Muse – The Sons of Rin


Miso Yamada had kept the Sons of Rin waiting for a good thirty minutes before she made her rather grand appearance. She offered them the usual pleasantries afforded visitors, but the moment they refused tea she understood that this was not a social call.

With a rather flamboyant sigh she gestured her hand in a fashion that indicated they could speak freely. There was no hesitation from the one known as Mikio of the Ishi. He was the younger of the two. Said to be of extraordinary intelligence, though there were rumors that his mental status was somewhat questionable.

“Forgive our unannounced visit,” He began rather politely. “We present ourselves before the Matriarch of the Yamada in hopes that a reasonable agreement can be made regarding the last of the Tylo clan.”

“How politely you speak is deceptive, Son of Rin. For I am not the type of woman who cannot hear the hiss of your forked tongue. Let us not pretend and simply get to the heart of this matter. You have come to request that I relinquish the girl to your care.”

“It would be in her best interest. The cursed eyes of the Tylo can drive a weak mind insane. Long have the Ishi seen it. You and I sit here today the last of her family line. Won’t you consider allowing me to care for her.”


The Ishi were said to be born of the God Rin and that some of them existed at the very dawn of men. Miso hardly believed in such nonsense, but she knew that the two before her were at the very least older than she was. There were none among the clans of Aslann that did not know the name Mikio Ishi and that of his older brother Kuro; not simply descended from the gods, but born of them. Those were the stories.

Still, Miso was not swayed by their fearsome presence, nor would she buckle beneath their deformed appearances. “In her best interest,” She repeated the words. “Were those the words spoken by your clan when they took other Tylo by force? No, I think your request has nothing at all to do with what is best for that girl. You want the last bit of strength descended from the most powerful Tylo to exist. Tell me I am mistaken.”


Her challenge was answered with a shift of the eyes from Kuro of the Ishi as he looked upon his younger brother. “Please Lady Yamada,” Mikio responded. “My clan has agreed to do this my way. They will not seek her out if you and I can come to some sort of agreement. However, I will not be able to hold them back forever. The Elder of the Ishi is insistent….”

Miso cut him off, “Tell your Elder if he wishes to speak with me on this matter he can slither his way out of his snake hole and present himself. Until then, the girl shall remain within the care of the Yamada and if the Ishi choose to challenge my decision there will be consequences.”

“Oh,” The oldest mused with a deviant smile and a laugh, “We will relay your message to the Elder, but I think those consequences will be far more dire for the Yamada if you refuse us again.”

The charming smile presented by Miso never once faded, “I am not afraid of the Sons of Rin. Now if you will excuse me, I have other matters in need of my attention. Please show yourselves out.”


  1. HAHA is Kuro playing “The Muscle” in this scenario? He sure seems like it. This is one of those times when I wish I knew what was going on in the brothers’ minds here, why they are playing it civilly, and why Mikio believes Tationy has a weak mind. Or is that an excuse? Regardless, Miso clearly is not intimidated by these two.

    I am sad this is the last we will see if the Ishi. I have come to appreciate that clan, the underdogs of Aslann. That being said, I am very excited to see what you have planned!

    • Kuro often stood at the side of “more powerful Ishi” this is true to his character more so than what we have seen. He was the silent observer in many scenarios, who would often make some sort of comment or statement regarding the situation that was straight to the point. We have seen this before in TEP – though you may not remember. ^_^

      The Yamada, unlike other clans, do not prize the eyes of the Tylo. Due to this, dealing with them is always a business matter. Generally, the Ishi would do it by force which is not uncommon for them and other clans when they want something. However, the Yamada is not a clan that plays well with people who try to force them to do anything. Threats and attacks do not work on them, which is why Mikio is trying to deal with this civilly.

      Mikio has no connection to Tationy other than what he has seen beyond the veil. He has seen infinite possibilities for the path she could take which includes the loss of her sanity.

      “Weak mind” is very subjective here. Mikio’s mind has been tainted by insanity as well which can be contributed to the eyes themselves. When he is referring to a “weak mind” he is referring to an untrained one.

      No, Miso is no child. She has faced off against plenty of powerful men in Aslann. She is not one you take lightly, nor is she one that can be intimidated easily. She is afforded some power being the Matriarch of the Yamada, but whether or not that has made her prideful and foolish is unknown.

      We will see them to some degree, I cannot say how much though or how long the Elder of the Ishi (not Kuro) will wait for her to be brought before the Ishi.

      I am glad to hear you are excited. I am gradually building and now that I have Miso’s estate, I can finish decorating it and get things situated for the first chapter.

      Not to mention, look at that, two muses from female POV’s. Have not done that in ages. ^_^

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