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It was just another lazy day for Enzo and Togore. When they were boys they had lost their mother and step-father and were taken in by the Ishi. Though, one could hardly call it a happy family dynamic.

The money left to them was drained by the clan elder and the two boys were shuffled around from Ishi to Ishi. Eventually, their real father, Kuro stepped in. Bought and paid for a place, gave them a monthly allowance to live on, and basically let them do whatever they wanted as long as they did not get in his way. Rarely did they see him, so it always put Togore on edge when the famed Son of Rin walked through the door.

He had to force himself to concentrate on the game of pool he was sharing with his brother Enzo. Didn’t even offer a greeting; of course the scratch that resulted from his restrained emotions nearly hit his father, but the quick reflexes of Kuro would not allow it. Togore caught the tossed cue ball as Kuro spoke, “In a few days there will be an event…”

He interrupted his father as he set the ball in the break box, “You could just call and say, stay the fuck out of my way instead of coming over here. Neither of us really gives a shit to see you and we both know that you do not come over because you want to. Tell Mikio to do his own fucking dirty work for a change.”

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The sound of billiard balls cracking against each other forced a silence that did not linger for long, “Your delicate feelings or that of your brothers is no concern of mine. There are things in this world bigger than your petty parental issues. You exist because I willed it, nothing more. Accept it or don’t. I could fucking care less, but if you interfere I will cut the two of you down without hesitation.”

Togore snarled, “You’re a real fucking piece of work. Get out, we don’t want you here.”

Enzo sighed and spoke with reason. His emotions veiled, “We have always done as you told us to do. Clearly, that should have granted us some favor or trust. Why do you doubt that would be the case now?”

“I recall your reactions the first time the two of you saw Hiko Kari. How difficult it was for you to keep from going to him even when he was just a pup at the side of his father. This time it is different. Mikio has said that the two of you will no longer be able to hold yourselves in check. You cannot interfere no matter what you see.”

“You say that every fucking time,” Togore snarled.

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With a bow of his head Enzo sighed, “Is this about our mother?”

Togore’s attention snapped between Kuro and Enzo. It was foolish, but he had a hopeful heart and it was crushed the moment that his father spoke, “She will not accept you. Nothing more than snakes that is what you are. Even as she stands by his side; the two of you are a distant memory that she locks away because it is ugly and tainted.”

Enzo was quick to ask, “Are those your words or Mikios?”

“My words….” Kuro paused, “Stay the fuck away from Tationy Tylo or I will kill you both.”

There was no arguing with the Son of Rin. No anger in his voice as his attention fixed upon the two of them sternly before he exited their home.




    • At this point it is not meant to. It makes the revelations later on have greater impact. We are also getting Togore’s POV which is jaded toward Kuro and Mikio, so from his POV it will always seem as though there is a rift until those revelations are revealed.

      • That’s always interesting how your writting process is, you suggest us attractive facts and more we progress more we discover things and we understood. lol it’s not a repproach it’s just amazing .
        Indeed there are a lot a heavy atmosphere as if they barely bear each others.

      • My favorite part of writing is always how characters interact with each other and I base a lot of it on friends and family. People I know and interact with on a daily basis. For example, my step-father is a bear. He is very gruff, people always think that he is mad at them about something, and he deals with people in a very direct way. Due to this, my cousins and even my sister can never tell when he is joking or when he is angry which often brings out its own confrontations.

        This is an aspect of people that I have always found interesting, I suppose because of my own life where people assumed I was in a bad mood simply because of my face. So, we often get this heavy atmosphere that plays in these relationships, simply because there is so much unsaid and people are simply not brave enough to come right out and ask. This is definitely the case with Togore and Enzo when it comes to their relationship with Kuro.

        Definitely in these initial chapters for Broken we will get a lot of heavy confrontation between Togore and Kuro, but how Kuro actually feels is never revealed at this point. In the Spring chapter – if all goes well, we will learn more about how Kuro feels about Togore and Enzo, but at this point there is a lot of “plot moving” going on by Kuro to make things work out the way he and Mikio want them to. So, we are getting a very manipulative side of Kuro that is confrontational to start. The same can be said for Unbridled as well when it comes to Kuro and Spring is the big reveal for Kuro and Mikio or well it is suppose to be and the “master plan” of it all is meant to be revealed.

      • Yes Life is a best source of inspiration for writers and family context might help as for you. Me it’s different because I rarely speak to my family except members i am closed to. I cut relashionship with plenty of people. So I have no personal point of reference.
        And having some are good for portaying a certain reality.

        Indeed Kuro has a different plan he doesn’t want his brothers touch Tationy. And that not their plans.

        Sorry i am short my wrist is painful i lift heavy shopping bag yesterday. i can’ty write with my two hands.

      • Yes it definitely is. That can be a hard position to be in when you are not close to people or have cut off relationships. That is how it is for my step-dad due to family stuff that has gotten out of control, but sometimes even when we are cut off they can still be a great source of creativity from what we remember.

        Indeed, Kuro definitely has other plans and he does not want his kin to get involved in it. Any little change in things can alter the outcome he and Mikio want, so right now he gets to be a meany. HAHA.

        Ohh no worries at all. Sorry to hear you are having wrist pain. I know how that goes. Just take it easy and recover soon.

      • Thank you I am feeling better. Tiger Balm is a saviour especially for pains from computer, bad sleep on it, carring heavy bags etc. But the arm became so icy brrrrrr Camphor and other similar product are very special.

        Me I rather totally don’t take my source of inspiration of people I know or knew but from people in general, of what I remembered, what I see etc. Someday I write an essay about what’s school is and my written was very well appreciated by my French teacher. I described my truth, what I saw, my feelings. That’s where I am better at. As you are better at remembering all the moment you spent with people you know/knew.

        Indeed no matter the future on the relashionships and plans the Brothers, I find them particulary interesting. Especially if Kuro become a meany for any little change ahaha he’s so great.

      • You are welcome. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

        People in general are just as good. I used to do that ages ago because it was hard for me to have characters based off of people I knew back them. Now it is much easier.

        Sounds like a great essay.

        Thank you hun. I am glad to hear you find them interesting. We will definitely learn more about them in both Broken and Unbridled. We will see what happens with Kuro as time goes on. We do see him in Chapter 3 of Broken briefly.

      • I will read all of these no worry I am slow but I don’t forgot you just because I slow down for all .
        Of course I like your stories so much because you are always something interesting to tell about the characters you choose and more you write more you’re better.

      • It is never fun to be stuck on a part. It happens to me now and again. Transitions from one section to another are the hardest for me and I tend to get stuck on them most.

      • In fact it’s conversation at Miss V’s houseparty that makes me stuck, hmm I did my best because I use hideheadlineeffects on as cheat so sometimes bubble can inspire me especially half of her guests wanted to speak with her .
        After cases are alright even though it’s always the same and the same I can cheat on them and using my brain to make them less boring.

        Transitions indeed are sometimes very hard. I admit .

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