Muse – The Gods Part 3

The demon was gone, but the unhappiness from the encounter lingered around the two of them. Rin tried desperately to keep his annoyance at bay, but it burst, despite his composure. “Why did you allow that demon to have your blood?”

“A better question would be, why didn’t you stop her.” She added in a sullen tone, “Complacency has tainted the Gods. As a mortal, she sees it with clarity. They have stood as icons of indifference while monopolizing devotion. He longs for a different age and yet holds on to this one. He is no different then we.”

“He is a demon,” Rin remarked.

“No more is he a demon of the great void. Banished he will never be.”

“What have you done?”

“She has shifted the balance of power. No longer will the demon queen feel at ease to do as she pleases. Above her he will rise and powerless she will become. As time passes, the great void will be lost to the Ishi and with it, her power to create demons. Her final sin will be her last.”

“There will be no complaints for silencing Myia, but giving him the power to create demons…”

“Sired from her blood will be the Hundred Children of Cho. His ego will become unchecked. Chosen he believes, but clouded are his eyes. A god he has become; a demon he sees himself. Only she can shine light to combat his darkness.”

Rin closed his eyes and released all the breath from his lungs, “So, this was about war. It makes me uneasy. You have chosen my firstborn and that demon for reasons that I cannot see and yet offer me nothing to understand.”

“She wishes he had been born of her womb,” She responded. Rin understood she was referring to Kuro. “Kazuma refused her request; barren she was meant to remain.”

There was a moment of silence that followed her words and Rin thought back on the past. In the heavens, Tearra had grown weary. She wanted to bring love and joy to the world, but Kazuma restricted what they were allowed to do.

She had begged the King of the Gods thousands of times for the gift to bring life into the world. No, he refused and Tearra remained barren. It was ego on his part. To a child, mother is god and Kazuma could not allow another to be put above him. It was not long after her final attempt that Hisoka, the God of Love, left the heavens.

Tearra had come before Rin and asked something of him. She wanted him to descend the heavens and impregnate the granddaughter of Hisoka. The Goddess wanted a child and this was the only means for Tearra to have one.

Rin had refused, but the sadness it invoked in the Goddess moved him. So, he did as she requested and soiled himself by lying with a mortal. It was worth it to see the Goddess happy, but that feeling of joy was fleeting because she could not bring Kuro to the heavens. Kazuma would never allow it and even if by some slim chance he had, Tearra could not rip Kuro from the arms of his mother, Rikku.

The memories were bittersweet and Rin only managed a brief smile as he gazed off into the distance, “I wish he had been as well, but he was not my queen. He is just a mortal even if he has my blood. Powerful he will never be.”

“You are wrong,” She stated. “Only he can command your power, but she fears the opportunity will be forever lost to him.”

“Him? That boy is not even a god. He spends all of his time in his head and is tainted by those frivolous romantic notions of Hisoka. This talk from you is nonsense after all you said yourself that no Ishi will command my power.”

“She did say that, but without context his path is not clear. The actions of others will dictate his power; his father, bold and unforgiving and his brother, quiet and sensitive.”

“Are you saying that my actions will hinder or help him?”

“Always your hand has forcefully guided his choices because you are his father. Kuro longs to stand at your side as your son, but he is resigned to stay in your shadow as your lesser born while you raise up his brothers. She wishes you could see what he is capable of.”

Sometimes there were moments that Rin wished he could do just that. Kuro had his strengths. He was an accomplished fighter, had a resilient personality even when it was being beat down, and he sacrificed everything to do as he was told. It made him a good soldier, but Rin found it impossible to believe that Kuro was the one child capable of commanding his power.

He sighed, “It is his resignation that will always make him lesser. He gets that from Hisoka.”

“Don’t give me that look,” Rin said when he noticed the Goddess gazing upon him rather aggressively. Her eyes were somber, her expression darkened, and it was clear that his words displeased her. “I do not understand what you want from me. My opinion of him will never change, Tearra. It does not matter whose son he was meant to be; his blood is tainted.”

Her response was practically whispered, “Every detail even if it seems insignificant; all of it matters. She wonders if a million years without her will make you see that.”



  1. I am guessing the Hundred Children of Cho are the Takahashi clan? So Hero becomes so powerful that he thinks he is a god when he is not? It makes sense now, Hero laughing off Tationy’s offer to make him her God of War. And oh the irony that Hero still longs for another era.

    It seems like an even trade: Myia cannot make more demons, and the Ishi cannot access the Void. The trouble with that is, how will the Ishi get rid of the demons? Now I get why Rin sees Kuro as a lesser son: the resignation, Kuro living in his head and being “romantic”. being the son of a mortal woman sired from a god… Perhaps if Rin wasn’t such a stubborn asshole, he would see Kuro for the potential Tearra sees in him.

    Interesting muse. As usual, I have more questions than answers HAHA.

    • Yes the Hundred Children of Cho are the foundation for the Takahashi clan. No, Hero is a god because he has the blood of Tearra. He is no longer a demon, but he believes he is still a demon. She basically made him a god.

      He laughed off being her God of War for another reason entirely. We will not know what until we meet up with Hero, Kuro, and Tationy all together.

      Yes exactly. It is an even trade, but it is difficult to deal with the powerful demons. Minor ones can be banished/destroyed, powerful ones those things are much harder to use on because many effective methods they are amuse to.

      Yes the resignation really pisses Rin off. It makes Kuro different from his brothers. In the Prequel we see this when he says, why Mikio and not me about having Tationy. When he is shut down he is just like “Shrugs” it is what it is.

      Such a simplistic way to put it, but this is how he has always been and it is the thing that irritates Rin the most about him.

      Thank you. Well you know I do love giving you more questions then answers. I live for it actually. ^_^

      • Wait, so Hero taking Tearra’s blood turned the demon into a god, only Hero doesn’t know he’s a god? -_- What is going to happen when he DOES realize he’s a god? I don’t know if I want the answer to that question haha.

        Well, when all you get from Mikio is *shrugs* “Who knows”, how are you supposed to combat that? Resignation seems the better option in that situation. Perhaps it isn’t – maybe Kuro needs to learn to be more forceful and persistent – but it’s hard combating that kind of passivity.

        HAHA well, I’m glad my constant questions and nagging make you happy. I have zero qualms about continuing to do that. 😉

      • Yes, exactly that. You have to wait to find out. That one is a secret. ^_^

        Yes, Kuro has some difficult with dealing with personalities like Mikio are very dismissive and passive. He does not want to pressure, but at the same time he needs to. Resignation has often been the way he deals with those situations and it simply is not the way to handle them (according to Rin).

        Always feel free to ask. I like questions. ^_^

      • Dissmissive, passive personalities are hard to deal with, no matter who you are. Somehow, you always manage to come out looking like the bad guy if you insist or put pressure on them. It’s annoying, frankly HAHA. (Says the person who often resigns herself to accept unpleasant situations.) Well, Rin is a jerk, so he isn’t going to understand when resignation is a good thing.

        HAHA be careful what you wish for! 😉

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