Muse – The Black and Gold Gala


Hero Takahashi had tucked his invitation into his pocket and moved along the makeshift red carpet as he had done so many times before. Normally these extravagant affairs were held at the Thacian City ballroom, but this year the event hosted by Lady Yamada and Lord Zenaku was taking place at Aslann University in the newly constructed Tadayoshi Kari Center.

He was not entirely looking forward to the evening or stepping foot inside the center. At that moment he was just marveling in the photo opportunities afforded him because he was the second most famous face in Aslann; second only to Aslann’s it girl Tationy Tylo.

“Saitama, look this way,” The paparazzi clamored and he did what every celebrity of his status did. Gave them the “look” that got camera’s flashing and questions being tossed at him in rapid succession.

“Are you here alone?” One reporter managed to ask amid the chaos.

“I am never really alone,” He responded simply.

The only person that could outshine him  was the woman that commanded all of Aslann. So, it was not surprising when attention was pulled away from him as she made her way down the red carpet and took a spot not far away to have her pictures taken.

“Tationy, Tationy,” The voices screamed out for her attention. She did not seem to notice or perhaps she did not care. He could never really tell. “Where is Morri Zenaku?”

“What a waste,” Hero said blatantly.

He could feel her cold eyes fix upon him, though she did not venture to face him. Eventually, she responded to the question with a rather amused tone. “Morri and I are not attached at the hip,” Her words were almost teasing, “Really, he had other plans, but he left a sizable check in my care to deliver to Lady Yamada this evening for the Safe Horizon’s charity we are all here to support.”

Hero smirked, “Did that sizable donation come out of your expansive wallet or his?”

“Afraid you cannot match it, Saitama?”

“Coming from you my stage name sounds like you are saying fuck you.”

“Would you prefer I come right out and say that?”

The reporters and photographers were taking down every word they could hear and snapping pictures nonstop. This was not exactly uncommon. In fact, Hero suspected that Lady Yamada in particular had set their arrival times close together just for the salacious chatter it would invoke. “You are awfully feisty tonight. Perhaps I should take you home and give you a good paddling.”

“The day I let you take me home is the day the sun stops shinning.”

“So, it’s a date.”

She scoffed at his words which amused him more than the conversations back and forth. Unfortunately for her, before a response could even be uttered the reporters asked if they could get pictures of the two of them together.

Hero made a dismissive gesture as he took several steps away to the disappointment of the paparazzi. He was never one to leave anyone wanting. So, when he stopped behind Tationy, he turned quickly and pulled her into him. His mouth sought out her ear, clamping down. She had tensed ever so slightly. Just enough for him to notice, but not enough to make it obvious to the paparazzi looking on. He loved her composure.

As her hand reached up and rested upon his, he teased hotly along her ear so only she could hear, “I heard a rumor that your King is summoning you to him. Are you going to be a good and obedient goddess? The Nakamaru…” He tried to whisper, but was quickly interrupted by a hushed voice.

“If the Nakamaru side with him Hero, I will never forgive you.”

“Never is a long time, but I command eternities. Eventually, you will forgive me, but this is usually where you tell me that there is a time and a place for this kind of talk,” He stated while releasing her and moving to walk away.

If he thought he was going to get away from her he was sadly mistaken as he felt her hand rest upon his shoulder which stilled his body. There, the two posed once more for the paparazzi. No words, at least not a first. When she finally whispered his entire body tensed, “Become my God of War, Hero. Anything you desire will be yours.”

“Anything I … ” Hero laughed under his breath, “Before the night is over, you are going to tell me what you are offering.”



    • Thank you hun. Cho is one of the many names he used through the years. One of the first and Hero is also another name he has used. He has had many; so sometimes you will see reference to Cho that is always him and other times you will hear him be called Hero which is the name he goes by these days. Saitama of course is his stage name. ^_^

  1. Ooohhh, is this going where I think it is going? Is Tationy going to make Hero an offer that has to do with certain persons in his life that he cannot handle or stand? 😀 Regardless, I love the banter and how they try to outdo the other. The slideshow at the end is a nice touch, too. It’s pretty neat how you make the reincarnated characters always part of each other’s lives, as if their fates are connected throughout eternity.

    • You will just have to wait and see. There is more to come and we do learn a bit about what they talked about in the muse that will pick back up with Atsuki and Hero visiting Som(e) and Gen.

      Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed it. They certainly do like to outdo each other and I appreciate that very much. Fates are certainly connected by many throughout the story. Where one exist the other will and they will automatically be tied to each other somehow as is the came with other characters like Hiko and Abe.

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