Unbridled – Chapter 13


In the four years he had been CEO of the Kari Foundation, Hiko had never taken a day off let alone a vacation. All he ever thought about was work and making the great nation of Aslann a better place for its people. He did not really care if he was rich or successful as long as he made a difference. Not the type of man to gauge his accomplishments by the assets he garnered. Hiko valued honesty, loyalty, and respect.

Meeting Tationy had brought many changes to his life. The most obvious was that he had been saddled with a teenage girl of seventeen years of age. By Aslann standards she was an adult; Tationy could marry, have sex, have children, live on her own. She was not a child, but Hiko quickly realized that she was also not a normal woman.

She had a quirky way about her. Asked questions that society would deem were inappropriate, knew facts that no living being on Earth should have knowledge of, and struggled with the basic norms of human behavior. Tationy was a rare and unusual oddity that came with baggage. Hiko wasn’t complaining though.

Between the two of them there was enough conflict and nonsense to write a whole series of books. Not that Hiko would read that sort of thing; he was more interested in historical novels. Loyalty, patriotism, and epic battles; live and die by the sword. Command respect and fight until your last breath; these were the types of things that moved him at least until Tationy came into his life.

She brought with her a whirlwind of temptation for the man that was never once seduced by the sex of a woman. At first, he reminded himself that she was just staying with him because she had nowhere else to go. Tationy was his responsibility, but then she would look at him with those weird eyes and the words of his father would echo so loudly in his head, “A Kari man must know restraint.” 

Every time his thoughts were muddled with the rhetoric of Tadayoshi, he pulled back. Cut conversations short, walked away, or changed the topic entirely. Tationy never seemed to mind, but Hiko hated himself for it. She was the one person in the world that he wanted to share all of himself with. That was part of why this moment was so frustrating.

In those four years as CEO, he never once thought about putting work aside. He fought for respect. Each day was an uphill battle and Hiko was always ready to get down and dirty. He never knew any other way until this perfectly unusual girl came into his life.

Through her he was reminded that it was important to live and experience all the world had to offer. It was alright to slow down, take a break, or even a week off to go camping. His first vacation and up until he arrived home he thought for certain it would not be his last.

It was amazing what a dose of reality could do for a frivolous mindset. They were certainly getting plenty of it as they stood just inside the gate of their future watching it burn to the ground.


Hiko was frustrated, but not for the reasons people might think. He was upset that the house he just purchased and everything in it was being reduced to ash. Anyone would be. However, it was just stuff to him. There was nothing in his home that could not be replaced.

What troubled him was the heaviness of not knowing if this was simply some unfortunate event or a manufactured one. He wanted to ask Tationy, but just one look at her told Hiko that she had no idea this was coming.

Never in a million years could he have imagined this was how his week would end; watching firemen try to put out the blaze, policemen corralling bystanders, and paparazzi snapping an endless amount of photos. Tomorrow their pain would be the talk of all of Aslann and there was nothing Hiko could do to stop it.


“Hiko,” His name was called by Zen Kari as he weaved his way through bystanders. It was difficult to hide the emotions, but he was thankful for the distraction. Still, he had to be careful and keep not just his feelings guarded from the Kari with the blood of the Waichia. The last thing Hiko needed was Zen to read his thoughts.

“What are you doing here?” There was no obligatory apologizes for their loss. He simply stared at the inferno, “Well?”

“Your father is very concerned. He received word of the situation and asked that I come straight here.”

That was not surprising to Hiko because Zen and his father were very close. If Semei was dead, Zen most certainly would become the Shield of the Kari; the right hand of his father. A position that Hiko always felt Zen already held. “You can thank him for his concern and tell him it was not necessary,” Hiko stated as he crossed his arms.

“I don’t think you understand. Your father has asked that I deal with matters here and he requests your return to the village, immediately.”

“Of course he does,” Hiko sighed, “Tell him….”

“You are not allowed to refuse, Hiko.”

It was difficult not to suspect that his father had him exactly where he wanted him. He certainly would not put it past Tadayoshi Kari, but did Hiko really want to walk himself and Tationy into the den of a pack of wolves? If he refused, his father would send men to get him and they would be taken back to the Village of Meratoia by force. He could not risk Tationy being hurt or worse.

So, it was with a great deal of reluctance that he conceded, “Tell my father we are on our way.”

Tationy didn’t want to leave. Deep down, Hiko couldn’t blame her after all there was a part of him as well that wanted to remain there until the flames were extinguished or their home was nothing more than ash and debris. Still, standing in the same spot and dwelling on what was, would not bring either of them any closure. Not that the ride to Meratoia was any better; they were both on edge and quiet for the entire two hour trip.


No words were shared between father and son upon their arrival. They stared each other down as though they were mortal enemies. Truth was probably not all that far-off as Hiko braved the question that had been running through his mind for hours, “Was it you?”

“If I were to strike against you boy, I would not be underhanded about it.”

“Then why are you summoning me here like some pet?” The silence shared between father and son sometimes became too much for the impatient Hiko, “I am a man of the Kari and you treat me like I am thirteen. I don’t have time for your disapproval.”

Tadayoshi clasped his hands behind his back, “We can speak in the morning when you are willing to listen.”

“Excuse me? You’re the one not speaking,” Hiko responded with a snarl. His father had not hesitated to turn his back and start moving, “Don’t walk away from me after you dragged us here…” The words fell short as Tadayoshi disappeared up the stairs and out of sight. Hiko’s frustration had grown by leaps and bounds.

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“Is he angry or afraid?” Tationy’s voice pulled his attention. It was unexpected coming face-to-face with the sight of the nearly naked young woman though it explained why his father rushed off so quickly. While they were sharing one of their many tumultuous moments, she had stripped out of her clothing and was staring out the window.

He had barely a moment to compose himself and sigh, “I cannot imagine him afraid of anything.”

“Yet, here we are. If his intention is not to strike against you, then it seems likely he brought you here out of fear. The loss of Hiko Kari would have grand repercussions, I think.”

Hiko began to unbutton his shirt as he considered her words a moment, “There are plenty of Kari capable of taking my place. The Foundation will not suffer any loss if something happens to me.”

“I was not speaking about the family business,” She stated as she finally turned to face him.

Shaking his head he lacked the ability to find the words to respond. Hiko could not imagine his father caring one single bit if something happened to him. Anger? Fear? Maybe that someone was going to take him out before Tadayoshi of the Kari had a chance.

He didn’t want to change the topic, but at the same time this was not a conversation he wanted to have at the moment. It made him feel things that were better left locked away, “Are you alright?”

“I…I am overwhelmed. There are so many questions and I am not used to not having the answers. All of this stuff is just building in me and I have no idea what to do with it.” She paused a moment then quickly asked, “Do you regret…”

Hiko cut her off before she could even finish her words, “Don’t ask me such a ridiculous question. Do you really think I would have kept you around if I had any? It was a fire; get over it.”

“What if it was not just…”

Again he cut her off, “We don’t know the answer to that.” Tossing his shirt to the sofa he stared at her somber expression, “For now, it is better if we just wait for the investigators to look into it. The insurance will cover the loss.” There was no easing her troubled mind as he took a step toward her, “What do you want me to say?”

“I want…I want you to tell me we will crush whoever did this.”

At first Hiko just stared at her. The conviction adorning her features was new and powerful. Never had he seen her so incensed and the fact that this moved her to action so forcefully was both frightening and fascinating. There was a chance that Tationy might truly be the more dangerous of the two of them. “Ahh,” Hiko managed to mutter and he noticed instantly how her body relaxed.

There was no hesitation getting himself out of the rest of his clothing and pulling her into his embrace. The camping trip had brought them closer. They spent plenty of time holdup in a tent being cozy, but it was not like this moment. It was disturbing for him to admit, but there was something about her anger that encouraged him.


Despite having his arms securely around her, he did not kiss her or touch her in any inappropriate way. Certainly, people could interpret the atmosphere as being intimate, but for Hiko it didn’t feel like that.

There was great difficulty putting into words moments like these for him. It was not erotic or sensual. Even when he leaned down and breathed in the scent of her neck. It was not to produce arousal. She simply smelled like home to him and it made Hiko feel secure and comfortable.

“We should get some sleep,” He finally stated, but she would be the one to coax him to the bedding. They had been like this for an entire week; snuggled together as though it was the most natural thing for them, but this time they had on a lot less clothing.

With hesitation Hiko whispered her name, “Tationy.”

“Is something wrong?”

“No, I just…I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but whatever the day brings just know that you have me. Nothing and no one is going to change that.”

“Sounds like you are telling me you will fight your way back from the grip of death.”

“Ahh, if that is what it takes to keep my word. I would sell my soul to whatever demon I had to.” She softly laughed, but it came out more like a tiny little giggle and Hiko realized that her romance infused brain had joined the conversation, “It is amazing how you can turn a soldier keeping his word into a white knight rescuing the damsel.”

“Everything has a fine line Hiko Kari,” She stated simply and then asked, “Did you want to be a soldier?”

Hiko was surprised by the question. They had talked plenty of times about the Kari Foundation and how he had been groomed since he was a young man to succeed his father as CEO, but no one had ever asked him if that was what he wanted to do. “When I was a boy, I dreamed of serving the great nation of Aslann in the Ruthlbahdo. My father would not allow it and being the only son of Tadayoshi Kari, the military would not take me without his permission.” He paused a moment, “What made you ask?”

“You are disinterested in a lot of things, but the stuff you are really passionate about is very obvious. I noticed, you did not say, it is amazing how you can turn a man keeping his word into a white knight rescuing the damsel. You said soldier. Is that how you see yourself?” There was no answer he felt he could give to her question so he tightened his hold upon her. It was moments later she added, “I think you would have made a great soldier, Hiko.”

“Thank you,” He responded.

The silence that overtook them moments later was broken up when she asked, “Did I say something wrong?”

“No, I was just imagining how different my life would have been had I gone left instead of right.”

“We would not be here like we are now,” Tationy stated.

He didn’t believe that. It was possible the circumstances would have been different, but Hiko had a feeling deep in the pit of him that the two of them would have found their way together. It felt right; normal. There was nothing forced except the changing of topics when it came to them.

Suddenly, he rolled to face her. His fingers brushing a strained of hair off her face. Did she feel it? It felt tangible to him so he could not imagine how she could not, but with Tationy there was always uncertainty.  Her quieted voice distracted his thoughts, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“No reason,” He stated casually and then kissed her forehead lightly, “Get some rest. I have a feeling we are both going to need it tomorrow.”


Hiko had not been wrong. They were awoken at four in the morning to his father asking if they were decent. Tadayoshi did not offer a lot of conversation; gave them some clothing and sent them to the bathhouse.

It was a moment to relax after the chaos of the night before, but as he enjoyed the hot bath he kept thinking that this would be a perfect opportunity for his father to strike. He was vulnerable and separated from Tationy who was in a nearby room.

The entire situation had him analyzing it for secret motivations. Zen had told Tationy that the Kari holiday was coming up. They were gone for a week which would give anyone access to their property. Not to mention, the moment they arrived home their house was ablaze. It was hard to believe in coincidences especially when Zen was right there telling Hiko that his father wanted him to return to the Kari Village.

He realized he was probably thinking about it too much. There was always the chance that it was just an unfortunate event and until he knew more about the circumstances of the fire speculating did him no good. With a cleansing sigh, Hiko pushed the negative thoughts to the side and reinforced his resolve to remain on guard. That was when he realized that he was being spied upon, “Done with your bath already?”

“Yes,” She stated as she peeked at him.

“You can come in.”

Tationy seemed somewhat apprehensive, “Is it really alright?”

“Ahh, like you I am not inhibited,” He stated and realized when she stepped into the bathing room that she was still in her towel. Knowingly he added, “I take it you had trouble with folding the fabric and tying the sashes.”

“I have seen it done in my head millions of times, but it is a completely different experience trying to do it myself,” She stated as she placed her stuff on a nearby bench. “Can you help me?”

“Ahh,” He responded as he finished cleaning up. Hiko was about half a second away from standing when he realized that this might be the first time she had seen a man naked before; outside of what she had taken in beyond the veil. “Are you going to turn around?”

“Why?” Sometimes, it was hard to tell if she was oblivious or simply unmoved, “I thought you said you were not inhibited.”

“I’m not, but…” He laughed somewhat nervously, “Alright, suit yourself.”


Hiko climbed himself from the bath and stood before her. Awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck. He was not shy or uncomfortable with his nudity, though he was somewhat concerned over her opinion regarding his body.

When he was a boy he had been overweight and struggled with his own self-image. He hated the way other Kari had looked at and treated him because his body was not the epitome of fitness and perfection as the god Kazuma had intended. His father called it weak blood; his mothers to be exact. He gave up sweets and carbs, worked out every day until he had chiseled away bit by bit every ounce of flab. Still, there was a part of him that would always be that little fat Kari boy whose peers tormented him.

Her silence could break any man’s ego as she looked him over. When she did not initially say anything he asked, “Disappointed?”

“You have a twelve inch penis, Hiko Kari.” She paused a moment then quickly added, “Unless you are completely incapable of using it, I cannot imagine any scenario where a woman would be disappointed.”

“I wasn’t asking about just any woman. Are you disappointed in what you see Tationy?”

Once again there was silence. Hiko started feeling a bit self-conscious standing there in nothing waiting for her to tell him that she approved of him physically. Eventually, the quiet atmosphere was disturbed when she asked, “Am I your woman, Hiko?”

“Do you want to be?”

“That is not what I asked you.”

Hiko sighed while moving toward the bench toward his clothes. As he dressed he stated, “This is not a question that ends well for me.”

There was not a lot of surprise that she didn’t say anything. It was certainly possible that he had upset her by not answering her question, but it was difficult not to see it as a loaded one. If Hiko answered yes, then his words could be twisted to mean he saw her as a possession. Answering no was not any better in his opinion.

He had expected some sort of response from Tationy, but by the time he was finished getting dressed she had still not said anything. The best he could do was just continue on and help her with her clothing.


The moment certainly had the potential of being sensual as he assisted her into her garments, adjusted folds, and tied sashes, but the longer the silence went on the more he realized that not answering had been a terrible decision on his part. With a sigh his head rested to her shoulder and he conceded, “Ahh, you are my woman.”

Still nothing but silence. It was killing him and the damned if you do and damned if you don’t feeling nearly swept him up and took him away. Then, unexpectedly her hand rested to his head and her words sent a chill of anticipation for their future throughout his body, “That makes me happy.”

They had only known each other for a couple of months and the circumstances surrounding their meeting had been completely outside what was normal. A lot of people would consider their relationship unconventional and rushed. It was not as though they did anything in proper order. Still, it worked for them.

Breaking the silence he asked, “Am I your man?”

Tationy did not hide the tease in her tone, “Do you want to be my man?”

Briefly he laughed, “That is not what I asked you.” It was nice to be able to be playful with her and not feel as though he had to restrain his emotions or hold back his words. Hiko wrapped his arm around her as his face buried to the side of her neck. She giggle softly which he took as a sign that it tickled, “Well, am I your man, Tationy?”

“Yes,” She practically whispered.


Their moment was interrupted by Kari who were waiting to use the bathhouse. It was alright, had things continued Hiko might have lost all the restraint he had left. So, the two of them walked through the village together; holding hands and stealing glances as they headed toward his father’s home. Despite, what he was certain was awaiting them there was lightness in the moment.

“Traditional clothing suits you,” She stated.

“You are probably the only person in the Kari Village that would say that,” He responded and then squeezed her hand, “I always felt restricted; couldn’t move or breath wearing these sorts of garments. When I was a boy my father always forced them upon me.”

“This is my first time,” She acknowledged. “Tradition and value has never been important to the Yamada.”

“Is that something you want in your life?”

“I don’t know. These were never things I had to think about. I always just knew I was going to be at the side of Aoba. My own wants and desires were locked away for pretense and expectations. With you is the first time I have ever felt like I didn’t have to be anyone but me. The future and all of its possibilities feel so open right now, but part of me also does not understand entirely what that entails.”

Hiko had said it before that it was probably rough being the smartest person in the room. He meant that. Only those with superior brains would understand what it was like to be intellectually unrestricted. On that level she could take in all of the information and process it as though it was nothing. Where Tationy was limited was on an entirely different level. She had not lived; there were no life experiences. Socially and emotionally she was ill-equipped to deal with most situations.

“The familiar is easy. People do things every day that they hate simply because it is known to them. It is much harder to take that step into the unknown,” He stated and then added, “I don’t understand entirely what you are going through, but I do remember when I stepped away from tradition and value for modernization. It was scary. There were many times I thought about running to my dad and telling him I was foolish…”

“My Hiko is really stubborn though.”

“Ahh. I was not about to give him the satisfaction of being right,” Hiko responded with a short laugh before continuing, “No matter how frightening it might be all you have to do is give my hand a squeeze and I will return it to let you know it is all going to be alright.” She started squeezing his hand over and over again which elicited a snort from him, “I take it you are nervous about seeing my father again?”

“He hates me,” She stated.

Hiko offered her the only comfort he could by returning her squeeze with one of his own, “That is alright. He hates me also.”


The blossoming couple had been having a pretty good day, all things considering, but stepping inside his father’s home was the last thing he wanted to do. Tadayoshi of the Kari did not like Tationy and his feelings for his son were far worse. There was no knowing what this was about and that left little room for enthusiasm as they seated themselves around the table and waited for his father to speak.

“You will be happy to know,” He began, “That I returned the gift to the Kawazoe. They were disappointed in your decision, but understood. The Lord of the Kawazoe offers his congratulations on your impending union.”

“My what?”

“Did you really think the two of you would be able to live in this sinful relationship without there being assumptions made? It is not as though either of you have showed any restraint….or decency for that matter.”

“People base shit off of what they read in the tabloids and not actual facts.”

“Are you telling me there is nothing to this relationship?” Hiko offered no response so his father quickly added, “That is what I thought.”

Even though there was silence it was clear that there was more to be said. His father did not summon him all the way to Meratoia just for a bonding moment. Biting back the urge to snarl and snap he asked, “Are you going to get to the point of this?”

Tadayoshi of the Kari bowed his head momentarily. Hiko had never known his father to hold his tongue before. They were hardheaded after all and always just said what they wanted to say. So the initial pause was troubling, “I have taken council with the oldest of our blood.”


“You,” Tadayoshi stated.


Hiko inwardly groaned. This was very bad. When the Elder of the Kari took council it was because he was forced to make a decision that affected him and his family. It meant he was too close and could not be impartial. The end result of these formal gatherings was usually the decision to exile someone from the clan or terminate their life.

There was no hiding the emotion on his face as he stared down his father, “Strike against me old man and it will be the last thing you do.”

“Threatening me before I even tell you what was discussed seems reckless, Hiko. Don’t you want to know what we decided where you and this girl are concerned?”

“Leave Tationy out of this. Whatever decision you made regarding me should not be extended to her.”

“Foolish boy. You were the one that brought her into this,” Tadayoshi raised his voice.

Hiko glanced toward Tationy to gauge her reaction, but she was simply sitting there drinking from her glass as though nothing at all was going on around her. Sometimes she was so simple; it was not a bad thing because it relaxed him and at that moment he needed to remain calm, “I am quickly losing my patience, just get to the point.”

Tadayoshi offered a brief nod of his head to acknowledge that he would continue, “Zen called me this morning and informed me that the Fire Marshal has labeled the destruction of your home as pending investigation. We have received unsubstantiated rumors for weeks now that there might be a strike made against you, but without confirmation there was nothing we could do about it.”

Remaining silent he allowed his father to continue, “Even if there is some chance the Fire Marshal says it was not arson there is still the potential that someone was making a very bold statement.”

“So? I have made some enemies. I am not going to apologize for that.”

“Are you going to be so cavalier about it when they strike against your woman?” There was no opportunity to protest his father’s question, “I do not approve of your union, however, the oldest of our kin believe that this is the will of Kazuma. Our god has placed this woman in your path and made her your responsibility. Our decision is for you and this girl to remain here in the village.”

“I don’t fucking think so,” Hiko snapped.

His father’s disapproving gaze settled upon him, “You have no house, no security, and you wasted how much money in the last couple of months? Tell me boy, what do you plan on doing?” Hiko could not really respond without saying things that he did not want his father to know so it came as no surprise when Tadayoshi asserted his authority, “My words are not a request.”

There were certain things that simply would never change; the village felt smothering and his father was always trying to control him even after twenty-eight years of life. One would think he would have some sort of grasp on how to maneuver through the world, but Tadayoshi of the Kari was always right there telling Hiko he was doing it wrong. Eventually, he realized that nothing he did was ever going to be good enough.

Extracting himself from the conversation was the only way for him to keep his sanity, so he stood quickly, offered his hand to Tationy, and walked out when she accepted. His father was yelling after them; don’t walk away from me. It was as though Hiko was thirteen years old again.

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He was tense and brooding as they walked around the village in silence. There was so much, too much perhaps, going on and it was difficult to quite the frustrated screaming in his head. His father had always told him that the god Kazuma did not burden ones shoulders with more weight than one could bear. It didn’t feel like that.

“Does my Hiko want to talk?” Her voice was little, but soothed the beast within him. How she could manage it he did not know. Still, he wasn’t certain what to say and she must have sensed it because she continued, “Do you like being here?”

With her? Yes. If she was not at his side the answer would be no. Tationy made this place tolerable, but even that was not enough to make him want to stay in the Kari Village. He inwardly sighed and tried to offer her a response, but again there were no words.

Hiko felt terrible that his mood was hindering his ability to speak to her. She was the one person that he did not want to lose his temper with and part of him felt that if he opened his mouth he would not be able to stop himself. Could she sense it? He did not know, but when her hand squeeze his he realized that she was probably just as afraid as he was.

It felt like a lie to say everything was going to be alright and Hiko hated dishonesty. Big lies, little lies, they were all the same. Squeezing her hand was all he could really do as they continued their walk. Thankfully, the further they got from the village the more the pressure lifted off of him. It was only then that Tationy spoke again, “I want to go home.”

“Our home doesn’t exist anymore,” He stated firmly.

“That is perhaps true, but this place does not make you happy and home…”

His head bowed as a brief tormented smile graced his lips. He didn’t need her to say anymore, “I have only bad memories here. Tortured by other Kari because of my mother’s blood. A father that was disappointed in everything I did. Nothing made him happy. I had no friends, my family hated me, and this place always felt like a prison.”

“It sounds just like the Yamada estate except we had modern facilities.” Her teasing made him laugh, but then the seriousness of her next words brought the heaviness back in force, “Why didn’t you tell your father about the visit from the Ishi and the Saza?”

“I don’t want him to know,” He said. “Are you going to ask me why?”

“No,” She stated. “At this point, I find no reason to question your decision making.”

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“I hope you continue to feel that way.”

She glanced toward him, “Why do I get the impression that Hiko Kari intends to be reckless?”

“Well, I am very good at that,” He stated lightly and then sighed. “Honestly, there is a part of me that thinks we should stay here in Meratoia. It is not a perfect solution and I would hate every moment of it, but we would have the protection of the Kari. At the same time, I don’t trust one damn person in this fucking village.”

“If we leave?”

“We would be going against the order of the Elder of the Kari. It is unlikely, even with him being my father that such disrespect would go unpunished; we could be exiled or even killed.”

“As CEO of the Kari Foundation, wouldn’t forcing you to remain here be problematic?”

“I am sure my father took that into consideration when he came up with this solution.”

“So, what do you want to do?”

“If the choice was just mine I would return us to the city.”

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“Are you asking me my thoughts?”

Her question was not surprising to him. In a lot of ways it probably appeared that he was used to taking charge and directing people. Early on in their meeting he dealt with her as he would an unruly child; to be more accurate, how his father chose to handle him. Certainly, his abrasiveness could know no bounds.

Hiko did not mind making decisions for both of them. It would not be an inaccurate statement to say he was dominate in all aspects of his life. Tationy probably seemed submissive in comparison. However, it was never the impression he got of her; to Hiko, Tationy was a girl who simply had her voice silenced by pretense. There was a big difference between being someone who let people walk all over them and a person who felt they had to keep their wants and desires in check.

“I will always want to hear your opinion.”

Her reaction to his words was a rather odd expression that Hiko had not seen before. Uncertain if he had said something wrong he opened his mouth to continue speaking, but was silenced by a rather thoughtful sound, “Well, I don’t think your father would have us killed. I agree that if we left under normal circumstances that we most likely would have to face punishment, but in this situation…I believe we hold all the cards.”

She had his attention, “How so?”

“Well, your father said it himself. The oldest of your people believe Kazuma placed me in your path. Killing us would put the Kari in direct conflict with the gods divine will.”

That was an astute observation. He considered it a moment before stating, “There is still the potential of being exiled.”

“Of course that seems the most logical path, but my Hiko is in the public eye every day. People are going to notice if you are suddenly banished from Aslann. The Kari will not be able to simply explain these punishments away.”

Hiko smiled, “Is this what you were thinking about when we were sitting with my father?”

Noticeably she blushed and stammered, “No.”

With a shake of his head he stated, “You and those romantic filled notions.”

“Trust me Hiko Kari, there was no romance involved in what was going on in my head.”

Wildly he laughed, “And they call me bold.”

As much as he wanted to keep walking with her until they were both far away from the Village of Meratoia, he knew that he had to face his father. So, it was with a deep sigh and a squeeze to her hand that he changed direction and returned them to the home of the Elder of the Kari.


Hiko always felt like he was thirteen years old when he was standing in the presence of his father after all Tadayoshi was a man of discipline and tradition. In the world of the Elder of the Kari, you did as you were told regardless of your wants and desires. Disrupting the status quo was frowned upon. In contrast, Hiko was reckless and bold. Most of his kin believed he valued nothing and was worth even less.

As with all things, there came a point in their very complicated relationship that Hiko told his father where he could stick it. When he was seventeen, he came face-to-face with the reality that Tadayoshi’s demand for obedience and discipline was always going to put them at odds. Thinking back on it, the reasons why really mattered little to him because he believed no matter what he did this was always the path their relationship would take.

Kari men learned their bad behaviors from their fathers. It was an unwavering and vicious cycle passed down generation to generation. Hiko never knew his grandfather, but he had heard Tadayoshi describe Azu Kari as a belligerent old man that never gave a care about how his son felt.

As Hiko looked upon his own father, the realization hit him that they had simply swapped places. Tadayoshi was now the aggressive and ruthless old man and Hiko the undisciplined and confrontational son. He couldn’t stop himself from wondering whether or not this would be the same path he walked with his own son.

“When you were a boy,” His father breaking the silence was a thankful reprieve from the ugly thoughts that had taken hold of his mind, “Everything I said was the word of our god. Not once did you question and even when there were struggles you always looked to my words for wisdom. Now, you do whatever you want. I am head of our clan and the voice of Kazuma…”

Hiko’s lips pursed momentarily. Unfortunately, he could not stop himself from speaking, “Our god does not need a man to speak for him. That is the fucking problem with the Kari. Your ways; traditions, values, are born of men. Kazuma’s words have fallen silent. Standing at the head of the Kari is just a man, pretending he speaks for our god.”

“Never have I been spoken to so disrespectfully,” Tadayoshi stated as he looked upon his son.

“Maybe that is part of the problem. I have listened to your sanctimonious bullshit my entire life. When I was a kid, I didn’t know any fucking better. Every word you speak old man is tainted by politics.”

His father could bark just as well as Hiko, “What world do you live in boy? Our survival is dependent upon alliances with other clans. We are not in a position to stand upon the wayside and remain impartial.”


“From where I am standing, I would rather be fucking dead than a leashed dog. This is your way old man; cower at the boots of the elite. It is not my way. I will not now, nor ever hide away in this village. If I am meant to see Kazuma tomorrow, I will do it facing down an entire army of fallen lords.”

The arguing back and forth was getting louder and even though he had asked Tationy to remain outside, he was certain she could hear every word, “You can’t be serious. Do you think having that girl with those eyes at your side makes you invincible?”

Hiko clasped his hands as he looked upon his father. He didn’t expect Tadayoshi to understand, “My invincibility does not come from what she sees. Even if men find a way to blind her eyes, I would still welcome her to my side. Tationy has made this broken man feel whole and I will be damned if I allow you to belittle her existence as nothing more than a pair of eyes.”

The shocked look upon his father’s face made it clear that he had a hard time taking in his sons words, “Are you … ” His voice shook, “Are you telling me you love this woman?”

“I don’t know if I am capable of that. Then again, I don’t know if she is either. If you feel the need to label it, call it…kismet. As the old men of the Kari said, Kazuma has placed her in my path.” Hiko paused a moment then added, “We will not be staying in the village. Are you going to try and stop us?”

His father had a long face and the emotional turmoil adorning it was quite obvious, but the only words he offered came when he turned his back to Hiko. “You are a man of the Kari. Do as you wish.”

Suspiciously he stared at his fathers back. For a good forty-five minutes they were like two bulls, locking horns. Generally, when it came to their arguments Hiko would end up getting pissed off and walking away. This time, it was his father that relented. Uncertain what to make of it he just stood there. “Is there something you want to say to me,” Tadayoshi asked.

There was, but foolishly Hiko turned toward the door and responded, “No,” While departing.


    • This is a great question and the answer is it depends on which Hiko I am using. Historical Hiko (Commander Kari) is asexual while his modern age counterpart in Unbridled is demisexual.

      • I suspected him to fall into the asexual umbrella and yes some bold I say bold because ahah I amyself can’t do that asexuals doesn’t mind to be naked in front of the people because we feel absolutely no arousals and I am not sure we think somebody wants to “eat” us , we only can suspect that.
        Thank you for confirming my thoughts !

        And what about Tationy?

      • Yes he definitely does. Hiko is a build toward it character and he only feels these sorts of sexual feelings toward Tationy after their relationship develops. It is a very slow process for him that takes time as we see moving through the seasons and the chapters. We get little tiny peeks, but nothing where it seems OMG he is hot for her. It is the building of the friendship that really solidifies his arousal for her.

        You are welcome, no problem. ^_^

        Tationy is a little more complicated.

        Tationy is nonbinary while Tatsuya is Transgender (born a female, identifies as male).

        Tatsuya is born in a time when you cannot match your body to your identified gender. There is no surgery that he can have to make himself male. He would fully transition if it were an option in his time. While he is pretty to look at it, most people do not suspect or ever know that Tatsuya is biologically female.

        For Tationy; sexuality wise, people could “assume” Tationy likes men, but the truth is really a bit more complicated. Tationy is attracted to power and loyalty. Certainly she does notice physical things about people, but those are not what attracts her to someone. Actively I do not list her as being things like demisexual, pansexual, bisexual, heterosexual, homosexual, etc. Even calling her asexual or graysexual are hard for me. Not because she does not fall into one of those categories, but because “attraction” under the standard does not apply well to her so generally I place her as a graysexual. So, Tationy is a nonbinary graysexual, heteromantic.

      • hmm she’s a cupio maybe . Cupiosexuals are asexual that accept to get sexual and romantism without really falling between the grey/demi and the aro. You can be demi-cupio or grey cupio for sure. I don’t know if you heard about that .

        That’s a hamper to be cupio or at least she’s like me. Somewhere between the ace umbrella that’s can’t be defined. That’s no name for now because it’s a washing machine a big mess between demi/grey/cupio ahaha depend on moods mm I don’t know. I am demi romantic that’s all I am quite sure. However the true reality is we don’t feel arousal or obvious sexual attractions. We feel Something but different. No butterflies but Something more intense ahah too much mad or really just Nothing (kind of reciprocity because you like me I like you ) …. ahaha.

        I hope it helps you I fell into the ace Spectrum so don’t hesitate if I can help with stuffs. There’s plenty of name that isn’t tell yet.
        hmm after can we be hetero/homo romantic when we’re nonbinary? Can we really self label like that ? I heard plenty of labels for nonbinary in the deviant art pride flag you lost your mind. Some nonbinary can call Tationy as hommeromantic or manromantic or masculineromantic (okay it’s not the right terms but that’s look like)
        Some claims yes. And does Tationy keeps a part of Tatsuya in her? Except on her visions as I read.
        Ah I got difficulty to understand nonbinary because it’s Something very special if you don’t feel it, you’re useless.

        Ah demisexuality yep Hiko is totally in the right Spectrum . Nothing to tell more. Yes to be demi is a long process and I don’t think casual people is patient enough. That’s why Tationy get along with him as she falls in the Spectrum she can wait.

      • I wrote this big long response then clicked a button and lost it all. HAHA. Typical right?
        Anyway, let’s try this again. I am going to start at the bottom of your message and work my way up. Yes, Hiko is demi. Definitely agree with you – the standard person would not be able to handle being with a demi because of that extremely long process. Tationy being as complicated as she is compliments him quite well.
        Nonbinary is very difficult to understand and there are many even among the LGBT community that are confused by it, so you are not the only one.
        Tationy and Tatsuya – As the story progresses we will learn more about Tationy’s connection with Tatsuya. He is apart of her and she is apart of him. In the historical age, Tatsuya already is well aware that someday he will return the world of men and become Tationy. A lot of Tatsuya is imprinted upon Tationy so there is a part of him that is always with her. The same can actually be said for Hiko as well who is reincarnated from the Kari Commander. I actually address these four characters in a story I am working on for Tatsuya Tylo and in the fall season. So we will learn more about that, but anyway…Hiko is very lucky because he has no connection with Commander Kari. By that I mean – he cannot see his life. Tationy can look beyond the veil and see it all and Tatsuya’s memories come so easily for her. So with the “gray” areas of her sexuality and her romantic preferences it is easy to wonder if the part of her that is Tatsuya is causing some confusion.
        No, she is not a cupio nor a litho. She does experience sexual attraction, but not for the reasons that people generally do. She does not look at someone and go, I love his eyes they make me hot. Tationy is attracted to power. Sapiosexual is someone who finds sexual stimulation from the way someones mind works, but there is no word for someone that is attracted to power specifically and especially not one for orientation.
        Androsexual is an attraction to men that many genderqueer people use. For Tationy we start getting into ths whole labels discussion.
        Many nonbinary people use ze, sie, hir, co, and ey for pronouns, while some others choose to use him/her, he/she. Tationy would prefer to just be called Tationy, but considers it not realistic so she does not stop people from using she, her, miss, etc. For her, it is not about the label – because they make things a hundred times more complicated. She does not want to have to explain things to people especially if you are going to have to explain to everybody you encounter what a label means. That is just more work, more confusion, and you got people side-eying you like…alright, well isn’t she special. Tationy does not want to be special – she wants to be just like everyone else.
        If she said – I am androsexual or androromantic, she would have to explain what that meant. Additionally for a lot of genderqueer people, Androsexual while it might mean that someone is attrated romantically to men, many are confused by it because they feel as though it applies to someone who is not Ace.
        So, for Tationy she would be like – I am not attracted to men, I am just attracted to very few people, all of whom happen to be men because they have this one quality that I am attracted to and that is power. That is what Tationy is really attracted to – Power. Unfortunately, there is no term that I have been able to find (unless I make up one) for someone romantically or even sexually attracted to power.
        We go back to the labeling – does Tationy use Androsexual or Mascuromantic and have to explain to every single person she encounters what that means? Or does she use Heteroromantic and say -I am attracted to people born of a gender opposite of the one I was born with at birth.
        A lot of nonbinary people who are not out about being genderqueer will just say they are heterosexual, homosexual, and use things like homorromatic and heterromatic because it is easier than trying to explain the very complicated gender, sexual and romantic orientations that many nonbinary people go through.
        When in the context of being out as nonbinary or genderqueer using the terms heteroromantic or homoromantic / “Straight” or “Gay” would not make much sense without a lot more info. We are dealing with Tationy who hates labeling and is “not out” if you will as being nonbinary. However, she is not hiding that she is genderqueer. She sees it as, let people assume what they want about me because I am not going to go through the hastle of explaining it to everyone.
        If I wrote Tationy as a nonbinary that used pronouns that was very open and honest about being nonbinary. She would not use heterromantic and would be more likely to use Androsexual or Mascuromantic, but even then it would not fit her because she is not attracted to men she is attracted to power, it just happens to be men that have it.
        Nonbinary because she sees herself as just Tationy and not male or female. Gray-sexual because she can experience sexual attraction, but it has to be a very specific quality (in this case power) to trigger it. Her romantic identity is where it becomes tricky, because she is attracted sexually and romantically to power, but there is no ( )Romantic orientation for power – so we get to the point of do we call it heteroromantic or androsexual/mascuromantic and it really comes down to the labels.
        Aromantic, homoromantic, bioromantic, panromantic, do not quite fit. Heteroromantic if you put it in the context of opposite birth gender fits or even demiromantic, but Tationy is a bit different than Hiko. It is not the deep bond that makes her romantically attracted. Androsexual and Mascuromantic work only if we say “yes” she is attracted to men romantically and sexually, but we go back to the fact that it just happens to be men that have the power that she finds attractive. We do not know if it is just limited to men with power because we have not seen that.
        Do I as the writer know? HAHA, wouldn’t you like to know. *Winks* There was a scene in the comic book that was very “sexy” between Tationy and Trinity, but it never progressed more than five minutes and then it was over. This aspect is not something I have explored with Tationy and have no intention on doing. While I could say – it is definitely possible she could be a panromantic or even a bioromantic; having not explored with them with her, I do not feel comfortable saying she is one of those because it may or may not be true. The characters has not told me that about herself yet, if you will.
        So, going back to the whole labels thing – most people will assume that both Tationy and Hiko are “heterosexual” with “heteroromantic” tendency. You a have this man and this woman that come together, for Tationy it is like “Shrugs” I am not going to bother telling people otherwise. Let them believe what they want it makes my life less complicated. If there were a situation where she had to say her gender identity – she would say, I am Tationy. If there was a situation where she had to reveal her sexual or romantic orientations she would say she likes power or if she is flirting, powerful men because what man does not want to hear that? HAHA. The truth though is far more complicated and goes back to her having to explain that she is a nonbinary gray-sexual heteroromantic. We still live in an age where gender identity (especially nonbinary), orientation (especially those that are not hetero, homo, bi), as well as romantic orientation need to be explained and Tationy is simply not the type of person to be bothered educating people on something that is her business.

      • I think Tationy is right to stay as she is (I say she for her biological sex that’s how gender is defined even though this theory is controversial because maybe human gender isn’t binary at all) and to live her life as she feels , aah now I understand better because yesterday I was confused because I say plenty of people are attracted by Power. Yes greysexuality can fit her, to be a grey is having occasional arousal and feel nothing most of the time.

        True there is no sexuality for but everyday there is new terms and labels maybe someday?

        This kind of sexuality with power can be platonic , demi/grey or full sexual that’s totally true Ah yes Sapiosexual I know what it is I was tend a little bit when I was a teenager. It’s fucking strange and I myself didn’t anymore because that’s not something alright to live. We can be hetero bi etc… aah if I understood this better I wasn’t so noob with my questions !

        Cupiosexual are ace who just accept to have a “normal” life that’s what I understand because no matter where you are at, despite they got no primary sexual attraction you don’t feel normal sometimes I hate myself to be. That’s how I describe my cupiosexuality my part of it. I am a piece of cake with different layers I am this and that. I don’t feel myself well in one or two labels because it’s not me. I am not frey or litho neither Tationy is.

        Yes I would thought to be nonbinary is quite difficult especially transgenders because we don’t know what’s the source of and explanations given hurt people. I myself rather don’t play or write about them because hmm I myself could be mistaken and we have to be very aware of publicly playing such sims. I think the gender theory is a problem and nonbinary won’t be so bad in their mind confused and others more tolerant if we can be out of this vision of mankind. We are all a masculine and a feminine part in ourselves. We can’t be one or the other. Tationy is right ! We are not a she or a he , we’re a human being.
        Biological sex and Gender cannot be mixed together.

        I myself tend to get me irritated I am a female, I have female attribute and body and I like femake clothes in me I am a cis-gender . No no no ! I am first a human being and I can’t self label as neutral because I don’t fit the standard labels.

        I will better understand when you’ll write about Tatsuya and Tationy when the Fall season will come to your game. It’ll help me to tell you what I think etc.

        And when a characters says nothing to you , better to let them the time to explain in the right moment.

        Ah an other thing before leaving you alone with my reply ,apparently their relationship is heterosexual because in apperance only we got a girl and a boy and if they just want to let people see them as it is, there is no reason to blame them especially if both wants to be labels as ordinary people.

      • Sorry for the delay. My grandmother just moved in with us, so we have been spending the past month packing her stuff up. I have not had a lot of time to respond to things lately so I am a little slow.

        Yes, exactly that. It is a very confusing topic when it comes to Tationy because of all of the little details that are so important for deciding how we view ourselves or even our characters. Definitely, maybe someday there will be a term for it, but right now – grey sexual is the most fitting for her.

        Definitely, it certain can be platonic. We see a different dynamic of Tationy and Hiko’s relationship through Tatsuya and Commander Kari. Mutual admiration, respect, and even a competitiveness. It is nice to be able to explore both sides of them. Of course, I need to get back to writing, but I have been so busy lately. I am suppose to be sleeping, but I have been playing massive catch up. -_-

        Yes that is a good way to describe Cupio’s. I agree with that definitely – I feel the same way. Sometimes it is hard to pick one or two labels and say – this is what I am, because sometimes they do not quite fit.

        It is easier for people if it is just viewed that way. Which is why I never touch too much on their sexuality. I might say things like – Hiko never lusted after women or I might say, she did not see herself as a girl or a boy. She was just Tationy. That gives people the hint if you will of their sexuality identities without addressing it too much and without complicating it for those that do not understand these sorts of labels. They can just see it as a girl and a boy and that is alright also because Hiko and Tationy do not get hung up on that kind of stuff.

        Soon very soon. I am almost done with Tatsuya’s story and I have the next chapter done except the last little part of it. Maybe 20 minutes of writing, if I have a moment to sit down and do it all. Maybe by the end of the week. Right now though, I need to go to bed and prepare for another day of packing and aches and pain.

      • I understood totally your late even your absence, family first. Don’t be sorry !

        To me if I am not quite active is because I decided to catch up a story I dropped it to read because chapters are long so I need to focus on it. I almost done after I’ll be back 🙂 more often. I will read chapter 14 as soon as I can.

        I am a not regular reader I have plenty of freetime to spend. Now I am free from my 6 month job program. I will be switch in an other shoter one. That what they told me.

        I am also try to publish Miss V as faster as I can ahah. I wrote the Where’s my flamingo enquiry in French. Time to translate.

        Better to be explicit without disrupting people with sexualities because most of them for the majority of people in this world, they don’t exist.
        Totally people like Tationy …is just fiction. Same for Hiko etc. So how imagine them reading about your story, they’ll be chocked!

        It’ll be interesting indeed to read about the two side of Tationy’s personality it’ll be a key to understand their special relashionship between Hiko and Tationy much deeper.

        Thank you for talking time to answer me nothing is in a hurry. Sleep well and have a good rest.

      • It has been extremely busy around here. Grandma is finally moved in, but we still have tons of packing to do at her house. 60 years of stuff in a house takes some time.

        Ohh no worries. I know how it goes. Never feel you need to rush to read. I enjoy your comments when you get the chance to respond.

        How is the work stuff going?

        Cool, cannot wait to read the Flamingo Enquiry.

        Yes exactly. It is enough I think to give minor detail so they understand them, but going into their sexuality is really not important (at least for them). Zen and Miso, I think are characters that their orientation becomes far more important for due to them both being gay and both of them living lives that were outside the LGBT community. Their struggles due to identity are much more important and rooted in their stories.

        Yes yes, definitely. Very soon. I have those both almost done. It is really just having a moment to sit and work on it. I was suppose to go and pack today with my step-dad, but there was too much other stuff going on with the kids (my sisters kids) orientation for school and my sister had an early morning appointment. So, we ended up not going and I have been entertaining grandma with games of cards so she feels welcome and at home.

        No problem. I always enjoy our chats. I need to seriously catch up on everything. -_-

      • To answer you about my work stuffs I am in pause now. I am waiting for seeing my referant because I will change of program. I still no news because the end of the hollidays is Monday.
        To confirm my wish before after doing all the need to go at the training school.
        I don’t know when I’ll see my referant as Monday is the end of the Hollidays. My coatch and therapist I will see them just for
        giving them news about me , months later.

        The Flamingo inquiry takes me three sims day to solve, it was long but as casual it’s funny and crazy. That’s the goal of my story bring smiles on people face, too much negativity, too much crime in real life.

        It’s always busy when you have to deal with moving and family stuffs but at the end it’s good to be out from the computer from time to time. I wish the day to be more often out of the sims world and the computer.

        Yes some characters especially in the LGBT community (no matter if they are out or in) and when they got questioning issues about their sexualities, their genders etc they are part of them. You can’t hide that. But with some who hasn’t have such issues you can play casually with. I deal with the Asexuality and there are no issues about so I play them normally.

        I know nothing is in a rush to read but I have a new follower and I have to catch up stories before being busy once again. It’s polite to read I know some never read me never comment but I odn’t want to looks like them.

      • Hopefully, you hear some news soon regarding your work stuff.

        Sounds like the Flamingo Inquiry was fun though.

        It really is. We are at the end of it. We have the garage to do and half a bedroom, then packing up odds and ends. After that, all that is left is some furniture. It takes a lot out of my step-dad and I. We both should not be doing all of the moving stuff, but we are the only two that can.

        Yes exactly. That is the case with Tationy and Hiko, it is not ever going to be something where people are like – hmmm, because they seem a standard straight couple to most people even though they come with their own complications.

        Some people I think do not always have the time to comment, so they will offer a like or they do not speak English well, so they have a hard time responding. I am sure there are plenty that do not read, but that is alright. In the end, our stories should be what we want to tell and if people read them great, if not that is fine also.

      • Yes soon I just don’t know with who I will deal my future with the programs.

        The flamingo inquiry is very silly indeed, it’s all about this plastic object but finally Catherine has got it back. Now I got an other enquiry to do, rumours with Ryan poor him. Ryan is working as doctor and he’s childish. He wrote a book.
        I brought back the sp of nrass I needed a hand to manage my town. Alone I couldn’t.

        I am glad you almost finish the moving of your granny , I hope you are okay. I know you are often in pain I hope this moving out didn’t hurt you much.

        I know people’s struggles really I am in the side of my English sucks and sometimes some chapters has nothing to say.
        But sometimes really it pushes you down to have less returning when you make the effort to read and comments yourself.

        I understand people doesn’t like a such relationship between Tationy and Hiko but I think this interesting. I don’t really speak of relashionship because my sims are very cold so reading about others sims relashionship isn’t a bother.

      • Well hopefully you will learn that information soon.

        Yes definitely it was, but it was cute. I enjoyed reading it. I have nothing good to say about story progression from NRAAS, you are a brave soul. ^_^

        Yeah almost finished. It is taking forever because we are dealing with 60+ years of stuff. My step-dad and I both have lots of pain issues and we end up having to get off our feet after a day of doing stuff. When I get home I end up crashing out because I am just emotionally and physically spent from it all. Sometimes the next day I wake up feeling alright and sometimes, not so much. It is the same for him.

        Yes, I think that is the case with a lot of people. That perhaps they do not speak the language and they just have nothing to say, others just might not have the time. I am sure there are also a lot of people that read stuff that do not have an account, which makes it impossible to respond.

        It can really push you down. I had this conversation with someone about six months or so ago because she felt the same way that it pushes you down. I admit I felt that way as well, but we do not always know the circumstances of the people that read. Some days we may get a like, sometimes we may get no likes, sometimes we may get a comment and some days we may not.

        We cannot say why that is, we just have to appreciate what we do get and remember that we are telling our stories for ourselves because we enjoy it. If we get hung up on people not commenting or not liking, then we are writing and sharing for the wrong reasons.

        Awe that is so sweet. I am glad you think it is interesting. It can be hard to deal with relationships in general I think. That is why I say that the stuff is not romance, it is a story about the events that lead up to this one thing, but shown through Tationy and Hiko. A lot of people see it as romance because that is such a small part of it all.

      • Honestely I don’t have the choice. I have unemployed sims, unskilled sims, I have some relashionship I ignored.
        Mathieu has 3 friends in town, Whitney has got a “boyfriend”, Victoria hates Riban. Do you even know Jenna and Liam
        are very angry together? Whereas Jennifer and David (two other Néfastes and roommates) are friends. LOL !
        Everything I ignored about my people really. Not the SP isn’t good at all it takes ram so the town takes times to load
        but I need it for a couple of time to manage my town. Alone I can’t do everything especially I had to redesigned Jenna and
        Liam’s house because Liam is a witch he didn’t have a cat. I made him adopted Précieuse a very old cat at house.
        I befriend Précieuse with both of them to care of the elder cat. No worries Jenna is neutral with pets,her mess she only
        does it with Sims. Soon everything is okay I put it aside for a couple of time.

        Me too if I had to move on boxes and souvenirs I would crash on my bed with pain and big tiredness. Fortunately you’re at two
        steps to take some rests, it’s almost over.

        Indeed but fortunately I don’t take my story too much seriously and I am glad sometimes somebody starts to follow me however
        I do agree with you about the circumstances , some reads you with passion but can’t interact because they aren’t a member of
        wordpress but the most hurting is from people that follows you that doesn’t care even read about you that you read the whole story
        or almost, no returns from your readers are extremely vexing. Others I easily shrug.

        My story is a funny one I understand a few people cares of it. Yes it’s all about the “cute” even unfortunate and sad events are turned into a comedy because I am sick and tired of all the violence in this world. I share Positivity values always. It’s not what a Private eye would do in real life so people thinks I am based on real life Private Eye carreer and they might be disappointed.
        I just love the gameplay because the sims lived in a such special world this game is a sunshine from the darkness around, I am glad you enjoyed.

        Yes romance in your story is just a result of the events. It’s quite simple in fact. It’s like Life. It’s not because there is a couple you can always have to kiss etc and to be long in their couple life. No there are other things to do.

      • No I had no idea that they were angry with each other. Well it is probably good you put it back in to manage all of that. Yeah exactly that – the way it hogs ram is why I do not like it. Making the game take longer to do things is just a nightmare, but I understand your reasons for deciding to use it.

        Yes it is kind of nice having the break, but I know we need to get it done. My sister has something to do tomorrow, so we get another day of breaks which is nice. After that we will probably end up back at it.

        I definitely understand. I keep thinking I need to go through my reader because I have a lot of people I follow and by the time I go through it – I do not get to spend the time I want visiting peoples wordpresses.

        I think that is a great view on it all – to do funny things and to base it off the gameplay. I could do that with Sims 4, but not for Sims 3.

        Yes exactly that. I do not overly complicate it; it progresses naturally though Hiko and Tationy sometimes seem to move at warp speed, but that is just by how they are. Yes exactly – I think that is really important to show that it is not all about the goo goo eyes and the kiss me moments. There is a world moving around them that they are still apart of and they still have things to deal with. I am trying to still show some “Fluff” moments here and there, but that is hard for me seeing I do not write that kind of stuff well.

      • Me too I don’t know what’s happened between them. It makes me furious. Jenna is one of my favourite sims I got fun playing her and to be not aware of her makes me clueless, she the sims who pushes my creativity to a delirium very funny. So yes when your city can’t manage itself you need a help.

        Well this ts4 I just play casually but it’s not the same magic as sims 3. Sims 3 has a special place to me. The open world is a gem it pleases my ESTP personality. Explore everything, playing with all the diversity I created, I rarely feel the way of doing the same thing. When a crash occured, the day is the same but the events are always different. Same thing when you don’t save.

        The sims 4 is just an xbox’ game, a game station game. For now I can’t do the thing I want with Twain because he’s a begginer vampire so he can’t go out. Such Vladimir Gothik asked him twice to go out in the afternoon, he had to visit him by nights.

        Fun story is Bella Gothik knows Talina is an alien and she’s her friend. Everything is so easy in ts4 except Parenthood. Raising up Dante and Tessie isn’t very easy.

        Myself I used and sometimes I don’t have no time to stay on wordpress, sometimes I am connected but not focused on the site. I tried to search freetime to read. This is sometimes hard to stay here I know.

        Me too I don’t force anything, if someday a friendship or a romance occurs it’ll naturally come. Except on bsides I can cheat on the relashionship to tell the story I want to.

        Bsides are just a special space I can be more plot. However yes the world around the main characters they belong to and me too I sometimes interacts with romance because it’s normal for a couple.

        Me too I am sometimes glad the game doesn’t often meet Jason and Miss V because I know how the stuffs will turn between them both are fusional in the real story. The stuff I am confortable very in private.

      • Yeah, it is hard with Sims 3 I think because of how story progression is you really might have no idea what happens at all. I like story progression better in Sims 2.

        I do not consider Sims 3 open world. I spent years playing Massively Multi-player Online (MMO) games for years and those are open world. Many of them have seamless transitions between one area and another.

        Sims 3 is more of a “limited” open world because you have load screens going in the game, going between worlds, etc.

        The “open world” that people seem to love so much for Sims 3, is nothing compared to other games I have played so it is meh meh meh to me. I do not share the same enthusiasm for the “open world” of Sims 3 because my definition of open world is 100% different than what EA designed.

        I have noticed that a lot of people that have never played MMO’s consider Sims 3 open world as something to be awed and I respect that, but for me it is just too badly done and laggy.

        I think with your ESTP personality, you would love an MMO then like Lord of the Rings Online (which I play). You literally can go anywhere in middle earth. You rarely if ever encounter a loading screen. You can explore and get items and achievements for places you go and see. It is a whole world of a different experience.

        I am always amazed that people still play Sims 3 with all of the crashing. My game rarely crashes. When it does, it is so random. Maybe once every six months. Other people mention crashes all the time and I am awed that they still play. I would have quit a game a hundred times over if it crashes the way it does for some of the people I know. Just amazing.

        I like Sims 4, but I think the gameplay is better. I am very picky about gameplay which is why I rarely actually play Sims 3. I just do not enjoy the gameplay. I know there are a lot of people that do, but for me, it just feels a hundred shades of wrong. A lot of people have said “I like Sims 3 because the gameplay is funny”. For me I would rather it be “realistic” in the confines of the setting. It does not have to be over the top real, but when your sim has to be told to get a fire extinguisher instead of just doing it, that kills it for me.

        I spend some time with Vladimir in Sims 4, but not too much. I like how the vampires are done, but I prefer witches. I keep hoping they will bring witches in. I could completely do without werewolves or fairy’s not to mention mermen/maids.

        Sometimes and this is just my take on it, a game can be a lot more fun when it is easier. For me – like with Pets, people are like OMG you cannot control the pets in Sims 4. One of the reasons I uninstalled pets in Sims 3 is because I do not use them. The reason I do not use them is because they are too much work. When I want to play my game, I want to have a nice and relaxing time and not have to manage 300 different things.

        So, when I heard their might be a Sims 4 Pets, I was like “God, I hope the pets are not controllable” and thankfully they are not. I really appreciate that because I think they will be a lot more fun and interesting, interactive and have a lot less standing around and doing nothing.

        Yeah it is hard. For me, I stop into wordpress and read my reader a once a week or every two weeks and it is usually when I am about to do something. So I do not always have the time to go through it. Freetime can be hard, sometimes you have to make time to read, make time to comment, and sometimes you run out of time. It can be very hard.

      • Yes that’s shameful , really I would love to get to know what’s happened between Jenna and Liam because both are extremely important especially Jenna. I don’t play her often but she’ll be soon in my bsides. I had ideas with her that I hope be playable to me.

        I know the sims aren’t perfect at all, my sims 2 fucked up plenty of my houses I unpacked they barely installed and when they are in my game, no furniture inside and despite that troubles people still continue to play it. I can’t stand the autonomy in this game that makes the sims totally addicted . I have to play without. I am very disappointed. Despite the gameplay itself it pretty good.
        I had to redo all these houses. So I rather play a stable game as the sims 3 I rarely had crash myself as well. Last time it was due to a CC , my new computer generates crash logs I delete the cc no crashes.
        I am disappointed the sims 4 pets isn’t playable really. At least in the sims 2 you had a cheat to turn on/off their control , why they didn’t do the same? Because dramas they cause and dramas people cry out for pets troubles. I got distortion myself I don’t care I even use them cleverly in my story! All the whimers in this community wins. I am exhausted. This is too dark or too white no grey zone with EA.
        All all the cc won’t be compatible with pets once again ! If they put dogs and cats in the basegame nothing would be fixed especially this half worked creature. This community is becoming egocentric and extremely childish. They don’t care of what the other think. As long as they can play their game, all the rest of the community can be ignored. Pets lovers as I am didn’t have the choice skip this ep or play the game of the others.
        I rarely control Mi and Si in reality just what they need but I appreciate I can embody everybody I want even a pet. Sometimes pets doesn’t have the intelligence to go to sleep, to feed themselves if they aren’t controlled. How many times my dog almost die of starvation if I wasn’t there to control him in my old computer? I saved the life of plenty of pets in my town contolling them .Yeah thank you EA ! I play the game of the others not mine. Ts4 I don’t have the freedom of choice. I think I play not my story. All sims 4 stories I read they are similar features. In sims 3 stories they are plenty of varity of choices.
        Of course the sims 3 isn’t 100% open world but I appreciate this feature that become a must have for every modern game. I like to have the feeling of a true alive town. In ts4 and in ts2 it’s so fake. I like to zoom everywhere there are people and to see what’s hapenning. I have a couple of interesting thing that sometimes happens. When you play ts3 it’s hard to go backwards. I appreciate to go to the lot in front of my house or next to running or walking without waiting for a screen load. I fell in love with ts3 that I never felt in love with other games except ts2 for an other reason. I don’t like online games but yes 100% open load games are the best I do agree with you. In ts4 I wish to go to a lot without waiting for a loading screen we’re in 2017. I like to keep busy . But for a ESTP person who wants to play the sims, TS3 is this that suits us awesomely.
        People has got crash because they use rotten CC not fixed , use the very high settings , the story progression everytime on (occasionally as I do it’s not a problem), the HQ mod, reshade etc. Everything that uses ressources. Tell them the truth you’re a liar. After they tell you TS3 is a piece of shit. Mine rarely crash, rarely got error etc. I played this game for years with Up and Down in a non gaming computer , my current computer doesn’t recognize my graphic card but everything runs better.
        Vampires are interesting in sims 4 really I like them except the fact we don’t have umbrellas to protect them from the Sun as in TS3. Vladimir is a horrible person ahaha in every game , that makes him not really interesting at the end only when you open you’re own game. I have to keep these townies to make my game enjoyable , that’s pathetic I always never play them.

      • Yes, I would feel the same way. I feel like that happened early on with one of my characters, but I cannot remember which one it was which is ultimately how I got story progression to begin with.

        HAHA, Sims 2 has its own unique charms. I have had to resinstall and ended up not being able to use my saves. What a nightmare that was. I have heard other people say they have had issues with their Sims 2 game, but most of what they mention is not anything I have experienced myself. Minor crashing here and there – always because of bad CC. That is about it. Well the no furniture in house – need the stay put shrub to keep the furniture there. Sims 2 was designed so when a sim moves out and them in there is no furniture like in “real life”. So that stay put shrub is totally needed. Now see, I actually disagree. I think the autonomy in Sims 3 is worse than it is in Sims 2 – because of how often we see Sims just standing and looking out windows or reading books.

        I can understand why you would want to play a stable game – it amazes me the issues you have. I still disagree about Sims 3 being the stable one. I guess because all I have to do is look at my dash and find someone that has experienced a crash with Sims 3. I get no crashes at all with Sims 2 or Sims 4 unless there is bad cc for Sims 2 or I put a Sims 3 file in Sims 4. Other than that, those two games run perfectly with no issues. I chalk it up to people being biased about the games they love and don’t love for reasons.

        For me it is a bit different, and I had this conversation with someone a long time ago. I am not a casual gamer. I have spent a lot of money, not just on Sims, but on MMO’s and other games. Sometimes in the 1000’s of dollars as the years have passed. So, when I deal with games like the Sims – I tend to deal with them with the mindset of an MMO player. I pay attention to what the company (in this case EA) is doing and fixing. Sims 3 – they rarely fixed anything. There are still things that have been broken with Sims 3 since launch of the game. Sims 4 they are fixing things and with Sims 2 they did fix things. When I see people post pictures of Sims 3 dogs on my dash or Sims 3 child sims and their bodies are stretched and morphed it is just a sharp reminder that Sims 3 is a broken game that they half-assed for money. While I think visually it can be quite pretty and I love how Tationy and Hiko look in it (sometimes), it does not have enough pro’s for me to enjoy it they way other people do.

        I give props to people that like Sims 3 for all kinds of reasons, but the majority of those reasons I disagree with due to the MMO mindset. See and as I said I am completely the opposite about Sims 4 Pets. I think it is much better not to have them controllable. In real life you control pets by calling them to you, but by being them. So I think that is a great decision on their part and it is one of the things I liked about free to play. I am all about the “realism” in the confines of a particular setting. For example – to me that means, if this is Star Wars we are not going to have high top sneakers. Sims is a Life Simulation game and in life we are not “animals like dogs and cats” we are people – so it made perfect sense to me why they would chose for us to interact with the pets as we would real life pets.

        I understand completely why they did not add a cheat. Cheats are great and wonderful, but some cheats come with serious consequences for the game. In Sims 2, turning this cheat on caused bugs. It caused abnormal behavior, standing around pets, pets getting stuck, etc etc. In Sims 3, giving dogs, cats, and horses free will caused massive lag. If you removed Pets right now you would be amazed by how much lag you remove from your game. I know you love pets, so that would be hard for you to do, but it is true. When I removed Pets, it was amazing how much better my game ran. Sims 4 is designed to be light on a computer system. It is not meant to run it hard. Giving Sims free will would have overburdened the system as it did with Sims 2, Sims 3. Create a cheat, would cause a potential risk of bugs and game crashes. So I actually completely get their thinking on it. It is the same reason that MMO’s do not make player pets are not given free will. You command them as you would any pet – attack here, strike here, etc etc.

        I think people that cry over why they did something or did not do something need to step back and take a look at the other games and the answer to why becomes very obvious. Sims 2 – Pets was well done, but being able to turn it off and on, caused massive issues. Sims 3 – Pets were not well done. They caused massive lag and were generally broken. Sims 4’s take on it is really fixing what was wrong with both Sims 2 and Sims 3 and while people might like how it was in Sims 2 or Sims 3, they seem to forget everything that is wrong with Sims 2 and Sims 3 Pets. This ability if you will to overlook the faults of these two games, I think is the reason there is so much crying over not being able to control Pets.

        As I mentioned before, I deal with this in a much different way. Sims was not the first game I played. I started out playing MMO’s. So, my views on how they handle these changes from Sims 1, Sims 2, Sims 3, all the way to Sims 4. I can actually see why they did it where far too much of the community gets up in arms over every little thing going Why Why Why, but not really caring for the reason. They just want it like Sims 2 or want it like Sims 3 and then stamp their feet about it when they do not do it. That is a shame.

        HAHA, the CC not being compatible with Pets has happened every single Sims game. This is nothing new, on the bright side Sims 4 Studio is amazing and does batch fixes pretty quickly. So in less than a week we can batch fix all of our Sims 4 CC. So, I am not too worried about the CC not working. It is to be expected with Pets as you know, it always breaks things, but Sims 4 Studio people are amazing and we will be able to batch fix in no time.

        I agree that the community tends to have a lot of people that do no care what others think. I think, this is always just my thought on it, people will either buy it or they won’t. No one, even lovers of pets, has to buy it. I already pre-ordered it and I hate pets. This is the first time with a pets game I have been excited. Before I bought pet games because I am a completionist. With Sims 3 – that is the first time I have actually uninstalled expansions and stuff packs. I have never done that before, so for me to uninstall Pets, Island Paradise, Into the Future, Generations, and all of the stuff packs I think says a lot for someone that has to buy all of the games. Additionally, this is the first time I have wanted to buy a pets game. When pets was announced with the other games, I was like meh. Sims 3 really made me hate pets. I remember playing Sims Freeplay one day and saying to myself – if they handled pets in Sims 4 the way they do in this where they are not controllable, that would make me want to buy a pets game. I was 100% sure I was not going to buy Sims 4 Pets. That it would be the first Sims game that I did not buy. Then they announcement happened and people were like OMG the world is coming to an end because you cannot control the pets and I was over here going….YES!!! The lone voice in a seat of simmers, apparently. ^_^

        I think that is not something you are going to have to worry about with Sims 4 Pets. From what I have been reading, Pets are very good at taking care of themselves. Whey they want attention they act like real pets do and they come to you. When they want food, they jump up and down and bark, like they do in real life (or meow if you are a cat), etc etc. From what I have been reading, it seems that you will interact with pets as you do with real pets. In Sims 3, that is what I found with pets as I watched a friend play who was a pet lover. Her pets were always dying even though she could control them because they do not take care of themselves. This is bad game design on EA’s part for Sims 3, but it is also the reality of what you deal with with having Sims Pet have full Autonomy – they can choose to eat or not to eat and many times they choose not to.

        Anyway, from what I understand though that is not an issue because when they are hungry (if they do not have food) they will come and tell you by barking and stuff. If they have food they will just go and eat. So, these concerns while warranted, do not seem like they are going to be an issue with all I have read.

        Hmm, I kind of disagree. I used Sims 4 for Story stuff and I do not think mine was like every other persons. I think that a lot of people do similar things to get themselves attention, but that also happens with Sims 3. If you look at the Sims 3 community there are so many people that copy each others style. At tumblr it is not about being unique, it is about being popular. So of course we are going to see stories and stuff that are all the same. So, I think in the case of Sims 4 – It takes a hit with story-telling because people do not want to do their own thing and have it not liked. They want to be popular, so they do what everyone else is doing. Sims 3 community – If you follow a small number of people you will see uniqueness. Once you follow more people you will see that the majority of Sims 3 people are copying about four people. That is the sad reality. Right now you are in a position where you still see the good in the Sims 3 community. I follow too many people and have seen the enormousness amount of people in Sims 3 that copy each other.

        The Freedom of Choice seems to be the hardest part for people with Sims 4. For me, it is not an issue. I actually think my characters act more themselves in that game so the whole freedom of choice becomes a non-issue. If it feels outside how you think you or others would act, then Sims 4 is much harder to play, I think. Then – you just have to say, I like Sims 3. Sims 4 and Sims 2 are good for what they are and leave it at that and I think people will understand your reasoning without being disagreeable. If that makes sense. When I talk about any of the games, I always keep a positive approach to it. Talk about what I have seen or experienced, but I am always excepting of the other person. Unfortunately, as you said earlier – other people are not that way. I always think that if you played a game you can judge it for what it means for you and your style, but if you have never played it then you should not be speaking on it. Too many people talk about Sims 1, 2, 3, 4 and they have never played any of them or have only played one. In your case, you have played the game – You have decided what you like and do not like about them. So, to me, at the end of the day you just have to decide if you think it is worth it to invest any time or energy into Sims 2 or 4.

        Yeah Sims 3 is more a Pseudo Open World. I actually think that in the grand scheme of things is Sims 4 is a bit more open world than Sims 3. Not for the reasons that Sims 3 is pseudo open world, but because Sims 4 does not have rabbit holes. You can actually go into places. Sims 3 with Rabbit Holes really hurt the whole open world feature for Sims 3. Rabbit holes are not open world. That was why I had high hopes for things like Private investigator, etc when they came out, but sadly I was disappointed. Ghostbusting was so laggy you could not do anything. I only keep Ambitions installed for the Drafting Table. Anyway, got distracted. I think that they should have handled all careers as they did Ambitions (without the lag of course). The rabbit holes was a bad design on their part and I am glad they fixed it with Sims 4. Sure, on some careers you still walk off the screen, but on cop, science, etc and the upcoming vets we can actually do them which is a nice option. Shame Sims 3 did not do that from the start that would have went a long way for their open world claim.

        Ahh, I do not have that issue. In the one little section you can zoom all over the place in Sims 4. You just cannot view to other sections. I do not mind that if it keeps the lag down. I think a lot of people like that feature in Sims 3 as being able to see the “whole area”. It is nice, but I never use it in Sims 3. I am only concerned about what is going on with the sims in my house. That is because, I no longer put multiply sims in one town. So for my Bridgeport Save – I have Tationy and Hiko. In my other Bridgeport save (which is identical to the one with Tationy and Hiko), I removed Tationy and Hiko and just have Anjou.

        I do this because Sims 3 pissed me off early on when I first got the game. I put all of my sims in different houses and in a household with all men, suddenly their were a bunch of babies. I am like WTF? So after that, I would do multiply saves and just deal with one household because it ticks me off when my sims progress without my expressed permission.

        I do not mind the loading screens, but I also do not see Sims 3 as true open world so that might be why the loading screens do not bother me in Sims 4. I think that is just the thing. As I mentioned earlier – with how much you love Sims 3 – you have to ask yourself, is it even worth investing in Sims 4. At the end of the day you seem to dislike most of what it offers and while it is the new game and it is being updated, you do not have to invest time or energy into it. So, I think for you – it is really important to decide if it is even worth playing, especially with your love of Sims 3.

        For me, I like Sims 3 visually, but I hate the gameplay. The gameplay for me is not enough to make it love it over TS2 and TS4. TS2 I think is the superior game, but I do not think it is as pretty visually as Sims 3 or even TS4. There are things about TS4 that I do not like, but I can work around those things (such as not having move objects on for sims). I think for you or anyone else in the community that at the end of the day – if you are not invested in a game (like sims 4 for example) then you should just play the game you love and block out anything for TS4 (or whatever game). That way you always just see what you want and can enjoy the game you want.

        Ah, I do not have that issue. When the game is loading (any game is loading), I have firefox open or I am doing something else. I tend to multi-task so the load screens completely do not bother me.

        I think people do not like to hear people knock their game. I think that is what it comes down to. No matter how it is handled – if you tell them that their game crashes or lags because of Story Progression, HQ Mods, Reshade, bad CC, etc etc. They are going to believe what they want. All you can do is tell them. Story Progression for example is proven to cause lag. Even the creator of story progression said it causes lag, but people do not care. They want what the want and how they want it. Well TS3 does have its issues, but I think it varies from person to person. Mine very rarely (if ever) crashes for Sims 3. Sims 2 and Sims 4 also do not crash. Other people have crashes all the time. So, I think it is determined by a lot of factors, but as I said, people will always believe what they want to believe for any of the games and no matter what you say (or I say), we are wrong even if we are telling the truth about something.

        HAHA, My current computer does not recognize the graphic card either. Still runs fine. I do not even bother trying to get it to work. Not even worth it.

        Well umbrella’s are only necessary with seasons, so I understand why they did not add umbrellas. Have to wait for vampires to be protected. I put in a mod to keep the vampires in that one area – Forgotten Hollow. So they do not wander around. That way when I want to play them, I can play them there.

      • You’re right in many points . Even I found out spelling errors to tell you such the sims 3 is badly coded, everyday I noticed but it’s the game that brings me less troubles these days and I can play regulary. I can’t count on TS2 for now and I play TS4 instead of .

        TS4 isn’t a game I really appreciate, it’s all about restriction and the same gameplay for everybody even for me. I don’t care of tumblr trend I never follow them except JodelieJodelie was a true help her houses in ts2 makes me open my eyes about how fun it is decorating for that game.

        In TS4 I have no inspirations, no ideas I don’t know many times I have to say no to these stupid party invitation, etc to make the game more pleasant to me. I try to find myself and all I do is following the cheeps. The only idea is yes to move on my family at Forgotten but if Vladimir and co stop asks Twain to go out in the sun as long as he didn’t learn how to protect him.

        In, ts3 I have always ideas to test, etc except on some special characters . It’s not a 100 open world sure, I hate rabbit holes of course but I just like the way it is.
        Pets does dramas yes distortions exists yes but we can’t recode the whole stuffs and in ts2 and ts4 glitches happens as well. Nobody cares.

        I test the game without cc full in my old computer it runs perfectly quick , I was very myself in awe. No long loading of the object, nothing. Just quick as a storm even with pets. I just kept no cd, overwatch and errortrap turn off SP.
        I will soon delete the SP now everybody has a job and some skills , it really helps me to manage my town a little by itself.

        To avoid drama with pets , delete the stays , delete the wild animals . Horses and bambi are the worst in that game. The error trap always catch them so I will turned the off.

        No way to uninstall pets for good. I was successful in getting almost no lags except when overwatch cleans the game.,But I never kept most of the wild animal or just at minimum. I saw too much dramas in this game keeping it is just a candy. I see everything that happened in this game since 2011 but it never stops me to enjoy the game I feel confortable with by habit maybe but it’s the sole game I can play so it’s stable to me. TS2 I never ever played except for decorating and making sims by bodyshop. In ts3 I lost plenty of saves but I played for a long time.
        The sole game I play months without a crash. (last time it was cc but I delete them one of the new bathroom of Lulu256 is crappy)

      • Yes – I think that is very important in a game. A lot of people play some games even when they crash all the time. If the game is giving you serious issues, I cannot understand playing it. If it is just minor issues or issues now and again, you love it, then you should play it. Early on when Sims 3 came out it gave me all kinds of issues. It was unplayable for me, so I went back to Sims 2. Eventually, I tried it again, but I had told myself when I went back to it if the same issues I had with the whole display driver stopped responding stuff was still happening, that I would never play it again.

        I think that is important to note. If you do not appreciate the game or feel restricted; you should play the one that excites you. I have only played a bit with vampires in Sims 4, but I know that they can be outside for a bit of time before they burn up. Not sure how much time though. There is a mod to make it eternally night in Forgotten Hollow. Some people do that so they can play vampires in it.

        That is good that you always have ideas. I feel the same for Sims 4. For me, I always have ideas there. TS3, I just take pretty pictures these days and use it to write my story. When I play, it is Sims 4. HAHA, I know right? Would be nice if we could recode the bad, but we cannot. I think people care and they notice the glitches for Sims 2 and Sims 4, but they are not as big a deal. By that I mean, they are not as “game destroying”. I cannot speak for everyone, but the few glitches I have seen for TS2 and TS4 are nothing over the top that would cause consistent crashes. While on the flip side of that, there is this girl who plays TS3 just for the glitches and she spends hours – post a hundred times a day – all the different ways you can break the game and make it glitch or crash.

        She actually tried Sims 4 at one point and lasted a day and I remember thinking to myself that she must not have been able to find a way to break it. HAHA. Anyway, just an amusing thing I thought of. Sims 3 runs great with no CC. OMG, like a dream. The issues crop up the more cc you add. A few things here and there you might not notice anything big, but you add 50 CC items you start noticing lag and other things.

        Deleting the strays, wild animals, etc did not always do any good. EA put in a hard code to force them, so even with NRAAS they sometimes return due to things like adoptions, etc. This cannot be helped. Horses, I absolutely hate. It was the worst idea and just added massive issues. This is why I am not bothered by removing Pets (the expansion) in sims 3. Installing it was the best decision I made.

        Yeah, you use pets in your game. To remove it would really hurt your game due to your saves and everything. That is good that you still enjoy it. I have tried to do gameplay in Sims 3 off and on since World Adventures, but truly the last time I spent an hour actually playing it was back when Late Night or World Adventures was released. It just does not do it for me, but I still like to see other people play the game. So, it is good that you enjoy it. I think – just my opinion and all – if you do not feel like TS4 is your game you should not force yourself to play it. I think we all spend too much time and energy investing in games sometimes that we never play and at the end of the day, that is where a lot of our troubles come in. We should play what we want, enjoy what we want, and I think if TS3 is the game for you then you should not worry about what other people think about it. Just do your thing and have fun and let them do theirs.

        Amazing story – I never lost a save in TS3 until I started using NRAAS Saver. Everyone is like, Oh saver is so good. Never ever had an issue with any of my saves. I had my Bridgeport save from the time Late Night came out until well after ITF was released. Never had any issues at all. In Sims 2, I lost saves a few time, but not with Sims 3.

        Ahh, I know that name from TSR. Did you accidentally download a TS4 bedroom set and put it in Sims 3? Those will definitely cause crashes.

      • Yes I often mixing CC and TS4 crashed last time because I add a ts3 skin inside LOL ! And yes sometimes I add accidentally a ts2 or a ts4 packages into the sims 3. This time it was a bathroom in sims3pack. Poof it makes my game crash so I delete them and since the game has no problems.

        For sims 4 I wanted to try it by curiosity but indeed I hope to fix sims 2 to play more with it. However ts2 is disappointed me because the frustration of loosing my houses I spent hours to decorate. They are full but when I place them in lot, they are empty as if sims moved on. No matter if I got the full game or not. Not all my houses are touched only a couple of.

        It’s not a bad thing to loose a save , it allow me to be better . In my story, in my city. It’s not a big deal, I also lost plenty of sims 2 saves no problems. Except I spent a lot of hours for nothing. I deleted the snap that’s fine now. My saves are smaller no more error at the save.

        I play hours ts3 so I can judge what I can keep and what I can erase or disabled. As you say depend on the computer and depend on what people does. Myself I notice the error trap always catch bambi and wild horses. I was at the point to think to disable them. I also disabled tourists , I often clean my town from townies, I blocked plenty of useless things.
        It won’t that’s okay correct everything but it happen after deleting them , everything was better the loading of the objects etc, same for disabling the SP (now it’s deleted).

        I don’t want to be deprived of everything because game problems we’re not responsible , and as long as it works no problems. But you were right to delete the stuffs that harms your game. I myself never use horses .
        I play extremely carefully I don’t search for breaking the game. Sure ts4 is so light you can’t break it and it’s so light you only dig your head to add gameplay. I don’t think you can break a playstation or a xbox game so easily.
        It works only the minimum.

        I do play sims 4 not as a simmer. It saves my life when I don’t want to open my ts3 to keep me entertained.

        TS4 shouldn’t be a pc gaming but a console one the way it is.

        Ah yes without cc the game is charming extremely quick that’s clear ! As all the sims in fact.

      • You mentioned it before so here it is: http://www.simlogical.com/sl/Sims2Pages/Sims2_MiscHacks.htm It is called the stay things shrub. Put this shrub on your lot in Sims 2 before building or decorating anything. Click on the redial menu and tell it to stay put on move out. So once you build decorate, if you move sims out or move sims in, the items will still be there.

        It is easy to mix the cc in TS4, TS3, and TS2 with them being packages for a lot of them. Crashes are quite obvious when it happens.

        Hopefully, you will be able to fix your Sims 2 game and get it to do as you want it to.

        It depends. In Sims 2, I lost all of my stuff for The Exiled Prince – well to put it better, the saves no longer worked after reinstall. Kept saying It was made with expansions I did not have installed, but I did. So I lost them all. That was a nightmare and it was the only reason I went back to Sims 3 was because I could use this one world and skip to Shimragata instead of rebuilding everything.

        I disable tourist as well. No need for them in my saves. If I want to meet tourist I can have my sims travel.

        I play TS4 on the computer not on PS4 or Xbox. I have a PS3, but it never gets used. Boring! Not even fun. Not sure how people play stuff on those things, it is just not enjoyable to me.

      • but ts4 is sadly designed as a console game if so they added plenty of stuffs not necessary open world or broken things just more stuffs to do as ts2.

        Me too I had a playstation 1 that breaks the middle now I got a playstation emulator it’s great but when you don’t have the controllers you can use it it’s harder to play with a keyboard.

        To fix my ts2 game I have to redecorate my houses those who don’t want to install properly. It’ll take me time. It’s not quite easy to redecorate everything. It’s just horrible to don’t have any fixes for that problems.

        Concerning the saves I never kept one because they indeed never really compatible.

        However despite the freewill it’s a great game really with the necessary to play and keep entertaining.

        You’re amazing I love your knowledge in modds, I will grab it , make sure I’ll use it because I often myself assigned houses I am not often satisfied by my choices so everything boom disappeared, yes it’s sometimes great but sometimes it’s a pain in a neck.
        Thank you !

      • I actually think it was designed to be an MMO, but that is just my thinking on it. There are similar styles to MMO’s in it not to mention it has a similar design to mobile games like Sims Freeplay. I have not tried any emulators. My friends always are like – you should try this one or that one because there are some for MMO’s that are no longer around, but meh. I think when a game has run its course it is time to let it go and feel much the same way about gaming systems.

        Awe you are so sweet. I remember that issue quite well. I had built all of Aslann and then when I went to put people in houses (back during The Exiled Prince initial series), all of the decorations were gone. I was so mad. I looked all over for a way to fix it and that was the only thing I ever found. It works great.

      • TS4 a MMO? That’s an interesting theory , I just heard that might be an online game . All I know the engine is light and not too buggy to fit every computers even older that’s the true explanations but ts2 is richer and works awesomely too . However even TS2 doesn’t take a lot of ram, in my old computer ts4 worked well but it ram greed on old computer really.

        I choose an emulator to play my old PS game. That’s pretty great for retro gaming until playstation 2 era. Without joysticks it’s harder so that’s why I dropped it out. xD

        The best experience to help people is when yourselves you’ve faced.
        Now an other random ts3 crash is when a SP or EP isn’t updated. I didn’t know I faced it and I can help myself in return about this experience.

      • On my old computer – the really old one. Sims 2 was hard on it, but as computers have progressed it works fine and does not hog resources. Sims 4, I have not noticed any issues, but I play on a desktop that is designed for gaming. It might be different for a regular computer or a laptop.

        Yeah without joysticks it can be hard to play games. I just bought a game not long ago that was designed for the Vita on Steam, and it is hard to do things because some of the “controls” do not work.

      • Yes the difference is big . Even ts3 isn’t too much ram eater compared to my old computer but still TS2 beats all the record I am currently in . I am also writting Miss V. It allows me to stay focused.

        My ancestor computer ts2 runs fine I can’t have the whole game in (until pets) but without cc it was pretty okay except the lags ahaha.

        Ha controls with keyboard. On Croc 2 I always fall in the same place I am so angry so I drop it.

      • TS3 is much harder on the video card than it is on Ram. That is why people go through a lot of video cards generally with it.

        Cool, glad to hear you are working on Miss V. I need to start working on Chapter 16. I thought about it all last night, but ended up going to bed. -_- Then I had to deal with some stupid person today in my real life and I am just meh meh meh. Stupidity kills my mood.

        Yes, controls with the keyboard is such a nightmare. HAHA.

      • Not completely true (yes for gaming computer but no for classic desktop) , especially when you got a non computer gaming , believe me ram is as harder as graphic card, I play almost 6 years with my old computer. Each time ram hit a certain GB it frozes, crash etc.

        Yes I am finished to catch up my late, her holliday at Sunlit Tides is finishing and wow my game is not controlable anymore such it’s quick. There are less people other there I admit. I kept the Unicorn she’s so lovely I love them 🙂 She makes the rainbow . She really appreciated Miss V.

        Stupid people are annoyance reallly. That’s the the fact I feel superior to them and I don’t want to injure them I just don’t understand them at all. They really sucks your energy and your patience. I hope you’ll recover from them soon.

        Yes keyboards is such lame I always failed at the same place :'( .

      • Did you ever do the LAA and the allowing Sims 3 and other games to use more than 2 GB tricks?

        I am trying to get to work on 16. I took the pictures last night, I just need to edit them and get the chanter started. We shall see how that goes. It is good that you are finishing up the holiday in Sunlit Tides. I always liked that world. Just wish it was not so big.

        Yeah sadly there are some people that can really suck your energy. It sadly is a reality we cannot get around. I am exhausted lately, it is amazing I have time to do anything.

      • Yes I applied the 4GB on sims 2 without cc it’s quite fast. I know ts2 doesn’t fit at all + 2 GB.

        I heard on modthesims that sims 3 doesn’t need this if you patch the game. I know that I did my searched yesterday. However I had forgotten to patch Jardin de Style EP (Outdoor Living) and I had a crash. For now I have none since I fixed that. The game is quicker on ST . There aren’t one hundred of people I swear ahaha. I love ST too and yes it’s big.

        I control almost anything. Hopefully I don’t need the 4BG patch for ts3 for now. If a crash tells me I have a LAA I will apply it. No LAA for now.
        However I don’t plan to make a story with her Hollidays just comments.

      • They say a lot of things at MTS, but I always did it for Sims 3 because every other website says to do it. That once Sims 3 reaches a certain GB it will crash.

        I have never done the super patch on Sims 3. I always just used this: http://modthesims.info/d/409829 if the patches were not up to date. The Crash Test Analyzer thing will tell you which ones are not updated, so I just used those if there was a crash, patched and never had an issue again.

      • I got it already thanks for the reminds.
        Before I had no utility because my old computer never released crash log, now with my other computer I always have crash log so I can easily fix my problem.

      • Me too ! It’s a happiness to get crash log back in my old computer I never knew what’s happened, now and with the new version of the program it tells you the good things.

      • With windows 10 TSR workshop can’t stop to crash if you want to explore the debug or the uncategorized objects I want to extract the magnifying glass as I did two months ago with my old computer for taking part to a the what’s in your sims bag challenge at tumblr..I can’t anymore pff !

      • I need the magnifying glass and the dust finger printer. I know she isn’t yet allowed to use the finger print yet but it is on her bag. Thank you for your help.

      • Let me open that up and see if I can grab them for you. Hmm, have you tried the buydebug cheat? Are these things accessible there?

        Control+Shift+C and do the testingcheatsenabled true and then do the Control+Shift+C again and type buydebug

        Some things, not all show up in buydebug. Let me know if that works for you. I can pull the magnifying glass and dust finger printer.

        You are always welcome hun. Let me see if I can do that quickly now that I know which items you want.

      • The dust print maybe but the magnifying glass is unshown. I know that because Justine and Quentin never earned it. They were advanced to the job. I had to copy and transfer from my simself inventory them theirs. ‘thank you Nrass mod these Swiss Knives that save life.

        Nathan will soon need it. He joined the crowd.

        The only way I got it visible but not useable if to make appeared in the catalog through tsr workshop. I know I tried this Summer for the MG.

      • TSRW is handy for making things visible. It is harder to make things usable. Got to put in lots of animation files and sometimes do a script for it. It is easier in Sims 2 to make things usable.

      • Yeah that freeze with loading is “normal”. The more CC you have the longer it will take because it loads all that CC at the start of the game.

      • I have to glance at if the debug mod as you suggested me got it visible the Finger Pring Dust and if yes , I hope the hand can grab it. For now with my story with Jenna I want to finish I didn’t care of Miss V.

      • I love her really. I have plenty of fun with her. But my bside needs to switch between her, Emmanuel and Marjorie. Fortunately it’s possible with the MC to switch. I finish with Marjorie. I will switch back to Jenna to finish my short story.
        I often play with others, next one who is quite interesting is Elsa.

      • Indeed ! Jenna is very special to me. She’s not only beautiful but compared to Salomé I love her too I really do all the nastiness I want.

        ahaha My favourite is when they can charm other sims. For 4 sims hours you can control any sims you cast the magic on they are included in the household. All can do that. Genies don’t need to learn their magic and according to Nrass MC they ALL masters the Magic carreer. Genies are awesome. I never though they could be so great.

        I tested the 10 skill magic with Enji and Jason OMG ! I love all they can do !!
        Me I never went far from level 3. I never know until this year the fire and the cold spell can be casted on people ahah it’s so fun.

        I love all my sims and I am glad I can switch on household , I can play three, four houses in the same game. I don’t know why EA didn’t do that.

      • I like the genies with supernatural. They were always one of my favorites. I need to use them more.

        Magic in Sims 3 is fun. I really want witches in Sims 4, because I think what they could do with them will be amazing. I liked them – but it was a love hate in Sims 2. I hated how when you became a witch you are automatically pointed hat and ugly dress. -_-

        Yeah I never understood why EA did it that way either. I think you can have their quasi open-world and have progression without having like they did in Sims 2 – where the sims go out, but the house does not activate or move on unless you tell the game to. Like – if you have a sim going to age up – the game being like, this sim in this other house is also ready to age up do you want to age him up yes or no. I do not know why they didn’t do that.

      • TS4 except giving the haters and the partisans of the realism what they want, I might be deceived. If so yes magic is fun. I never play supernatural in sims 2 because for the same reason as you and the side you have to choose etc.
        Well good news there are mods.

        Maybe because the core of the game wasn’t made for. As making playable the pets in ts4.

      • Hmm, that is weird. The duskkit clones fine, but the texture when cloning is missing. I wonder if it is like a few of the Island Paradise outfits where the texture is linked to another EP.

      • Ha , I have all the complete game but workshop doesn’t want to let me show the pictures of the debbug objects.
        The few I know it comes to your inventory when you reach level 5 or 6 of the PI carreer. I don’t remember well. Indeed it’s weird if you got ambitions there is normally no problems with the textures, or it’s workshop that doesn’t work fine.

      • Workshop is weird to begin with, but the debug area always seems to have a hundred issues. Yeah – I am not sure why it is. I had to pull the mesh itself and make a new quick texture. I had the same issue with IP Dresses for some reason they were linked to something else.

      • Thank you. Yes, that is quite possible. Some things are just not designed for certain operating system so no one knows how they will behave.

      • indeed. But we’re fortunate because compared to to windows 8 , windows 10 turns plenty of things in native. I can work on my recolours with TSR workshop, that are all that count to me.

      • Yeah that is true. New computers there really are no options unless you want to spend extra money. I will keep my 8.1 for as long as I can.

      • I don’t want to update. I like 8.1 and don’t intend to get Windows 10 until I have no other choice. Just not worth it to me.

      • To me I am happy to get it even though I don’t like metro at all, the start menu yerk I want back aero from vista the best visually . Everything turns natively I am glad I don’t change anything. It could be worst but as vista , windows 10 is very good. I don’t have to buy anything, my old stuffs works.

      • I do not think there are enough creators left and less about what people think of the game. If you look at the creators we currently have, most of them just convert stuff and do not mesh themselves. The few that do mesh, have not quite mastered it yet. Need people that are good at designing to the programs and most of them have moved on to Sims 4 or have left the community altogether. We are probably (as Sims 3 players and creators) lucky we have TSRW (when it works).

      • The crash really crushes it for some people. It is said. Each game really has their things that you can like or hate, but to have a game crash on you – that just kills the spirit of it. This was this one MMO I loved playing that crashed on me all the time, it made it unplayable.

      • Yeah you definitely do. That is rough. Mine works fine, I just feel meh about it. I have so much cc, it needs cleaned out. There are a few things that nag at me when I am in it. Which happens with other games as well. Knowing me I will just leave it installed and my Sims 2 downloads will just get bigger and bigger and bigger. I have over 59000 files in that game.

      • hahah I got almost the same 50.000 maybe roughly and I continue to pick up which I like. I will read soon if I got answers for my game. Before dropping it out, I do all my best. Or I have to install windows vista in an external hard disc and it’s a 32 bits version ahaha. that’s not work.
        I can download the 64 bit version it exists but I don’t have keys.

      • HAHA, same. I am always like – this is cute. Add. Like I need anymore. I really need to clean it out. At least in Sims 2 you can delete it in game if you see something you do not like.

        Hopefully, you will hear an answer soon.

      • I had answers and very good ! Securom weren’t deleted and now I use a crack I found on leefish that’s a bit better. But it’s always freeze the window game, when it loads etc. I had to reinstall my copy of M&G because on gamecopyworld I can’t download cracks , eset blocks the site their adfly links are trojan horses.
        Without CC the game works like a charm.

      • Ahh it does that when you have CC in it. Sims 2 loads everything on the start of the game, not when the world loads like with Sims 3. So at the start of the game the window is loading and it is “frozen” it remains that way until it processes all the CC you have. If you just let it be it will do what it needs to and open up. It freaks people out though.

      • Yeah I would like to have witches, it makes things easier for certain characters. If I have to draw the magic like I did in Sims 4, that is fine also, but it is such a pain.

      • Yeah I seen that. Meh. I hate modding the game to be honest. I use very few mods and the ones I do use are basically to enhance the storytelling. For example – I cannot see vampires roaming around all over the place. They are a group of people that hide from humans, so being able to move between words just seemed off to me. I can see them staying in one area until they have to leave due to people noticing them not aging.

        So the whole witch mod. Not interested. EA may or may not bring in witches, but that is alright. I would love to have them, but I seen no point in modding my game for something like that.

      • I didn’t myself download the witch mode. I never mode the game myself but if I could I would love add my own point of view but it’s hard, the code isn’t open source . Even modding cause an ethic problems due to the tou in reality. Oddily nobody shout of that. If only I could do it especially for adding gameplay I’ll do.
        I choose to play a vampire because it’s the rare interesting gameplay the sims 4 offers to us. But they all go out without protection outside etc. My other vampire Kimmie is also in danger all the time. Twain died one time. Sunshade might be added no matter if seasons or not. Becoming a true vampire with all the protection takes times. The most stupid thing is asking vampires to go out in towns daytime away from FH.

        I know ts3 isn’t perfect but I can judge what’s good or wrong in my way of gaming. It helps me to have a gaming play.
        I disabled recently the wild animals except racoons because they are less problematic than Wild horses for error trap often catch them so they aren’t good to keep. I keep the Unicorn because she isn’t pop-up often.
        SP is deleted now everybody has got a job. But no way I delete Pets, I don’t let EA win.
        Lately as you I didn’t have any problems in my sims 3 game except I add a wrong cc and it’s not my fault.

      • I am sorry to hear that your vampires have had some deaths. I have not had that issue. The one I have got a little crispy one day, but she got inside before it got too bad.

        I agree – I think that is the most important part is judging a game by playing it. If Sims 3 is the game for you that is the game you should play. If It is Sims 2 or Sims 4 or even Sims 1 – I think the choice should always be to the person that plays it. No one should dictate. We can all give our opinions though I think we should only give them if we have actually played the game. I swear I see so many people talk about Sims 3, Sims 4, and even Sims 2 and 1, who have never played them. Anyway, as I was saying, we can all give our opinions, but at the end of the day only you can decide what game is right for you and that is the most important thing is playing the game that works best for you.

        HAHA, I hate pets in Sims 3 so it was no loss for me at all. I never remove it in Sims 2. I just use one of the mods to make them disappear. HAHA.

      • Next vampire I saved from death at two minutes before the end, Kimmie. No that’s sucks she didn’t dead fortunately.

        Hhaha poor pets you’re eviliish with them !
        Really I am happy ts4 pets with the vet carreer but having a dog or a cat no really. Not controlable even partially with a code not interesting. An other story of the gurus point of view not my own. They are their game not the simmer game as game station gameplay stories.

        I never speak of a game I never played really that’s moron to do that. I played all games. Nomatter how fuck up ts4 is. It takes my mind off.

      • HAHA, sorry. I just do not like pets. I only had one character that would ever have a pet and that was Sesiago who had a dog. I ended up releasing that dog for download, anyway, the dogs name was Kin (created before Kin Kari), but it was just too much of a hassle having him in game. So I removed him and never used him again.

        I agree that is definitely the wrong thing to do. I have known a few people who would complain about games, but they had never even played them. Not even the demos. It is like, why are you hating on a game you have not even tried, that is just stupid. I do not get people at all.

      • The sims is a bad game , it always causes troubles to every simmer no matter the version but they continue to believe in the sims franchise and I think it’s crazy.

        Instead of making a 4 they might always improve existing versions before or in the side. Before making the 4, they might first care of the previous versions that might to be fixed even ts2 developping ideas with existing games. What is done is done forever ! Just why?

        Knowing that a sims 2 and sims 3 are still popular why don’t they share the code source to let the community fix the troubles, putting new gameplay and explore possibilities. No matter the legality , people shares cracked shares mods even now they don’t care anymore of the past game.

        It’s like tv show, my Bones is finishing and I am very upsetting just because in US nobody doesn’t care anymore and they’ll let us orphan The end is rushed and I am not very happy with it ! Fans creates fanfics and that’s also illegal to do but we do it because we’re desperated and that’s our heritage now. I will be orphan soon with ideas, with possibilitiies I never ever can see for real, with questions etc.

        If we got the code source of ts3 we could fix all the craps and make better mods. I am very upset by all the restrictions. Tell them to EA , no ts4 isn’t the best game ever for plenty of us.

        Sorry for my rant but I am extremely furious.

      • The sims does have a lot of struggles with how it runs. All games have glitches and issues though, but in all of the ones I have played I can definitely say that the Sims series seemed to be plagued with all kinds.

        Improving existing games in the gaming industry is like putting a bandaid on a nose bleed. It is not going to fix it, just cause more issues. Reworking old code to upgrade to something new or improve to something new is very difficult. This is actually why MMO’s very rarely update their “models” or “adjust gameplay”. You mess with old code and it breaks the game in ways that you never thought were possible. Financially, it is cheaper to make a whole new game than try to repair or upgrade a game that is already riddled with bugs in the codes.

        EA will never share the code source. They lose out money if they allow people to fix it. EA and gaming companies are generally about making money and giving up the code means Sims 2 and Sims 3 players have less reason to play Sims 4 once they can no longer play Sims 2 or Sims 3. Goes back to Financially that is not realistic.

        It is alright. Ranting happens, though in the end it will always come back to the same thing. No matter how much people want it, there are reasons it will never happen.

      • sorry I press send before finishing ahah.

        So I agree with you. It’s not the same atmosphere in sims 3 where vampires don’t die of the sun but are KO.
        I don’t know which “realistic” whims they succomb but if the sims 4 turns real I won’t care anymore. They never listen to us. They asked us ideas for the toddler pack, how disappointed it is compared to Parenthood and how the todds are.
        Plenty of people shares their ideas , plenty were awesome , almost none of them were granted. Pff I hate how they treat us.
        At least in the other MMO games you play you’re less deceving because they are games that are well done.

      • I actually was not bothered by the toddler pack. I played it for a while and thought it was cute and fun. It was limited thought in clothing, hair, and stuff though. That was disappointing to me.

      • I don’t want it, except for sliders. I skip for now but “my version” we can’t escape for getting all the game. So it’s me to juggle with what I want , what I don’t want to.

      • I do not know. Have not done anything with parenthood. I bought it, just have not been in Sims 4 in a while due to real life and writing Unbridled.

      • I exclusive play parenthood coming with vampire but I have little time spend on sims 4 myself. Because I go round and round on circles and I just as you enjoying the gameplay with that game.

        Same I am more focus on thinking of my next bsides that playing ts4 for now and with the writting of Miss V and mom that always wants to watch something… it happens I don’t play anything or just barely touch my game.
        Just I am surprised about this GP because it’s good.

      • I understand how that goes. It is like you are pulled in so many different directions. Sometimes you just need to focus on what you want to do instead of trying to divide your time between different games and even communities.

      • That’s not a problem to me. More life is diverse much it’s fun.
        The only trouble I face is the organization never ask me to plan something. I just can’t. Now I am just frustrated with ts2 because it’s worst and worst so I jumped into something else. Fortunately ts4 I have a copy it allows me to be away from ts3.

  1. Hm. I think Tationy is right. I think Tadayoshi is afraid something might happen to them and when it does he probably would be too late to do anything to save them especially Hiko. Of course, we all know how it is when it comes to their father-son relationship. Do he care about his own son? I think he does. He just doesn’t show it. I guess. Or I could be wrong but I hope I’m not. hehehe.

    Tationy and her romance infused brain. Who can blame her, anyway? hehe. YES HIKO. No matter what road you take, Tationy will always be there.

    Look at Tationy. She’s so cute peeking at Hiko in his bath!

    Is it hot in here? *grabs a fan and turns it on* 12 inch… 🤤 HIKO. Do you know that Tationy wants you to say it? To say that she is your woman?? COME ON! then again, I completely understand why he doesn’t want to answer it as ‘yes’ that instant. but yes! FINALLY! So, they’re now like, officially together? 🙌

    OMG. This is a quite a rare sight! My Hiko Kari in traditional clothing. I love it very much. 😍😍 First, I love him in that commander Kari uniform, and second, in this traditional clothing. I know he’s a modern man, but damn, he looks good in those. *points* AHH! and see, Tationy agreed with me! ✌

    My words are law! *makes some dramatic background sound*

    First, Hiko was mad because Tadayoshi walked away from him and now it’s Tadayoshi’s turn. Wow. This conversation between father and son is so intense. What is kismet..? Hm. I wonder why Tadayoshi does that at the end?

    • Yes, definitely Tadayoshi is, but what it is we will just have to wait and see. They do have quite a contentious relationship so Hiko is not wrong thinking that maybe his father just wants to kill him, himself. HAHA. Does Tadayoshi care for his son? It is a good question and one that is not quite easily answered or obvious, but we will learn it soon enough. ^_^

      Isn’t Tationy cute? She is not as innocent as she comes off though. HAHA.

      Tationy definitely wanted Hiko to say it, but it was quite difficult for him because he is still struggling with what all of this is for him. So one minute he will seem hot and the next he will seem cold. Yes, they are now officially together.

      HAHA, I knew you would like that. Yes, Hiko in traditional clothing. Have not seen him in traditional clothing very often. I think the last time was for a picture I did for my wordpress and before that, in The Exiled Prince. FUFUFUFU. We will see him in his uniform soon enough. I honestly prefer his historical version over his modern version. I love both, but his historical version for him and Tationy mean quite a bit to me. Tationy loves him in historical clothing. ^_^

      Kismet – destiny/fate – meant to be – meant to happen sort of thing. Tadayoshi’s reaction at the end is quite interesting huh? What does it mean? Why did he just let him leave? Why did he ask Hiko if he had anything to say? What is he waiting looking for? We will have to wait to find out. ^_^ The intensity between them is never quite over.

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