there. Yes, she is referring to the Christmas muse. Yes that is when Bak got his faith tainted.

      HAHA, yes it definitely is pretty hard to resist staying in bed. I think they are funny, because the first thing the two of them did when they got home was put their PJ’s on. HAHA. Like, screw it our day is over even though it wasn’t, but they both decided it was.

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