Unbridled – Chapter 12


They had traveled all the way to Garvator which was roughly four hours away from Thacian City. Hiked to a particular spot that Hiko had said was always his favorite. Which took a good hour, lugging camping equipment, and maneuvering small and winding trails. Another forty-five minutes to set up camp and by the time she was able to sit down she was already spent. Camping was exhausting.

Hiko had stoked the fire to life and got her a beverage before taking a seat next to her. A deep contented sigh left his lips and she realized that he was in his element. As much as he was Hiko Kari, Chief Executive Officer of the Kari Foundation. He was also, a man of the wilds.

For a time they enjoyed the mountain scenery and the cooled air. It was beautiful and not at all like anything Tationy had experienced before. The simplicity made it so easy for her to get lost in the moment and her ever wandering thoughts. She should not have been surprised when Hiko finally broached the topic they had been tap-dancing around all week.

“What did you see?”

It was not an easy question for her to answer because she was not even certain of anything. That made her far more hesitant to speak initially, “A girl with wild hair. She was young; maybe thirteen or fourteen. I am not sure.”

“Why did you react the way you did?”

“There was this feeling that she wanted me to see her. It was as though she was trying to say something, but without using words. She wanted me to feel what she was feeling. It is weird, I know. I have not felt like that since I was a kid and …”

“Don’t stop talking to me Tationy,” Hiko encouraged.

“I am not sure if she was really there,” Tationy admitted. “For so many years I was trapped in these dreams. The veil was just open all the time and I could not tell what was real or what was spilling out from the door that was ajar. After I went on the medication that feeling went away, until I saw that little girl.”

“Do you think your medicine is not as effective as it used to be?”

“I think that is a possibility.”

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It was unspoken, but there was no way he did not understand the gravity of what their conversation might mean. Still, Hiko had not said anything to her words. Tationy could hardly blame him after all it was a heavy burden to place on the shoulders of anyone especially a man that had taken her in because of a favor.

His gaze was fixed toward the mountains as he said, “I will make sure you are always taken care of. Right now all we can do is concern ourselves with one day at a time. I think when we get home the first thing we should do is contact your doctor.”

Tationy pursed her lips to keep from smiling. She was happy; it was a strange feeling because he really only offered her a few words. In the long run she was certain that disappointment would eventually come her way because actions were far more important than flowery speeches. Still, it was too easy to be lost in this particular moment until she realized he had mention her doctor, “I don’t know if he will see me. He came to the estate and was the private physician of the Yamada.”

“How much medication do you have left?”

“Half a months worth,” Tationy stated.

The choking sound from Hiko and the way his head turned swiftly to look upon her said that she should have mentioned that a long time ago. “Were you going to say something?” He questioned and then quickly added, “Before you were out?”

Scratching a spot on her cheek she sighed, “Anjou always took care of it.”

Hiko noticeably sighed as he stood, “Well he is not here anymore. This is part of your responsibility so you have to be proactive when it comes to these sorts of things.”

“Are you mad at me?”

“No,” He stated and offered his hand to her. When she accepted he continued while moving, “We will take care of all of this when we get back. Right now, let’s focus on having fun.”


Hiko’s idea of a good time apparently involved baiting a hook with a worm and casting a line into water. There was a certain peacefulness about it, but Tationy had been far too squeamish to deal with the bait and she fumbled a bit awkwardly with the casting.

Once they were situated into a comfortable routine, the two stood side by side. Hiko would give her instructions now and again about how and when to use the reel. Overall their conversation remained fixed on the task at hand until Tationy said, “It is really beautiful here.”

“Ahh, if it were not for my position at the Kari Foundation I would probably spend a lot more time in these parts.”

“Do you ever think about doing something else?”

“No, never. I will probably be doing the same job until the day I die. Maybe I am just not the type, but I do not ever see myself sitting around enjoying my old age and retirement.”

“You do what you love and love what you do.”

“Ahh,” He took a moment to pause before asking, “What about you? How are things really going with Zen?”

“What do you mean?”

Hiko chuckled, “Zen is the most unforgiving Kari I know. A hundred times worse than my father. I would like to think that he is not treating you like shit, but the man knows no other way to deal with people.”

Tationy sighed, “I don’t want you to fight my battles.”

“I won’t if that is not what you want, but I can listen.”

With resignation she stated, “I think he really hates me. All he does is give me boxes to go through. Apparently, by his standards that is all I am capable of doing. Not to mention, for some reason he completely hates everything I wear.”

“How do you feel about that?”

“Well I am kind of getting used to every Kari man hating me, but I have no idea what was wrong with my outfits.”

“Sounds like you are more troubled by the fact that he does not like your clothing,” Hiko stated.

Tationy wrinkled her nose, “Well when you put it that way it seems silly.”

“I think it is a little cute,” He responded and then quickly added, “As difficult as it might be for some people to understand, I did not hire you because of our relationship. I think you will be good for the design department and Zen as you have been for me.”

Tationy didn’t understand why, but the faith he had in her was an overwhelming feeling for the girl that never felt as though she belonged. His words were so simple and always meaningful. Sometimes he was harsh and almost always direct, but with her Hiko always had a gentle hand. Still, she found it difficult to respond to words that made her stomach flutter all about.

They had spent several hours fishing, though the only thing hooked was a turtle. Tationy had felt so bad as she watched Hiko cover its head and quickly pull the hook from its mouth before releasing it back into the water. Probably a hundred times she asked if the little guy was going to be alright. With a comforting smile Hiko had told her yes and insisted that turtles were quite resilient.


Still, Tationy did not feel uncomfortable fishing any longer so the two opted for a nature hike. They put the gear away, dosed the fire at their camp, and walked the trails in silence for a good thirty minutes before Hiko reached down, took her hand in his, and finally spoke, “Minus the turtle, are you enjoying yourself?”

“It is not what I expected, but it is turning out very nice.”

“Does that mean you want to do this again sometime?”

“I think I would like that,” She said and then felt Hiko give her hand a squeeze. Momentarily Tationy was dizzy with the wild idea of a summer romance, but it was quickly overridden with all the questions she wanted to ask him.

“Where are you?”

“What?” She asked as she shook her wandering thoughts.

“I asked where you were.” For only a moment he let his words linger there, “Lately, I have noticed that you disappear in your thoughts a lot. I was just curious where they were taking you.”

Tationy stumbled over her response, “Different places.”

“Ahh, am I there with you?”

“Does Hiko Kari want to be there with me?”

He subtly glanced toward her. A short smile graced his lips, but he didn’t respond. The fluttering in her stomach was a strange sensation. Tationy had never been the type of girl to get nervous when it came to other people, but there was something about Hiko that made her body feel warm and her head swim with so many different thoughts.

She tried to act as cool as he was, but always ended up failing miserably. Today was no different as she returned his smile with one of her own only to jump from the unexpected sound of a thunderclap. He laughed while her cheeks pinked.

Tationy tried to distract from her embarrassment by focusing on the obvious shift in the weather. It was roaring and loud and moments later the rain came pouring down upon them.


They were not close to the camp, a good couple of miles of running through the rain on uneven terrain. Hiko held her hand the entire way, never once, not even for a moment letting go. She was forced to keep his pace.

By the time they reached camp they were both soaked. Hiko only stepped in the tent long enough to make sure she was safe before he exited into the rain again. A few minutes later he returned and the two of them peeled themselves out of wet clothing.

It was different from being at his house. Sure sometimes she left the bathroom door open or even the one for her bedroom. The first time she had, Hiko was quick to ask her why and she told him that she had felt comfortable. This moment, in that tent, soaked to their very bones Tationy was nervous even with her back to him.


With the darkened sky, sound of rain and thunder, it was not all that difficult to settle into a cozy atmosphere. Still, her heart was pounding and she didn’t initially look at Hiko until his hand rested gently upon her back.

“What did you go back out for?” She questioned softly.

“I put a stake in the ground to monitor the water level. Garvator was not supposed to get any rain…”

“Yet, here we are holdup in a tent with rain accumulating at a rate of three tenths of an inch.”

His fingers teased along her back as he asked, “Disappointed?”

“No….No, not at all. Why would you ask that?”

“I am just not used to anyone wanting to be trapped with me anywhere.”

“I can’t think of any other place I would want to be.”

“Is that so?” Before she could respond to his question, he refocused their conversation, “Hopefully, it will just rain for a few hours and then dissipate. If it doesn’t and it persist for days there is a chance we may have to abandon camp and hike to higher ground. It will be important for us to keep an eye on the water level. If it reaches the stake, we will have no choice.”

“Are we in danger?”

“Not at the moment,” He responded. Despite his words she still felt a bit of tension which was only eased when his forehead rested to hers, “Don’t be afraid.”

“I’m not,” She tried to deny.

“I don’t believe you,” Hiko stated and then the two fell silent. There was no moment of awkwardness or fussing over how to respond to his words. It was comforting; sometimes, it felt as though he knew her soul and there was no need for pretense. It did not happen often, but there were even times with her that he showed a gentleness that contradicted the abrasive man she knew as Hiko Kari.


For a while they just stayed like that without any words until Hiko pulled away and shuffled himself around. Once he was comfortable he had not hesitated to pull her to him. There was so much excitement just from having his arm wrapped around her as they snuggled together.

“Is holding you like this alright?”

She stammered, “Yes.”

Her confirmation brought relaxation to his body, “The coming months there is going to be a lot to do at work. We might not get another opportunity to take time off. So, I was thinking that maybe if you want to, we can spend our weekends making a day of it. I know there are plenty of things you still want to experience…”

Tationy interrupted him, “Hiko, do you think I should attend a university?”

“I think that is a decision you have to make.” Tationy initially sighed after his response, but Hiko quickly added, “You and I talked about this before and you told me you just didn’t want to go. Now you are asking what I think. Why don’t you tell me why you are so hesitant to attend a university.”

“I don’t think I will learn anything,” She stated honestly. “People study for exams and I go to bed and wake up with the answers. When I attended school, I was the freakish girl that did not even have to think about the problem. I knew the equation before the teacher even wrote it on the board. Heard the lecture before I even stepped into the class.”

“Must be rough being the smartest person in the room,” He stated. At first she thought he was being facetious until he quickly added, “I think that you should attend. Not because you will get a degree or for the potential of learning some abstract concept you will most likely never use.”

“Then why?”

“You are beautiful and intelligent, but you struggle with how to respond to certain events. You have spent so much time sheltered that you have not had the opportunities afforded other people when it comes to emotional and social learning. So, while I think you might be right that an education will simply be a piece of paper to a mind like yours. I feel that attending a university may broaden your abilities to interact with people on a social and emotional level.”

Tationy hmm’d softly, “I never thought of that.”

Hiko tightened his hold upon her, “You still have time to enroll if you want to attend in the fall.”

“Maybe…I don’t know,” She stated with uncertainty as she closed her eyes.

Upon her forehead she felt his lips press lightly before ending their conversation, “Get some sleep. We can talk more in the morning.”


  1. You see. In previous chapters, I gave long ass comments. but in this one, however, damn. I just.. I love every moment of this chapter. 😍😍😍 Seriously. I love how they just talk, feeling comfortable with each other, enjoying each others company. When reading any story, this is always my favorite part. 💖

    So yeah. See how short my comment is? 😅 haha. Because I love it very much! I don’t know what to say! 🙌

    • That is so sweet though. It does not have to be a long comment to be meaningful. I am glad you liked it. We are gradually seeing them get closer and how comfortable and natural they are together. We will see more in the next chapter when I get a chance to work on it.

    • It definitely can. The Kari are very “reserved” and seemingly “introverted”, but I actually consider them (especially Hiko and Tadayoshi) to be quite sociable when the need arises. He definitely understands that the lack of an education is not the only thing that will hinder and that Tationy’s biggest obstacle will always be the fact that she simply does not know how to handle the “social” aspects of life.

      Friends are needed, we will see if it happens. I have always considered Hiko to be her best friend in most stories I have done. She never quite connects with people and the few that she does are simply because she can trust them with her life and with Hiko. She might not otherwise be friends with them if it were not for those two facts.

      • Of course, their status (of the Kari) needs to be sociable to be people who leads a firm you need to make contact.
        Hiko is worried because you can’t have true friends but you need to speak with somebody.

        Tationy is Introvert , I recently learn we can be introvert for many aspects not only about the social. I am myself strongly introvert too much it’s stop myself to have a “casual” everyday life.

      • That is very true. Yes we definitely can be introvert in all aspects of our lives. I am much more sociable online. Due to this, sometimes I can “seem” extroverted, but it is the only part of my life that might be the impression. I am completely introverted in all aspects of my life. Just put me in a little tiny room by myself and I am fine. I do not need or want for anything.

      • I have two personalities, the introvert and the extravert (not too much but I tend to be). It’s so much weird. I don’t think I am bipolar but it’s hard to manage to. Thankfully I got bound that makes both personalities the same direction. In my mind I am always torn. I don’t know if a help can be brought when you don’t seem to suffer from mental issues.

      • Being indecisive and feeling torn is perfectly natural I think. You just have to do what is right for you in the end which can be its own obstacle silencing the conflicting voice.

      • We can’t be Ambivert, it’s too much heavy to live this way because it’s not usual and it’s not normal at all. This constant swing isn’t Something fun or normal.
        It’s not a legit label that Internet incense my situation in being totally confortable with, no “you’re both that’s perfectly fine” !! I am not. I am seriously suffering with my situation enough I don’t have a normal life at all.
        Just because we don’t fit the Bipolarity umbrella and we don’t fit any other mental issue umbrella.

        What do they know about people’s brain? Generalities. They only care of the heaviest and the most serious mental pathologies….how about the rest? The softers? These you don’t need a pill to feel better but a therapy or coatching?
        Doesn’t exist for them. And after Internet says good about “Ambivert” whereas pointing out some of these guys and gals are silently suffering from and make them depressed or sad.

      • That is basically it. It is about observing behavior and then labeling it when you get a series of traits in the same people, but what is consistent for one group might not be for another.

        Yeah for some it definitely does make them said. It can be hard being in the middle of anything. You are not this way or that way, but are sometimes right in that little middle ground. Like the middle child syndrome. The oldest child gets the burden of being the oldest, the youngest gets spoiled, and the middle child is just there going *SIGH* because they get the burden of both, but not the glory of either. That is how being Ambivert is for some people, at least that is what I think on it.

      • I don’t think myself , mentally it could be possible for being both because it opened a big conflict in yourself. That’s happened to me. All my personalities tests I did for this last 6 months shows I am in that way.

        Result of the race : as Tationy I am sheltered not for the same reason as her but I live in a kind of jail with the feeling to be more open and the feeling of being closed.

        That brings conflicts in you. It’s yes but..no but…

        I can’t speak much about family and make a bound with that matter because I am an only child. I could be the second if my step brother could develop and lived. Anyways he would had been so older than me. And I might probably as spoiled as I was with the few means we got.

      • Yes I definitely agree. This is something I consider a great deal with Tationy. While she seems the more outgoing, compared to Hiko, she is actually the more introverted of the two. She does not trust anyone (so it was a big deal for her to trust Hiko so quickly), she is always suspicious of peoples motives due to her eyes. While she wants to get out and see the world, at the same time she hates everything and does not mind being locked away in her tower. This makes for a very contradicted character, but at the same time it is must more realistic I think of the conflicts that we all have as introverts and for some that are ambiverts.

        You are so lucky to be an only child. -_- I am the oldest; that means, more is expected of me and I always have to be the responsible one. My sister is the baby and she is just spoiled spoiled spoiled. Whatever she wants, she gets, when she does not want it she throws a fit and my mom gets quilted into bending to her will anyway.

        The only child, seems like you get the benefits of being both, without the burdens that come with either.

        Awe, I am sorry to hear that about you step-brother. My mom miscarried after my sister a little brother and she was never able to have children after that. So it is just the two of us.

      • It happened to women who got problems with hormonal issues that’s why my mum lost the embryon. She was treated and I was born years after. She also miscarried him as your mom for your brother. There are plenty of women who are sick with hormones or with babies issues , and dramas like that happened everyday. They continue to poison us by everything we eat, touch, drink, breathe etc. World governement is more than satanic. No words to describe the horror they are. The terrible issues is no women really cured of a such loss no matter the baby is big or an embryon.

        I am not so lucky because I don’t have more family with me, more example to follow etc. If I got a children she or he doesn’t have aunt or uncle from my side. No family more. It’s important to get a family and I myself can’t give that to my future children. I don’t feel blessed. Sure we haven’t burden but we’re so lonely.

        It’s not normal younger must be spoiled much more the oldest really that suck and not logicial, parents love their children equally and they didn’t treat them as such.

        Introvert people are the most rich character developping than the outgoing because it’s harder to picture them with joke. I am despite all, estp but introvert and I read plenty of joke clichés about us. I did again a mbti test on internet a global one than and very shorter they told me I am ISFP. That’s also correct about me as ESTP not 100%.
        No joke clichés on ISFP people. Just google the two you’ve got the chance to have google usa more much richer than google france for that subjects.

        The only cliché that remains is we’re cold the Introvert. Indeed we are but in Internet they make the things more flexible to avoid to make people drama more, they don’t face reality. As all Introvert, Tationy can be outgoing, have conversation, have friends but a few , take a drink in a bar, have activities etc. to be trustful. But there is always a time we need to be alone and we can’t stand at all crowded place or nightclubs etc. Yes we tend to hate everything when we are down. It’s just more difficult for us to be more open because we tends to think before do something (and ouch here to me I am much more estp here I do and I think after ahaha) just because we’re more aware of what may or can happen to us.
        When I go to downtown at a few steps of where I live, I am often sleepy when I come back home.

      • You have been doing a lot of personality test lately, is this something you are just doing or is it work related? Forgive me if you already told me, I may have forgotten.

      • As you know since February I follow a program with psychologist and coatch for building my job projects and I was testing to get to know me better because none of us can really judge who we are. I passed the mbti, the neo pi and others I don’t remembered the name from mind . I passed 4 tests with professionals.

        The only one I took for myself is the mbti one from 16personalities a website. I wanted to get to know what kind of mbti personality my introversion is linked. Sure there are common point with ESTP much more people can think of .This isn’t official but I can speak to her about. There is no problems.

        From these personalities tests I found some works that fits me. Not just for taste or something .That’s my own decision. My own choices.

        You are forgiven I can’t tell you exactly what I am doing because a such program might or not exist in the US or in your state and the words lack.

      • In the states, we do have programs that help get jobs, but generally the assessment test are about what type of work you would like or how you would handle certain events. They do not do anything that detailed on a personality scale from what I have experienced. Might be better if they did.

      • I don’t know if for me things will be the same as you described because when I entered the program I had no ideas of what I want to do.

        I got plenty of projects this and that. So maybe that’s why my advisors passed me personalities tests. To get to know about yourself is a big step it helps me to find jobs that I can suits me.

        Yes it’s a big help for people who can’t really define themselves to go deeper inside and find the right job. For instance you’ve got “typical” jobs that might suits this or that mbti or other personalities. It’s a big help to make the sort.

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