Unbridled – Chapter 3

chapter3 (2)

The week had initially been exciting. Tationy got to see all kinds of new things, but by the end of it she was moping around Hiko’s apartment.

He had been very understanding about having a strange person in his home. Even more so about letting her tag along to his work, but eventually the sparkling rainbow glitter sprinkles wore off.

Tsubaki kept sending her messages trying to get her to respond, but the truth was, she had no idea what to say. Not to mention she had stuck her foot in her mouth with Hiko and he was mad at her. Even though he swore up and down he wasn’t. There were other things piled atop heaps of frustration such as missing her grandmother and Anjou, but the thing that was really dragging her down centered around her unknown future and freedom.

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Tationy wanted to be normal. Just like everyone else. It seemed an impossible dream and it did nothing at all for her mood. Often she would end up rather pensive to the point of moping around. Today for her was just another day like that, but from the perspective of the man pacing outside the living room it probably appeared as though the world was coming to an end for the young girl.

There were moments she considered telling him she was alright, but she figured he would do what Anjou did. Pace for a bit and then be on his way, but that was not at all what happened. Eventually, it became clear that he was just standing there.

His voice was always gruff, “What is your problem?”

“I don’t know what you mean,” She stated dismissively.

There was a telling sigh and the sound of shoes on hardwood. It was clear by the way he approached that he was not going to allow her to get away with that sort of response,  “You have been sulking all week.”

“I have been moping there is a big difference.”

Her words clearly displeased Hiko as he snapped, “Sit your ass up and tell me what the hell is going on.”

There was a deep sigh that took her whole body with it as she forced herself to a seated position. She made it obvious she was not happy about doing so, but the look he gave her said he didn’t much care what she wanted. After a moment of her being silent he asked, “Is this about your grandmother’s death?”

“People die,” She stated simply. “It is part of life and there is nothing at all that any of us can do to stop the hands of fate. Are you concerned about the way I am mourning?”

“Not really, more curious if your reason for moping about my apartment was because of your loss.”

“I miss my grandmother. She had very unusual things to say that gave my mind a distraction from itself. I think there are people who wish for me to mourn in a more deep and meaningful way, but I do not cry and I do not feel sadness as you do.”

“Then what is your problem?”

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Tationy sighed, “Tsubaki has sent me several messages and I am not certain how to respond.”

“This is the reason for your mood?”

“It might seem trivial to you, but this is quite an issue for me. If I say the wrong thing she will return and I don’t want that. This is her dream, her future, and I should not get in the way. Still, the longer I go without responding the more messages she sends me. So, I need to say something…”

Her thoughts were distracted when Hiko took a seat on a nearby sofa. At first he just stared at her for a time. If it were a contest of patience he would definitely win because she had very little and the longer he said nothing the more frustrated she got. Thankfully, Tationy did not have to wait all that long for a response, “Just tell her not to worry that you have been busy.”

“You clearly do not understand,” She stated with a pout.

“No, I understand perfectly well.” Hiko did not even give her a moment to respond as he stood quickly. She thought for certain he was going to walk away, but there was no opportunity to react to what was about to happen, as he grabbed up her phone.


She was more frustrated with herself than she was with the fact that he had taken it upon himself to deal with it. Her phone was not locked. Nor was it difficult to find Tsubaki in her contacts after all Tationy was quite organized. So, he managed to send her a text and offer a, “There all done,” before she could even get herself to a standing position.

She looked away meekly, “Why did you do that?”

Tationy hesitantly took her phone when he offered, “Putting something off does not make the problem go away.”

“I know, but…” She paused as she looked at her phone and made an annoyed sound, “No! She is going to know this is not me. T-x-t really? You could not have just typed text? That e was that difficult?” Tationy turned the phone to face him, “What the hell is that thing?” She pointed at the small smilie rather emphatically.

“It is an emoji,” He responded.

“I know it is an emoji, but it has a fucking sword.”

Hiko snorted, “That potty mouth is almost cute on you.” Tationy had no retort as she stared blankly. She felt heat throughout her entire face and was fairly certain she was bright red. He did not hesitate to continue talking seeing she had clearly given him the floor with her silence, “It will be fine.”

“No it won’t. She always teased me that if I was a secret manual I would end up in the wrong hands, so I have no faith she is not going to call Anjou to see if I have been kidnapped because your text doesn’t even read like me. T-x-t, who even types that?”

“Everyone,” Hiko responded.


There was a deep sigh from the man before her after a lengthy pause. He must have realized that her unhappiness was not simply limited to the fact he responded to Tsubaki. “Look, all I did was tell her you are busy and will text her later. That is not a big deal. There is no reason to be pouting over it. So what if she contacts Anjou. Besides, you are busy.”

“No, you are busy. I am lounging around your house like a throw pillow.”

“Then what the fuck do you want to do?”

Tationy’s eyes lit up, “You mean we can go do something?”

There was resignation in his voice as he responded, “Sure, why not.”

“Can we have a summer romance?” She noticed the way he quickly opened his mouth and then closed it. “Did I say something wrong?”

At first he simply rubbed the back of his neck. There was uncertainty in his posture, at least a first. Eventually, he responded. “I am not saying yes, however, what might that entail?”

“Can we go to the beach? Tsubaki says it is amazing and the best place for a summer romance. Though, it is not quite summer yet, but there should be people there in the spring….right?”

“Ahh,” He paused a moment while glancing at her. She was pretty excited so she had not noticed he had a rather awkward expression upon his face as he asked, “So, that is it? You just want to go to the beach?”

Tationy squinted at him and then smiled, “Tsubaki says it is the best place to meet boys. You can walk on the beach, hand in hand. The warm air and the smell of the water brings serenity to the moment and then…” Her hands went to her cheeks and she squealed excitedly, “I need to get ready.”

She could barely hear the sound of Hiko calling after her, “I didn’t say yes to this.”

stuf (10)

Even though he protested the two of them did manage to make it to the beach. They left most of their stuff in the car and began walking down the path toward the sand lined with umbrellas and people. That was about the point that Tationy realized that she was really there and her excitement transformed into uncertainty.

“The view is nice in that direction,” Hiko pointed as they walked. “Unfortunately, there tends to be a lot of people over that way and the smells of whatever shit they are cooking can make for an unpleasant atmosphere.”

He continued talking, “Over by the lifeguard station there are more families. So, we would have to deal with kids, screaming and crying.”

The more he talked the more her mood soured, “The center is not a bad spot, but there is a lot of foot traffic…”

Tationy quickly cut him off, “Maybe we should go back.”

“You were the one that wanted to fucking come here.”

“I know, but…I feel like people are looking at me.”

Hiko sighed, “Of course they are. For starters you are barely dressed. Couple that with the fact that you are Yamada and I wouldn’t be surprised if every man here isn’t trying to get a good look.” He stopped moving and turned to face her, “What is this really about?”

“I thought….I thought it would be different.”

“Different how?”

“I don’t need you laughing at me. Anjou always does.” She glanced away, but despite her words she continued speaking, “He thinks I should know better because I have these eyes, but is it so wrong to want there to be some magic to the world?”

“Aslann lost that a long time ago. Everywhere you look is dirty, sweaty, old men pretending to be warriors as they battle over things that mean nothing. If you want magic…your living in the wrong era.” She could feel the pout grace her lips which brought about the telling sigh of Hiko Kari. “Come on, you can tell me all about what nonsense your friend put in your head about magic and summer romances.”

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They had found a spot to sit, right near the center of the beach. Close enough to the lifeguard station, but far enough away from the smells of food cooking. Unless of course the wind changed direction.

Hiko stared toward the water with a rather pensive expression. The initial silence was not awkward, nor inviting.  “It is the same every year. There is no magic. Salt air, warm winds, and people milling about like sheep.” Her attention fell upon him, “I see mankind pretending that there is more to life than this feeble existence.”

“You’re a pessimist,” She stated.

“I’m a fatalist,” He corrected. “We are just cattle to the will of Kazuma. Nothing we do will matter here and there will be no legacy left behind…”

She cut him off, “I see death.” He pulled his attention away from the sea and allowed it to settle upon her. Despite his attention she did not initially elaborate.

ImportantFight (7)ImportantFight (8)ImportantFight (11)

Tationy’s eyes scanned the area. Battles upon battles in this single insignificant spot. Truly, there was not a portion of it that had not been stained with the blood of men, “The tamed beast of the Prince of Aslann.”

“Your words wound me, Commander Kari. No man has tamed my sword.”

“Yet you stand before me. My men slain. What excuse do you have for drawing your blade against the great nation if not that of loyalty to the prince?”

“Why? I fear you will not like my answer. However, before I strike at the very heart of the nation you love I shall bequeath upon you the answer you seek….I do it because I like killing. Just like you do.”

ImportantFight (12)

Shaking the images was not as easy as closing her eyes and opening them. Sometimes it took her minutes and hours to push them to the deepest part of her psyche. Still, she forced herself to put distance between her eyes and the moment with Hiko Kari.

“Many people died here and once upon a very long time this was the final battle ground between Commander Kari and the strongest of the elite guards of the Prince of Aslann. There were men hanging in that tree,” She gestured briefly with her hand, “As powdered flakes cascaded gently to the ground. Blood dripping upon snow covered sand. So much rage in the Kari Commander and an unsettling calm from his enemy. This is what I see. Everywhere, every day. So, I do not think it is too much to ask for a little magic in the world. Something untouched by the taint of death and war.”

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Hiko made an annoyed sound as he stood, “Come on.”

She was uncertain why he had such a sour expression upon his face. So, with a great amount of apprehension she stood. Big eyes glancing in his direction, “Is something wrong? Did I say something that upset you?”

“We are going swimming,” He responded.

“We are what?” She managed to ask as she tried to take several steps back, but he caught her hand and began tugging her along. “I can’t get wet. That is not part of a summer romance. No one looks good wet….”

Hiko cut her off, “Your friend give you those words of wisdom?” He looked in her direction  for only a moment, though never hesitated to pull her toward the water, “The beach is for swimming. How do you expect any guy to take notice of you if you just sit in one spot and act like some timid creature? Men like confidence.”

His words to her were rather unexpected. The truth was, she really did not know what boys wanted let alone a man. That was why she sighed and matched his pace. Though she offered no conversation as they made their way to the water. At least not initially.

morebeach (10)

“This is not so bad is it?” Hiko questioned.

Tationy mostly just stood there at first, waist deep with Hiko not far away. “Sixty-two percent of the human population admits to peeing in the sea. Of course, it is harmless and dilutes right away, but still I find myself troubled that I am standing in a toilet.”

“I am more disturbed by the fact you know that.” He paused a moment before shaking his head, “Who the hell knows that?”

She sighed, though at the time she had not realized she pouted as well until Hiko addressed her again, “Why are you so obsessed with this whole summer romance nonsense?”

“You just don’t understand. While girls my age were having friends, meeting boys, going on dates; I was stuck at the estate doing nothing. The only reason I even met Tsubaki was because my grandmother allowed me to do a couple of years of school. Straight there and back, no exceptions. When she first came over to see me, I thought for certain my grandmother was going to send her home. Do you have any idea what it is like to learn about the world through the stories of someone else? It sucks.”

Hiko had not responded to her words so she added, “I would give up these eyes just for a glimmer of a real life.”

“There is this saying that my father always liked about being careful what you wish for.” Hiko paused a moment, “It is about not knowing what to do with your bliss when you have it and understanding that with ones dream will always come an equal amount of bad and good things to humble the ego.”

“Next you are going to be telling me that having a life is overrated.”

Hiko shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t really have one.”

“Why not?”

There was a moment she thought he might answer, but then he splashed her with water. His amused chuckle made her pout, but every time she squealed his name he laughed harder. By the time he was done torturing her she was soaked.

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The day was exciting. Hiko insisted they take a lot of pictures on her phone to send to her friend Tsubaki. He was less surly and more animated than she imagined he could be. The impenetrable wall of Hiko Kari came down long enough for him to smile and laugh. Something she was certain he rarely did. It was nice and she thought he should do it more often, though she was not brave enough to tell him as much.

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As they walked back to their spot on the beach for the fifth time that day there was talk of maybe getting ice-cream on the way home. “It’s not strawberry, but I got something you can lick,” A voice interrupted their conversation.

Tationy found herself wondering who the young man was speaking to, but it became rather obvious when Hiko suddenly stopped, “Watch your mouth, Maiba scum.”

With a rather jovial laugh Hiko was taunted, “Kari dogs are all bark and no bite.”

“Tenzo, we did not come here so you could pick a fight with some worthless piece of shit. His girl might be nice to look at, but she is probably just as vapid as he is. Besides, remember the last time?”

Tationy noticed how Hiko’s attention fell upon the other man. It was probably too much to hope for that he would remain in the good mood he had been in. Which brought her back to the saying that his father favored about being careful what you wish for.

Tationy crossed her arms over her chest, while her eyes settled in on the smiling Maiba known as Tenzo. What should she say? What should she do? There were so many questions running around in her mind. If she was Tsubaki she would certainly find the most appropriate response to the events transpiring. There was even a part of her that thought she should let Hiko handle it, but could he take on two at once?

Tenzo laughed and finally responded, “Right, this is the one whose daddy cleans up his messes.”

“At least he knows who his father is,” Tationy stated coldly.

Truly she did not know what prompted her to say it, but when Hiko relaxed and snorted she realized it was the right decision. Though probably a foolish one on her part.


Thankfully, the soft voice of a girl pulled the attention of the two Maiba. “Tenzo and Denzo. You promised me that there would be no fighting that was the only reason I agreed to come hang with you.”

The girl was shapely. A bounce to every movement made which captured the attention of both young men rather aggressively. That was about the point she shifted uncomfortably. Tationy was Yamada, they were not exactly known for being beautiful so next to cute girls like this and thinner ones like Tsubaki, she always felt a bit frumpy.

Tationy sighed and looked toward Hiko to see if his eyes were upon the body of the unknown girl. It was expected, after all her grandmother had always said that men could not resist a great body and a pretty face. Both of which the girl had. However, much to her relief his attention was still fixed upon the two Maiba and remained there until the twins wandered off.


Hiko turned rather suddenly and moved back toward the water, “Where are we going?” Taiony asked as she matched his brisk pace.

“I need to clean the Maiba off of me,” He stated rather emphatically.

His words were a little odd to her, “You make it sound like you are washing dirt off your boots.”

“Their trash.”

“Did…something happen?” She cautiously asked.

“With those two that goes without saying.”

“So, you know them?”

He grumbled under his breath, “You ask a lot of questions.”

“I am just trying to understand.”


Hiko sighed as he changed directions to walk along the beach, “The Maiba twins played basketball for Aslann High School. Anjou and I played for Sofore Academy,” He explained. “Our schools were rivals so we were always crossing paths. Their shit, like their school and their blood.”

“You really hate them, huh?”

“I don’t like anyone,” He stated.

Tationy pouted and joined him in the water when they were finally far enough away from the main beach, “What about the girl?”

“What girl?”

“The one with them. Do you know her?”

“Now you are just fishing,” He evaded.

“So, you do know her.”

There was a deep annoyed sigh that left his lips, “Let’s talk about something else.”

“Alright,” She stammered though the two fell silent rather quickly. She felt that she had once again said something that irritated him. Hiko was just about as moody as Anjou and it seemed to her that it took no effort at all to get them to change the topic and sulk. Did that mean she was annoying? Her mind was completely occupied with those thoughts until she saw something move by her out of the corner of her eye.


“Shark,” She practically screamed.

“Tationy, don’t yell shark at the sea. It causes a panic…” Hiko had halted his words rather suddenly when he caught sight of the creature, “It is just a blacktip reef shark. They are harmless unless….” When the shark moved toward their direction Tationy squealed and before Hiko could react she was climbing his body like a ladder. “Spooked,” He finished with a sigh.

“Tationy, Tationy,” Hiko said her name many times. “Calm down.”

She was wiggling upon his back, barely listening to what he was saying. “Get me out of the water,” She demanded and then foolishly added, “Take a picture.”

“Woman,” He snapped. “Calm the fuck down.” Hiko was grumbling under his breath, “You want me to get you out of the water, but you want me to take a picture. Do you hear yourself? Stop being irrational. He is more afraid of you.” There was a momentary pause as Hiko added, “Will you get the hell off me, I cannot see or protect you if you are hindering my movement.”

Despite his insistence that she remove herself from his back, she stayed there until he got her safety out of the water. His expression was quite sour and the atmosphere had changed considerably. He was mad or at least she was fairly certain he was.

Tationy tried very hard not to be saddened by the fact that she had upset him once again. She started walking and it would be a few moments before Hiko caught up. “I took a picture of the shark for you,” He stated. She only offered a depressive sigh and a pout, “Did I hurt your feeling when I yelled at you?”

She made a sound that came out like a ‘meh’ before asking Hiko, “Am I annoying you?”

He rubbed the back of his neck as the two walked, “Not really. I am just not used to anyone so excitable.”

“Are you sure because you seem like you get mad at me a lot. I ask you questions and you do not answer or you get snappy. Always you are very surly…grouchy…obstinate,” Hiko sighed which made Tationy’s features darken, “See even that. Anjou does that all the time as well.”

“Seriously woman, what did you expect when you just pointed out my flaws? Might as well just cut me with a knife it would have had the same effect.”

“You can point out my flaws if it will make you feel better,” She stated.

He laughed, though it was clear to Tationy that it was not the type people did when they thought something was funny. It was similar to what she had witnessed Anjou do when something was so unbelievable that he chuckled in disbelief.

“Ahh,” He drew out the sound, “I would not know where to start.”

“Do I really have a lot?” The concern over it was clear in her tone, but in typical Hiko fashion he ended the conversation as he had many times before. It frustrated Tationy when Anjou did it, but it seemed even worse from Hiko. Still, there was nothing much she could do except walk silently at his side.

morebeach (53)

“Shit,” Hiko said under his breath. “Stay close to me, keep your head down, and do not say anything if they speak to you?”

“Who?” She asked and then realized there were people nearby with cameras, snapping photos repeatedly.

“Hiko, Hiko,” One man called his name to get his attention. “Is this your girlfriend? How long have you been together?” The man rattled off an abundance of questions.

Tationy tried to do as Hiko asked, but she was feeling nervous and her stride slowed. That was about the point he reached down and grabbed her hand. Her entire body felt on fire and she imagined she was the brightest shade of red, but that simple action just made the camera flashes go off more as other paparazzi arrived to get a look at the infamous Hiko Kari.


  1. Nothing like the paparazzi to ruin an otherwise nice day at the beach, yikes. Ahhh, I see you went with the hand holding after all. Kinda figured you would. 😉 I can practically hear Tationy’s mind now, complete jibberish except for, “OMG HE’S HOLDING MY HAAAAAANNNNDDDD” HAHA. How does she have that much energy? Oh, to be young again…

    This was such a sweet chapter. Tationy’s got this innocence that is charming, I really do wonder how the men can keep away from her. And wow, Hiko can laugh and have a good time, I never thought that possible. 😉 It’s a refreshing change from Mister Grumpy. I find it hilarious that Tationy thinks she annoys Hiko, when I’m betting he reacts the way he does because she wears him out with all her energy HAHA.

    Definitely looking forward to seeing what comes next.

    • Yeah the paparazzi tends to do that. ^_^

      Well the first hand hold she did not register because it was more like a grab and pull along. The second one though was the important one. I initially was not going to do it, but then poses … meh. HAHA. Could not find a pose that seemed like he was shielding her from them. So, it became much more about – how to keep her close so he does not lose her.

      HAHA – She has that much energy because the medicine she is on. She basically crashes after her adventure and Anjou is like – WHAT? She does not sleep.

      Awe thank you. I think it turned out quite well, but the pictures were not cooperative. Always the way. It depends on the man. HAHA – Some are drawn to her and others are not for a number of reasons.

      Hiko can. He is very serious and angry a lot, but he can have a good time and let his guard down. We seen it very rarely though. The only time I can really think of him smiling was briefly in the Aslann story or maybe once in TEPR.

      HAHA – Hiko (well no Kari) is used to the amount of energy she has. She is one of those people that gets up bright and early and starts baking. She has so much energy. So yes in a lot of ways his sighing from both Hiko and Anjou is because no one should have that much energy. I actually have a niece that has that much. Like she is always going, going, going. I am like – *SIGH* I am exhausted. HAHA.

      Awe thank you. I am glad you enjoyed it. The next chapter is kind of in the words. I did start it, but then I did not like the initial. Ugh, pancakes and bacon for dinner. Ohh the joy. -_-

      • HAHA I have completely forgotten about Hiko smiling in TEPR. Shows you how much the guy smiles to begin with. 😉 At least he can have fun, that is important. Tationy sounds like the endlessly bouncing puppy, running circles around its owner because it is just so excited. Just thinking about that tires me out HAHA.

        Pancakes and bacon for dinner? No. That is breakfast food, period. Some things, you just don’t eat for dinner. 🙁

      • HAHA – Tationy is very excitable because she has a very curious mind, but there is really two sides to her. The OMG what is this and the darker and mellow part she keeps hidden. She has really had to let things roll off of her, but her temper and patience is actually shorter than Hiko’s. She is just better at hiding it.

        I know she tires me out writing for her. HAHA

        Ugh I know right? So gross. I hate both. -_-

  2. I love this chapter so much fun to read (she makes me laugh when she starts to talk about peeing at the sea water ahaha). However Tationy had a remain of the past and that’s troubled her a lot, Hiko has right to don’t care of that so much, they live in the present time and nothing that happened is happening right now.

    • Awe you are so sweet. I am glad you enjoyed it. She makes me laugh as well. She says the most ridiculous things, but they are still obvious ones that one might naturally think about – just not bring up. Yes, exactly that. Hiko is a live in the now type of person.

      • He cares a lot of Tationy visions and about her thoughts but two points : if she is is an awkward is because she was too much protected and she didn’t have the chance to discover Life by herself and second point because she is young. I think she thinks too much of what is good or what is bad even for replying to her friend every single little things. All she has to learn is to be less questionning. That’s her charm in reality and yes she’s so funny. Which traits did you choose for her?

      • Traits she always has irresistible because all of the Yamada get that one. She gets Genius be cause she is intellectually unrestricted, Mikio is another character that gets this trait. Virtuoso because she is talented in music. The last two traits I am blanking on at the moment. I will have to look them up when I am in game.

        She does think a lot and that actually does not change even in the future, she is just much better at managing it. Yes her being sheltered/protected and young has contributed a great deal to her awkwardness. Being able to see the past, present, and future has made her very cautious with how she handles certain things.

      • Thank you for the reply. It’s always interesting to get to know a character better by the traits given. She’s the kind of girl who would like to spend time at music bar , giving concerts if her granny doesn’t let her close down at home. I hope she will do in the future with Hiko or a somebody that helps her to be a little bit free from her protection. As genius yes she always thinks and you can’t change that and yes she will be better at managing it later. I ignored she is a Genius girl I am sorry if I misunderstood something. I rather think she was an outdoor lover (nature lover) as well.

        Ha being a clarevoyant isn’t necessary to be cautious about what’s happened, happen and will happening but as she’s a powerful girl and she was involved in some events I understand her fears. The only thing Logic wants is to try to fix mistakes.

      • The outdoors and nature really comes with Hiko. It is not something she initially has because of there being a big scary world out there. I forgot to look and see what her other two traits were when I was in game. I know its not Loves the Outdoors though. I think one might be perfectionist and the other, no idea at the moment.

        That is very true, you can be very cautious with or without being able to see the future and she definitely is. ^_^

      • At least if this power is make her cautious about herself that’s oka but in reality most of the clarevoyants are just cautious with the results of the tarots when death or something really bad they see to avoid to hurt too much .
        No problems, myself I don’t know every traits I put on every of my sims except the very main ones. Perfectionists suits her fine . I know the sims can earn traits so maybe she’ll learn Outdoor Lover with Hiko. That’s part of the gameplay could fit your story. Myself I never gave all the traits Miss V is in general. I don’t know how to gain the two missing traits.

      • I looked and she had perfectionist and star-quality as well. I cannot remember what her hidden ones are. I know she and Hiko have the Asian hidden trait, but not sure what else.

        You can add traits with master controller, but if you want to earn them on your own you can look up how to get them.

      • Yes I want to give my simself trait by herself even if I rather want her as over emotional, unflirty or commitment issues but 8 traits is too much according to the game and I don’t want to see her crying all the time ahah. I myself don’t know which hidden traits she got except witch, observant and good host , the last two ones I brought her.

        Star-quality , she likes to do the show.

      • I picked Star-Quality – less because of doing shows and more because she has the type of quality about her that attracts people as though she is a celebrity. However, I have done the showtime stuff with her and Nao at one point. Unfortunately, I only have a handful of pictures from that time and none of the actually entertaining.

      • Yes she’s famous you often write about her celebrity I just ignored she had the trait at that time. I never play showtime I got the ep. I have singers and magicians and my sims use the karaoke machine. I ignore plenty of stuffs in this game. I have everything but I only explore a little part of.

      • I really like that one. I am basically just like you when it comes to Ambitions. I have not really touched anything with it except the drafting table. I have messed with two of the occupations, once, but that was it. Have not really done anything with it.

      • I never use the table but I saw sims drawing with. I don’t play other carreers yet , I sometimes use my real detective to see the difference. I played Justine , that so different.

      • I think the few I did try, had potential, but the game was just too laggy to enjoy most of them and they are basically a guessing game on what to do and how to go about it, even with the tutorials.

      • Yes I know I had trouble with Mickey she’s a ghost hunter and the game lags when she had to exorcize Ariane’s crib but I love it. ahaha 🙂 (Ariane is the daughter of Wyona and Guillaume Broussard before I called her Marie). I also have trouble with Quentin and Justine, they don’t have the magnifying glass, only Miss V got it. I try to make the magnifying glass reachable for them. I also hate we don’t have any lightning rods, the lightnings make electronics stuffs in fire and your sims died . Really I love ambitions but everything in that game is badly coded. SP is totally a wrong stuff that do your sims not realistic stuffs. I have an intern Ryan who wrote a book without any writting skills. I disabled this shit and I no longer use Nrass one .We have to do with. I won’t abandonned on ts3 .

      • Yeah it is very sad how badly coded some of the things were for Sims 3. I feel like anything after World Adventures and Late Night, really went to heck. All kinds of problems started surfacing.

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      • I think there are quite a few players that like awkward and funny moments, if my dash is any indication. I myself do not mind cute moments, if they make sense and are not over-the-top, but the ‘this game is broken here is a funny moment of it’ thing I am not fan of.

      • I just like to see how people’s interact they are make me giggles but I myself don’t like the game is broken.
        I don’t think so, already when I say I play no longer with sp (nrass or ea one) and this feature is not realistic, lazy and not important except taking ram more I got cold showers as replies ahaha.(by the way it doesn’t change the will of my sims since my game is better) So funny moments except glitches nobody seems to care of. But in the precious ts4 everybody loves that . People are so hypocrits.

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  4. Ahhhhhhhh, I really hate when Hiko orders Tationy around like she’s an unwanted dog. I don’t mind his surliness and grouchiness honestly, but when he says things like, “Sit your ass up and tell me what the hell is going on” it raises my hackles. I suppose he is used to ordering people around and having them instantly obey. It kind of makes my skin crawl, but I’m trying to keep in mind the kind of life he must have had growing up. Still, I could do with less sharp orders and calling Tationy “woman.” She has a name? Maybe she should start calling him “little boy” because it’s certainly how he’s acting when he throws these little tantrums. I get it—he’s easily annoyed, unaccustomed to having to play nice, and guarded probably for good reason, but honestly there’s irony in his words when he tells Tationy to “calm the fuck down.” Pot, meet kettle ಠ_ಠ

    • There are some people that really have an issue with this and some that do not. People have in the past taken this as abusive and speaking from my own experience as someone who has been in abusive relationships – this is not what he is doing.

      It is not about ordering her around like a dog, it is about her not lounging around all moody and speaking up for herself. The Kari are a clan that do not pout, whine, and they put in a hundred and ten all the time. So, here you have this man that is used to going after what he wants, dealing with this young woman that is moping over things instead of taking action and he simply does not know how to handle it. So, he deals with her as his father dealt with him and he tells her to sit her ass up. So, a lot of people take these things as – I do not like how he speaks to her, but this is very much learned behavior on his part from his father, who learned it from his father, who learned it from his father in dealing with an unruly child and not a man trying to dominate and control a woman.

      It raises the hackles of some people, but Tationy is actually not bothered by the way he speaks. People take it as being disrespectful, but it is one of those – how would you like it if I talked to you that way, Hiko would not be bothered by it. He would be like, if I am acting like a moping child, then tell me to sit my ass down and get my shit together. He prefers honesty and directness; that means he often comes off as rough around the edges – sometimes to an extreme depending on ones perception of his behavior.

      He is used to ordering people around, but he is not used to dealing with a teenager and we have to remember that she is a teenager – hormones and attitude and OMG WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, in all of its glory.

      The Kari had a very strict upbringing. Structure, restraint, debauchery was not allowed, fornication was not allowed, they lived their lives devoted to the god Kazuma. They have very strict traditions that they abide by. Additionally, Hiko hates laziness and he hates when people make excuses.

      In chess, he would be an aggressive player and Tationy would shuffle her pieces around the board for a ridiculous amount of time before she takes action because she is more defensive. This is not how Hiko was raised.

      The sharp orders, are nothing to be concerned with, if Tationy does not want to do something she will tell him and he will respect her for doing so. Despite his rough and gruff nature, if she ever said – do not call me that or do not speak to me that way, he would stop. Tationy does not get hung up on these sorts of things and there comes a point when he does ask her if she is bothered by how he speaks to her and she tells him no.

      HAHA – this is something that all Kari do often. During the historical days, Kari men and some women were assassins and to make sure that the women, men, and their children that they loved deeply would never be used against them they kept a “detached” distance. Woman, Man, child, these are not uncommon things among his clan and while it seems disrespectful to some – this is ultimately about keeping a “respectful” distance in public so people looking upon them do not get the wrong idea about their relationship or do not try to use Tationy against him.

      More important – Tationy is not bothered by being called woman, nor man. She is Tationy, she is neither of these things as far as she is concerned, but people are going to acknowledge you by what they see if they do not know. So, it is not something she gets hung up on and he will use it now and again.

      First names are very meaninfuly to the Kari, they are generally used when people are close. So, more often then not, you will not see any Kari call someone by their first name, unless they are in some sort of relationship with them – friendship, married, etc. This goes back to the historical days and Kari assassins calling their spouse woman or man in public, but saying their name in private is like – I have been waiting for years for you to say my name. It is very very intimate for a Kari to use someones first name.

      Tationy can give as good as she gets, haha, but Hiko would not be troubled by her calling him little boy. She called him an asshole later on and he was not bothered by it. HAHA.

      He is very easily annoyed and it is hard to play nice when you hate everyone around you. Yes, it is the pot, meet kettle very much. Hiko is learning that there is someone just as bad as he is. HAHA.

      • Ahh…. I don’t personally see it as abusive—just plain rude. Even Tationy admits that herself when she tells Hiko he’s an asshole and has a natural talent for dickery, lolol. Yes, very true XD That being said, I don’t hate Hiko for it, but it’s definitely not an aspect of his character I think too fondly of either. As I suspected though, it is a product of his upbringing, and his manner of talking and approaching issues is actually completely normal it seems among the Kari. To others though, like myself, it can be a bit jarring at first. I know if anyone ever told me to calm the fuck down it would have the EXACT opposite reaction, LOL. Fortunately for Hiko, Tationy is quite even-tempered and as you pointed out, isn’t bothered by the way that he speaks. I sometimes have concerns about this too though because she’s so sheltered, that sometimes I feel like she’s happy to have anyone to talk to really, and that maybe she even feels like it’s completely normal to be insulted and ordered about. I mean it clearly is amongst the Kari, but outside of it is does come across as so rude. I have to get used to it! XD But I do remain concerned that part of the reason it doesn’t bother Tationy is because she has limited experience with social interactions in general. Not to mention I can’t help but think of the side effects of the medications she’s taking and they are quite known for causing blunted affect and, well, numbing people out, so to speak. Even though Tationy has shown that she can stand up for herself, there is something about her that makes me feel very protective…..

      • HAHA – Yes the perception of Hiko varies greatly. Like for me, that is how my step-dad talks. He is very direct. He is like, I do not want to hurt your feelings, but shit is about to get real here sort of thing. So, for me I am quite used to the directness, while others take it as varying degrees of like you said – rudeness and in more extreme cases – abuse. I was on a forum ages ago sharing my writing and they hated Hiko and thought that he was abusive. So, I have definitely seen the highs and lows in what people think of him and it is always interesting for me to take in that perception because how I see it, how you see it, and how the next person sees it could vary so greatly. It is just a very remarkable thing how our experiences shape our views of things.

        HAHA – Yes and Tationy is quite honest about it. She is just like damn he is an asshole, but she really appreciates his honesty at the same time. Because we get so much sugarcoating throughout our lives, you did good, better luck next time, it is nice, instead of hey – maybe you should not be wearing that shiny purple dress to prom because you look like an eggplant. HAHA.

        Yes definitely, it is a product of his upbringing you are quite right and this is something about him that everyone takes in very different ways. Some – like you said, will not hate him. It will be something they just like, while others will outright hate him. He is one of those characters that is is very love hate for a lot of people.

        Yes, definitely how he is is very normal among his clan. They are all like that, so this is not something that is going to come as a surprise to 99% of the people that have interacted with a Kari at some point in their life. Tationy and the reader on the other hand are going to he like – dang what is his deal? After all we are seeing the story though the POV of someone who has had no interaction on a personal level with the Kari. Yes definitely, it can be jarring to those who are not used to it. That is good also because going from Tationy’s POV you are really in the same position she is…like damn he is a dick.

        HAHA – yes Tationy is definitely even-tempered. How would I react if someone said that to me? I cannot say. No one has ever dared. FUFUFUFUFUFU!! Actually I take that back. Someone told me once in text that I was getting too excited, and it ticked me off because I was actually being quite diplomatic and I laid into them. I do not tolerate that kind of stuff especially seeing I am an observant and fact based person. So, I would probably have a different reaction from Tationy depending on the circumstances and who said it.

        She is quite used to being told what to do, because this is actually pretty normal for her. The Matriarch of the Yamada has an iron hand, so if she says something you did it. Same with Anjou, if he told her to do something she did it. So really being told to sit up, is not something that comes as a surprise to her because she has heard it before with her grandmother and Anjou. For the Yamada it is all about appearances and doing as you are told. Her “relaxed” behavior would not have gone over well with her grandmother because it would be the same laxed behavior that got her mother into trouble. It is considered rebellious. So, yes in some ways she does feel it is normal, she is quite used to having every aspect of her life controlled, so she just not rebel at all with Hiko. Later on, when she comes into her we see that she can put her foot down and boss him around just as well as he can her. HAHA, but truth is their relationship is about communication and understand what each other does not like. While Hiko seems as though he is quite in control of everything he is paying close attention to those pouts and nose wrinkles which are something that the Yamada were taught to never do. They (the Yamada) are mean to mask their when they are unhappy or find things unpleasant, but Hiko is paying close attention to the even when she clearly is displeased she will do as she is told. Basically he has years of training for him to try to get her to break and you cannot force someone to step out of what they know right away which is why he does not force things.

        Yes – these medications she is on are about numbing and blunted. Additionally she is Tylo so that comes with a large amount of apathy to begin with, it is how they survive their powers, so she really got a lot of “issues” if you will that need to be addressed as time moves on.

        Awe, that is so sweet. Yes, I feel quite protective of her as well because she is so naive, sheltered, on so many medications, and her life is just so topsy turvy it is like what is going to happen next.

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