Muse – Reading Between the Lines Part 3

Kuro had taken care of things with Togore and Nao and sent them on their way. He was exhausted as he sighed and rubbed the frustration from his face. There were far too many pressing matters to take care of and just when he thought there could not be anything else, there was. So, it was with some tension that he made his way toward the living room to check in on Tationy and Mikio.

Certainly it was not eased when he noticed the woman he loved sitting upon his sofa with a rather intense expression upon her features. “Is something wrong,” Kuro cautiously questioned.

“No, why do you ask?”

“You seem…” His words lingered there for several moments, “Actually, that look reminds me of the past.”

“Is this where we speak about the Prince of Aslann?” She questioned though never took her eyes off of Mikio.

“No, now is probably not the time to discuss … ” He quickly changed the topic, “How is he?”

“I don’t really know. What he is doing is something I have never attempted. Normally when we look at the past, the present, and the future we do it for a single individual. He is attempting it for everyone linked to an entire event in what might be a futile attempt to find a single clue. He is vulnerable like this.”

“We will not let anything happen to him,” Kuro stated.

“Ahh, I know, but who is going to protect him inside his own mind?”

Kuro tilted his head, “Are you referring to Rin or something else entirely?”

“At this point I cannot really speculate,” She responded. “We have crossed paths with plenty of eclipsing clans that can move beyond the veil and outside the sight of those with Tylo blood. However, we have not encountered one that has been able to silence an entire area. Both, Mikio and I have seen events where this has happened, but before they were just random anomalies.”

Kuro did not need her to explain further. The fact that this unknown entity was able to mask Bak’s movements spoke of a power beyond anything that they had seen. With this creature being able to move outside the veil so effortlessly, what could he do within it? He understood why she would be concerned for the safety of Mikio. “Rin will not let anything happen to him,” Kuro comforted.

The awkward silence that followed was unexpected. He was not like them. So, it was understandable that he would have a novice perspective on the situation that would seem naive to the two of them. With a sigh he changed the topic, “Are you hungry?”

Tationy had pulled her attention away from Mikio long enough to give him a rather uncertain glance. Within moments she was to her feet, “Where are you going?” He asked as he fallowed her movements.

“I am sure you can handle keeping an eye on him while I make some dinner.”

“We can just order out,” He stated.

She shrugged her shoulders as she moved, “I am kind of in the mood for olives and chocolate.”

A smile traveled across his lips. She was making it impossible to believe she was not pregnant with that kind of talk, “That sounds completely disgusting.”

“You will eat it and love it,” She stated.

“Oh, are we still talking about the chocolate and olives?” He was teasing her and she knew it because she stopped moving and glanced over her shoulder to wrinkle her nose at him. As she started to move again he spoke “Mikio mentioned the Nakamaru and the great void.”

Mid-stride she was halted which told him that she understood the question he was trying to ask, “Rin’s power is unique. There is none among the gods that can duplicate it. Not even Kazuma himself. It would be a great asset to us during this war with the potential threat of the Nakamaru joining the King of the Gods on the battlefield.”

“Mikio said he did not know if he would survive the process of extracting Rin. Without him, I find myself asking; is there anything we can do to gain control over the great void?”

There was a heaviness around her. An uncertainty that kept her from responding. At least that is what he thought at first. Then, she turned around with the most enthusiastic expression he had ever witnessed from her. “Maybe we have done all we can do,” She responded.

“It concerns me that you seem awfully happy that war is at our doorstep and the greatest mark of power we have is locked away because Rin was foolish.”

Her expression softened, “Rin was simply a man trying to keep his word. Truth be told, I did try to warn him. Though, he would not heed my words, but perhaps the person I should have spoken to is the one that chose to trap him.”

Kuro’s lips pursed and his expression changed, “What was supposed to happen?”

She shrugged her shoulders dismissively and moved swiftly to walk away, but Kuro quickly stopped her.

“This seems to happen a lot,” She told him as the two laid upon the floor with her big eyes staring up at him. She showed her baby fangs, “If you wanted to get me on my back you know you do not have to be so aggressive.”

“Oh, don’t pretend you do not like it this way. Spending years among the Kari tells me you get a little hot when a man grabs you aggressively.” He sighed as he looked upon her with some frustration, “Tell me who the vessel of Rin is. If he exists will it make a difference?”

“Mikio told you he most likely would not survive the process. Rin’s host no longer matters. Even if his essence was placed in the proper body, the great void would still be locked to him.” Her fingers reached up and trailed along his jawline, “The power of Hisoka is all we can rely upon and even that is an unknown.”

“Right your friend was going to look into it. Perhaps we should go and see him tomorrow and learn if he has discovered anything,” Kuro responded and then noticed the expecting look she was giving him, “Is something wrong?”

He thought he had noticed disappointment in her eyes as she responded, “No everything is as it is meant to be.”

“Then why do you not seem happy?”

“That would be because fear is a stronger emotion.”



  1. HAHA why do I get the feeling that Tationy is thinking about Tearra offering Cho her blood, as the solution to their latest problem? That look on her face equally cracks me up and freaks me out. She is never that giddy looking HAHA. Kuro is right about one thing: Tationy does seem to like it rough. Too much time with those Kari men. πŸ˜‰

    Now I understand why Mikio looks so ashen faced. He’s searching the timestream, looking for anything that can help him figure out why Bak was blacked out before the meteor struck. : I suspect he is going to be in rough shape when he finishes, assuming he isn’t attacked at some point.

    And yet, Tationy is afraid, but she doesn’t tell Kuro. Why doesn’t she tell Kuro? What does she know that she is too fearful to tell her man? :

    • We will have to wait and see. Tationy moves at her own pace, so what she is thinking about she will share when she is ready.

      HAHA, I know right. She is never that happy. She might like it a little rough, but aggressiveness has its time and place.

      Yes, Mikio has a long track to travel to find the answer. Whether or not he is attacked is yet to be seen, but in one of the next muses we see Moko of the Matsuo speak with Som(e) about what he has observed.

      That is a good question. What does she fear? I am going to make you wait for that answer. MAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

      • HAHA then either Kuro needs to learn to be patient with her…or she needs to learn to tell Kuro what is on her mind more often. Maybe both should learn those lessons. πŸ˜‰

        Heh I figured Mikio would be spotted by somebody, and go running to Som(e) to tell him the news. Evil you are, making me wait to find out what she fears. πŸ˜€

      • They have been apart a long time. Kuro is the only one of the two that has had a real relationship (with Taro) within the last hundred years and it was really a one-sided one. So they need a bit of time to figure it all out.

        Yeah the shifter clan the Matsuo are still about, despite being taken care of. Moko is too powerful for the Saruwatari to handle, so he is still following Mikio and Mikio is quite aware that he is hearing most of what is going on at this point in time.

      • If war didn’t seem to be right around the corner, then I would say they should take the time to figure out how things work between them again. It seems, however, that the war is imminent, so Tationy withholding things might not be the smartest thing. Of course, there might also be reasons for that, but keeping the Elder of the Ishi in the dark is a bad idea right now. How can Kuro direct the clan if he doesn’t see the whole picture?

        Hmmm, maybe Mikio needs to take care of Moko? πŸ˜€

      • Kuro, needs to be more forceful with her as the Elder of the Ishi. He handles her differently then he does others of his clan. Which allows her to get away with plenty.

        HAHA, Mikio will take care of Moko at some point, jut not yet.

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