Broken – Chapter 2

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There was a small amount of vindication in knowing that his mother had ordered their father to stop, but at the same time Togore was told to cool off by his little brother. It stung. He knew he could be emotional and that he often acted first and thought about it later, but he didn’t need to be treated like trash by the one person whose back he always had.

As much as he pretended he didn’t care about Tationy and Hiko, the truth was, he wanted the acceptance more than Enzo did. His little brother was intelligent and calm; capable of handling everything in a reasonable manner and Togore sort of just flew by the seat of his pants and hoped for the best. It was not that he wasn’t intelligent in his own right, he simply needed the high of feeling and living. Truth was, they were both broken, but in very different ways.

Togore wanted to reach out and touch things, while Enzo was perfectly content with just looking. Nao had once described it as the difference between emotional and intellectual intelligence. Some people went by their gut and were successful, while others thought things out and based their decisions on reasoning and patterns. He had told him there was no right or wrong way, but it didn’t always feel like that to Togore.

Sometimes, more often than not he made mistakes. Probably one of his biggest that day happened when he got in his car and drove around for an hour and eventually ending up at the hospital. It was not as though he had hurt himself, he just needed to feel something and the little woman with the big assets seemed the perfect choice.

Of course, he freaked out plenty of people when he stepped into the hospital and asked for a nurse named Mikaela. No last name. Just Mikaela. Didn’t know what floor she worked on or any other information that would be useful; though he did tell the lady at the front desk that Mikaela had a nice rack. Which got him kicked out by security. So, he sat on the bench asking anyone that passed by if they knew a nurse by the name of Mikaela until someone told him that he might have the wrong hospital. That would be just his sort of luck.

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With a dejected sigh, he closed his eyes and leaned his head against the building wondering if this was how his day was going to go. That was about the point that he heard a soft whisper say, “Tiger….”

Her voice made him excited so he instantly stood only to look upon a different girl entirely. Her curves were hidden underneath frumpy clothing. That notable resting bitch face looked chunkier with that hair style. Not to mention, she seemed a lot less enthusiastic than she did a few hours earlier. Still, what she had to offer was more than enough to keep him interested so he quickly responded, “Hey.”

“What are you doing here?”

Togore didn’t know how to answer that question properly. Truth was he came to have sex with her. He wanted her breast in his hands and his dick thrusting in and out of her. So, all he could do was eagerly respond, “I remembered that you said you were a nurse and …. I want to fuck you.”

“Tiger, I am working,” She stated.

There was emotional baggage that came with being Ishi. Sometimes, you got a vibe from people that they were uneasy. That was how this felt. Togore was okay to pick up in some bar and go home with, but him showing up at her work was a completely different situation. It set him off, “Tell me to leave if you don’t want your precious coworkers to see the snake you are fucking.”

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Her sigh was one of annoyance, Togore knew it well. She was not the first person to get frustrated with him and he doubted she would be the last. “You really think that is the issue? I work here tiger. This is my job. It is how I make a living. There is this little thing called boundaries and you are kind of crossing them,” The little mouse was lecturing him.

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“I know what boundaries are, but I wanted to fuck. If you are worried about your job getting in the way of that then just quit. You are built for fucking anyway,” He stated.

Togore couldn’t really gauge the expression adorning her features. Was she amused or annoyed? Part of him thought it might be a combination of the two, but there was no way to be certain with her falling silent. This was why he didn’t put himself out there. Normally when he picked someone up in a club, the person right after and he never saw them again. Truth was, he didn’t care to.

It was instinct and his need to reach out and touch something that drew him to Mikaela. Did that make her different from all of the ones that came before? He didn’t think so. She was just some girl he wanted to have sex with, but at the same time it felt strange. There was a part of him that looked upon her hopefully even though he was certain she was two seconds away from telling him to get lost.

Her eyes closed and she sighed, “I don’t think there is a spot on my resume where built for fucking will fit.”

The lightness of her words put him at ease, “Add it as a note at the bottom or better yet, we could make our own pornos and put them on the web. Do live webcam shows and charge people to watch my dick slide in and out of you.”

“I think you are the only person that wants to see that…”

He cut her off, “Well, I think you underestimate that body of yours, mouse.”


Togore smirked, “Want me to call you something else?”

“No, but mighty mouse and the troublesome tiger sounds like a terrible porno name.”

“It will be great. Everyone loves an animal act.” Her lip twitched and it became quite clear she was trying to keep from laughing as her hand instantly covered her mouth and a soft little giggle escaped. That was unexpected, but he found himself asking, “Why did you cover your mouth like that?”

There was an awkward silence that overtook the moment as Mikaela tucked a strand of loose hair behind her ear and responded simply, “I just don’t like my smile.”


She shook her head and easily distracted him with a change of topic, “We should get out of here before I come to my senses.”

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They had gone to her place and the moment Togore had stepped inside, he was instantly looking around. You could learn a lot about a person by where they chose to live or even how they decorated. Two things jumped out at him right away. The first was that the apartment was small and cheap and the second that there was a pair of men’s boots and an overnight bag sitting by the door.

A small part of him wanted to ask about it, but she never brought up the fact that there were women’s undergarments lying about his place. So instead, he chose to focus on something else entirely, “Nurses in Aslann don’t get paid a lot?”

The conversation was casual as he walked behind her eying everything in sight, “If you can get into the private sector and become a home health aide for one of the elite families, there is plenty of money to be made. Hospital nurses get shitty pay to go with the long hours.”

“Why do it then?”

“A girl’s got to eat,” She stated and then quickly added, “I am just going to slip into something a bit more comfortable. Make yourself at home.”

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He didn’t know how he could. By the time he made it into the living room he got the full scope of just how tiny the apartment was. His large body banged into the wall a few times and his head nearly touched the ceiling. This place was not designed for people like him. It caused Togore a certain amount of annoyance due to the claustrophobic feeling that overtook him, “Hey mouse…where’s your bedroom?”

“Sorry, I don’t have one. The couch pulls out…” She responded from what he assumed was the bathroom. Scratching the back of his head he stared at the sofa and sighed at the thought of his feet hanging over the end or there not being enough room for them to engage in all of the sexual activities he had floating around in his head. It might have been the spoiled Son of Kuro in him, but the last thing Togore wanted was to be uncomfortable.

Still, there were some needs that overrode everything else and he made quick work of setting up the sofa-bed and stripping out of his clothes. All he could do was lounge around until she exited the bathroom. He was ready and the more time that passed the more anxious he got, “You done yet. I’m hard and tempted to start without you.”

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“Go ahead,” She responded and his eyes quickly shifted toward her, “I’ll watch.”

Now that was the girl he picked up in the club. There was something about that little mouse that got him going. “I would rather fuck you then jerk myself off,” He stated as he watched her crawl onto the bed.

With ease she slid over him, settling upon his lap as Togore grabbed her by the hips and pressed his pelvis upwards, “Mmm…” He let out a low throaty moan, almost a growl, “Feels like I have been waiting for this forever.”

Togores words must have enticed Mikaela because she wasted no time leaning forward to claim his lips to hers. Some men or even some women might find aggressiveness a turnoff, but he certainly was not one of them. Togore had a great appreciation for people that were not afraid to take what they wanted and the energy of her kiss told him that she was going to make this an adventure he was never going to forget.

So, he matched her assertiveness with his own. The apple flavoring of her lip gloss encouraged his tongue to run along the sensitive part of her bottom lip producing a soft moan.

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“I’m ready,” He managed to say excitedly as she lifted herself just enough to tug at his underwear. Togore did not even bother with hers, just pulling aside the thin lining of fabric and sliding forcefully within her.

She was practically bouncing upon his shaft, the sensation causing him to moan as a surge rushed through him. Ishi or not, Togore knew if she kept up her pace that he would be unable to stop himself from releasing within her. “Mikaela,” He said her name breathlessly as he attempted to tell her to slow down, but he could not complete his sentence as her lips found his.

Through a lust induced haze Togore gripped her hips tighter. He was close and certain that any little change in her body would push him over the edge. “You feel so good,” He managed to say between heated kisses as her hips slammed down forcing all of him to slide deep within her. The moan that escaped her lips was just the push he needed.

This was all Togore ever wanted. If he could just stay in bed with someone compatible, he would spend his entire life having that emotional high brought about by his impending release. Even better if the person was capable of saying yes to all of his wanton desires. Still, there was something about the way her body collapsed atop his; the way her breathing labored for a time. Not to mention the soft tickling of her hair along his chest as she adjusted her head to a more comfortable position.

“Where was this girl last night?” He asked the question absently and then sadly realized what he had gotten her to do, “Is it alright …. that you left work like you did?”

“You are worried about that now?”

Her question was warranted, he could have picked much better timing to show concern. Togore was the type of guy that wanted what he wanted and thought about it later. Consequences in the moment had little effect on him until it was all said and done. Then and only then, would he realize his error. “Well yeah….” His words hung there.

She sighed as her fingers absently teased along his chest. There was a darkness to Mikaelas aura that Togore realized far too late, had been there since he first encountered her at the hospital. Something was wrong, but whatever it was would quickly be pushed aside with her distracting body, “We should make a porno.”

Togore groaned, “Fuck me mouse, I think I love you.”

“Tell me something, I don’t already know tiger,” She teased.

Even though they had shared the most intimate of words that two people could say to each other, they meant nothing. No meaning or emotion behind them. Just an excited utterance in the moment brought about by the thought of having as much sex with her as he could.