Muse – Demons Among Us Part 3

Rin walked at the side of Tearra, glancing at her now and again. Her ethereal beauty was diminishing the longer she walked among mortals. Still there was no denying she was the Goddess that commanded the heavens.

“Does her visage disappoint you?”

He turned his attention away from her when she commented on the way he watched her, “Of course not.”

“Then why does your gaze wash over her features with such somberness?”

“It is not because of your beauty that my expression is sullen. I will never look upon you with disappointment. You are the goddess; your beauty is inspiring.”

“She does not feel as though she inspires.”

“Men raise their swords in your name…”

She cut him off, “It is not what she wishes.”

Rin took a breath as he stopped. Admiring the location he asked, “What is it that you desire?”

“Her heart is weeping. Soul is weary. She wants time to pass.”

The cryptic words of the goddess rarely set well with Rin, but she commanded him. Not with her power or her beauty, but with her love. His hand rose and as he gathered energy to open the great void he spoke, “The things that you ask of me are they what makes your heart cry?”

Tearra was silent. At first not offering any response to his question. Then, unexpectedly she made a thoughtful sound. An action that was quite unusual for her. Eventually she responded, “What is asked of you is only that which you are capable of shouldering. In this place, time moves quickly and soon she will be pulled from you. There are no regrets only a longing to remain at your side just a bit longer.”

“Then why is your heart weeping?”

The words were spoken rather quickly, “The thought of loneliness. That moment when her heart is unable to find yours. It brings unexpected emotions; fear even.”

Rin was surprised by the directness of her words, but this was hardly a moment to delve further into the discussion. He had to force himself to change the topic, “Was it a wise decision to leave our sons in the care of my firstborn?”

“Your eyes are clouded by your feelings for Hisoka. Kuro is your son. Whatever he has acquired from the love god is a pale comparison to the power given to him by you.”

“So, you keep saying, but I fail to see how his weakness will be an asset.”

“Where you see weakness, she sees the future of the Ishi.”

“I care nothing for these sins you have begged me to sire.”

“Foolishly you speak such words.” She scolded without emotion, “She did not force your hand. The decisions were always yours to make.”

Rin snarled as the energy he gathered pulsed, “I do not see you making such a sacrifice.”

“Then she fears your attention has not been solely fixed upon the goal. For she more than any other has sacrificed all she is until there is nothing left of her.”

His fist closed quickly snuffing out the energy he had been gathering. Her words stung deeply, but Rin choose to disregard them, “He has been summoned. I cannot say whether or not he will arrive. They have been disobedient lately.”

When she began to move, Rin matched her stride. “Where you see disobedience, others see a fight for freedom. The demons of the great void have been turned away by the King of the Gods. They want acceptance. Only your blood can command them, but there will be none among those you sire that will have power over the great void. Not even those born from her body.”

Rin frowned deeply when Tearra informed him that not even their twin sons would be able to utilize his power. “If this is the case, then it would be better if I sealed them away permanently.”

An amused laugh pulled Rin’s attention away from the conversation, “Certainly, no one would blame you for making such a decision.” The smiling face of a demon staring back at him. “Summoning me all the way to this place. Am I the only demon foolish enough to answer your call, Lord Rin?”

“You are standing before the Queen of the Gods, demon. Show some respect,” Rin spat.

“Forgive me Lord Rin. This humble servant apologizes,” The demon spoke as he brought his hand to his chest while his smile faded.

“Ziminiar, the name given to you by your mother Myia. Your brothers are Amaymon, Corson, and Gaap; you four are kings among your kind,” The goddess spoke drawing the attention of the demon. “Constrained you have been by the power of the God Rin. Deep longing for freedom beats wildly within the black hearts of the four kings, but the demon mother requires power. Her wanton desires supersede those of her princes.”

“Was I summoned to listen to the queen speak about things that I already know?”

Rin took a step forward to silence the demons sharp tongue, but was stilled by his queen. “She wished you to stand before her,” Tearra responded as she offered her hand to the demon. Long and elegant fingers enticed him forward, “She who stands before you, has powerful blood. A gift to the demon king.”

There was a moment Rin wished to protest, but everything she did was with purpose. Knowing that managed to halt his movements, but not silence his anger. For that he was forced to bite his tongue and look on as his queen offered her blood to a demon, “Why does the lady offer me such a gift?”


Even though the demon asked the words, he did not hesitate to partake in the blood of the goddess. When he had his fill he stepped back. There was a hint of blood upon his lips; the coloring around his eyes pinked, “More than any of your kind you want freedom; shackled you are to the power of the demon queen. Only her desires are valued. Forever a servant you will be. The blood you have taken is a gift for your freedom, use it wisely and you will become a dragon that breaths fire more fiercely than your mother.”

“What if this beast chooses to use this power against you?”

Rin snarled, “Be bold demon if you wish and I will send you and your’s back to the darkness that gave you life.”

Tearra managed to calm him as she placed her hand upon his. It was not an action she made often and never in front of others, but the squinted eyes of the demon before him indicated that the simple motion had a profound effect. “Does the queen, share those words?”

“How foolish you are demon to think that she is not aware of your desires. If it pleases you, she has already bore witness to your sins against her. She is counting on them. Surely you will not disappoint her.”

The demon licked the blood from his lip and then laughed, “What an interesting twist this conversation has taken.”



  1. Rin complaining about the demons being disobedient is amusing. They’re demons, Rin, what do you expect? It doesn’t matter that you let them out and you can shove them back into the void: they’re still going to do what they want to do.

    -_- Why did Tearra let Cho drink from her? I get that she is doing this for a reason, but what the heck is the reason? Does this have to do with the Takahashi clan being sired somehow? Or something to do with Rin’s true vessel being in existence in the main story? I don’t know where you are going with this, but I am very interested to find out.

    • HAHA, Rin sees the Nakamaru as willful teenagers. He expects them to mind their “father”. They really do, do what they want under the control of Myia. As long as she gets her way, they run unchecked.

      Why is a good question. HAHA. This does have something to do with the Takahashi and at the moment it happens, not even Rin knows the reason. We will learn why in the muse that follows. One could say it does have something to do with Rin’s vessel, but which vessel. His true one or the one he is currently within. That is the question. You will find out soon enough. ^_^ I promise on this one you will not be left wondering for along time….or will you.? MAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

      • HAHA I knew it. I knew this had something to do with the creation of the Takahashi! You better not keep me waiting for too long, okay? I really want to know more about this side story, and why Rin was kept in the dark. That is huge!

      • Yeah he had no idea why she asked for him to summon Hero (back before he was even called Cho). We will learn it soon enough. That is one of the muses I plan to work on this week.

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