Broken – Chapter 1

Broken (14)

Fall Season

Altercations were an everyday thing when you were from the Ishi clan. The snide comments, the nasty looks, but the worst of it came from the people that pretended they were not prejudice. Hiding their ugly behind niceties and humble pie all the while spitting in it. Togore had lived long enough to see the worst part of human beings and that was why he simply had no cares to give.

His brother, Enzo on the other hand was probably too sensitive for his own good. The epitome of the introvert with a rather easygoing nature. Most of the time, he went along with whatever was transpiring if it didn’t hurt him or affect where he wanted to be, but when he stood his ground there was no stopping him.

Unfortunately, that was how things ended up the way they did with Hiko Kari and Tationy Tylo. It was something Enzo simply could not let go of. Even after their father Kuro had told them to stay away, his little brother had insisted he wanted to try and speak with one or both of them. That was ultimately how the nightmare evening had started.

Reference: Unbridled Chapters 18 and 19 – If you have not read those chapters and want a little insight into what happened with Togore/Enzo and Tationy/Hiko you can take a look at those two chapters otherwise it will be addressed later in Broken. You can also check out the Muse: Sons of Kuro for additional information about why they did not approach Tationy and Hiko sooner.

All Togore could do was clean his face up and order them drinks because the outcome had left Enzo feeling defeated. If only they could actually get drunk. Sometimes the high speed regeneration of their clan was double-edged, but Togore went ahead and ordered them beers anyway as he offered his brother a drink, “Stop thinking about it.”

He accepted though sat it upon the bar with disinterest, “How do you expect me to do that?”

At first Togore didn’t respond as he watched his brother cross his arms. The truth was, it stung. Hiko Kari had punched him in the face, called them snakes, and Tationy had acted as though they were monsters coming out from underneath her bed. Sure, there were probably plenty of reasons for that, but it didn’t make either of them feel any better.

“This is our fault,” Togore responded rather pragmatically. “Kuro told us to stay away and we didn’t listen.”

“You mean I didn’t.”

Taking a swig from his beer he let his gaze drift toward the dance floor, “I get it Enzo, but they are not our parents. That is not going to change by us ambushing them.” There was not enough alcohol in the bar to even get him tipsy, but the hole in his soul felt big. Even if he was trying to hide his feelings, “That girl has some nice tits. Do you want to take her home? We could both fuck her. Might cheer you up.”

“Do whatever you want.”

“Oh, I wasn’t asking for permission,” Togore stated as he watched the girl dance and absently thought, “Nice ass too.”

Alcohol and sex, a lot of people used them to drown their tears. Unfortunately, only one of them worked and it barely satisfied the numbing. Another troubling issue with being Ishi, you could keep going and going and going, but it was near impossible to find someone that could match you. With that thought in his head he laughed, “Do you think they fuck? Can’t picture a Kari man having the staying power to satisfy an Ishi…”

“What the hell Togore? Really?”

With a shrug he stated, “It must suck having one of those introverted brains. I bet that image is going to be with you for fucking months.”

Broken (1)

A sudden though not unexpected silence overtook their conversation as Togore’s attention settled upon the dancing girl again when her body stopped moving. There was a bit of disappointment at the lack of jiggle from her stillness at least until she turned around. “Damn,” He said under his breath and was brought back to the conversation he was having with his brother rather sharply.

“You didn’t hear anything I just said, did you?”

“Was it important?”

It was clear that his brother was annoyed as he sighed, “Never mind. If you intend to take that girl home, hurry it up so we can leave already.”

Enzo was one of a hundred reasons why Togore hated the club scene, “Why are you in such a rush? It is not as though we have anything better to do. Our elder has us on lock down and Kuro … well I am sure we are going to see him after tonight. I do so love those shitty visits from dear old dad.”

“Just blame all of this on me. It was my fault…”

Togore interrupted him, “Fuck her body is nice, but damn that face. She might be cute as hell if she smiles more.”

Sighing Enzo responded, “And we’re done.”

“What? Sorry, I was….”

Shaking his head, “Don’t. Just do whatever it is you do to get her to go home with you already.”

“Your mood is pretty shitty….” His words hung there momentarily though he did not finish them. Instead his eyes settled upon the dancing girl who sidled up to the bar. Togore did not hide the fact that his eyes were on her as she waited patiently for the bartender, “Nice tits.”

Her attention shifted toward him sharply, “Excuse me?”

“I said you have nice tits. What does a guy have to do to get you to let him stick his dick between them?” Enzo snorted, but it did not deter Togore as he looked upon the young woman expectantly.

“Unbelievable,” She said as she shook her head and looked away from him.

“What, are you one of those femnazi’s that gets bent out of shape when a guy gives you a compliment?”

“No actually, I am just stunned that you really believe that you could handle my tits. A guy like you would probably come in his pants before you even got me out of my top.”

“Oh, wanna bet?”

She laughed, “That’s your comeback?”

“Yeah, why not? I mean … I am looking for someone to fuck and if you are willing we might as well keep things interesting.”

His eyes focused on her mouth as she slowly licked her lower lip. She was definitely thinking about it, which was surprisingly not how these things usually went. Normally, he got slapped and the girl walked away that was why he was unable to hide his surprise when she asked, “Do you have a name or should I just call you tiger?”

Togore smiled though his voice was shaky, “You can call me whatever you want if you’re letting me stick my dick in you.”

“Tiger it is then,” She responded.

Broken (3)Broken (4)

The ride back to his place was slightly awkward after all he had his brother in tow. The dancing girl didn’t really seem to mind and introduced herself as Mikaela. She made small talk with Enzo about the Autumn weather and what they did for a living. A nurse she had said, though Togore felt her body was better suited for fucking.

By the time they were back at his place, Enzo was ready to crash so he disappeared up the stairs and left Togore with his one-night. She wasted no time and got herself out of her panties. He liked a girl that knew what she wanted, “Are you sure you don’t need your brother to stick around. Might be the only way you win our bet.”

Her words were teasing as she sat herself upon his pool table, “Sounds like you want another dick in you. I can get him to stay, but he hasn’t fucked anything but his hand since the forties. Do you want to spread your legs for my little brother and give him a little pity pussy?”

“I am already doing that for you,” She stated.

Togore laughed, “Damn you don’t fucking cut a guy any slack do you?”

Mikaela didn’t respond to his question. Not because she didn’t have an answer. This was the type of girl that was never without words. Togore was certain that her choice to remain silent lay in the fact that the answer was yes and she simply had no reason to acknowledge it. Neither of them were here because they were chatting each other up; this was about sex.

Broken (5)

“Don’t get shy on me tiger,” She whispered breathlessly.

“I’m not,” He responded.

“Then why are you standing so far away when my panties are already off?”

That was a good question, but one he didn’t readily have an answer for so he simply took a few steps toward her, “Why don’t we get a little more comfortable.”

“Do you have something in mind?”

Broken (8)Broken (9)

Togore nodded his head as he offered his hand to her before leading them toward the stairs. They didn’t even make it more than a few feet before he stopped Mikaela and planted his lips upon hers. Her mouth tasted like pineapple and coconut, a sure sign that she was probably drinking and maybe even slightly intoxicated. Drunk girls were always terrible fucks, but even bad sex would accomplish the task of numbing his mind.

Broken (10)Broken (11)

Once in his bed, Togore pinned her against it. His hand reaching up into her hair as he leaned in, his lips less than an inch from hers. There was a small gasp which told Togore that she was surprised by his aggressiveness.

His lips tantalizingly brushed against hers as he spoke, “I might get a little rough.” Togore was not trying to frighten her, but he was not exactly know for being a nice guy. All he could do was allow his gaze to drift back and forth between her eyes and her mouth. Looking for some subtle hint that she approved and was ready.

There were some noticeable changes. Her breathing was excited and her tongue slowly licked over her bottom lip in anticipation. She wanted him to make the first move, but Mikaela was bold enough to take the initiative by claiming his mouth in a heated kiss. A brief moan escaped his lips and admittedly he was quite stunned. Uncertain where it came from, he deepened their kiss.

Mikaela’s body felt flushed with Goosebumps as their lips parted and he stared deep into her eyes. They were both breathing heavy and he could not recall a time in his very long life when a simple kissed had left him speechless.

Hesitantly, Togore brought his hand up, rubbing her cheek. “Do you have a preference?”

Those pretty blue eyes were lust filled. She wanted to be taken, but his question clearly confused her. “Preference?” She asked and then continued, “Tiger…” That whisper was  sweet and it sent a jolt through his body. Watching her lips part slightly was too much and any chance she had to continue speaking was halted by his mouth being planted upon hers.

Excitedly his attention fixed upon her chest. His hands were huge and there still managed to be so much breast left over that he could not caress all of Mikaela’s chest without putting in a little extra work. Oddly, it got him thinking about how many guys told her that more than a handful was a waste. Probably a lot, but he wasn’t complaining.

His lips worked on hers and it got him excited when she moaned for the first time. There was no hiding it from the way his body reacted to the broad smile that adorned his face. Togore was ready; he wanted it all. His pleasure, her pleasure and when he positioned himself between her legs he watched her eyes shift down his body appreciatively.

They did not fuss with the particulars, just enjoyed each other’s passion. The eruption nearly knocked them both out, but it was definitely not the end of the evening as far as Togore was concerned especially when he caught sight of the glow. She looked different; softer, cuter, more beautiful then before. How was that possible? He didn’t know, but there was no stopping him from having her as many times as her body could handle. Broken (12)

Normally, after he had sex with a girl or a guy they were calling a taxi and heading out. That wasn’t the case with Mikaela. He couldn’t help returning her smile when her lips curled awkwardly and she apologized while resting her head to his chest. He was certain that it was because she was too tired to move or perhaps that was his ego thinking.

“For what?” He asked.

She didn’t respond at first and then absently said, “Your heart is beating really fast.” It was clear to Togore that Mikaela was too tired to care about much at that moment. She didn’t seem to concern herself with the fact that she had a one-night with some strange guy that picked her up in a club. Nor that he didn’t protect himself. Not to mention the fact that his brother was a few feet away with his headphones on trying to drown out the sex sounds. Truth was, he didn’t much care about any of those things either. Maybe that made both Togore and Mikaela two fucked up and broken people.

Whatever the reason, it didn’t really matter at that moment as he reached for a blanket and pulled it up over the two of them. Closing his eyes, he thought that it was kind of nice to hold her close. He could pretend that his life was something other than what it was. He was not Ishi, his parents weren’t dead, his brother wasn’t a fucked up mess. Life was simple and he was loved.




  1. The Ishi are all the clichés I got in mafia people in a nightclub.
    And they are really obsessed by girls who got generous body shapes, Tationy and Mikaela are.

    • The Ishi are considered disfigured and less about the “mafia” types. Hiko would be more likely to be noted as being a “mafia” type. With the Ishi, people see them as being disfigured so they generally avoid them due to associating with them can look badly among a clan especially if a child is born of a union. Most clans would not get involved with them due to that. Additionally, they were modeled after the God Rin who was the Death God. His very presence made peoples skin crawl and that goes along with why people avoid the Ishi. It is all about their appearance and slithery skin crawling feeling that people get around them. Like a snake, people see all of them as dangerous and many of them are.

      Very few of the Ishi are heterosexual. Many of them are omnisexual. Generous body shapes were often noted as “good breeding” bodies. Large breast for nourishing, wide hips for birthing, etc etc. These types of things are not lost on the Ishi. Additionally, generous women in today’s society are often called “fat” which puts them in similar categories as the Ishi where they are shamed for their appearances. So, the Ishi tend to appreciate anyone that is outside the “normal” standard that society dictates. Nao and Kuro both in previous stories have been involved with Zen who is of small stature and build. “Delicate” for a man in today’s society because men are not suppose to be “feminine”. It is less likely for the Ishi to get involved with people that are beautiful like Tsubaki of the Zenaku and even Abe Sosa. Does not mean it does not occasionally happen, but it is less likely. There are usually things about the person physically that are “different” than the standard societal perfection.

      • Honestly if myself I were a man I couldn’t stand to go with too thin women because there is absolutely nothing than bones and I know because I am my body is so thin and currently no, we’re not standard anymore in clothes shop we’re totally forgotten this year. All the clothes are for shape or fatter girls and women. I hope to get pullovers that suits me this year it’s very hard. I am thankful to get thighs because I stopped to grew up if so if I were taller I’ll be so thin as a death body. People thinks I am lucky but I am not. We’re disgusting being so thin I see my ribs you touch me it’s all about bones everywhere. All the worries because I don’t weight more..
        Indeed the Ishi are right to focus on genereous shapes women , I can’t speak for the men part because my preference is for men and in my mind I stay hetero no matter the point of view I take but really nobody can’t blame them for keeping the standard that men in the past had to haver a progeny. Now they choose what they got.

        Indeed the Kari are mafia clan in the sense they rules their business between their family with an iron fist, but what I have in mind is what we see in movies because the Ishi really reminds of party boys and in some genre of movies you see mafia people who enjoys nightclubs.

        Omnisexual I never heard about this sexuality however I understood they have a kind of attraction with all the genders.

      • For the clans it is all about survival, so it is a trend that continues with many of them. A lot of people put Omni and Pansexuality as the same because both are very diverse. I disagree with it, because Pan – is often listed as “not seeing gender” and Omni is not. So while they would be in the same “category” if you will, I do not consider them the same. Omni does not care about gender and Pan does not see gender, but both involve, related to, or characterized by a diverse sexual propensity.

        Other people might disagree and lump them together, but I am pan myself so I see a clear distinction between the two.

      • The difference is hard to understand for people who don’t feel this way.

        to me it’s beyond the understand I don’t feel this way and only you can judge what pansexuality and omni sexuality are and yes there’s a small difference in the perception that could be right. Life is full of slightly difference, all shades of blue are considered as blue but they got differences.

        Me as asexual nobody aroused us no matter the gender or the way of clothing first. We’re the opposite.

        To me genders aren’t not binary as people pretend to be, the binarity is just the extreme opposite side of a huge same unic gender and the non binary are a shade of.

        It’s not because you have female genetics, you were female clothes you are obviously a binary.
        It’s behaviour how you feel that judge you. Some rather express some are more introvert in their choices or just respect the body they are inside.
        I don’t feel like a woman I don’t feel like a man I just live in a woman body, bear it and respect it. What gender I am? Neutral or Biinary, Respect , SelfGender? Nobody knows because everybody has too much stereotypes in their mind.

        They want to explain mankind they are only able to list what we have to be and what we doesn’t have to be label this or that. Even LGBTQ+ labels people in their own vision of being this or that.

        And even as asexual I doubt of their explanations because myself I don’t go in any boxes

      • I have a similar thinking in many ways, especially about the body. I don’t feel like a woman, I live in the body and bear it. So, I definitely understand what you are saying here.

        Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I am dealing with life and all of that. I am very behind and constantly trying to catch up. Probably failing at that.

      • I read you on tumblr no problems I am aware 🙂 take your time. I myself not very here just to read what I can catch up and I let my own story on the side.

        I am happy to talk to you about genders I think it’s totally artificial as the society is. After people who feel woman in a man and man in a woman or both they are considered as ill maybe they are safer than binary.

      • I know how that goes. I have not written anything since the beginning of November. I have just been too busy. I am hoping that things will get better after the holidays, but we will see how that goes.

        I am still playing catchup. I missed a lot of stuff, but it is so hard to go through pages especially on tumblr. I actually capped on likes. I did a 1000 just catching up and did not even finish catching up because I had to wait 24 hours before I could like anything again. -_- Makes me feel bad.

        I am shutting down accounts because I cannot maintain activity at places. I have even considered moving all my story stuff over to tumblr on a private blog and giving out the link to those that like reading it.

      • Do what the best you judge , anyways I was happy to read you. Your story is great no matter the choice you’ll take. If you feel confortable to live hidden no problems.

        Same I got my rough copy here on wordpress on the of my story but I got not all pictures and I didn’t finish it so I didn’t publish anything since November too here.

        In the close future I don’t know where and what I’ll do so maybe I’ll less there it’ll depends on my new program.

        Yes it’s hard to always catch up I am myself late for almost everything because real life first.

      • You are very sweet, thank you. I have not decided yet, but it is one of the many things in my thought process these days.

        It is rough right? Just gets busy or motivation struggles or whatever it is that causes the delay. I am not used to not writing and the ideas are in my head, just no time to get them down. When I have a moment to sit at the commuter the most I can do is go through mail before exhaustion hits me.

        When do you start your new program? I know how that goes. When I get busy I pick and choose which places I value and get rid of the rest. It is just a matter of which I like and which I do not like and where I would want to spend my valuable freetime.

        Yes exactly that. Real life first. I get behind a lot, which makes me feel a little bad because sometimes it means it takes me weeks and even months to get to things.

      • About my program I am now with people who cares of jobs but I saw my referent two times this month to explain her my progress, my difficulties etc.

        I’ll see her January 4th maybe she’ll suggest me or not to do work group to develop more my job project , skills well what she judges the good for me,and especially she wants me to continue to see a psychologist.

        Wait and see ! Especially the department governement wanted to delete my money. For now as it’s Christmas’ New Year hollidays it’s hard to start something by the way.

        I don’t think it’s rough I think it’s just like getting a pause and sometimes it is good. For you as you are caring of your Granny

        it’s indeed is , to me I was here and there out of my house . I went out for health testing, , out for do shopping, out of seeing my referent, out of taking part of a get-together café to speak politics
        (but with me people spoke to me conspiracy , natural treatment and this and that so it wasn’t what I expected .
        Fortunately I am aware of these problems because if so I would think they are mad, I know I have not the face of a politician but ahahah)
        The good thing is I see a friend I didn’t see him for 6 months ahaha.

        The motivation when your game crashed because of your antivirus you played a time loop it’s very complicated even my story the next part I wrote is cut. I do with what I can. It was a very important event happened that was ok with my story but no crash crash crash so at the end you have to fix everything, download stuffs you need and let the sims time pass a bit.

      • I am sorry to hear about your money – Governments love to do that kind of stuff. Hopefully, things with your program will continue to progress for you. I think about you now and again and wonder how it is all transitioning for you.

        Yes, it would be nice to be here and there out of the house, but I do not get that option. Me and grandma all the time. She is basically my little 4’9 buddy because we are almost always together. It is rare for the two of us not to be together.

        When I had my injections done and another doctors appointment that was the only time it was not me and her and my mom – who works nights – had to stay up and take care of her. Which of course makes a hard day for her seeing she gets no sleep when she has to care for grandma.

        That is good that you got to see a friend you had not seen in a while. It is hard around here to see old friends, being in the middle of nowhere and no going anywhere.

        Crashing is the worst. Even in a perfect vanilla game it sometimes crashes. It just has a bad game design unfortunately and we have to suffer through the crashes.

      • Indeed there are always problems and no matter the game you play, there are still repeating the same errors. Except ts4 it’s always problems because I placed sims 3 or 2 cc in ahah. Nicely done, the game tells you what cc is wrong at the first I wished to get that technology for sims 2 and sims 3.

        It’s nothing to fix sims problems I use to and I am always here with my old sims 3.
        Mainly it’s because of cc or because of a program that run behind and eat up the rest of the ram now. I can’t totally mute or turn off my antivirus totally.

        Indeed, caring of your granny is very tough, I have no words I admire you.

        Yes it’s good to me despite , he is ill and sometimes mom is afraid of something to him happen wrong. He’s adorable and that’s the most important.

        My referent fixed the problem with administration of my “French” department and the local governement stopped to harass me at least until June.
        phew just because we didn’t sign any contract with my referent that bound me with the program I am now last time we see in the start of December. I swear they are pathetic. Now it’s signed.
        They give me worry because I received the letter when I was very tired by my mentruation so I had a little dizzy after calling my referent.
        Yes there is no more solidarity in my country , they attack everybody without reasons just to push people to move on and to take steps . I know people got RSA and does nothing but I am followed and I don’t do nothing. That’s the reason why I took it so bad. I felt no justice towards me.

      • I am glad to hear it was situated and sorry to hear that he is ill. That is a shame. Hopefully nothing too serious and he can live a healthy and full-filling life.

        It is much easier with Sims 4 to find bad cc. I agree or CC that does not belong to it. Much harder with Sims 2 and Sims 3. How have your games been running lately?

      • A genetic illness that touches the chromosom 10 hmm I don’t remember the name but he is severely obese because of it. No really he is so nice I hate Life for being so disgusting with people.

        I reinstalled all my sims 3 cc because I didn’t see anymore my store town in the menu. It helps me to understand I got duplicatas of the store item I deleted them. However I am in the download spree I lost 2/3 of my cc . I downloaded new as well.

        I didn’t touch sims 4 and I went to sims 2 for taking pictures of the secret santa gift I made at simblr. I shared it privately. I am so happy my kawaii house is installed well. I like the shape of it but the interiors I will work again.

        As I told in tumblr I am redesigning Jason’s interior house (sims 3 version) and I see if nothing lacks of . I also see I got sims 3 in my sims 4 as casual haha I use the sims 4 cc detector tool.

        I got my results today.

      • How were your results? It is good that you got some of your cc situated and that you are working on redesigning a few things. Sorry to hear about your friend. I agree life can be so cruel to people.

      • They are good. However I don’t know why I felt too much bad when I received them. Except going to the dentist, and I missed a booster vaccine I forgot to do because I wasn’t aware and that I might not totally recover all my visual acuity when I was opered 10 years ago. That’s okay.
        However I have some other tests to pass for myself and to complete the medical file.

        Indeed life is cruel with people . I got one of my own painting recolour that messed up the game. I fortunately decided to delete all my cc for good I am right.

      • Anything doctor related can be quite stressful, so it probably just is because of the doctors in general.

        Sorry to hear that one of you painting recolors messed up your game. Hopefully, all is resolved now.

      • Reinstalled the SP to manage my town since I reinstalled all my cc , fortunately it helps me once again. I am going to uninstall it tonight.
        I didn’t delete my painting yet I am going to do it as well.

        Just doctors are sold by the system and they followed the system. They don’t have the true intention to cure you.

      • That is how I feel about doctors as well that they do not intend to cure you. Most of the time they send you away even when something is clearly wrong.

        Hopefully, you will get everything with your game situated, it is pain when there is troubles.

      • Indeed I can’t make a decent interiors for Béaranne and her family and Baptiste and Clément who are roommate didn’t have beds anymore in their house thank you the SP to tell me about.

        Exactly , in France it’s not a democracy anymore and when you tell the truth you’re mad .

      • I have had that happen many times – sometimes I even remove an SP or EP not thinking I used anything from it and then it is like – surprise. HAHA.

      • It can be yes. Especially, if you have meshes that need that EP/SP to work properly and do not realize it.

      • Well when I remove a stuff pack or expansion and I find I have a piece of CC that uses it the first thing I do is go to an empty lot and place whatever the object is on the lot. Sometimes it will let you and sometimes it will not and the item if he does let you will appear like a little weird ball.

        Then I export the love. Turn the lot into a package. Open the package with S3OC, clone the object which will create a page file (as long as it does not throw and error), and then unmerge it normally from there.

        If I cannot remove it this way, I look for any identifying information on the item. Sometimes, if you hover over the icon you can still see the creator name and stuff like that which makes the item a little easier to hunt for.

        On the rare occasion where neither of these work then I need to figure out which merged package it is in. So I pull all my cc out of the mods folder. Put one merged package in go in game and check to see if the item is there.

        Once I find the merged package, I open the file up using s3pe. I click on the tab so it is nice and organized and I sort by OBJD files. I look for the ones that do not say 0x0000000. Any that have an expansion or stuff pack associated with them will have numbers in there except zero.

        Then it is just a matter of deleting the ones that are associated with the expansion or stuff pack that is no longer available.

      • That’s a very long work but that worths it. I recently know about unmmerge package with s3oc. I love s3oc for many reasons because it helps for fixing beds for pets . S3Pe I can’t live without when a cas item didn’t appear well or is empty I delete it thanks to it.

      • Yeah it can be a bit of a process, but well worth it. I like S30C and S3PE as well. I wish we had something like the TS4 Workshop though.

      • I was actually referring to the studio, the TSRW is just an all in one. Not even worth a mention seeing it is broken 98% of the time.

      • I was actually referring to the s, the TSRW is just an all in one. Not even worth a mention seeing it is broken 98% of the time.

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