Muse – The Matsuo Assassin

Somè found himself restless as he wandered the island of Shimragata. His goddess had taken her place at the side of Rin. Which, was not an unexpected outcome, though it did solidify that the path to the heavens would be lined with corpses. It might seem a rather depressing thought, but Somè cared nothing for mortals.

Even with his mind wandering he was acutely aware of his surroundings. “Do you wish to strike me down, Moko?” The soft purring of a cat was the only response. “A long journey you have made, I hope you bring me good news.”

Somè placed his hand upon his bracelet, “My queen has taken her first step against me. One of many I am sure. These dour feelings beseech me and I am reminded that each decision will lead me down a path that I cannot turn back from. I expect obedience and results. Tell me why you have come here.”

When Moko, the shadow, the hand, the annihilator shifted forms he spoke in a haunting tone, “The voices of my men have been silenced.”

“Finally the Ishi act against you,” He responded, “It is of no consequence. If necessary use your weak to enforce the missions of your strongest. I will leave the decision to you, but I expect results.”

“I understand, my lord.” The leader of the Matsuo did not hesitate or allow his pause to linger as he added, “It seems the Lord of the Ishi has finally unshackled the death god. However, I still have not been able to get close enough to overhear all of his conversations.”

A sound of displeasure was released as he stated, “Risk death if you must.”

“There may be another way my lord. Something is transpiring at the home of the Ishi Elder. I overheard portions of a conversation regarding an anomaly; a power that is not Kari nor Nakamaru which can move outside the veil. Currently, the death god is in a meditative state searching for the answer.”

Somè felt a smile crease his lips. “Forced into a vulnerable position simply to seek out an answer. A way to defend against me perhaps?” He mused over the thoughts of what this could mean before stating, “Leave the death god to Ryozo.”

“As you wish Lord Kazuma.”

Moko turned to depart, but was halted suddenly when Somè responded. “I must speak with the Maia regarding pressing matters, but have your people send word to Iashi of the Kari. I want to know the status of the Kari Foundation and Moko,” Somè paused, “Have your men pay a visit to Rin’s youngest.”

The assassin did not question why his men were to be sent to the last born Son of Rin. Somè was aware that Moko understood that it was Kazuma’s will for Bak to be the first causality of war. So, it was without hesitation he responded, “Of course my lord.”



  1. What? NOOO, not Bak. Bak isn’t allowed to be the first casualty of war. ;__; I guess that means they are going to discover Kat’s existence. Oh dear, this is not going to end well…

    Somé is a jackass. I am just going to throw that out there. Wait, the power that is not Kari nor Nakamaru… then what the heck is this force that blanked everything out?

    • HAHA, yes soon Kat’s existence will be discovered.

      Well Som(e) is just that. He is unforgiving and will not change.

      Well, you will just have to wait and find out. ^_^

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