Muse – Christmas With the Ishi Part 5

Mikaela had avoided him the entire Christmas break. Not a single call or text returned, nor did she respond to any of his attempts for video chatting. When he got back to Harvard, the first thing he did was seek her out. Unfortunately, that did not work out as well as he thought it would. He always seemed to just miss her.

Enzo was forced to wait for their shared English class, but then Mikaela had not shown up. It was with a great deal of heaviness he dropped off his backpack and headed toward her room. When he knocked on the door he received no response, but then someone that passed by said Mikaela was in there.

He did not want to force himself upon her, but Enzo was tired of her avoiding him. Knocking on the door he called out her name while turning the doorknob. It was unlocked. With a sigh he responded, “I am coming in.”

The moment the door closed behind him, his eyes locked upon hers and he smiled. There were no words to express how happy he was just knowing she was alright. Some people, made your day feel a hundred times better just by their presence. She was that for him.

Enzo opened his mouth to say something to her, but stopped long enough to give her a once over. She had cut her hair, her skin looked paler than usual, and she had on a frumpy old sweater. The expression upon her face was typical of Mikaela. So, he could not say with any certainty that she was irritated with him.

“Why did you cut your hair?”

“We are going to start with that? Barging into my room seems a much more appropriate point of origin.”

Enzo chuckled briefly, “Well I would not have had to come in uninvited if you had answered my calls or my texts. Are you going to tell me what is going on or keep being mad at me?”

“I am not mad at you,” She responded.

“Well you seemed like you were over break when you ended our chat. I did not mean it the way you took it. Really, I had been thinking about resting my hands upon your hips since we said goodbye. You know how much I love…”

Her body shifted and his attention was drawn toward her hands. Something was wrong. He could feel it. “Mikaela,” He said her name, “Why weren’t you in class? Why did you cut your hair? Why did you get mad at me?” There were so many questions rattled off all at once he thought for certain she was not going to answer any of them.

Nothing; she remained silent as she stared toward the corner of her room. Enzo’s calm exterior was being tested. If there was ever a moment he wanted to shake someone it was now, but he stood there with his hands in his pocket waiting for her to respond.

Eventually she spoke softly, “The assignment we were given over the break is not finished.” She shrugged, “Actually I am feeling pretty done.”

“What do you mean by done?”

“I mean, I don’t really care at the moment about school, my hair, or …”

“Me? Are you saying you do not care about me?”

“No, I am saying…I am saying I am pregnant and what I need right now from you is to just tell me already that he is not yours and walk away. So, I can drink my cappuccino, cry until I cannot cry anymore, and pretend I never met you.”

The words hit him harder than any ever spoken. There were a few times they had not played it safe. Four o’clock in the morning, when you do not have a condom and it is thirty degrees Fahrenheit outside. Enzo had no regrets. He knew the risks and he took them anyway; being with her was worth it.

She had turned her back to him, “Please tiger. Just walk away.”

It irritated him that she thought he would leave her, but even with how he was feeling he could not help wondering why she felt that way. What about him had given her that impression?

He took a step forward, grabbing her arm quickly and twirling her around to face him. There was a hint of surprise in her features coupled with anticipation and apprehension. “Don’t ask me to walk away, baby girl when I have been waiting two years for you to ask me to never let you go,” Enzo stated as he leaned in and brushed his lips lightly against hers.



  1. For someone who hates writing romantic moments, you sure made this moment deliciously sweet and romantic. 😀 Did Mikaela take a pregnancy test, or has she missed her period? How far along is she? Why doesnshe assume Enzo would leave her just because he fot her pregnant? Just what did her mother say to make her cut her hair off?

    Unanswered questions, how I hate them haha.

    • Mikaela took a pregnancy test and it was very faint pink plus size. Then she took another one and another one and got the same result, but it was so faint she was like..what does that mean? Am I pregnant or not? She has not had her period yet, but stress for her sometimes pushes it back and because she thinks she might be pregnant she is pretty stressed out. If she is pregnant she would be just over 2 month which coincides with the 10 months from conception to birth for pregnancy.

      Mikaela first experiences with men come from her father who abandoned the family when she was just a girl. She has learned that when things get tough, men leave or cheat. So, she has always expected at some point that Enzo will do the same. Her mother told her that she did not like that Mikaela straightened her hair and took all of the curls out of it. That she looks better with her curls, so she cut it off to make a point. There is another part to this muse that maybe I will work on today. It is a bit of continuation of it.

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