Muse – Lyrea

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“How foolish of you, Lyrea.”

“Are you lecturing me?” She scoffed, “When you said to get close to the power source you never mentioned there was someone around that might be able to see me.”

“With your abilities, I assumed you would already know that.”

Grumbling under her breath the tiny girl with the unusual hair stated rather clearly, “Should we address the fact that your range is shit now or are you going to lecture me some more?”

“I never said I had infinite control; I only stated I could keep us hidden for a time. You were the one that opted to move a bit closer and out of the scope of my powers.”

The young girl sighed, “Where you wanted me to stand was not close enough to feel its pulse. I had to move…never mind.” The young woman ended her words suddenly as she somberly looked upon the couple, “She has your face, but not your powers.”

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“How unfortunate for her,” the woman known as Tat Tylo stated. “The Contrafaire will not differentiate between the two of us if she crosses paths with him.”

“The object within that building has a minor pulse, but it is slowly gaining. Their abilities might be impressive, but they do not have the kind of power needed to bring that device to life. If it continues at its slowed pace, it will be of no use to Slipstream for some time. It might be the only thing that keeps her from encountering him.”

“I hear concern in your voice.”

“Aren’t you troubled? She is you and you are her.”

Tat took a long drag from her cigarette as she casually stated, “She is not the first I have seen with my face. I doubt she will be the last. This is just one of many realities, Lyrea. Don’t get attached.”

“That is easy for you to say. I have known you my entire life and never once I thought of you as my mother even though genetically you are, but this girl and that man….I cannot help, but think about what could have been.”

“Enough, I brought you with me through realities to hunt the Contrafaire not to get sucked into its possibilities.”

“I know that; I don’t need you lecturing me. Just…don’t you feel something when you look upon them?”

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Lyrea kept her eyes fixed on the couple that was departing. Her entire life she had known the cold and calculating woman at her side. She had many years on the young girl; almost two hundred and there was no doubting that Tat was as wise as she was dangerous.

Still, the heartless woman that had been code-named Prowler never gave an inch even when you needed one. That was why it was not surprising when she finally said, “These realities are a glimpse into what could have been, but they are not ours Lyrea. You are not Amarice born from Hiko and Tationy. You are Lyrea Terresle, code-named Tracer. You are a manufactured weapon by the Gene Division from the genetic code of Static and myself.”

“I am glad to hear it is so black and white for you.”

Tat dropped her cigarette to the grating and put it out quickly with her foot, “The best thing you can do for yourself and those two is your job. We are here to hunt down the Contrafaire and to make sure he does not activate that device or any of the others he has scattered throughout different realities. It is a lot easier dealing with the world and the people in it when everything is right or wrong, kid.”

Author Note: I decided I was going to bridge my two realities (Comic Book / Aslann). The reason I made this decision is because I use some similar things between them – characters (For example: Hiko, Tationy), organizations (For Example: Gene Division). I found as I was working on several things with this chapter I could bridge things pretty nicely, where I could have a seamless transition between the two universes and a connecting plot by making them different realities – as we hear Tationy say often she can see beyond the veil. The veil is the place where all time comes together – that does include other realities.

In the comic book stories, Tationy (almost always called Tat) worked for the Gene Division at one point and was hunting a man that was mucking up temporal realities, including hers, called Slipstream or the Contrafaire as she calls him. Those reading Unbridled have heard of the Gene Division in-regards to Zero and Nine.

In the comic book reality, the Gene Division is part of the government and its experimentation upon humans as well as genetic cloning are used as benefits for the country. Lyrea was created using the DNA of Tat and Static/Hiko Kari and eventually is trained by Tat and joins her on the hunt for Slipstream. Ultimately, trying to find the elusive Contrafaire results in them visiting a number of realities and monitoring devices that can open temporal portals – including the one that Tationy touches in Chapter 2 of Unbridled. That is the item that Lyrea was monitoring in this muse.

This is all ultimately setup for when or if, I ever decide to deal with the comic book characters in a story. At this point, my focus is on Unbridled, but I have toyed with the idea several times and wanted to make certain the bridge was in place just in case I ever decide to write with them.

Static – Hiko Kari
Contrafaire / Slipstream
Lyrea Terresle / Tracer – Amarice Kari
Tat Tylo / Prowler – Tationy Tylo


  1. OHHHHH. now moving on to the bonus one. Forget what I said earlier. hoho. hmm. encountering him. Him who?

    OH! I understand it a bit now! I love it when you kinda blend them in from two different universes but connecting them nicely. \0/ I like it!

    • When they talk about “encountering” him they are talking about Slipstream. Slipstream bends or morphs reality allowing him to slip through time. His power is a much more extreme version of that belonging to the Shima. The Shima can move forwards and backwards, they cannot jump side to side when it comes to time. So they are basically stuck in their reality. Slipstream is not bound by these laws.

      Slipstream and Tat Tylo (from the comic book) have a long history of encountering each other. Ultimately, she has stopped several of his attempts to change reality as he wishes so he has taken it upon himself to kill versions of her when they are encountered.

      So, when they are talking about encountering him, they are referring to Tationy in Unbridled encountering Slipstream.

      Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed it. I always think about doing something with the comic book characters. I do not know if I will, but maybe we will see more of them in muses now and again if the mood strikes me.

    • Thank you and yes it definitely will be much darker than anything. I have many stories for it already written, but at this point I do not know if I will attempt them in Sims 3. It is fun to deal with now and again though. ^_^

      • Tat isn’t Tationy when she’ll got all her powers? She’s so different than the young sweet awkward teens we’re reading ! Just a personal thought.

      • Tationy in the comic book stuff is quite a bit different personality wise. It is a very good observation. She is much colder, far more serious, and this goes back to years of being a ruthless killer for the Gene Division. It becomes very interesting because you get this little glimpse into how someone can change just by existing in a different reality – a different path ones life could take.

      • Realities are just the point of view of the other side of the mirror as I always say. How would you be if you have to live in the same country but not the same reality? Others laws, rules, way of thinking way of life etc. That’s always interesting to show different realities because you speak of her different personalities. This comic helps you to reveal a big part of her.

      • I always find it interesting as well. Tationy talks about it a lot – the different paths. You go left or you go right and what happens because of those things. Jump to different realities and you get the opportunity to not just say this person went left or right, but this person family through generations might have as well and you ultimately get the same and yet a very different character because of it.

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