Unbridled – Chapter 2

Chapter2 (3)Chapter2 (2)

Tationy did not know what to do with herself. After Hiko disappeared to his office she was restless. Up and down the whole night. Eventually, she just stood in one spot and watched the rain fall endlessly.

There was a part of her that was quite happy when she heard him making his way down the stairs, fussing around in the kitchen, but she did not brave finding her way there. At first she just peeked around the corner at him, “How long are you going to do that?” He had eventually asked and she lightly stepped through the archway and made the short distance into the kitchen.

Fiddling with her fingers she managed to say, “My grandmother says a young woman should not interrupt a man when he is having his morning coffee. Something about his mood…”

He interrupted her though did not acknowledge what she said, “I am going to be gone most of the day. If you need anything, I will leave my number. The doorman is pretty good about keeping…”

She stopped him, “Wait, are you leaving me here by myself? What….what will I do?”

With a dismissive shrug he responded, “I don’t know. Watch television or read.”

“I have never been alone before.”

There must have been something in the way she said it because for the first time since she arrived at the kitchen he looked up at her. No words followed, at least not initially, but eventually Hiko Kari spoke with what she thought was an annoyed sigh. At least it seemed reminiscent of the ones thrown at her by Anjou, “Get dressed quickly if you want to come with me.”

“Is it alright?” She managed to ask, but if she was being honest she was slightly relieved. Tationy had no idea what she would do in a strangers home for hours by herself. It was hard enough entertaining herself at the home she grew up in.

“Ahh,” He responded.

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Hiko did not talk a lot. Even after she readied herself and they made their way to the Kari Foundation where he was the CEO. He hardly said more than a few words. That was alright though, Tationy had not minded. She simply stared out the window and soaked up everything she could see.

The moment they stepped into the Kari Foundation, there were people whispering. Some of it was understandable after all she was a strange face in a business reportedly owned and operated by all Kari. However, there were a few subtle voices questioning whether or not she was his girlfriend.

Hiko did not seem to notice or care, even as he allowed her to walk at his side. She tried to pay no mind, after all rich and successful guys like Hiko Kari probably had tons of girls sharing their bed. That was about the point she realized that she didn’t even know if he had a girlfriend. If he did, would she mind Tationy staying there?

Somewhere in the mess of her thoughts she distracted herself, “Is that statue of Kazuma?”

When Hiko responded she realized she had asked her question aloud, “Ahh. It once stood in the Kari Village near Shimragata.”

“I thought all of the statues of the gods were destroyed.”

“There were certainly clans that tried,” Hiko stated as they made their way through the lobby.

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The whispers were getting louder and she noticed that people were starting to gather close together. There was pointing and staring. She tried desperately not to make eye contact with anyone, but it was hard to take in her surroundings and not notice that the people around saw her as some sort of spectacle.

She looked down as she walked, fussing with the creases in her clothing and adjusting her bag. “Is my outfit alright?” She asked a loud though hardly expected the infamous Hiko Kari to answer.

“It is very pink.” Tationy directed her attention upon him and barely managed to open her mouth before he added, “Did your grandmother buy it for you or something?”

Her lips pursed and at first she denied his question as though it was the most ridiculous thing she had ever been asked, “No….” Of course the way he looked at her made her stomach flip all about and she foolishly corrected herself, “Well yes.”

Hiko snorted. Which must have shocked everyone in the lobby because Tationy swore up and down the room became rather silent. Though his amused expression hardly lasted long and just as quickly as it happened his face contorted into that angry scowl he always wore.

Still, there was something about his face, his eyes, and the way he fixed his gaze upon her. It made her uneasy. Her stomach twisted in knots and jumped all about. She didn’t get nervous, not around anyone, at least she hadn’t before. There was something though that sent a shiver through her body every single time she looked at him.

“You are pouting,” He stated and she realized far to late that she had dropped the pretenses that the Yamada were taught to uphold. They were meant to remain guarded and any hint of displeasure shrouded behind a mask of charm. “Did I hurt your feelings,” Hiko asked as they stepped into the elevator.

He waved off several people who had attempted to join them and not until the elevator began to move did she venture to answer, “My feelings are not so delicate that your words would break them.”

Hiko Kari always took long pauses between her responses and his. It appeared that he was gauging everything she said, though why and what he was looking for she could not say. He was far too perceptive and she honestly wasn’t so sure she liked it, “Maybe the first thing you should do when Anjou gets things situated for you is buy yourself a new dress.”

“I wouldn’t know what to get,” She stated.

“Perhaps something that isn’t pink.”

“Maybe if you added a little to your wardrobe you would understand the benefits of such a color.”

He simply hmm’d thoughtfully though offered no response, even as he stepped out of the elevator.

chapter2 (56)

Briskly he walked through hallways until he reached his office and she did what she could to match his stride. What she encountered when the door opened and they both stepped inside was a far contrast to the apartment he called home. There was stuff all about. Most of it was traditional in nature and there was barely a space that was empty.

So many things drew her attention from the unique and ancient items accenting the dark walls and floors to the unusual pieces of tech adorning shelves and cabinets. She wanted to ask him about each and every one of them.

Her finger reached out and ran along several objects. Many of them had textures that were smooth to the touch. Still, there were a few that made even her inquisitive mind overwhelmed with excitement, “What is this?”

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Foolishly she touched the oddly shaped item which forced her to tense suddenly as scenes played out before her, “Traitors to the great nation of Aslann are to be executed. No exceptions. Have you nothing to say for yourself, Prince Tatsuya?”

“I fear not your blade, but the only traitor here hides behind a uniform and follows the will of an Emperor masquerading as the divine. You are nothing more than death commanded by the will of a false god.”

chapter2 (55)

Tationy could hear Hiko calling her name amid images from the past. It took her a moment to steady herself, though she did not dare to look at him until the remnants of ghosts beyond the veil faded from her sight. “I am fine,” She managed to respond.

She took a deep breath in and held it there a moment. Uncertain what she would even say to him if he questioned her about it. Of course, she was hoping he would just pretend he had not noticed, but it was clear that would not be the case when he asked, “Is that how it works? Do you just touch something and see things?”

“For me, perhaps it happens that way.”

“What do you mean?”

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Tationy turned to face him, though she was uncertain how to respond initially. She fidgeted with her fingers when she finally mustered her voice, “When I was little I would dream a lot. I call it dreaming, but that was not really what it was. There before me, I would see the past, the present, the future. It was constant to the point where I was hardly a functional human being.”

“That does not seem to be the case now,” He responded.

“Effexor XR, Clonazepam, and Prazosin; it took a long time to find the perfect combination of pharmaceuticals to dampen these eyes. My grandmother thought it was for the best, but it does not shut out the veil entirely.”

“The veil?”

“It is the place where time comes together. I believe your god Kazuma called it the Land of Souls. Essentially it is a great archive of what was, what is, and what will be.” Tationy did not think it was possible for his surly expression to become anymore dour, but it did. “Knowing this displeases you,” She stated.

“There are just certain things that men should not know. This is one of them. In a way, I can understand why your grandmother thought it was for the best, but at the same time she put you in a rather vulnerable position. How are you to protect yourself from harm if your eyes are the equivalent of a cracked crystal ball.”

“I would say they are more clouded than cracked. I still see some things…” She sighed, “Mostly the past though.” Any conversation would be better than the one they were having so she quickly turned back to the item she had touched, “What is this thing exactly?”

“When my grandfather was CEO he bought it off some inventor. Supposedly, it collects energy.”

“What kind?”

Hiko shrugged his shoulders, “Honestly, I have no idea. It is just a decoration these days.”

“Room accents do not generally cause me to see beyond the veil,” She stated absently.

“Is that your way of telling me I should have some of our scientist run test on it?”

“No, no, no.” She responded as she turned quickly to look at him, “I would never presume to tell you anything.”

His hand waved dismissively, “It will give them something to do. We have several government contracts we have been working on, but two of them are currently on hold.” Hiko paused only a moment, “Which reminds me, I have a few meetings today so I will be in and out of my office. Feel free to wander around the building. I will let security know that you have my permission. Floors 22 through 30 are off limits, but you can generally go anywhere else. Down the hall to the left you can find a lounge with coffee and donuts.”

Tationy watched him as he began to pick up files that were sitting upon his desk. She was not entirely certain what she would do with herself,  but she did like the idea of being able to wander around and explore. Never had she ever been in an office building before, nor one as infamous and large as the Kari Foundation.

Of course she tried to keep her excitement in check until Hiko was out of the room. She looked foolish enough in front of him with her broken eyes and frumpy dress.

chapter2 (69)

After his departure, she spent at least a good hour looking and touching just about everything in his office. She spun around in his chair, played with his computer, pretended that she was the CEO. It seemed like a perfectly good thing to do at the time, but she quickly became bored and her stomach was slightly screaming at her.

That was about the point she ventured out of his office. There were people everywhere and she almost quickly turned around when all the whispering started again. She did not quite understand why they all were so curious about whether or not she was Hiko’s girlfriend.

With a sigh she rounded the corner, grateful that there was not a soul in the vicinity or at least that was what she thought until she stepped into the small alcove where the smell of coffee and donuts were coming from.

The man that stood before her with cup in hand had strong features and a rather pensive expression. There was a moment she had considered taking a step back and disappearing down the hallway before he noticed her. Unfortunately, there was only a split second before she considered that thought and his attention falling swiftly upon her.

He had a rather gentle smile, but it conflicted with his dangerous gaze. Tationy was certain that he was one of those men that her grandmother always warned her about. The ones with two opposing sides. “I am pretty sure that such a lovely creature does not belong among the darkened hallows of the Kari Foundation.”

She felt heat reach her cheeks. It was the first time anyone had called her lovely and for a moment she had looked behind her to make certain he was in fact speaking to her. “Are you lost little lamb?”

“No,” She stammered, “Hiko said there might be donuts here.”

“Oh, did he now,” His smiled broadened, “I must say, I have never known Hiko to bring a guest to work. You must be the girlfriend I keep hearing whispers about.”

chapter2 (64)

Tationy tried desperately to keep her composure, but she found her cheeks were warm again and a feeling of fluster overtook her even though she thought for certain the man was teasing her. It took her several moments before she mustered the courage to respond, “It is not like that. Hiko is just letting me stay with him.”

There was a moment she thought she said something wrong when an unrecognizable glint showed in his eyes. Taking a brief moment she considered what it might have been as he set his coffee on the counter. Lifting the box of donuts he offered it to her as he spoke, “How are you entertaining yourself with Hiko in meetings?”

“How did you know he was…”

The man cut her off, “I am waiting on someone who has come to speak with him.”

“I thought…don’t you work here?”

“Once upon a time,” He responded rather casually. “I am retired these days.” There was a moment of pause taken as she reached into the box and picked out one of the donuts glazed in chocolate hazelnut. “I’m Kyo Kari,” He introduced.

“Tationy,” She stated between bites.

There was an uneasy silence that followed the introductions. Much like Hiko this man was keeping his eyes fixed squarely upon her. When she left his apartment that morning she never expected to have garnered so much attention. It distracted her thoughts enough that she did not notice when the man known as Kyo Kari had wandered away.

Still she was not entirely certain what to make of it all. Nor whether or not she should ask Hiko. So, she did what she could to push the thoughts from her mind. It was easy to distract herself with the sweet taste of caramelized hazelnut and all of the sights and sounds of the Kari Foundation.

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By the time she made it back to Hiko’s office she was in a relatively good mood or at least she was until she saw the expressions of the two men she interrupted. It had only been less than a day, but she was getting pretty used to the surly expression of Hiko Kari, but the man standing near his desk seemed far more dour.

“Tationy,” Hiko said her name which allowed Tationy to pull her focus away from the man shooting daggers at her. “Take a seat, we will be just a moment more.”

“Alright,” She stammered and quickly stepped toward the sofa.

Really she tried to be as quiet as she could, but she was fairly certain that their eyes were still upon her and that knotted feeling in her stomach returned swiftly when the man spoke, “Are you out of your mind?”

chapter2 (73)

“Ahh I just might be, but let’s not pretend you won’t just blame it on my mother’s blood.”

The man swiftly turned toward Hiko. The temperature in the room felt as though it had dropped by twenty degrees just in the moments since her arrival, “You and I are going to have a long discussion about this…”

“Later though. Tationy and I have dinner plans.”

chapter2 (74)chapter2 (75)

Her mouth opened to question Hiko’s words, but quickly shut when the Kari man stormed out of the office. The silence she could tolerate, but the expression upon Hiko’s face saddened her a bit. She braved speaking, “He doesn’t like me.”

“Don’t take it to heart. My father doesn’t like me either.”

It all happened so quickly she barely had a moment to take in the unfamiliar man’s appearance. Had she stepped back from the tension she would have recognized him instantly as Tadayoshi Kari, father to Hiko Kari. Despite the familial relationship shared between the two Kari men, Tationy could feel the pain radiating off of Hiko from the encounter, “Why?”

Hiko shook his head, “Anjou was right about you.”

“What do you mean?”

“You are a weird chick. Most people would say stupid shit like, I am sorry or if you want to talk about it I am here for you. Not you though. You just come right out and ask. Never apologize or correct yourself. I am starting to think the Yamada kept you locked in a basement.”

She tried to hide her reaction to his words, “Tell me what you want me to say and I …”

He interrupted her, “Just be who you are.”


“Ahh,” He responded and then quickly changed the topic, “Where do you want to go for dinner?”

Tationy blinked at him before awkwardly asking, “Do you mean like a restaurant?”

Well if he did not think she was weird before he definitely did now. That gaze fixed on her with one raised brow and she inwardly sighed as he asked, “Have you never been to one before?”

“No. My friend Tsubaki would bring me food sometimes from a place called Perlato’s, but my grandmother never let me leave the grounds unless it was for school.” She paused a moment and very hesitantly asked, “Can we really go to a restaurant?”

Hiko chuckled under his breath and nodded his head briefly. “Did you like the food from Perlato’s?”

“Yes, very much so. It was really good.” She got rather excited, “Can we go there?”

“Anywhere you want,” He stated. She caught him looking at her, his gaze not as harsh as it generally was though she would hardly say his features softened. Tationy could not recognize what the moment was or identify the glimmer in his eyes, but there was something there lingering within them. In the end, she simply pushed it out of mind because there were other things to bombard her thoughts.

chapter2 (109)

Still, at the restaurant she could not initially hide her excitement. She felt grownup though definitely out of place when she saw how well-dressed the other patrons were. The staff fussed over Hiko as though he was the Emperor himself. Certainly, she had witnessed that type of behavior before by servants at the estate of the matriarch, but this appeared different.

In a small alcove they were seated away from other guest of the establishment. The waiter had talked about the chef’s special and asked if they would like to order a bottle of wine. Tationy felt her stomach jump at the prospect of being able to have her first drink, but Hiko shot that down quickly. “Just a glass of red wine for me and bring her water,” He stated.

There was a little part of her that liked how he ordered for her, but at the same time she was flustered. “Why can’t I have a glass of wine? I am old enough,” She responded quickly.

“You are pouting again,” Hiko expressed as he picked up his menu and began to look it over. It would be a moment of silence before he would add, “I am not surprised you have not noticed, but you have not learned how to shut it off yet.”

“Shut what off?”

“The charm of the Yamada,” He stated. “I noticed it the moment that Anjou dropped you off that it is always lingering there, but it gets a hundred times worse when you are excited. The last thing either of us needs is for you to have a drink of alcohol.”

“It is just one little drink….” She tried to say.

Hiko cut her off rather quickly, “There is a very fine line with the Yamada abilities. Too little and they cannot sway or too much and this entire restaurant will have their way with you.” Never once did he sugarcoat his words, “I will not speak on how they raised you, but for the sake of yourself and the people around you it is for the best that you never ever have a drink.”

“Is that why you are being so nice to me because of my Yamada charm?”

chapter2 (104)

Hiko placed his menu to the table and dismissed the approaching waiter with just a wave of his hand. “Anjou does not discuss family or work. I always suspected there was something going on with him, but I never knew it revolved around a single person. This is not about being nice to you. Just the little bit of time I have spent in your company, I can understand why it is the late matriarch wanted to keep you away from the Ishi. There are clans that will use those eyes, that body, and your charm to get what they want.”

“Is the infamous Hiko Kari above using me for such endeavors?”

That cold hard stare told her she had perhaps crossed a line she could not step back from as the very air around them appeared to thicken. Still, there was something in the way he looked at her that made her inquisitive mind spark with questions. “I don’t lust after women,” He stated coldly. “Call it an immunity to your charms or whatever you wish, but I have no need for your eyes, your body, or the power of your sway over men and women.”

“I wish all of the world was like you then,” She responded with a sigh. “The Yamada only see these eyes; both Tylo and Ishi. I am a disfigurement to their perfect image. If they had their way, I would never have existed.” She paused a moment, “My grandmother offered me too much freedom they felt and it probably led to her death. Maybe it is better if the Ishi take me; no one cares what I want anyway not even Anjou who is off to ensure that I marry Aoba of the Waichia. He is such tool by the way.”

Hiko snorted, “Ahh, that is one way to describe Aoba.”

chapter2 (100)

She smiled brightly and just as quickly forgot about the darkened conversation they were having as he picked up his menu and she followed suit. “I do not understand why anyone would think he is worth marrying. Certainly he is going to be in a position of great power as head of the Waichia Financial Institute. Controlling the money of Aslann is a big deal I hear, but he is so boring and his ego needs checked. Not to mention he completely has no idea he is being used by his family for better positioning with the Yamada and other clans. I just don’t like him.”

“Did you ever tell your grandmother that?”

“There was never any point. The Yamada love to put on a show. Aoba is from a good family with pure blood. I think she thought that it would somehow make people forget that my father was poor and Ishi.”

“I was starting to wonder if you were completely obvious to what was going on around you,” He stated.

Tationy sighed as she set her menu down, “No, it just takes too much effort to care when my feelings have never mattered and will always be completely disregarded.”

She was uncertain if she said something wrong because Hiko quickly changed the topic back to their meal, “Do you know what you want?”

“It all sounds really good, but I am not sure.”

“Want me to order for you?”

“If you do not mind,” She stated and just let her words linger there. With authority he gestured with his hand for the waiter to return. Ordered for both of them; never once, not even for a moment did he pause to consider. He knew exactly what he wanted and when he was finished speaking the waiter scurried away.

chapter2 (4)

There were moments where the two of them grew rather silent. It was not awkward, but it certainly gave her plenty of opportunities to watch him. Though he did not seem to notice that her attention was always on him or maybe he did and he simply did not care. She could not say, but she had to admit in some ways she was rather curious about the man known as Hiko Kari.

She had read plenty of things about him in the paper. They talked about his ego and his temper. Neither of which she had seen. Sometimes they addressed his business skills or his philanthropy; sometimes his lack of both was mentioned far more often. They described him as a bull trapped in a China shop.

Even after the waiter returned with their food, Tationy found herself wondering if he was like her. Shackled by his clan with limited freedom to do as he pleased. Of course, she also thought she might simply be placing her own emotional baggage onto him because she was in a new and different environment. That was about the point he responded between bites, “You are staring.”

Brightly she smiled, her fangs showing. She had always been a bit self-conscious because the Yamada hated the sight of them. “Do you have a girlfriend? I mean, I am just wondering if she will be upset with me staying with you. Tsubaki says girls can be really jealous…”

He cut her off, “Do you have a boyfriend?” Hiko laughed when she suddenly became flustered and then quickly corrected her, “You should not ask a question if you are not prepared to be asked it in return.”

“I don’t have one,” She responded simply though she felt a warmth at her cheeks when he stared across the table at her. “I was just curious. They kept calling me your girlfriend at the Kari Foundation or wondering if that was who I was. Did it bother you?”

“Why would it?”

“Well…” She paused to consider how to answer his question, “You did not like my dress. Does that mean I am ugly in it? Tsubaki says that clothing defines a person. So, if you think my dress looks like something my grandmother bought then what does that say about me and how does that reflect you when I am walking at your side?”

“Eat your food,” He practically demanded as he shut her down.

chapter2 (6)

Tationy’s heart felt heavy as she found herself staring at her food with utensils in hand. She had clearly said something wrong though she was not entirely certain what it was. Picking at her food she tried not to pout and barely mustered the courage to ask, “Are you mad at me?”

“No, just eat your food.”

“Alright,” She responded somberly.

The meal did not taste as good when she was sad. She knew it was foolish to be after all he said he was not mad, but she felt as though she had said something that completely changed the atmosphere of their dinner.

This man had allowed her to stay at his place, but he was a stranger to her. In the end, there was no way for her to know what landmine she might step upon with a single question.


  1. I feel a bit sorry for both Tationy AND Hiko. Tationy, because she is on sensory overload with all the next experiences, places, and people. Hiko, because he is in such hot water with his dad, and getting in way over his head with Tationy.

    You do a fantastic job showing us Tationy’s confusion, and her distracted thoughts. It must rather be like landing on a new planet and taking a walk on its land for the first time. So much to see and take in, I wonder her head doesn’t explode. 😉 She really does need to buy a nicer dress, though, that one’s hideous. What the heck was Miso thinking, anyway?

    HAHA did Kyo run off to tell Tadayoshi that Hiko brought a girl around? Very lovely to see my boy!

    I like seeing Hiko from Tationy’s point of view. He’s a bit of a mystery, wrapped in a grumpy face and nice body. It’s nice to see her flat out asking these questions, because it seems to take Hiko off guard a little bit; he doesn’t seem like the kind of man who lets his guard down or is taken off guard easily. Hopefully as the story progresses, she will come out of her shell a little bit more, and learn who she is and become more confident!

    • Tationy is quite overwhelmed. I think Jack Skeleton scene from A Nightmare Before Christmas – where he ends up in Christmas-land basically sums it up. It is like – whats this, whats this. Like every new things just pulls her attention and she pretty consistently remains that way for the majority of her life. Certainly it quiets down a bit and she manages to control some of her “excitability” but for the most part it is always just below the surface.

      Hiko is pretty used to being in hot water with his father so this is really nothing new for him. However, this is the first time it is because of a girl. HAHA.

      Thank you. I really appreciate that. It is very hard to write for her because she is all over the place so we never really learn much about anything because there is always such much confusion centered around her.

      Haha, I know that is the ugly dress I could find. I wanted something “girly”, “young”, “very pink”, and something Hiko would just completely hate. Miso thought it was cute, but she is completely from a different generation.

      Kyo did leave to talk with Tadayoshi, but he also left because much like Hiko he noticed that her “charm” was working over time. Basically that is a bomb waiting to go off sort of thing – which only adds to the “are you out of your mind” that Tadayoshi asked because between her overwhelming presence and Hiko’s overwhelming intimidation, Tadayoshi is just like NO NO NO NO NO! These two cannot be a couple because what the hell would their kid end up like.

      That scene with Kyo was the hardest one for me. I struggled with it and actually almost took it out. It is easier to write Kyo from other peoples POV than it is Tationy’s.

      Thank you. Hiko is very mysterious to Tationy. On one hand she feels like she knows him because of everything about him in the paper, but on the other hand she knows nothing at all about him because he is a complete stranger.

      Tationy never stops asking questions unless she gets distracted. That is the biggest thing about her is that voice that says – I should keep my mouth shut, she does not really have at this point and she never quite knows where the line is with people to know when to stop asking.

      Hiko never lets down his guard. His walls are always up which is why Tationy is just as important to him as he is her, because Hiko really is not capable of having healthy relationships with anyone until he learns to allow people inside his walls.

      We will have to see what happens with all of that. She does build confidence, but it takes a bit of time.

      • The Jack Skeleton scene is a good way to describe Tationy at this point. I imagine her head being a whirlwind, all over the place with questions and ideas and curiosities. Maybe Hiko needs to get used to being in hot water because of a girl HAHA. I get the impression he kinda likes her. He might not lust after women, but he certainly acts attracted to Tationy. Hard not to be, really.

        Kyo was smart to leave, especially with her charm being in full blast. He is way too old for her. 😉 For some reason, I cannot see Tationy focusing so much on Kyo, would that be why the scene was hardest to write? HAHA I understand why their child Kazuma will be so out of control. His parents are powerhouses in their own right.

        I did like the moment of historical flashback, by the way. Kinda looks like Past Hiko is about to kill Tatsuya, even though Tatsuya’s words are much more powerful in the moment.

        I am looking forward to seeing what comes next!

      • Hiko does like her – he finds her to be quite genuine. There are questions and things people want to say, but because of social norms they tend to bite their tongue and not do it. She just comes out and ask – he has a lot of respect for that type of personality because he finds them to be far more genuine than other people.

        Attraction / Attracted is very subjective – yes in the context that he finds her genuine one could say he does find her to have attractive qualities as a friend. On the flip side of that – physical attraction for him does not come unless there are very strong feelings involved and there simply has not been enough time for him to develop any sort of “romantic” attraction to her.

        So, in one way yes – many of these scenes he can be taken as being attracted to her, but it definitely goes back to the fact that she is genuine and a world full of people that are bullshit (in his opinion).

        HAHA – yes Kyo understood that it was better to get while the getting was good especially seeing he did not have time to prepare to be around her. We see Hiko leave for his office shortly after he meets her and that is because of him being a workaholic, but also because her charm has such an overwhelming effect that it can be hard to shake off unless you make your escape.

        No – this is the first time I have written for Kyo in this context. Normally when I deal with him it is in a male POV or it is already when Tationy had gained some control over who she is. I have never dealt with “real” Kyo before and doing so for the first time with a very “young” Tationy made the scenes very hard for me. Additionally – I feel like the whole scene was meh because we really only get her POV. I said that before – I know you keep telling me I am doing a good job and it is alright and that it is good to have her POV – but I would handle these scenes very differently from a male POV and they would feel less – forced.

        Yeah Kazuma is quite the challenge – both for his parents and the people around him. Honestly, I cannot wait to deal with him because there are so many things I had wanted to write after The Exiled Prince Reloaded that I did not get to with him. This will be my first opportunity to tell a story that has really focused some on him.

        Thank you. I appreciate that. Hiko was definitely about to kill Prince Tatsuya, but Prince Tatsuya is not afraid of anyone or anything. He always knows that his death is coming at some point – even being Ishi – one does not live forever. So, he has had a lot of time to resign himself to his fate and accept what will come in that moment.

      • HAHA I definitely don’t expect Hiko to want to be all over Tationy. That would be kind of gross, and completely unrealistic (and kind of gross *hides from Michelle*). 😉 I guess I meant “attracted” as in, Tationy can caught Hiko’s interest because of how she is. Most people would probably think he likes her physically, but Hiko has made it pretty clear that this is not a priority. It will be interesting to see how their relationship unfolds.

        HAHA who says you have to deal with the real Kyo the first time out of the gate? Let that come on gradually. Just don’t make me hate him in the end, or I might cry oceans of tears. 😉 Think of this as a challenge in writing from new perspectives!

        I know you are anxious for Kazuma, but that’s like, how many years down the road? Slow down and try to enjoy telling *this* story first.

      • Haha, It is alright – I think gross when I think of Kyo so it is even Steven as they say. Of course he is based off my first ex – so that has a considerable bit to do with it. You thinking it gross with Hiko is based on old stories – but that may or may not change. *Shrugs* Cannot be helped.

        Yeah it is a time thing – there is a journey they take together and it does not happen over night. He has no interest in the physical unless there are strong emotional ties that bind sort of thing – so even though he finds her interesting and different – he physically has no interest in her or anyone else.

        Well I cannot make any promises with Kyo, but I will try not too. It is more of a meh challenge because after I write it I am very unhappy with it. Female perspective pisses me off – when you have a female lead I swear all people think is so and so is going to fall in love with her or I ship that. Or they hate for reasons that are not even accurate. Strong female characters exist very rarely because every action they make it picked apart – they become bitches, manipulative, or their actions are taken as – the man made her do it or she did it because of that man. Makes me angry writing from female perspectives because people never get the right idea and I am always left second guessing the entire thing.

        I am anxious for a lot of things – does not mean I am jumping the gun. There are people that want to get to the best parts and I admit sometimes that sounds nice – but then you miss out on the journey and you lose out on how things happen and how they come to be. I am not interested in telling fluff or writing porn – if I was – I could just do that with a few lines of dialogue, a titillated picture, and focusing on all of the climaxes.

      • Think of it as a challenge to write a strong female lead, who does not conform with all the expectations readers place on her. Just because you have read stories with these kinds of female leads in the past, doesn’t mean *you* have to turn Tationy into this kind of female lead. Honestly, I’d rather you didn’t. Tationy is strong enough to stand on her own, you just have to decide whether to give her a voice.

        If you were writing fluff or porn, I would not be reading.

        HAHA I have been on this story ride long enough to know you will literally go anywhere with a character, do believe me, I am not getting my hopes up. 😉

      • I know I know – ugh. I hate writing for females. Even if you do them perfectly how you want them you still got people seeing them wrong. This is why Tolkien added the line about Legolas because an illustrated drew him girly. -_- Darn people.

        HAHA – well you know it cannot be helped. This ride I hope will be the beginning of the last and will be exactly as I wish it to be and the characters. ^_^ Here is hoping.

      • Well, to be fair, elves are described as being a bit “feminine”, in the traditional sense of grace and all that crap… That being said, I know exactly what you mean. Readers see what they want to see. I hope this story turns out the way you want. It is hard to watch a story continue when the author doesn’t like it.

      • I think that is the problem with progression is grace has become feminine and not something taught to both men and women. So a man cannot be graceful without being seen as feminine, etc etc. Grace should not be masculine or feminine.

        Yeah I think it is going pretty well. I am halfway through Chapter 3 and though I still feel frustrated over Tationy’s POV, It feels more like what I wanted to do with The Exiled Prince and Reloaded in the beginning.

      • I agree, grace is something that anyone can learn, and it has nothing to do with one’s gender. Sadly, this is not how society views it.

        Good, I am glad to hear the story is off to a familiar start. Hopefully it will stay that way. 😉 Keep plugging along with Tationy’s POV. It will be worth it, you’ll see.

      • Yeah it is a real shame that society dictates so much of our thinking on things like these.

        It is getting there. We will see how it goes, but I am happy with how it is turning out. Never put all your eggs in one basket though because you never know what will happen

        I appreciate that so much, thank you. Her POV is hard, but chapter 3 is not turning out so badly. I have read what I wrote a few times and it comes of as “cute” and “funny” I think which is what it should be.

  2. Seriously, let me say it again, it’s nice to read from Tationy’s POV. I know you hate it, but I like it, knowing all of her thoughts, uncertainty, and everything. \0/ and of course, you already know me and English isn’t getting along well, so my comments usually not constructive at all. hihi. Just know that I love these two chapters and it’s getting interesting!

    • Awe it is alright. Your English is quite good you should never worry about that. Just speaks from that heart and I will understand.

      Thank you. That is the part I have the hardest time with is all of her wandering thoughts and emotions. She is all up and down all the time and can change at the drop of a hat at this point in her life. Which is very hard to write because it seems like she is very flighty. HAHA

  3. Hiko acts like a psychoterapist for Tationy . He pushes her to speak to be out of her confort zones, her bounds without pushing her around to much because he cares of her. That’s the reason why she spontaneous speak without really thinking of the consequences before. She can’t anticipated.
    Tationy is kinda introvert and submissive to her grandmother wishes she left inside an Ivory Tower (as all capricorn people by the way traditionally). At the beggining she was still uncomfortable and at the end of this chapter she entrusts to him. She exposes her frustration.

    Hallway rumours are indeed disturbing, but we’re in a enterprise and as schools people likes to chit-chat about this or that.

    That’s my own very personal point of view about their born relashionship. I know it’s out of the box but I always target between the lines what’s it’s deep and hidden.

    By the way with which do you use for writting this chapter ? I have 2 wcif for you .

    • Tationy and Hiko are very direct people. We will see this a lot that they often just say what is on their mind, which is good because a lot of people just hide what they are thinking and they are just like *Throws Hands in the Air* and says it.

      HAHA OMG Simsophonique. Yes, you hit that quite on the head. Capricorns generally are that way. Tationy’s family – the Yamada – is actually based on my own experiences with a matriarch family. Originally, my family was a patriarch, but then my grandfather died and my grandmother rode to power. She really controlled the family and ultimately every move everyone made and my mother in a lot of ways was the same way – The Yamada are a very extreme version of what I grew up in.

      Tationy is very much a character that does not understand that how much information you give to someone can be used against you. Not that Hiko would against her – but he certainly would against other people. HAHA.

      OMG yes! Office talk is as bad as high school. The rumors run wild and people are always talking about each other. It is like a watered down version. This is really important for both of them because HIko has never been seen with a woman before and here comes Tationy so the office becomes a buzz with who is this.

      By which with which do you use for writing this chapter? Can you clarify? Ohh I love WCIF’s. Feel free to ask me if you see anything you want and I will do my best to let you know where I got it.

      • I asked you which game did you write this chapter to ask you two wcif I want from Tationy. If it’s ts4 I will download the cc as well but i won’t use it until I got the game. I am sorry I didn’t notice I write a word “too much”. (I sometimes download sims 4 cc in case of I will got the game)
        i want the nails you use in Tationy’s when she eats at the restaurant and her short she wears in picture 1 please.
        I would love to help with wcif myself but in the sims 3 I dry up often.
        if you don’t remember don’t force yourself I am not in a hurry.

        I ignored you took inspiration in your own family. I also grew up with my mother and my grandmother but the atmosphere was different than her. My matriarch family is kinda cool with a good education for me.

        I am glad you also write about rumours it’s always makes me giggles when I speak about it. That’s true people are heavy with that but that’s socialization and we love to hear gossips here and there.

        Tationy is totally Capricorn she symbolizes (everything is in a symbol) I am not the best in astrology but I know it a little.
        No Hiko won’t hurt her but as a direct boy he creates a dynamic that pushes Tationy to be out of her hesitation and it’s an easy ground for a strong confidence relashionship. I don’t think he will betray her because he as her as at the end nothing to hide. When she has her vision of her past he didn’t mock her, he was curious and he believed in her. That’s again a sign of great confidence between the two at this moment of the story.

      • Ahh gotcha. Chapter 2 was written in Sims 3. I am the same way. I download stuff even when I might not actively be playing a game just so I have it. Sims games CC it is here today and gone tomorrow.

        The nails are by Digitial Doll and unfortunately her website seems to be a personal now and all of her CC is gone – or someone took her name. Either way the CC is no longer available through the creators website, but here is a link to where you can download them.


        The shorts are actually from the game. Arn’t they cute? They are from Sims 3 University. If you do not have that game, let me know and I can make a base game compatible version for you.

        WCIF’s are pretty easy for me generally if I have the CC I tend to know where it is from. So no worries. ^_^

        Yeah a lot of people have very positive nurturing experiences with a matriarch, mine was very much about appearences. You completley have to keep up this image all the time and it is very hard. Tationy has it much harder being the Yamada are a 100 times worse. HAHA

        Rumors and gossip happen all the time and it is a very important part of writing about life and in the case of Tationy and Hiko it is a very important part of who they are because there are so many assumptions made in those moments as the gossip and rumors spread like wildfire.

        Yeah all of my characters are personalities that are quite reflected by their zodiac signs. Hiko for example is a Tarus – they tend to be bulls. Very stubborn and difficult. HAHA.

        Thank you that means a lot. Hiko is a character that people often get the wrong idea about and have come to hate. With Tationy and him together I often got the – I do not know why she is with him statements, but I am glad someone understands. You got it perfectly. That means so much.

      • OOps forgot to tell you I have univ and I suspect the short Tationy is wearing is with the big crown in the ass. I used it for Eloise this short is awesome.

  4. Aw, Tationy 🙁 It hurts to see that she always blames herself for Hiko’s reactions. It never dawns upon her once that he might be reacting to something else—thinking about something else, considering something else. She assumes immediately that she’s angered or displeased him in some way. To me, he just seems like he’s miles away, thinking about a hundred other things at once while at the same time considering the woman before him. I think he’s thinking a lot about what to do with the information he’s learned. I think he’s also a little annoyed with himself because as much as he asserts that her charm has no effect on him, it’s clear that he’s at the very least intrigued by her. He even almost laughs around her…his expression just a little bit softer. I get the feeling both those things are pretty rare, especially judging from the startled reactions of the people at the foundation when they heard Hiko snort. Although Tationy doesn’t feel she is making a very good impression on him, I think it’s clear that couldn’t be further from the truth….and it scares Hiko 😛 Course I could be reaching a bit too far here. I’ve only read two chapters! I’ll have to keep reading to see 🙂

    • Tationy is quite used to people having these sorts of reactions around her and them being about her, so she does blame herself for these reactions. In her experience she is the one causing them.

      He is miles away, he does have a lot on his mind always. Very much the type of character that takes in all information around him. Her charm does have affect on him and he is realizing it. It is the first time it has happened to him so he is not certain what to make of it.

      Yes, it is very rare for him to laugh or smile. This is a Kari trait and common among his whole clan. They are taught to be reserved and keep outward displays of emotion in check including, smiling, laughing, anger (which he fails at), etc.

      Tationy is certainly making an impression on him. He is not used to being unable to figure someone out and with her, he is not certain what to expect. This makes him curious and uneasy.

      You are doing well. ^_^ No worries.

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