Muse – Traipsing Through Time

Something rash! Those were the last words spoken to him by Tationy Tylo. She had been avoiding everyone. Spending her time attending various charity events and gala’s until she could no longer put off going to see the King of the Gods. Kazuma had summoned her and all Morri could do was sit and wait.

Imari told him to not get worked up. That Tationy was a big girl capable of taking care of herself, but she had left him with a massive burden to bear and uncertainty on what to do if he discovered the truth about Abe Sosa. Not to mention, he was not the type of guy that could just sit by and let a woman handle things on her own.

Tationy always teased him that he was from the wrong era. That chivalry was dead. Still, his father Tafari Zenaku had raised him to respect women and to protect them. He felt helpless as he entered into a meditative pose.

This was all he could do for her. Peel back time and search out the reincarnate of the God Hisoka. It was not an easy task and there were dangers messing with time. A single slip and he could damage someones past, present, and even their future. Erase them entirely. None of that concerned him after all he had been trained by the strongest of the Shima, Osa the Silent.

However, there was a danger that lurked in the form of his fellow clan mates. The reality was that the Shima, particularly the great Dragonlords would always side with Kazuma. He was after all the King of the Gods. If Morri was not careful, his peeking within time could become known and he would be marked as a traitor to his people and his god. His father’s blood, the Zenaku, would not be able to protect him if that happened. Nor would the Queen of the Gods herself, Tationy.

Looking through time was not something that was done easily. You did not simply open a window and take a peek. You peeled back layers upon layers as you searched for what you were looking for. It was rare, but there were some Shima that had mastered time to a level where they could move through it and exist in other places. He had heard stories; rumors and tales mostly of people being ported through time and living out their entire life in a place they were never meant to exist.

These sorts of things changed the world Kazuma created. It was why there were so many strict laws placed upon his blood by the Dragonlords. The King of the Gods world was not meant to be altered by any. There was speculation from young Shima that thought that the gods themselves were bound to time as mortals. That if it was altered so were their fates. To erase a god; it was a frightening prospect. How quickly the others would move against the Shima if one became bold enough to strike against them.

Morri had almost given up hope that there was some trace of Abe left within the time-stream. Nowhere, not even in the modern age of men when he disappeared could he find a trace. There was frustration that lingered around him as he slammed his fists against the ground which altered the state of the temporal portal he had opened.

When a portal through time was open, the world melted away and there was beautiful shades of purple embraced by whites and yellows. Never before had he seen red swallow whole the door he had opened to time.

It was chaotically swirling almost violently. Overpowering was the force behind it and as quickly as he tried to remove himself from the swirling vortex of time the more he realized that he had already been pulled into its grasp and there before him stood the man that he was searching for.

“Foolish,” Abe Sosa stated as Morri tried to pull himself to a standing position, but his body simply would not move, “The blood of the Shima is strong within you. However, you delve too deeply and they are coming for you.”

“How…how are you able to command time?”

His voice was a sharp snap as he struggled before the oppressive force. “You take a walk in this realm without knowing whom exactly it is you are seeking out. Tsk.” The reincarnate of Hisoka scolded him then grew silent, “I wondered how long it would be before she sent someone. Honestly, you are as foolish as she is.”

There was a melancholy that overtook the Sosa man before him. The lasts of his line. It was believed they had died out long ago. Morri was confused by his sudden appearance; stating that he had delved too deeply. Was he trapped in time? There were plenty of questions and his mouth opened to ask all of them, but he realized he was unable to.

“You are not strong enough for this place. It is a testament to your skills that you were able to make it here, but whether or not you can find your way back before you are killed by the Dragonlords is another matter entirely. You should not have come looking for me.”

“What nothing to say?” Abe joked lightly and a smile creased his lips. Tilting his head back, Morri watched as he stared at the nothingness around them. “I am not meant for the future age of men. I have been reincarnated plenty of times in my life, but that is an age they would never allow me to survive to.”

Them? Them who? The Dragonlords? Morri kept trying to speak, but he felt as though he was spitting out air and nothing more. His chest hurt, his body felt heavy, and the aura of Abe Sosa felt smothering.

Tationy had told him once that Abe was the most dangerous man she had ever known. Not even Hiko Kari was as callous and cold-hearted. “She is not wrong you know,” Abe stated, “Commander Kari and I are a packaged deal. She and I might be closely linked, but my fate has always been tied to that monster called Hiko. It is alright that this is the way of things. Neither of us were long for this world. Someone would always try to strike us down. It was failure on my part that I realized these things far too late.”

“Had General Abe Sosa stood at the side of the Kari Commander, there would have been none that could stand against us. Divided we were both conquered. He was struck down by his father Tadayoshi and I by mine. Lured into a trap. How far I had fallen. How unchecked my ego had become.”

“My enemy and yours, they are the same.”

There was a sigh and a shrug of his shoulders as Abe Sosa’s eyes fixed sharply upon Morri who had resigned himself to the fact that he was unable to move. “I am dead. What you see before you is the little piece of me that I managed to hideaway. A living will. I am not as skilled when it comes to my Shima blood as you are, but I had a little help from a remnant from my past. It is the only reason we are … well I am speaking to you now.”

“Once the Dragonlords arrive they will rip you from time. Do horrible things to you and what remains of me will be erased. If you are able to withstand their torture, then you will have my respect. If not, nothing I say here will ever matter.”

“Tell her that I left because there were rumors to the west of a great power. Let her know that it was handled, if it even still exist. Does it? I wonder. Maybe it has evolved and changed as all things do with time and death.”

There were words spoken by Abe, that Morri realized he could not hear. He tried to beg him to repeat himself, but the man simply tilted his head and stared at him. When he did speak again the structure was broken up, “Seems …. found …. unpleasant …. Dragonlords.”

Morri began to struggle again as though it would allow him to break free of the invisible restraints that had bound him so violently. “Hisoka…” Abe said the name of the God of Love. There was a moment when a pensive look overtook the Sosa and then a laugh that settled into a contented sigh. Morri felt his entire body being ripped through time. Nothing that was said about the love god could be heard except Abe’s final parting words, “In the next life I am not going to make the same mistake.”



  1. Well, crap. There goes any hope of the love God helping the Ishi against Kazuma. I almost feel sorry for Abe… but in a way, it seems fitting that he should not be reincarnated, that his line dies out. Makes me wonder why his father killed him. Was it for the same reason Tadayoshi killed Hiko?

    Poor Morri. I hope he survives the torture. 🙁 Why do the Dragonlords want to destroy all remnants of Hisoka? Is it because they are loyal to Kazuma? What will Morri become if he survives?

    • HAHA, we will have to see. Tationy did say she would do something rash if Abe was dead. We do not know yet what that might be and how it will involve the God of Love.

      Emitoya always hated Abe. Abe much like Hiko always spit on his father and shamed him. Went against what was best for the clan. There is not a lot of differences between father and son with the exception that Tadayoshi for the most part stilled claimed Hiko despite the shame and Emitoya seemingly gave up on him.

      Unfortunately at this point we will not know more about where Abe went, what happened while he was there, or what not. I have no plans to share that part of his life. It is something that gets focused on in the Modern Age and right now I am not dealing with that time period (if at all).

      We will have to wait and see regarding Morri and what becomes of him. There was already a little hint given to someone in something I said once about “who he is” in regards to the Shima, but that will test the memory of people that I talk to at great lengths about characters.

      Well that is an easy question. Abe was killed off in the modern age by Emitoya and the remnant left behind in time (the living will) would keep Hisoka from being reincarnated. Kazuma needs Hisoka’s power. Without it he cannot rise to the heavens so he has to force Hisoka to be reincarnated in the only Hamara blood that is left in the world. The Dragonlords were kings among men. Kazuma created the Shima first and from them he gave 3 among them power to rule over all; the Dragonlords. The Dragonlords will always serve Kazuma and his wishes and for the most part the Shima will follow suit.

      A very direct question. Well seeing you directly asked me. At this point in time there are only two Dragonlords. Abe during the modern age along with Seiji the Aggressor and Yayoi were the Dragonlords of the Shima.

      When he was killed it left the the third position vacant and even as time passed the position was never filled because they could not break the restrictions to deal with the last remnant of Abe. So no new Dragonlord was brought to power.

      Morri was always a Dragonlord. He was “Groomed” into the position and ultimately it starts putting him at odds with much of the people he cares about including his father Tafari because he chooses his Shima blood over his Zenaku at every turn.

      • Abe and Hiko were always two peas in a pod, weren’t they? They really do mirror each other in a lot of ways. Ah well, it kind of sounds like Abe is done, the last remnants of him are gone. So that means Tationy will do something rash… I am scared to find out what they will be.

        HAHA okay, is that why you told me what Morri’s bloodlines were? I remember that. Which means… huh. But then, if Morri had been groomed to become a Dragonlord…

        Ugh, I don’t like my thoughts HAHA. Sounds like Morri will be a changed man if and when we see him again. :

      • Yeah, Abe is a deceptive one because it seems like he and Tationy would be two peas in a pod, but everything with Abe and Tationy is a direct result of Hiko.

        HAHA, well first she has to learn what Morri discovered and what he says to her depends on what happens to him.

        Back during the Prequel when I was going to bring in Seiji, Morri, and Sin. We were going to see the Dragonlords (with Abe) and the Saitama (not really a clan) protecting them. Dragonlords are always around. It is something from every generation. As one dies, another is born. Morri’s seat has been vacant for a long time because of Abe.

      • Ahhh, so because a fragment of Abe remained, Morri’s seat could never officially be filled. That makes sense: you cannot “call” the next Dragonlord when the previous one is still around. It is definitely going to be interesting to see what Morri tells Tationy, and what becomes of him now that he’s being called.

      • Correct. Even though he was technically dead, that piece of him still existed, but the Dragon Lords themselves could not go against Kazuma to get it. Someone else had to do it and give them a reason to act.

        We will learn all of that with due time and see how the potential change in him effects his relationships with Tationy, Imari (his sister), and Tafari (his father).

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