Muse – Sinning Well Part 3

Time was running out for Sin and Ameya. They had arrived to Progmato, found a place to stay, but there was an enemy closing in. Evading them was something he could do. Keep them at a distance for months or even years. Not forever; no that was not a possibility. Not even for him. Long enough for him and Ameya to progress and have some closure.

Any moment they had to stop and enjoy themselves he took it. A picnic before they headed off to their next destination to avoid the enemy. It was not much, but he thought she might enjoy it.

Despite the time together they had barely even talked and when they did the two of them exchanged words. They were different; she was different. He probably was a well, but he put the entire blame of their distance upon her shoulders after all it was Ameya that chose to forget him.

One might argue that she had little choice in the matter, but he disagreed. He suspected there were reasons she put him out of her mind until he was lost to her. Maybe it was easier for her, he did not know. In the grand scheme of things it probably did not matter one way or another.

This was not really anything special. Just time together in a park, quietly eating, before cleaning up, and just sitting together. Never did Sin doubt that he had made the right decision saving her, but this Ameya held her emotions in check and he had to wonder if he would be able to reach her before the end of their journey together.

“You are wrong about Ryuuki-kun. I did not stomp my feet and run away hoping he would follow.”

“Is this where you tell me that your mother thought it was for best?”

“Well she did, but I realized something that day I visited my onii-chan. As I held the bag and Yuka walked down the stairs. I was so surprised that I did not take in the entire scene until later. The look upon his face. The way he gauged my reaction. He wanted me to cry. Wanted me to beg him. Ryuuki-kun paraded her in front of me because he could get a reaction out of most women. That is what he wanted.”

“Resigning yourself to her victory and walking away with your tail between your legs solved nothing,” Sin stated.

“That is not how it was. I simply decided that it was not worth it. It did not change my feelings for Ryuuki-kun, but I did not want the unpleasantness of it all.”

Sin snorted, “Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, they live happily ever after. No conflict, no fighting, all ease. That is an illusion Meinome.”

“It is what I wanted,” She stated simply. “Ryuuki-kun made things complicated with his career, his beautiful ex-girlfriend, and…. ”

“Being your brother?”

“Well he was not really my brother. Not by blood anyway, though you are right about one thing. Most of the time he treated me like a pest that was just in his way. Then, he started to have feelings for me and there was a little bit of hope that things might change between us.”

“They didn’t change Meinome. That illusion you wanted was always just that because he was never devoted to you; simply something to pass the time.”

“I realized that when he decided that competing with Goki was more important than making me see his heart. It was always about him being better. That was why I left and I was not deluded into thinking he would follow. Sure it would have been nice. It would have told me his feelings were real, but I knew before I left that Yuka was who he wanted. That was why I left because my heart felt like a speed bump run over by his fancy car.”

“You are foolish and young,” Sin stated with a sigh. “I wish you could understand that being cute is all well and good. It might even be adorable at times, but this is not who you are. This carefree child persona has only hurt you. Why don’t you stop hiding yourself Meinome and tell me what you want.”

There was silence that followed his words and for several long moments she gazed off into the distance before she responded in a rather serious tone, “I want people to mind their own and I will do the same.”

“That sounds like the rather cold heart of my queen speaking,” Sin responded. “What about your friend, Mao? Your mother? Do you want them to mind their own? Don’t you miss them? Want to share all that has happened with them; the good and the bad?”

“Mao is a nice person. She pretends like she does not want to talk about her stuff, but she really does. Sometimes she needs and wants people to ask if she is alright. I don’t need that or want it. Is it so bad to just want to have a good time? Bak-kun does it and people do not seem to mind, but when I do it there is always someone reading into it. I want people to just take my words for what they are. Things are fine, the world is wonderful, the universe is great, and I am happy. Just let me be happy.”

She paused a moment, “My mother means well. She really does. I wonder if she and Mao miss me, but no. I don’t really have any desire to talk to either. Not because I do not care about them, but because I know they will ask me questions about things I do not want to discuss. I want the illusion that everything is fine. That is all I want and nobody seems to understand that.”

“What if you cannot have that?”

“Then I will walk away. That is fine, I don’t mind doing that. A fresh start is  not so bad and I can be whomever I want to be and leave the past on a high note.”

Sin stood and brushed himself off and it was a moment later she followed suit. Her words were very clear. What she wanted was happiness. Cute things and love all packaged up into a perfect moment that never ended. She was tired of having her heart hurt and was willing to accept whatever illusion was out there as long as she could be happy.

“I will give you that perfect moment,” Sin responded and her attention fell swiftly upon him, “That illusion of happiness will always be yours. I promise.”

“What do I have to do?”

“Nothing. Just stand at my side and do not move, no matter what happens,” He responded as he offered her his hand. The journey they were going to take was much shorter than he had intended. As they walked away together he was chilled by the fact that he was going to walk this path instead of the one that would make them the king and the queen of all demons. Soon, their enemy would be upon them and together they would always remain.




  1. I feel sorry for Sin, to be honest. He chooses to spend eternity with someone who chooses not to remember him? Nobody deserves that, no matter how evil they are. It also sounds like Ameya has no concept of friendship of loyalty, if she isn’t interested in telling her mother and Kat that she is okay, just because they will ask her questions. Makes me wish Sin forced Ameya to remember, so she could be that cold-hearted bitch openly and withouy excuses.

    • Sin is choosing the hard road being with someone that does not remember him. Ameya is all about protecting herself. This is what I got in Only Mine. When things got tough, she consistent did what was easy and avoided things that were hard. Due to this, she sometimes did seem like she was a bad friend, but I think that we can see in OM that this is not the case with Liz and in OMR with Mao. We do not get to see this here, because her relationship with Kat was never full developed because what I had intended to do and what I did are two different things. Ultimately, Ameya due to her and Sin being on indefinite hiatus will never be developed past the superficial.

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