Muse – A Complicated Relationship

Tationy and Mikio had left Mount Celiabai the next day; it was not on good terms. At least not for her and Kuro. Their conversation had ended with her walking out. No time to consider everything that had happened the day before and even less to deal with what was to come. He offered her no goodbyes and she willfully bit her tongue and offered him none in return.

Her thoughts were scattered; wandering to a million different things. This was not unusual, but it was the first time in many lifetimes she felt an uncertainty about a decision she had made. Intellectually, she understood that Mikio could not do this without the power of the Sato. Emotionally, she did not know if she could fix the damage brought to the heart of her relationship with Kuro.

She chose to fight the sin of Myia of the Nakamaru, but Kuro would certainly see it as her choosing Rin. “Foolishness,” She said under her breath before realizing she was no longer alone.

Her eyes shifted toward Mikio and casually spoke, “This city is very big, but we will not be able to hide ourselves from him forever. You do not have the skill of your brother to mask our presence endlessly. We should probably move quickly to locate him.”

“Rushing forward to accomplish this serves no purpose,” He said sternly. Mikio’s eyes were devoid of life. They did not sparkle and never lit up. Nor did he ever smile; not once, not ever. Perhaps there was nothing that brought him joy. Tationy really could not say, but looking at him brought a pain to her heart and a reminder that he lost a part of himself when he saved her all those lifetimes ago.

“Moving quickly does not mean rushing…” He cut her off.

“There was no need for you to wear the Heroska of the Kari. I can protect you as well as him.” Tationy knew that Mikio was referring to Kuro. The words that followed seemed much more an afterthought then anything else, “I am sure I am not the only man that has noticed you have been going without it.”

“He has not noticed,” She responded simply. “To be honest, I do not need you trying to sooth my weary heart. If this is how it is meant to be, then I accept it. I cannot make him see that which he dismisses so callously.”

“It was not my intent to calm your always turbulent heart. It is that unbridled nature that makes you passionate and dangerous. A shame that you have always found a need to shackle it.”

Tationy could not keep her eyes from glaring at him, “This is not the time nor the place for this discussion.”

“Avoiding will not change the fact that there are things that need to be said. You should tell him the truth.”

“If you want him to know so badly, Mikio. Perhaps it is you who should do so after all this burden the three of us share is because you foolishly acted and disregarded the risks. Powerful you may be, but not even you are immune to deaths mighty hand.”

“I do not recall you complaining when I saved your life or is your unhappiness because I have taken the choice from your hand?”

She noticeably sighed, “Fine let’s do this.” There was a melancholy to his expression, it was the most moved she had ever seen him. “It was never your place to save me my love, my heart, my son,” Tationy spoke the burdened and heavy words as softly as she could.

“You discuss my shackles, but you have placed upon your heart a burden that no son should bear. Half of you longs to be held as only a mother can and the other half…is your father wanting his lover. This is the price you paid so that your big brother would not have to carry the burden of being Rin. It was not your path to protect him. Always it was his to protect you.”

“I am furious with you and it is not because I do not understand. This unhappiness festers because I cannot fix it and a mother should be able to do that. As for Kuro, I don’t tell him…I don’t…” She tried to push back the emotion, “I can’t tell him.”

“He will never accept being Rin,” Mikio stated.

“Do you really think that is why I do not tell him? Foolishness runs in this family,” She stated sternly, “With all of that power you have, can you not see that it would break is his heart to know the lengths you have gone to just to protect him. He alone was to bear the burden of guiding and protecting the Ishi, that was his path. All of you are his sons and daughters and only with time could he come to understand that.”

“The Ishi are a clan that only unites when there is war. We are an army of Rin. That is all we have ever been and there was nothing Kuro could ever do about that,” He responded.

“War is necessary for the world to evolve and progress. There can never be peace as long as men rise above others and make themselves gods. What Rin did was for its betterment,” She argued.

“Some call that the rape of the civilized world.”

“How foolish you are to think that we are civilized,” She outreached both of her arms, “In a world of anonymity there is no such thing. Lost is that age to us and while there are many who long for a quieter time those days have come and gone, but do not be fooled into thinking progression means we have reached a state of enlightenment. It does not. We are as we have always been, neanderthals trying to make fire.”

“I hear the words coming out of your mouth, but it is as though Rin is speaking them.”

“Funny, I was just thinking you sound far too much like Kuro.”

There was a moment of uncertainty regarding how Mikio might react so it came as a surprise to Tationy that he smiled slightly and then laughed. Not a moment in her life had she seen anything so warming to her heart. It was only after he composed himself that he stated, “When we get back, we really need to tell him the truth and you need to let him know you are pregnant.”

She shook her head wanting to vehemently deny it, but there was little point. Not with those eyes, “I had seen that moment with Kuro, billions and billions of times and always the outcome was negative. Truthfully, I am not sure when it changed or why. Had I known, I …”

Mikio interrupted her, “The child is meant to be born. It is the will of gods that you and Kuro create life together. This outcome would have happened regardless of the path you took. It just happened a lot later then it was meant to.”

“Ahh, but I am not ready. We are not ready and as things are now, how are we even to protect him from Kazuma? I cannot bear the loss of another child. It is not something my heart can handle. It is far too fragile in this century.”

“No, it is not,” Mikio stated as he reached out his hand. Tationy hesitantly accepted and even tried to pull away when he began to gather energy, “We have a complicated relationship you and I; mother, lover, niece. I cannot say what will happen in this war. There will be lives lost, but I can protect this child in your womb and ensure that no harm will come to him while he is shielded by his mother.”

With those words he had placed his hand upon her stomach and offered some of his power to protect her and the child from harm.



  1. Mikio, you are one hot mess, in that you are hot…and you are a mess. 😉 But in all seriousness, this is hard to read. Mikio gave up too much, if you ask me. He never should have taken on the burden of Rin, if he was never meant to be Rin’s vessel. I assume Kuro doesn’t know that he, and not Mikio, was deigned to be Rin’s vessel? I cannot see that going over well, if this is the thing Mikio has to tell him.

    The problem with Mikio and Tationy is, they keep too many things from Kuro. That isn’t right on many levels. Given how interconnected these three are, it seems like they are trying to lop off a limb by keeping Kuro in the dark about these things. If Kuro suffers from an inferiority complex to begin with, how much greater might it become when he learns the truth about Mikio and Rin?

    • HAHA, Mikio is a hot mess. Mikio has consistently given up a lot and continues to do so. You are correct, he never should have taken on the burden of Rin, though that cannot be changed now. Kuro still does not know that it was him that was meant to house Rin. Yes, this is part of what Mikio and Tationy need to tell Kuro. Yeah the keeping of things is really because they see so much and Kuro does not want to know his future. You try to tell him and he is like OMG, I don’t want to know. So they purposely keep things because it will tell him things, so he really as much as the two of them is to blame in all of this. We will have to wait and see. It all depends on the delivery of telling him he was mean to be Rin and in explaining why Mikio did what he did.

      • Then, can I smack all three of them for being stupid heads? HAHA I kid, mostly. 😉 Sometimes, it is necessary to know certain things, if for no other reason than to be prepared for the eventuality. As it stands now, I don’t see Kuro being able to handle knowing Tationy is pregnant. That really will get him killed.

      • We will see how strong Kuro is soon enough. He is old after all. Despite how much he is in his head, he did not get that old by being foolish. So, we will have to just wait and see how well he handles it all. Additionally we need to see more with Tearra and Kurot to know whether or not she prepared him or gave him any clues to what was to come. Not to mention we have yet to see modern age Rin and Kuro together.

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