Unbridled – Chapter 11


That morning they made their way to the Kari Foundation. Hiko directed her to head toward Zen Kari’s office while he made his way to his own. She was nervous, only because she was uncertain what to expect. Much like it was with Hiko and his father Tadayoshi there was a swirling vortex of uncertainty. Beyond the veil, her eyes could not reach the Kari.

Tationy had to take a deep breath before knocking lightly on the door. At first there was no response and she thought maybe Zen Kari was not in his office. So, she very cautiously opened the door and peeked her head in. There he was sitting at his desk looking at a screen with a rather pensive expression upon his face.

“Excuse me,” She said softly though no response came. Her lips pursed; her expression soured and she could not help wondering if she was being ignored. With purpose she stepped into his office and closed the door behind her, “Hiko said…”

“Be quiet woman,” He stated rather coldly. Tationy could not help reflecting on the fact that it was her first day and she was already on the bad side of her new boss.

He looked quite a bit different from Hiko. She could see some similarities between Tadayoshi Kari and the man known as Zen, but it was a case of expectations versus reality. She expected a man with harder features and a snarling face. Certainly, while his expression was quite cold his face exhibited a bit of structure not found in the faces of Hiko and his father. She recognized it as being the qualities of the Waichia.

Could he read her mind? The thought certainly was one she was ill-prepared for as she waited for him to regard her in some way.


His posture had rather suddenly changed. With a tilt of his head his eyes were fixed upon her which certainly made her uneasy. After all, she had just been considering whether or not he could spy upon her private thoughts. “Is it your intention to dress like that every day?”

Tationy’s mouth opened, but no sound came out initially, “Is there something wrong with how I am dressed, Mr. Kari?”

“It is busy…” He stated crisply. Zen Kari’s gaze was far more scrutinizing than those belonging to Hiko and his father Tadayoshi. She tried not to fidget as she adjusted the folds in the fabric, “I don’t expect you to be here long. Whatever your relationship is with Hiko is not my concern. Attention to detail is important in this office and you are clearly lacking.”

Tationy’s eyes widened as she tried to decide if they were still talking about her outfit or something else entirely.  She did not want to speak out of turn and Hiko did warn her that the Kari known as Zen was difficult. Persnickety was a good word for him. She thought she looked nice, but clearly there was something about her outfit that he did not favor. Though even as she stood there with a rather unsettled expression she could not put her finger on what it was.

There was little chance to take it all in either as he stood suddenly and much like Hiko moved with a purpose as he spoke, “I am not a babysitter.” Tationy moved quickly to follow him, “I resent the fact that Hiko has pushed you off on me. You should be home, pregnant, and taking care of the house like a good woman. Not playing executive when you have no qualifying skills. These jobs are for accomplished men and women; educated people.”


He stopped talking, slid open a set of doors adjoining his office, and waited for her to step inside. When she did he followed suit. It was a six by eight room; most likely it had been a storage closet, but it was set up with a desk, computer, and some comforts. Tationy would describe it as a mini-office.

“This will be where you work,” He responded and initially there was some excitement at the thought that she got her own space. Sadly, it lasted only a few minutes, “I have no tolerance for the whims of the uneducated. So, I will make this easy for you. All of these boxes have stuff in them that need to be delivered to various parts of the Kari Foundation. Go through them, deliver the items to their appropriate departments, and have it finished by the end of the day. If you cannot accomplish that, then I suggest you tell Hiko that you quit.”

That was all he said as he walked away closing the doors behind him. Minimal direction, no explanation as to what one does if they did not have a department listed nor if the one listed no longer existed. Had she taken on a task that was bigger, then she could handle? It certainly seemed that way.

Despite how the day was starting out, Tationy was not about to allow it to dampen her mood or change the course she had set out for herself. She wanted to work and Hiko had given her an opportunity to do so.

Tackling the task at hand was going to take some time, but there was no point in standing around worrying about whether or not she could do it. Stepping forward, she worked on sorting one box, then the next, then another. By the time it was lunchtime there were piles all over the office and no end in sight.


There was no certainty that she would be able to finish by the end of the day. Did she want to give up? There was a small part of her that thought that she might have to admit defeat. Even as she walked toward Hiko’s office to deliver a few documents and tell him she would not be available for lunch, she had considered the words she might say to him.

There were a lot of boxes and she was only one person. It seemed like a sound argument on one hand and on the other, Tationy thought if she spoke the words she would come off as a kid that wanted to run at the first sign of something challenging.

She had to take a deep breath even to make it through his door and instead of coming face-to-face with the man that had taken her in, there stood someone she did not recognize. “Looking for Mr. Kari?”

“Yes,” She responded awkwardly. “I’m sorry…Are you waiting for Hi..Mr. Kari?”

The man fixed his gaze squarely upon her, “I am. His secretary said he had to step out for a moment, but would be right back. When the door opened I figured I would be looking at him. Can’t say I am disappointed.”

Any other woman might have thought that the man was flirting, but it went completely over Tationy’s head. “I am sure he will be back shortly,” She responded as she opened her mouth to say she would come back later.

“Have not seen you here before. Are you new to the Kari Foundation?”

“Today is my first day.”

“How is it going?”

“Well, but busy,” She stated. “I am sorry, I did not get your name. I’m Tationy Tylo and you are?”

“Seiji,” He introduced.

There was recognition in her eyes, “Lord Seiji Shima.”

He laughed, “Lord Seiji Shima is it? How formal. You can just call me Seiji.”


“Is that alright?” She questioned, “It is my understanding that you are the lord of your people. It seems a disservice to your title and your position to refer to you as anything other than Lord Seiji Shima.”

“Spoken with grace and elegance; a true Yamada woman stands before me. I take it you are the granddaughter of Miso.”

“Yes, how did you….”

“My father mentioned you when I became the lord of my clan. Truly, I am honored.”

Tationy felt a strange feeling from the way his gaze was fixed upon her, “No, the honor is mine…” She fidgeted, “Forgive me, Lord Shima. I shall see if I can find Mr. Kari for you.”

“That is not necessary. I am rather enjoying your company.” He stated and then quickly continued, “I have seen your picture quite a bit in the paper lately. Everyone in the nation wants to know all about the mysterious young woman at the side of Hiko Kari.”

“Even the Lord of the Shima?”

“Asking me a question you already know the answer to?”

“Let’s pretend I don’t,” Tationy responded.

He smiled, “I can understand why Mr. Kari would have you at his side. Any man of power is a fool if he cannot see your assets; it would be a lie to say that I am not observing this situation and wondering whether or not I should be concerned.”

Her head tilted slightly, “Is that all you are wondering?”

Seiji Shima laughed and shook his head, “You are climbing into a very dangerous bed, Miss Tylo.”

Tationy adjusted the documents in her arms, “You assume Lord Seiji Shima that I am not already sleeping in that bed.” Her words offered him plenty to comment on, but Tationy felt that if this conversation continued it could lead to trouble. She offered a quick and brief smile, “If you will excuse me Lord Shima, I have work to attend to. I will let Mr. Kari’s secretary know that you are still waiting.”

He briefly licked his lips and nodded his head. His smile, the way he looked at her, brought a lot of questions to her mind. All she knew was that it was dangerous for her to be around him. His handsome face and kind charm hid guile; she did not trust him. It was the same dark feeling she got from Sesiago Kari.


Returning to her office and the boxes of work, hardly distracted her thoughts. Hiko told her not to look. That he did not want her help and yet, she kept going back to the fact that if she just took a peek beyond the veil she might know the reasons behind Lord Seiji Shima’s constant refusals.

She sighed and then jumped when Hiko said, “I told you to stay away from him.”

Hesitantly she turned, “I stopped by to let you know I would not be able to have lunch. How was I suppose to know…” Her words ended suddenly when he gave her a rather stern expression, “How did your meeting go?”

“The same as it always goes with that man. He refused,” Hiko stated and then quickly asked, “What did he say to you?”

For a moment her lips pursed, “He knew who I was. Told me, I am climbing into a dangerous bed.” She paused a moment, “Truth is, I am more concerned about what he didn’t say.”


“Same feeling I get…” She glanced toward the open door.

Hiko must have sensed her concern, “We can talk about it later. When we get home.” Quickly he changed the topic, “How is your first day going? Zen treating you well?”

Tationy had to muster the strength to keep from having any outward reaction toward his question, “Yes, it is going great. I got a lot to do though so I really don’t have time to talk.”

“Not even with the boss?”

“I suppose that depends on if this is business or pleasure, Mr. Kari,” She teased him rather boldly.

He pushed away from the door and took a single step as he spoke, “I will let you get back to work then.”

“Just like that you are walking off without responding?”

Hiko smiled and teased as he turned his back, “Taking a page from your book, besides cannot let you get away with flirting with the boss. People might get the wrong idea.”

[AUTHOR NOTE: I changed the Kari Foundation building. So, from this point on the building aesthetic looks a bit different. ^_^]

chapt (23)chapt (22)

Her conversation with Hiko, although brief, put a smile on her face. It was amazing how a single person could change your mood. He made her feel confident; certainly, it was important for her to have that within herself. After all, one should not rely upon another for their strength, but there was something in the way he spoke that sounded as though he was saying ‘I believe in you’.

Tationy had never had that before. It was always moments of being told what to do or what was expected of her. It was a strange feeling knowing that there was someone out in the great big world that had faith in her. Sure, she was young and probably reading a lot more into what he did not say, but there was a part of her that needed that even if it was just the wishful thoughts of a teenage girl.

“Daydreaming?” A voice startled her.

“Mr. Kari,” She stated as she turned to face him. He had a rather serious and unexpected expression upon his face. Softer perhaps than the face he had worn earlier in the day, but still stern enough that she felt on pins and needles, “I…”

“There is no need to make an excuse.” There was a momentary pause before he quickly continued, “You got a lot more done than I thought you would. However, there are still plenty of boxes left and I am leaving for the day…”

She interrupted him, “So early.”

“Is that an issue?” He questioned.

Tationy quickly stammered, “No, not at all. I did not mean anything by it. Hiko…” She bit the inside of her cheek, “Well he said you work as much as he does. It just surprised me is all to hear you say you are leaving for the day.”

His gaze remained on her for some time, though whether or not he was going to acknowledge her words she could not say. Eventually, he placed his hands behind his back and stated rather directly, “My grandson turns one today. I am expected to be at the celebration.”

“Oh, I did not know,” She responded and then opened her mouth to ask about the child when she was quickly shut down.

“I take it you will continue working until Hiko leaves?”

“If that is alright.”

“Do as you wish,” He stated and then quickly disappeared.

One thing Tationy learned about the Kari very quickly was if they had nothing more to say, they just turned around and walked away. No goodbyes; no well wishes of any form. They were just done. Zen Kari was no exception.

She was fairly certain that Zen did not like her, but she was bound and determined to make sure the task before her was done. Unfortunately, going through old documents was rather boring  and it was easy for her to get distracted the longer it took for her to go through them.

chapt (28)chapt (29)

Tationy was a little annoyed with herself; how her brain worked sometimes hindered her more than actually helped. She got frustrated, hated being lectured because she felt as though people were telling her what to do or repeating themselves. Neither of which she was a fan of. Unfortunately, the biggest issue she found was that she often had wandering thoughts and then she would come back to reality only to realize that she had lost track of time.

The amount of hours that had passed would not become clear to her until Hiko’s arms wrap around her, “Ready to go home?” Three times that day she had been startled and the rather surprised expression on her face did not go unnoticed as Hiko chuckled, “For someone that has the eyes of the Tylo, you sure do get sneaked up on a lot.”

Flustered she avoided the comment, “It is time to go already?”

“Ahh,” He stated.

“I am not done yet,” She remarked rather somberly.

Hiko pulled away from her, “Is this your way of telling me that I need to wait until you are done?”

“Is that alright?”

With a simple nod he responded, “Ahh. That is fine.”

chapt (30)

Hiko had disappeared to his office and came back with his tablet. He reviewed e-mails while she attended to what remained of the boxes. Not once did he ask her why she wanted to stay and finish them. Even if he did, she doubted it was wise to say that Zen was a dictator that liked nothing about her and gave her this job because she was not qualified for anything else.

Tationy broke up the silence as she worked by talking about random things that came to mind, “Zen has a son?”

“Ahh, Tsuna. He is a little older than you are.”

“He said it is his grandson’s birthday,” Tationy stated.

“I suppose it is,” Hiko responded. “I think the boy’s name is Sen.”

“Aren’t you and Zen closely related?”

It was clear that Hiko was considering the question, “He and my dad are first cousins.”

“You are not close though…”

Hiko cut off her words, “Zen keeps to himself. Most of what I know about him is through my father or I learn from other people. Honestly, if you want to know about him you would be better off asking my dad. They are pretty close.”

Tationy could not help thinking that one little piece of information explained why he did not like her from the start. With a sigh she decided to change the topic, “I overheard a conversation earlier. Something about the Kari Foundation closing for a week. What is that about?”

It was the first time in hours that Hiko looked up from his tablet. With a rather thoughtful expression he stated, “I suppose that is coming up.”

“What is?”

“The Kari holiday,” He stated.

“Which is?”

chapt (32)

Tationy fidgeted with her fingers as she waited for him to offer her some response. It was clear he was considering how to answer, but why? Hiko took a breath as he stated, “It is a coming of age festival that happens once a year; the entire foundation shuts down and families spend time in the village while their children are going through their rites of passage.” He responded and then added quickly, “I usually just work.”

“Why have I not heard of this holiday before?”

“Only the Kari celebrate it. It really does not apply to you or I.”

“Why not?”

“We don’t have children.”

“So, what do single and childless Kari do during the festival?”

“Same as everyone else without the anxiety I imagine,” He stated and then quickly added, “Do you want to do something?”

“Like what?”

“We can attend the festival if you want to or do something else. Unless you would like to spend the week in the office.”

There was always the chance that she might not have a job if she did not finish the work before her. With a sigh she grabbed up a stack of papers, “I doubt your father would appreciate me being there.”

“I don’t really give a fuck what my father thinks on it. If you want to attend we will.”

“Do you want to go?” Hiko failed to respond to her question right away which told her that he was not particularly interested in attending the Kari festival. So, she quickly added, “Let’s do something you want to do.”

“Something I want to…really?”

“Yes, anything you want.”

It was quite possible those words were going to come back and bite her, but it seemed unfair that Hiko spent his clans holiday in the office. She did not understand, but at the same time she did not want to push him to explain.

There were plenty of times when he had talked about his clan that it was clear he was doing it hesitantly. Not to mention, she felt as though he was leaving out details. She could not blame him. The secrecy was not limited to just the Kari; all the clans of Aslann went out of their way to be vague when it came to clan traditions, values, and even their histories.

chapt (34)chapt (37)

After their brief conversation, Tationy delivered files around the Kari Foundation and found her way back to Hiko. She was done or at the very least she thought she was. Somehow she figured that Zen would dump a bunch more boxes on her the next day, if he even allowed her to continue working for him.

As they exited the Kari Foundation they talked about their potential trip, “But why does it have to be camping?”

“You said we could do whatever I wanted.”

“Yeah, but I did not think you would pick camping.”

Hiko snorted, “Seriously, sometimes you are so difficult. You will like it; we will have fun.”

“You say that, but….” Her thoughts were suddenly distracted as she stopped moving which forced Hiko to stop as well.

“Is something wrong?” Hiko questioned.

“No it is just…I had a weird feeling,” She stated. His smile relaxed her, but it only lasted for a moment when her head jerked suddenly.

chapt (35)

It was brief, but her eyes made contact with a young woman standing near the Kari Foundation sign. Tationy took a step toward her as she opened her mouth to call out. That was about the point that the girl took off rather quickly.

chapt (39)chapt (40)

“Wait,” Tationy shouted as she chased after the young woman. She could barely hear anything other than the sound of her heels hitting the concrete. Somewhere, somehow, she lost her and that was when she realized that she was standing in the middle of nowhere with Hiko coming up behind her. “Are you insane? What were you fucking thinking taking off like that?”

“I…I thought…” She was uncertain at this point if she imagined the girl or not, “Did you see her?”

“See who?”

“The girl with the weird hair.”

Hiko shook his head, “No, I didn’t see anyone.” There was a momentary pause, “Are you feeling ill? Have you eaten today?” It was clear he was concerned about her as he took her hand. All Tationy managed was an awkward smile and an uncertain shake of her head. She could see the concern etched across his features as he stated, “Come on, let’s go home.”

“Alright,” She meekly responded.

Not once did he push. She doubted that he was not concerned over what she potentially saw or the fact that she took off the way she did. Hiko was not the type of man that did not reflect upon every little detail of things that transpired. Still, she was not even certain what she saw.

Tationy tried desperately to put the unknown girl to the furthest part of her mind, but even as they headed back toward the Kari Foundation she was still lingering there. Something familiar and dangerous; a sign perhaps. She did not know, but she had a feeling something was coming and that little girl with the unusual hair was trying to tell her as much.

Bonus Scene


  1. First thing he said to her, “be quiet, woman.” LOL Zen is too damn strict and expressionless. haha. and seriously, and the first thing he sees about her is her ruffles clothing? hahahah

    I don’t like it when people saying how woman should stay at home, be pregnant, like, is that all we women should do in our life? Yeah, I know he said about that place is only for educated men and women with qualification, but still, that kind of general idea, though. hehe. Ok2, moving on!

    I kinda wanted Tationy to ‘take a peek’, but on the other hand, it is probably best if she’s not.. but… things might be easier if she knows some .. stuff.

    Haha. If you didn’t tell us that you changed the building, I wouldn’t notice it. Serious.

    With so often of her being distracted, I wonder if she could finish sorting out those boxes before the day ends. hehehe. Especially when your boyfriend sudddenly does that *points* hihihi.

    Kari holiday for a week? Hmm. I would rather do something else than go to whatever the events are for that holiday if I were Tationy tbh. and YAY for camping! haha Tationy, who told you to say that you two can do whatever that he wants! no taking back your words. Nuh uh. heheh.

    OH! Tationy could see her? I thought you said no one can see them? Ah, her eyes makes her able to see and sense the presence, then?

    • Yeah first thing he says. Tationy is completely not even bothered by what he said about women should stay home or calling her woman. She is just like…what is wrong with my ruffles? It seems a silly thing to get hung up on, but she completely does not care about all the things that make people prickly and the things that people are like, oh well he does not like my outfit she gets prickly about.

      Zen is very serious. As you well know because you have been with the story since The Exiled Prince, Zen and Tationy have a very close relationship. He always starts out very expressionless and serious. As time passes he opens up to her. So, we may see that transition as well here. I am leaning toward it, but we will see.

      Zen exhibits quite a bit of old fashion thinking, whether this is him speaking or circumstances only time will tell. He is not exactly known for being the easiest person to work with. On a scale of one to ten he is a million times more difficult to than any other Kari. FUFUFUFUFU.

      Tationy is quite tempted to take a peek, but she has not yet quite pushed herself to do so. Eventually she will, but I cannot say when that will be at this point.

      The design is pretty close, I just changed a few things here and there.

      HAHA, she did manage to finish, but it was very late in the evening. Well after the time that Tationy an Hiko had planned for dinner. She works a lot harder when he is around; in some ways, he makes it easier for her to focus. HAHA, boyfriend. He really is kind of her boyfriend isn’t he? The only one that does not realize it, is Tationy.

      Same, I would not want to spend it in the village either so getting away was the perfect opportunity for them to be alone. HAHA, I know right? She tried to get out of it after.

      Yes, Tationy could see her. I changed my mind at the last minute on whether or not she could see her or not, but no one else in the area could see her. Tationy is the worst person to see her though because she does not know if she is seeing her or “Dreaming” as we will learn in the next chapter.

  2. Zen seems very sexist , he thoughts on women are too much macho and he is tends to class struggle . The experienced, the uneducated.
    Yes he’s a dictator and Tationy for not being sully Zen’s image and for not running the risk to loose her job first day tells lies to Hiko. Zen isn’t nice at all.

    • Zen is from a clan that can come off as very sexist. Whether or not that is his true views or what he projects due to other reasons is really the ultimate question. There is a reason that Tationy and Zen always become really good friends and it is never quite obvious in their first encounters due to how he coldly acts toward her.

      Only time will tell if you see him the same way as the story progresses and we learn more about him.

      He can be quite a dictator yes, HAHA. Zen was often in previous stories mentioned as being impossible to work with. He is that difficult and this goes back to a lot of reasons from him – riding the line – between modernization and tradition. I consider him to be the most traditional of all of the Kari, but yet he is the one that has accepted modernization the most. This leaves in him a very different position from characters like Tadayoshi who is all about tradition and Hiko who is all about modernization. He is right in the middle which is a very different struggle because you are part of both groups and yet accepted by neither. We see this same dynamic with Kuro among the Ishi, Tationy among the Yamada, and Hiko among the Kari and the Yamada. Apart of that group or that clan, but never seen that way.

      Tationy chose to bite her tongue. In the next chapter we will learn ifs he continues to keep her mouth shut about Zen to Hiko, but from initial introduction; Zen can come off as definitely not being nice. ^_^

      I find it very interesting that everyone that has read the story and commented to me here or over at tumblr; focuses all of their attention on Zen. Seiji was completely overshadowed. HAHAHA – Wonderful. Love it.

      • I got opinions about Seiji, seeing as you want to know what I think of him. He’s totally the contrary of Zen , he’s somebody likable, social that looks friendly, and very eulogistic to Tationy Grandma.
        Meeting Tationy was a honour and he seems very happy. He has a benevolant interests in her. That’s the reason why nobody spoke to him because people might think : yeah he’s nice so nothing to say about him…. 🙂

        AT FIRST MEETING !! ahaha after of course we could suppose his attitude hides something dark as Hiko doesn’t really have confidence in him. Or just Hiko doesn’t like he turns around his girlfriend, we could suppose a love jealousy or a rivality between them because of work of the clans. So much questions that shakes your readers mind ahaha.

        Now you know, one thing after an other one. Your characters needs a special focus each time. They got so much to say about :).

        Why people speaks too much of Zen ? Because he is candid and this is very surprising that Hiko gives him the responsibilty of Tationy. My first reaction was oh why !!! Why Hiko gives Tationy him as boss? He is very difficult to work with. He will shout of her, harrass her etc.
        Maybe others reacts the same ! That was so surprising !!

        However , if you dig the story more we see the connection, the fact they are the ham between two slices of bread isn’t quite fun, indeed you have to manage several emotions on you and sometimes you really think I am mad? My thoughts really suits the world I live ? (I know it’s happened to me) . Because this kind of characters make Future.

        but their bounds don’t jump on you. Of course I should read more carefully, maybe I could see the connexion between the old rag stories of the Yamada clan that have bias on men (Tationy only know what’s happened outside by her friend) and the attitude of Zen she used to. Sure they can be friend soon.

        When you live in Matriarch, you always learn jaded stories about men.

        ha hard to remember plenty of things when you read dozen of stories and when you don’t master the langage u’re reading.
        My bad !

        Well managing the attitude of Zen when Hiko doesn’t seem to be friend with him will be an other hard task to do. that make him very grumpy ahaha

        Voilà voilou ! thank you for awaking my sleepy mind with your explanations.

      • Seiji definitely does come off as the total opposite of Zen. That is a great observation. He is nice there is nothing to say about him, but is he? Even nice people have ulterior motives even if they claim that they are nice. I find it interesting that people bypass the nice person and are like, *Shrugs* he is nice and they go for the not nice person like *He is an evil person*. This is always interesting to me, because in my experience the people that claim to me nice are the ones that have proven to me that they are not.

        There is a story about this guild I used to be in SWTOR – there was this girl that was always helping people. She was always happy and let me do this and let me do that. Then there was this other girl that came off as a bitch and bossy. The guild leader told the bossy girl, make sure everyone is at the guild meeting and if anyone does not show up, kick them out of the guild (there were reasons for this).

        Anyway the nice girl was online up until the moment of the meeting and then she took off right before and right after the meeting was over she came back online. We all knew she just did not want to be at the meeting and the bossy girl had to remove her from the guild – even though she did not want to. OH My god the drama that ensued from this incident. The nice girl was saying, all of these things about not knowing there was a meeting or saying she had problems with these people and that was why she signed off and that she did not have problems with other people. It turned out to be this whole bit crazy and as it escalated you really got to see the true side of this nice girl in it all as she tried to blackmail and guilt the bossy girl (who was just following the orders of the guild leader).

        So, for me, when I read something and someone is nice I am always like – I do not trust that person. When others read something with someone that is nice – they are like, he is nice. I always find it very interesting.

        Yes you make some great observations – why does Hiko not like Seiji? Why does Hiko put Tationy with Zen when Zen is a butt? It is really a great way to say – hmm, maybe there is something else that I cannot see just yet because it brings a lot of questions why Hiko would trust Zen who seems to be a butt with Tationy, but he does not trust Seiji who seems really nice. Yes – we definitely could assume it is jealousy related at first glance after all Zen is family – so Zen would have no reason to go after Tationy (due to the bonds of blood), but Seiji does not have the same bond).

        Definitely a lot of people reacted the same way about Zen and why Hiko put Tationy with Zen. Zen is a really interesting character and one of my favorites – we will learn more about him as time passes, but not a lot here in the beginning, however we will start to see him around here and there. It is my hope that we eventually understand why it is Hiko thought working for Zen would be a good idea – after all, Hiko could have put his foot down and told Tationy no he did not want her in that department he would find somewhere else for her, but he did not. So we kind of have to wait for the bigger picture to come out and we will lean a little bit more in the next chapter.

        A lot of these connections were delved into in other stories, so at first glance we might not get them, but as the story progresses the hope is there that people will see the weaved connections. Exactly, I grew up with a matriarch. Originally, my family was headed by a patriarch, but when he died, my grandmother came into her own. She just did not sit around and long for the days when her husband was around. The girl was on fire, did her own stuff, was her own person, but she used to say the craziest thing about men that really gives you a jaded perception about them, that is the case for Tationy as well. Her views on him things, not just because of her powers, but because of the Yamada are definitely different from the norm.

        You are doing great, so never any need to apologize for you. Hard to keep it all straight and remember every detail of everything when you read a lot. ^_^

        Indeed – Zen and Tadayoshi are close, so Tationy is in such an awkward position.

        Awe you are welcome, I love this message. Great observations.

      • Nobody is totally perfect, and you are right to highlight this point with Seiji. However he doesn’t mean he can’t be truly sweet with the real intention to be good sometimes.
        Nice people hides deamon themselves, Evil people hides angels themselves. Everybody has got this polarity in their souls. Stories everyday shows how people consideres as nice, murderer people.
        The story you told me is about a revenge because what the bossy girl did on the nice one, she takes that too much seriously, she was very hurt. Nobody can predict how an emotional or a broken heart would reacts.

        The jealousy is a little bit obvious, we could suppose Seiji and Hiko knows each others and both knows their weakness. Seiji has respect for the grandma of Tationy, so Tationy for him, could be an opportunity or at least a good match, especially she won’t marry her promised fiancé.

        Other thought is we also could suppose Hiko heard the conversation as in a firm, walls have ears.

        We could suppose that if Hiko entrusts Tationy with Zen means behind the scene there is a kind of trust “someplace”. Suppose you have yourself an unexperienced young person that wants to work. You’re as Hiko , pull strings in a family you’re maybe not well in good relashionship however you support the apllication file of the young person in matter. If you care a lot of this young person, you entrust he/she with the most skillful person to justement former this young person to be the best of her/him self especially you put all your heart and soul of the success of this person. You wish the best for him/her

        So yes we could suppose Zen is rude to set an example, to be bossy to show the correct way to behave in the society you are working on.He is strict, but teachers aren’t? Tationy is curious by nature, she will learn a lot from him.

        I don’t know if the Kari has got a compagny culture. I studied a little bit the subject at college long time ago and all new workers must learn the history, the codes, the rules wearing such or such clothes (here we can bound with the notice about her clothes)
        Some big compagny invites the new workers at University campus for two/three days to learn how to become the right workers.

        That’s others suppositions but if you find them interesting let me know. I can’t wait to read chap 12 to see if I am wrong ahaha.
        I don’t I don’t all reply to you but I wanted to share this conversation with you.

        aaha yes it’s so hard to read in English :'(especially I don’t understand the whole chapters even the whole words I only catch and speak of what I understood from and it’s just a piece of the cake or of a pie as you want ahaha.I myself never read maybe because now I feel better and out of the school system that keep my mind in hostage. Some stories I have nothing to say, really nothing. They don’t speak to me. I just read them and enjoy and some I have so much to speak of ahaha.

        Mine is so simple nobody has to break their skulls hitting on the wall and you can trust on my sweet and on my evil characters even if they do mistakes sometimes. They are 100% sims with a touch of their own story and what I write is a feat.

        Jaded stories about men I know myself, but because men in my family are violent and crazy or totally absent.

      • Seiji is a benevolent dictator. I have always referred to him as the benevolent Seiji Shima and when you put that word in there people assume automatically that he is good and just, but when you add the word dictator on the end of it, it takes a completely different context. There is this little web comic with two lions (an adult and a child) and the father is like someday all of this will be yours and you will rule. And the son is like, as a democracy? The father is like, no as a benevolent dictator. And the son ask what do we do if the people do not listen to us? The father is like – we eat them. This makes me think of Seiji – deep down he might be genuine and nice as long as you are on his side. The moment you are on a path that will put you in his way, he will strike you down without thinking twice about it. He is a Dragonlord of the Shima – and the three Shima lords have always ruled with an iron first. So, as time passes, we will see a very different side of Lord Seiji Shima that seems to contradicts the benevolent man we know.

        Yes definitely – everyone has two sides to them. People that seem evil or mean can be truly nice and people that seem nice can be truly evil or mean. There is a story about a serial killer that I always found very interesting because when people talked about him they always described him as the type of guy that would give you the shirt off his back; helping old ladies with their groceries. Just a genuine and nice guy and turned out he had this dark side that no one knew about. I always think that is very important for writing stories is that no one is a hundred person good and no one is a hundred percent evil. Even the most feared and evil men in the world have wives and mothers they treat like queens. They just stomp on everyone else.

        Seiji and Hiko know “of” each other more than know each other. They run in the same circles and have had business dealings, but they do not socialize on any personal level so what they know of each other is in these “formal” settings like parties and charities and business. Seiji does have great respect for Tationy’s grandmother; many people within Aslann do. Tationy and Seiji would be a “good match” when it comes to marriage. Even a clan like the Shima would certainly not turn a blind eye to the possibilities of what it would mean to have the power of the Tylo and the granddaughter of Miso. Certainly, Hiko is quite aware that people will have ulterior motives when it comes to Tationy.

        HAHA, it is quite possible he heard the conversation – did he though? No, he only knew they crossed paths with each other courtesy of the Kari Foundation grape vine.

        Zen is very respected among the Kari and especially at the Kari Foundation. Hiko trust him because he is family – the only acceptation to the trusting of family we see from Hiko is with Sesiago and that is because Sesiago acts more Shima than he does Kari. Which troubles Hiko considering the issues he has with Seiji. Zen is one of the most experienced Kari at the Kari Foundation and he is definitely one of the best people for Tationy to learn from. Exactly – that is what he did. He entrusted her with the most skilled to mentor her.

        The Kari Foundation does have a company culture. This is not something we see with characters like Zen and Hiko though. Zen was forced by his father to accept modernization and Hiko has always been modernized; other Kari that work at the Foundation dress very traditionally. This is a family run business, so they do not hire outside their blood (generally). Kari boys and girls apprentice at the Kari Foundation for a couple of years after they go through their trials. When Zen speaks on her clothes he is addressing several important things – the first is she dresses very young. When people come in to deal with the design department and they encounter her she is not really reflecting a “business” atmosphere. Additionally she is mixing styles – ruffled top with a crimped fabric skirt – which is very busy for his OCD nature. Not to mention, she is not dressing according to the traditional clothing that all other Kari at the foundation wear.

        I think you are doing great. I love reading your thoughts on it all. Chapter 12 is still in the works. I have had a rough week and have been in a lot of pain so I have not gotten much of anything done – then had to deal with the tv guy and yet again the internet guy. -_- So tired.

        I know it can be hard to read in another language. I do that as well with some stories and it is easy to miss quite a bit due to translation, but you are doing a wonderful job. I experience the same issue; some stories I have nothing to say on so I will offer a like. It is not because they were not good. They were. It simply comes down to whether or not it was straight forward or not. If it was, I generally have no questions and just look forward to reading what comes next. If I do I will drop a note asking a question. Awe, sorry to hear about the men in you family. I know how that goes sadly. -_-

      • Ha Seiji is like Nibiru in some part. Nibiru is managing the ISS Governement with an iron hand, he is kinda benevolent but if you’re not with him, he’s very cruel and that’s why sometimes my simself fears of him sometimes. He definitively judged you and kills you in atrocious ways.
        However as Seiji he’s absolutely benevolant, all the laws are made for making people in the most happiest world possible to avoid an uprising or a coup d’état, that’s the reason why my story is relatively happy.
        However compared to Seiji, Nibiru was forced to become rude and he’s almost not seen.

        Politics no matter the era is always a matter of keep the people under a kind of fear. Even democacries with laws that send you in jail.

        Yes criminals testimonies sometimes are very surprising, there plots to attract victims to don’t awake the suspicions on the future victims and people around them . Just to make the parrallel with my story my sims are so much brainwashed that make them totally vulnerable. Even the clan des néfastes are weak ahaha.
        That’s also important, when people live under a dictatorship they are behaviour of submission.Their freedom of think is totally screws up, their freedom of action as well. Ha yes the balance between the good and the evil are also important for giving depth of their characters, if Aslann rules allows them to be themselves or a kind of. In the ISS Governement, they just have the right to be themselves the strict minimum.

        Aaah I am glad I saw right ahaha about Tationy and Seiji even though you are right he’s not only the one who wants Tationy to marry just for their own selfishness and the power of the Tylo. Hiko really is alright to anticipate that, because he also will benefit of everything. Even though, he seems to really have a true love interest in her. Not for enjoying the benefit of her powers.

        I am also glad I saw right for the reason why Hiko choose Zen, Zen attitude even rude shows a total confidence in himself, he didn’t play a part. Some might have a qualm after badly treaten new comers, he didn’t. He knows the path he follows, indeed, he’s respected and he’s the best he has no accompt to settle with nobody professionally spoken. Yes we can feel this frustration, his sexism is a sign of frustration , the leopard doesn’t change its spots, the leopard can’t change its spots. His expresses his opinions. That might suits with Tationy’s spontaneity.

        Ha yes she infriges the rules: she’s not a Kari, she’s not wearing the good clothes. Ha I can see the furious face of Hiko’s father ahaha maybe the clothes issues will be fixed. it’s her first day , she might not be awared.

        Well depends on the kind of story people writes, some explains everything, some let mysteries. I put a like because I read the chapter or I like just the pictures if I don’t understand anything it happened and the translations are so bad.

        I also got busy time with my game and with my real life, I hope you’ll feel better , it’s always good to take your time no matter the reasons.

        I am sorry I did short answer, thank you for liking my comments I know sometimes I am out of the story ahah.

      • No problem you are doing quite well. Yes translations can be difficult to follow because sometimes they are just not translated well by google and other translating programs. No worries on you short response, mine is going to be as well. I just wanted to make sure I posted a message that I read it. Feeling very bad today due to my back, so I will most likely go back in lay down. I look forward to seeing your next updates.

      • My next update is adjourned until I finish the redesign of my houses.I took the pictures, started to write something I had to make my simself work on a new case because she losts plenty of money because I didn’t know how to cancel the clean house sims. I plan to play alittle bit in China soon.

        Get well soon.

      • I know how that goes. I have a lot I need to build as well. After this chapter, I can work on the next one, but the one after that. I cannot do anything until I deal with a lot. -_- Building, oh the joy. That is cool that you are getting some play time in.

      • I am not building, the house is the same , same way of decorating I just change the furnitures for making houses , a maxis match feels, that’s a challenge to me. Of course I use cc , we lack of stuffs that cc brings like kandiraver, a handle of set of lulu2 something at tsr , mangosims or my whole collection of aroundthesims’s objects and some more. 🙂 I hate building a lot I like decorating sometimes.
        I know my house isn’t the same but I cared of some other’s sims houses with the few I got I liked !
        so why not trying to do with miss v house and also with jason’s one?
        It’s hard to focus on many stuffs !

      • It is all building to me. Putting four walls up takes less effort then decorating does in Sims 3. If you are remodeling the interior even just redecorating you are building.

        I hate decorating sometimes. It takes so long to do in my opinion compared to other things.

        It can be hard to focus on many different things. Multi-tasking is not for everyone, but all anyone can do is just one thing at a time. ^_^

      • I always do the separation between building and decorating so my bad ahah ! I spent three days to remodel the interiors of my simself’s house I am just finished right now, my game is saving. Now I have to care of Jason’s one. I hope the house will satisfied me I think it’s pretty much more as the reality of the story about the decorating.
        I find me good at decorating must more than to build because I always fear to make bigger rooms than needed.

        I am multitasking normally but I don’t feel myself to be right now.

      • HAHA – it is no worries. True builders especially in the Sims 3 community are few and far between. Like fakehouses/realhouses, Jenba, etc etc. You can pretty much count on one hand the amount of people who spend all of their time building. Most people will say they do not build, that they decorate and a lot of people will call it “remodeling”. Which to me is the same as building because you are making something old into something new. It is amazing what some people do decorating houses and remodeling them. Just changing the landscaping on the outside can make it look like a whole new house.

        That is the biggest issue I run into. Even when I think I am done, I am not satisfied with the house. Like the house I built for Tationy and Hiko. I hate it. It looks really nice aesthetically, but I hate it. Once you start doing things in a house like gameplay and even just posing, you really get a feel for whether or not you like the house.

        I have been building a lot more lately, but I hate it. I like smaller areas, but they can be hard to take pictures in sometime without getting creative and bigger spaces always look so bare to me. It leads to a lot of frustration.

        Awe I am sorry you are not feeling yourself right now. I know how that goes. Hopefully, things will pick up for you.

      • I finished Jason’s house hourray ! phew it’s very late here!
        I love the house I make for my simself but it’s not suit the story. It was too much good.
        I just hate making houses I really don’t have the patience to make awesome sims like both simmers you mentionned and I know their talents in building.
        I agree with your point of view, I improved some places and they look quite good ! Hmm I don’t do much scenery because my crap graphics never allows me but yeah I really love my sv.

        I always do a house for gameplaying and this feeling is totally true. I understand your frustration with your houses. I really feel the same.
        I got the same troubles with small rooms as single toilet room , closets etc. too hard to take pictures with it especially with ts2 I am not really able to.

        I feel not good because heat, bad news and depression a bit. I continued to make my bsides great again even if I messed up the orders of some pictures to make it better or because I wasn’t aware of the name of the pictures ahaha I am so silly !

      • Congrats. I am glad to hear you finished Jason’s house. I have gotten nothing at all done. -_- Isn’t that always the way? Sometimes when I build a house for someone it ends up being too good and I have to redo it.

        I can understand. I am not fan of making houses either. Some people just have amazing patience and talent when it comes to it. I am definitely not one of them.

        I used to have not so great graphics in the beginning of Sims 3 days. Thankfully all my pictures from them are gone. HAHA, but in all seriousness, Sims 3 is a hard game to play with lower graphics. So much detail is lost and even with a good graphics card the game does not play well. It can be a real struggle on a lower end card.

        I try to make the houses gameplay friendly, but it is especially hard with Sims 3. Sims 2 they will find a way around things, but in Sims 3 sometimes they are like – this is the only way to go when it is not, so there is a lot more routing issues and a lot more frustrations with houses especially the smaller the room gets.

        Awe I am sorry to hear that. Yes the heat is quite bad everywhere. It has been terrible here and it finally cooled down, but it is going to be terrible again soon. That is a shame you got bad news. I am in the “waiting game”. The saying of no news is good news, but the not knowing is a killer for me because everything is just up in the air.

        That is terrible to hear that you are feeling a bit depressed. Depression is a constant struggle of highs and lows. I have been there. Just have to keep fighting it back. You can do it.

        That is good to hear you got bsides situated. It is hard when you are not sure the name of the picture. This whole photobucket thing is just wild. I think I got all of mine situated, but who really knows. One day you might be looking at something and you realize you missed one. That always happens to me. -_- I am expecting that it will happen eventually because I think I got them all.

      • Jason’s house in ts3 is quite simple but the real house of him I made in the sims 2 because I have more cc that looks like the kitchen.
        I am satisfied by the result of the house and I can’t thank you enough for helping me out in tumblr ats3 kitchen are pretty especially the conversion but I don’t think they are working fine.
        Me too I have no patience with building however sometimes I got patience for decorating.
        I also finish the cute interiors for Viviane and Salomé.

        Yes the low powerful card isn’t great for any of the game even sims 2 sometimes it’s not perfect but I enjoy my game anyways. Ts4 is so horrible especially skintones. The rest is good.
        Routine issues is indeed a problem when you see your sims waving their arms because they are sat down, my dog yesterday which can’t come back home from the dog park etc.
        However I love the game anyways, it brings me so much fun.
        Me too, I used to make non playable sims 2 houses because I couldn’t play the game, it was always crashy.

        The idioms no news = good news I don’t believe in it at all. I think it’s a big lie. That makes some people worried and sometimes if no news = drama.
        Your feelings is totally justified.
        The heat is a problem but we don’t hav dog days yet, maybe quite soon ?Plenty of places in my counry suffered from dog days while us we felt just heat. It’s in my flat problem of heat is serious, by nights the cool air is in the kitchen and in the bathroom. In the bedroom and other rooms nothing because we got a wall that separate the neighbour that often makes parties at home and us. That cut the wind.

        Yes this night I am going to fill the two last writtings with pictures I am going to reopen it to reading, I am going to speak of the reopening in my tumblr as well.
        Ha I had to close my image shark account because they became fully paid three years ago and now photobucket, Imgur will follow soon or later it’s just a matter of time.

      • Sometimes that is the way with building. The cc we have will be better in one game over the other. I am glad to hear you are satisfied with the results of the house for Jason. You are quite welcome with the help. I liked ATS3 kitchen conversions, thought they looked cute, but ultimately ended up pulling them from my game. I use a set from TSR by Angela. I cannot wait to see the cute new interiors you have for Viviane and Salomé.

        I think it depends on the skins, you really with sims 4 have to use a skin and an overlay. There is just no way around it. I am glad that you still have fun with the Sims. That is all that really matters is that people are enjoying themselves.

        HAHA, I agree. No news is good news, tends to not be the case. I tend to worry over the no news because I like to take care of stuff right away and not knowing whether or not I need to take care of something or not, is just one big waiting game which I have no interest for.

        My step-dad the other day was quite funny. He is like, I guess I should not have added that extra layer of insulation when I redid the siding. It is really miserable in our house right now. Very hot and Michigan is quite humid at the moment. No breeze at all and when it does rain it sadly does not drop the temperature.

        I am sure Imgr will follow as well. I completely agree. This is how it is with places like this sadly. They all tend to go paid at some point or another. My photobucket is closed. Hopefully, I have fixed all my pictures.

      • I uninstalled the kitchen conversions except the top cabinet from the industrial ts4/3 conversion because they are alright. Plenty of her cc works .
        I use instead a wood counter from the store. I like angela’s cc but most of them are not fixed for petsn her past cc are maxis match. Mistigriff climbs everywhere she can, she is adventurous she can make the game crash with her whim. Currently she likes to climb on the table. I am very sad I can’t use anymore old angela’s stuff.

        Sadly ts4 doesn’t work well, I reinstalled it and I might have wrong cc inside. However I don’t have plenty of fun with that game. I am just happy I have find a mod that make the emotions longer. The skintones really appears horrible as horrible as the sky in my sims 3.
        I currently play with No, Ten and Kiji when I am not with my simself family. Winderburg is aweosme but we can’t really edit a park without having a mention that the lot isn’t complete.
        How this game is so odd? I always like to edit a little, parks etc. That’s possible in the past games even in ts1.

        For now I don’t take pictures because my simself is in China for hollidays , she has a call from Béaranne to do a mission always about gossip :'(. I am furious against traveller her pets can’t join her. She’s alone, no more other of my sims are other there. When I was to Egypt for Liam, plenty of my sims were.
        I love China I took pictures .

        You are totally right to be worried, however I have so much bad news currently I am immune now that’s an habit. I stop to be worried I just accept the reality I don’t have the choice.
        Interiors or the flat I live is very hot as well, no wind. Outside yes but it’s hot. As Michigan, we got few rain that didn’t last 5 minutes and that didn’t enough for making the temperature better. I am tired of summer really I hate it. Hot makes my skin scratchy sometimes.

        About the compaign for keeping the neutrality of the web it’s a trap, to make the compagnies give time to make what they plotted a long time ago worst ! Since the 2000’s they want to make internet paid, they’ll be successful.
        Imgur will have to follow it’s a matter of time for sure. And people stays naive about our real power is to don’t give them the money they want, they fear of loosing money. Our opinions never count, that’s just a way to earning time.

      • I do not blame you. I did the same. Shame you cannot use more of Angela’s stuff, but that tends to be the way with a lot of creators who made before pets. Their stuff was never updated. I do not have pets installed so it is no issue for me, but definitely with you having pets, I can understand why you would want them updated.

        Sorry to hear that ts4 is not working well for you. That is quite possible it is cc related. Shame you do not have fun with it, I quite enjoy it reminds me of TS1 and TS2 gameplay. That is good that you found a mod for that, I do not use any mods in it and with skins I also use an overlay with them to make them more detailed. There are several mods to fix the sky in Sims 3 – realistic clouds, lighting mods, better snow, rainbows, etc. I am not quite a fan of Widenburg. The aesthetic of the buildings is just not my style. The one little island it has I like, but that is the only spot of it that I will use. Never noticed that about the park in it.

        I do not use traveler, so that is good to know that it does not allow pets to join. I like China as well. Was not a fan of Egypt when I had Tationy got there once. France was pretty cool. Tationy and Abe went there during The Exiled Prince story. Cannot wait to see your pictures when or if you share them.

        I am sorry to hear you are having bad news currently. Hopefully it all gets better for you. Yes, sounds just like here. The weather is quite miserable. I am ready for summer to be over and prepared to move into fall and winter.

        Well they have been trying a long time to make a profit off the web. It is not all that surprising. It is a commerce they do not quite have a hold of. Only time will tell if they win this battle, but inevitably we will probably all be charged for the things we want to do on the internet and that will change the entire game for many of us. I for one am not going to pay to use things like Imgr or even tumblr and twitter. They are not worth it. Most things on the internet I am not willing to pay money for. I would give my money to an MMO first. HAHA.

      • Some are fortunately update as the whole Kanto set the bed is absolutely stunning bu the only cc I use are for my sims and I selected a handle of creators. I keep cc for my pets and plants.
        Indeed it’s not possible to play without not updated pets patch. My favourite serie of her is Kanto and very old stuffs.
        She’s famous and loved, she would had been patch her awesome cc for pets really they are all worth it. I can do it myself there are tutorial but they are hard to follow.
        TS4 is a shame how troubles are very bothering. I could finish my boys house in Winderburg but when I selected the phone to give them a job, boom!
        Yes I have mods and I didn’t delete them all. I don’t have a lot compared to ts3 and ts2 but I need stuffs because this game lacks of everything. I don’t know if this game please me or not, there are good things really but not enough to make me omg that lack of charm I really think I play an online flash game. I take it for story purpose not to really have it.
        I heard about the mods to improve the enviromnement in ts4 I am not quite interests in, however in ts3 I enjoy adding new skies.

        France looks like Provence, not only for sure but reminds me of. Olive tree is a tree that grow up in the South .I am not very impressed because I know that landscape not well but I saw it. Dragon Valley as well because we got medieval cities in my country but yes that’s pretty.
        Egypt is a blast especially Pyramids the inside of them wow! But there is too much place they could add more. China is awesome but I wanted new place to explore. La Grande Muraille can’t be explored??? Nope!! It’s just a decoration. Not enough food and culture to learn. I know I dream but they made store sets about Africa, Cambodgia and India, why they didn’t make any extra wa world to explore ? More food to eat etc.

        Yes I slowly publish my pictures however I got serious problems in my town to fix so maybe I will delete my current save, use my copy I fixed some troubles, and sent her in China later back. Traveler is great if you want to see more people from your town but pets I am so deceived I don’t talk much about Mi and Si but they are important characters. However in China she was the only one who was in town. If only I know I dream.

        July is the worst month ever , really, too much bad news. Yesterday my windows works perfectly today the bios changed the date, resetted , and only ubuntu works despite windows save the real date of today. Windows is shitty as OS.

        I agree with you , Internet will all become paid and myself I don’t want to pay for social network I barely use and I don’t want to pay extras money for services I don’t really need.
        Paying for using tumblr omg no , better be off.
        It exists already even wordpress is paid.

      • Yeah it is a shame that some creators never update their stuff for pets. Cannot be helped though. A lot of tutorials related for Sims 3 things are quite difficult to follow. At least we are seeing more tutorials though, that is good. In the beginning years of Sims 3, no one wanted to share how they did things. It was very sad.

        I am sorry to hear you have so many issues with Sims 4. I don’t have any issues with it. Are you using a pirated copy or did you buy one? Is it fully patched? TS2 and TS4 I use no mod. Sims 3 for me is not playable without mods. That is a shame the charm is lacking for you, though I think everyone sees what the like and do not like in games. When they compare them to other games in a series, it will often askew the view of that game. Well Sims 3 has this, but Sims 4 does not have that. I stopped doing that a long time ago when it came to SWG and SWTOR. I found that I simply would not enjoy a game if I compared the old version to the new version.

        I think Dragon Valley is quite pretty. I used it at several points. I think it would be a great world to use if it had different roads. I honestly think that Sims 3 was about money. EA was riding the wave and that was why they released what they did. There was no need to expand on what they did, because they knew it was just a placeholder for Sims 4. Games do not take two years to make and when they announced Sims 4 was coming it had to already be long time in the works. I would be willing to bet that when Showtime and Pets was released, Sims 4 was probably already developed. I have watched the development of games I have wanted to play and no matter how good the company is, it still takes many years to get a game situated for release.

        Sorry to hear you are having issues with you town. That is a shame. I have had to delete saves before, so I understand the dilemma. Hopefully, it will all work out and you will not have to.

        Yeah I agree. I am not a fan of July. Tomorrow is my moms birthday and at the end of the month I head out to have my shots done. Still have no news on anything else, but it is the way this month tends to go. It all falls apart or builds back up before August and September which get even busier around here. Sorry to hear you are having issues with Windows. Hopefully, you will get it resolved.

        HAHA, exactly. I would not pay for tumblr, but there will definitely be people that do. Yes, even wordpress has a paid option. I would rather do a paid option with wordpress than with tumblr. WordPress has been my sim home for a long time now, would I though? I do not think so. Paying for the internet is already costly without having to pay for sites.

      • I know meshing and compagny is very tough especially the only help availible to fix ts3 old cc not patched for pets is to reclone the objects with the “patched” original
        object use. That’s so long.
        No one shares their knowledges anyways because rare are the people who really mesh, they just adapt existing 3d models for the sims.
        With ts4 it’s surely a cc that cause trouble so I play without for now. I am not an official game I use fitgirl version that works
        like a charm no viruses inside I can’t pay the price of a computer for playing a such game. It’s all about money I am not a milk-cow and
        also I am against origin so I rather stuff we don’t need that.
        I don’t want fitness because it’s an other useless stuffs but parenthood is awesome enough so I let version 1.30.
        I always compare but it doesn’t mean I don’t play my games. However sims 4 is very abandonned, more versions of the sims will be realised , more
        they’ll be clean.

        Ha the problem of my town is some people doesn’t have a pet house or are friend with their four legs,doesn’t have a house with a bedroom for toddlers,Béranger Vargas was missing etc
        doesn’t have a job (they are retired) etc. Hairstyles are missing, Salomé who was a bartender she always was addicted to that job. My simself’s house to redesigned because I forgot some cc to be installed etc.
        That’s very frustrating.
        If so that’s perfect I think,I regulary clean my saves to avoid corruption. I play with my other gameplay saves so I will send back Miss V to China.

        My old computer was so shity and old now so I changed it for a better one. Windows 10 seems to be great. I like my new computer ahah. Instead of paying new fix that is expensive
        and totally useless. Plus I got a pay version of antivirus now so that’s better.
        I don’t finish to install everything but I am for now happy.

        Ha August except the heat I think it’ll be as shitty as July to me.

        Paying tumblr no really, paying for always reading usa governement complains, racial war shit and sjw no thanks !!

      • Yeah, it can be pretty easy to clone, but it is a very time consuming thing. TS3 CC updating is all manual labor in a lot of ways. TS4 updating is much easier thanks to TS4 Workshop tools. Would be nice if we had something like the TS4 Studio for Sims 3. Sadly, we do not and most likely never will. That is very true. A lot of people do not share their knowledge. I always contribute it to people wanting to be the “only one”. If they are the only one that can do it, then they will be “famous” type of thing. Which is stupid. I believe in sharing what you know. I have helped plenty of young aspiring creators and convertors get their feet wet and the TS3 Community is better for it because they have contributed to themes that were severely lacking.

        TS4 and TS2 are very obvious when it comes to cc. If it does not like a piece, game crash and implodes. HAHA. TS3, definitely not the same in that regard. Sometimes when the crash test analyzer says it is cc it could be anything else like patching, LAA, etc. There are so many issues with TS3 that cannot be narrowed down to CC that people blame on CC. TS4 though, definite – 9 times out of 10 it will be a CC issue.

        Games and computers get quite expensive after a while. I bought a really expensive Alienware as a treat to myself. I figured if I am getting a gaming computer, I am going all out. It did not even make it 2 years. The computer I have now, I paid 3800 dollars less for and it plays all my games with no issues. I had one issue with the fan which has been taken care of and I am really happy with it. Going to try to keep it as long as it will allow me to because I am definitely not looking forward to having to buy another computer.

        Decorating and remodeling of any kind is very frustrating. I have to build a new house for Tationy and Hiko. I am not looking forward to it. I am not even sure what I will do or want to do. -_-

        I do as well. I tend to do a new copy for the world every playthrough just to keep no issues happening.

        I remember my old computer as well. It is always nice to get a new one and Windows 10 is not too bad. A little weird to get used to at first and I hate the Cortana nonsense, but it is pretty good. A paid version of antivirus is always good. I pay for mine as well. I think it is a must. It can take a bit of time to reinstall everything. It takes me forever because I have to download a lot of the stuff and I have a slow internet connection. -_-

        Same – I agree that August will probably be shitty for me as well. July has not been too fantastic. It is just very busy here and my sister nonsense is flaring up again. Health stuff. Just tired of it all. I have no time or energy to deal with nonsense right now.

        I definitely would not pay for tumblr. It is not worth it to me. I post so sporadically to begin with. Tumblr is just a priority. I keep it just to talk to a few friends and that is it and I think if it came to pay, I would just give those friends different ways to contact me or let them know where I was. Most of them could find me here at wordpress anyway.

      • Yes especially when you lost all your store items, that makes me so frustrating and time eating. I really want to be back at my game because I
        have so much stuffs to say.
        I hate the way we don’t have the delete button as in the sims 2, this make the things easier with cc. I have two women outfits that is a trouble in cas
        I am not able to find them.
        I like sims 4 studio really but simpe is great except it’s a little bit tricky sometimes for instance upgrating cc for eps.
        I remembered my firt recolours for the sims 3 nobody to help me out I did following my instinct, fortunately at blackpearlsims people helped me out after for a second set.
        You are right about celebrity in this community, it’s a cancer illness for cc they are not made themselves. Well I don’t know how to do stuffs but I am here if people asked me.
        Sharing was the spirit of the very first community of the sims, now it’s all about money , the community hates ea, they do everything like ea.

        You’ve got the most expensive alienware sold, honestely I can’t buy a such computer but you are right, you’re quiet for 20 years with a such computer
        in your hands. Mine is gaming but it costs me 800€, the sims turns well in however the cc were a trouble to me. Today i went to no crashes at all. Igazor at the official sims forum helped me out for muy ati graphic card
        now it’s recognized, no more shade off for now.
        I brought my new one at the computer shop they suggest me to pay my antivirus etc so I did. Paid antivirus you don’t mean nothing else that it. It makes
        One of my cousin didn’t like windows 10. I don’t know if I like it or not. I don’t use cortana for speaking with my microphone just for searching.
        I didn’t reinstall everything but almost everything. My internet is slow as well 🙂

        I understand for tumblr I just post some pictures I don’t use or when my game crashes i can’t really continue my story but paying for it nope at all.
        Friendship in internet is hard to keep especially to me, I don’t know how much friends I left behind me in tumblr for these last years. If I think of this really
        people would think I am too cold or not sincere.

      • I am sorry to hear you lost your store items. Are you able to get them back?

        I wish Sims 3 and Sims 4 had the function to delete in game like Sims 2 did. Sadly, they do not, but Sims 4 has something that can be done. It is called the Sims 4 Tray Importer: http://luniversims.com/files/file/73-sims-4-tray-importer/ Basically, what you do is build a sim in cas and put the item you want to get rid of on him or her. Save the sim to your personal gallery. Exit game. Open up the Tray Importer and it will show you everything you have saved in the gallery. You click on the girl or guy you just made, click on CC, and it will show you what CC is on them with the name and everything. Makes it easier to get rid of unwanted cas items. Have not found an easier way for decor sadly.

        I have noticed this particular about Sims 3 for a long time. I think it is because Sims 3 was the “changing point” for the game where it went “realism” so people started take on a different mentality of what sims meant to them. It was no longer about gameplay, storytelling, and sharing. Sims 4 we get back to some of what we had with Sims 2, but Sims 3 sharing is a whole other beast. It can be difficult to find the right people to help when there are questions. I see a lot of people ask the super popular people who tend to blow you off with comments like google it. Which just adds to why we lose so many people and we do not have a lot of creators. I try to answer question when I see them and help when I can, but sadly not everyone is like that.

        It was a really nice Alienware, but sadly it only lasted just under 2 years. The liquid cooling system went on it and I was faced with the very unwelcome response of – sorry, we do not work on Alienwares. So I had to replace it myself. Definitely, not worth the money. The one I have now I spent about 700 USD on and it works wonderfully. Paid antivirus is very useful. It is one of the few computer things that I invest in these days because it is so important.

        My internet is slow as well so I can understand not reinstalling everything. You will get there with it all. It is good that you were able to get a new computer.

        That is me as well. Tumblr is just for posting pictures now and again. I think a lot of people are sadly there for all the wrong reasons though and they will be the ones that pay for it. For me, it is just a place to share my pictures and if I do not have it, no big deal. Friendship on the internet definitely can be hard. I do not think you are cold or insincere.

      • Me too I really want to add this feature myself if I could. Fortunately yes I have back most of my store items not every items I am lucky people shared for free them in plenty of other places, it’s not
        legal but very useful in case of lost.
        I remembered this fantastic tool I used long time ago in ts4 I hope it works with newest versions of the game, at a time it didn’t work anymore.

        The sims 3 community without badmouthing is very exclusive indeed, always. It’s always about shinning and being loved much more for the fun. The cc themselves are not fixed and make
        people with an average computer with crashes because their laziness is not human. I do agree with you. TS4 et ts2 are now fully maxis-matches , full of arrogance as well. I think
        people’s changing.
        A couple of years ago things will be a little bit better.

        Better paying a less important computer than getting a very expensive one,it’s not logicial their answers by the way every computers has got the same basis and they could
        ask for dell I don’t know ahah.I have got an acer and I know the people I brought it works with. Yes I save money in case of big failure or important stuffs that happen. It was obvious soon or later a new computer home.
        You throw a lot of money I hope you’re not running into debt.

        Thank you for your kind words. If only people can think like you about the others around them.

      • Yeah, that Sims 3 community definitely can be that way for a lot of people. I agree that it is about the attention showered upon you by others. Which is a shame, because I think that we lose out on so much because of it. There are a lot of CC issues, I think that some of it goes back to the lack of tutorials. People do not know how to fix it, because they could not find the answers so they are like oh well. Which is a shame, because some of the things that are really common issues are very easy to fix.

        I remember the point that the shift happened between the communities where we started getting a much different mentality. Unfortunately, we cannot go back only forward. A lot of things happening now, just add to the burden of it all for everyone.

        Acer is well liked by a lot of people. I have heard good things about it.

        I did spend a lot of money on it. I wanted to treat myself and get a computer that would last and allow me to play all of my games. Sadly, the lasting part did not happen and I will most likely be paying on it for the next 30 years of my life. *Shrugs* Nothing that can be done about it.

        You are welcome. ^_^

      • I don’t know it’s first time I got an acer, all my old computer were hp.
        People changed a lot , the new people are very greedy and they only care of their bellies, the veterans are discreet and many of dramas !
        Better to use our mind and don’t really ask for something.

        You think you did good no one tells expensive computers can be so weak it’s not your fault, it’s good to regret anything !

      • I can understand. This time around I went cyberpower pc. All of my previous computers have been Dell’s. I hear good things about Acer though and cyberpower pc I recommend to everyone. They have been very good.

        Yes definitely there have been a lot of changes with the community and people in general. Different age perhaps. Different generation. Who knows the reasons why, but it is definitely very different from when I got started.

        Yeah pretty much. If I want it, I make it myself. I do not even bother asking people for anything because the response you get could be anything and sometimes not a very good anything.

        Yes exactly. I do not recommend spending a bunch of money on a computer. While it is nice, unless you also have the money to maintain it if something goes wrong not to mention the resources available around you, it will ultimately end up being a money sink. My suggestion these days for people is to find a computer that can play that one game you love. If it plays anything else, that is just gravy. ^_^

      • Maybe I will see if their right but I love it. This computer turns all the sims game from 2 to 4 no UC even if I got resolution dramas with sims 2. (stuck 800×600 and if I twerk it too much the configuration) . That’s true people always tends to want a very expensive computer I never really want after a deep thought.

        Yes the community changed a lot but there are still awesome people that still.
        I myself search by myself if I need to.

      • Mine was stuck at that. I had to add a different resolution manually. https://simsvip.com/2014/07/20/the-sims-2-ultimate-collection-increase-resolution-guide/ Try this and see if it helps, but if you search Windows 10, Resolution stuck Sims 2 you will probably come up with some results for it. It is not an uncommon thing.

        Yes definitely there are still many awesome people in the community. It has its moments of ups and downs, but all places do. 🙂

      • I followed plenty of tutoriall in this way that never worked on my computer because it always came back earlier. I find one that finally worked and they also gave me how to enable the smooth edges ahaha , thank you by the way. I am just worried I can’t play anymore in windowed mode because I have full screen. I have a vga adaptator. My computer is too recent for my old flat screen.

        All fandom are their crazy moments by the way. Even fans of celebrities.

      • You are welcome. That is good that you were able to find one that worked. I have experienced the same issue. Sometimes it is hard to find one that works for you, but it works for everyone else. I hate playing in full screen, so I can understand. I prefer windowed mode. On the laptop that I have, which has windows 10 – Sims 3 I cannot play in Windowed Mode. It will just be a black screen no matter what I do. I hate it. Sims 4, no issues.

      • I can’t play ts2 Windows mod neither ts4 ut ts3 yes I can. TS2 Windows mod is so small.
        I tried several different tutorials before finding the right one.

      • Because it’s not confortable at all. Finally I can find a solution for playing windows mode with a bigger resolution as before. However I am sick of the lag in ts2 before every action there is a small freeze. Maybe it’s the cd I don’t know.

      • It really is not. When I had it happen, I was like ohh no I have to fix this and I had already told myself, no matter how much I love the game – if I cannot fix this, I am uninstalling. It is just too small and makes playing very hard.

        Are you playing in compatibility mode? I am not sure what might be causing the lag, maybe google windows 10 Sims 2 freezing lag and see what comes up for solutions.

      • I don’t know yet but it’s annoying, my sims 3 doesn’t lag anymore my ts2 still.
        No I don’t play with compatibility mod at all, this mod weren’t efficient in vista I don’t think in win 10 this work.

        For now I am not in the mood to seek for ts2.

      • That is good that you got your Sims 3 game not to lag. Shame your Sims 2 does. Hopefully, you figure out what is causing it.

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