Muse – Christmas With the Ishi Part 4

Enzo managed to escape answering any uncomfortable questions, when his parents got distracted with a random discussion about something. He was not really engaged and simply happy that he would not have to speak about Mikaela with either of them.

In the room he was staying he found himself a bit restless, touching and playing with all the little knickknacks around. He had been thinking maybe this would be the last year he would do this with his parents. Though whether or not he would address the matter or go along with what they wanted he had yet to decide.

It was not as though he did not have his own wants and desires. He did, but if what his parents wanted did not conflict he really put up little resistance. Some people called that “being a good child”. Enzo saw it more as keeping his parents entertained.

His attention was pulled away from the clay piece he was playing with when his computer made a telling sound indicating he had a video call incoming. There was only one person it could be, so he happily took a seat, hit a couple of keys, and said hello.

“I guess this means you made it there in one piece,” She said in her usual unmoved tone. “Love the decor.”

He could tell she was being sarcastic as he shook his head and responded, “My mom likes this place for some reason. It comes all set up like this for all your holiday needs. It is over the top and ridiculous like my family.”

Noticeably she sighed, “I know a thing or two about that.”

“Are you not having fun?”

“Not really. At the moment I am hiding in my room, but every few minutes someone knocks on my door asking why I am being unsociable.”

“Why are you?” He questioned. There was a dark expression that crossed her lovely features and then just like that she was up and moving. He could see her doing things around her room as she avoided answering. Which told Enzo, that a change of focus for the conversation seemed the best course of action, “I have not seen those pants before.”

“They are new,” She responded.

“Yeah?” He said with question then smiled, “I really like how you fill them out.”

Those words got her to stop moving, though the expression upon her face was not her usual. Normally, he would say something and a little playful back and forth would start, but apparently she was not in the mood. Which became clear when she asked, “What do you mean by that?”

“I just like how you look in them. Your hips are pronounced….”

She made an annoyed sound before he could finish speaking. He was just trying to tell her that he wished he was standing there with her. His hands gripping her hips. Honestly, he had been thinking about kissing her all day, but it was clear by the way she was shutting him down that something was wrong. There was a hint of sadness in her tone when she responded, “I am done talking, Enzo.”

He tried to stop her from signing off by saying, “Wait.” As though that would be able to keep someone from walking away online. It can’t and didn’t. “What the fuck just happened?” He asked himself as he tried several times to reach her, but she refused to answer his video call.

Seven e-mails and thirty text messages later, Enzo was frustrated and considering using his return ticket early. He had replayed the conversation over and over again looking for where he went wrong. Perhaps he could have chosen his words better. His mind was deep in thought when he heard his father speak his name, “Enzo.”

“What?” He disrespectfully snapped which resulted in his father tilting his head to one side. “Forgive me. My thoughts are distracted. Did you need something, dad?”

He watched as his father rested his hand on two wrapped packages upon the bed, “These are for that girl you are friends with. Your mom wanted to get her something.”

“Oh, she is going all out this year.”

Kuro sighed, “She gets restless with your Uncle Bak and Aunt Ameya celebrating the holidays in the states. It keeps her entertained,  but I think the last ten years of this has grown tiring for her. Buying gifts for your friend, seemed to lift her spirits.”

The words of his father concerned him slightly, “Is mom alright?”

“She misses you,” His father stated simply.

Enzo bowed his head, “Then, I probably should not bring this up, but I have been thinking that maybe this will be my last year of this.”

Enzo expected his father to say something in response, but there was not even a hint that he might acknowledge his sons words. That told him that his father was already aware that it was a possibility. “I like spending time with the two of you. These family things are always slightly weird and oddly not uncomfortable, but the past year they have felt a bit lonely.”

“Is that why you are sulking?”

“I am not…” Enzo began to say and then sighed, “I think I might have stuck my foot in my mouth with her.”

“How so?”

“I don’t know. She has been acting a bit strange lately. Distant; I made a comment about the pants she was wearing. She looked good in them. Not that I want to be sharing this with you, but I really liked …. you know all of what was going on.”

His father had snorted in response which made Enzo initially groan until he said his name sharply, “Enzo. Why are you beating around the bush? If you articulated it to her the way you just did to me, I would not be surprised if she took it the wrong way. You are my son and I did not raise you to be cautious.”

Enzo bowed his head slightly and he only raised it when he saw movement from his father. There he was sitting upon the floor and asking the question he hoped would not be posed, “What is wrong?”

Enzo relented as he responded, “I don’t honestly know. The last couple of weeks she has been moody and depressed. Which is saying a lot because Mikaela is really melancholy. We have been together for a while now; unofficially.” With a noticeable sigh he added, “I really don’t want to discuss this with you.”

“Why not?”

“Don’t get the wrong idea dad. You and mom are great and the two of you have always been there for me. I could not ask for better parents, but there are no secrets in my life. Mom probably has already told you every little detail and that is really frustrating for me.”

When his father stood, Enzo felt the pit of his stomach knot. He had not expected him to walk away from the conversation, nor had he known his father to get upset over directness. “I am not going to pressure you,” Kuro stated. “Your mother’s power is both a blessing and a curse. She cannot help what she sees, but she never shares with me the future of my son unless I ask her.” With those words his father turned on his heels and moved to exit, only stopping long enough to add, “If you want to talk. You know where to find me.”





  1. Rule number one, Enzo, never talk about a woman’s hips. Most of them are really self-conscious about them. HAHA bless him, he tried to be appealing, but she was having none of it. Something is definitely wrong, though, and I am wondering what it is. How cute that Enzo spent all that time trying to get her to communicate with him again. Dude, 30 text messages isn’t going to compel her to open up.

    HAHA poor Kuro, I think his feelings were hurt with Enzo’s comment. Why does Enzo assume Tationy tells Kuro everything about his life? Maybe he has never asked whether she does? Tationy always knows about everyone, and maybe she will behave in certain ways – like getting a gift for Mikaela – but I can’t see her smothering Enzo just because she has the eyes of the Tylo.

    Heheh, Uncle Bak and Aunt Kat. That has such a lovely ring to it… 😉

    • HAHA, yes Enzo was not very smooth at all. She is extra sensitive though for reasons we will learn eventually.

      Kuro was and he wasn’t. He gets it. He does not like his future read either so he can understand where Enzo is coming from, at the same time he does not like to see his son upset and if he can help even by listening he would.

      Enzo has never asked. It is just an assumption that his parents share everything about everything even him. He has never asked.

      Doesn’t that have a good ring to it? They are off in America doing their own celebration.

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