Broken – Chapter 3


Togore had only been home for about twenty minutes when his father came barging into his house. The visit was not unexpected after all he and his little brother Enzo had made a scene involving Hiko Kari and Tationy Tylo when they were told to stay away from them.

With a snarled tone Kuro had asked, “Where’s your brother?”

“I’m not his keeper,” Togore responded as he pulled his phone from his pocket. Candy Crush would serve as a pretty good distraction from whatever lecture he was about to be given.

There was a short annoyed sigh that preceded his fathers next words, “I told you to stay away from them….”

Togore cut him off, “Did you?”

“Don’t fucking act like a punk Togore. I expect this behavior from Enzo, but you should know better. Now tell me where your brother is.”

Sharply his attention settled upon his father as the two exchanged cold glares. It would be Togore that would backdown first as his attention fell once again to his phone. So, much for Candy Crush serving as a distraction as he jumped straight to his contacts and looked for Mikaela’s number.

Somehow, he managed to get her to give it to him before she pushed him out of her apartment. She had to go somewhere; something about a family thing. He didn’t believe her, but Togore had suspected that had less to do with what she said to him and everything to do with his parental issues.

His family was a mess after all; from the Ishi clan to his father and uncle, there was not a lot of happy childhood memories that warmed the heart especially one as cold and dysfunctional as his was. So, when someone said to him, I have family stuff, he called bullshit even though he often used it himself.

“Well, are you going to answer me?”

His father’s question was a loaded one and managed to do exactly what it intended; pull his attention away from his phone. Still, Togore didn’t know were Enzo was and as far as he was concerned he didn’t much care.

He had been lectured his entire life about how he was the older brother and it was his responsibility to keep his younger sibling out of trouble. Enzo was passionate to put it mildly. Certainly, he went along with most things and did not generally cause a fuss, but when he did all hell broke loose.

Togore was thankful to the little mouse because the conversation with her offered him a brief reprieve from his father, but he knew it was never going to last. He had to answer him, “I don’t know where he is. When I left the house he was still here and as far as I know he didn’t have any plans.”

“So, you are telling me that he was not here when you got back,” Kuro had stated and though his words were not in the form of a question, Togore could hear the concern.

“That is what I’m saying.”

Togore’s focus was being divided and he hated that. It was not as though he couldn’t multitask if he wanted to, but he liked to give his undivided attention to one thing only. Right now, he wanted it all to be on the sweet little mouse who continued to text him and that alone made it difficult to hide the change in his mood.

The picture she sent him though with one breast free from her top and that cute little expression sent him over the edge. He could feel it; his entire body came to life. She looked good and he couldn’t help thinking how much he wanted to have sex with her again. Togore would drop everything for that which was probably far to obvious because his father quickly asked, “Someplace you need to be?”

“Nope, why do you ask?”

He could feel his father’s gaze upon him, “It just seems that you are distracted…”

Togore cut him off, “You stop by unannounced all the time. I don’t know why you are suddenly acting concerned because if you really gave a fuck about whether or not I had plans you would just … I don’t know, try fucking calling first or is being a decent and normal human being outside the capabilities of the Son of Rin?”


His father didn’t respond to his question which wasn’t at all surprising as the two stood there in awkward silence. The only companionship and warmth came from the conversation he was having on his phone with Mikaela. The little mouse made him feel normal and it took nothing for a smile to beam ear to ear just reading her messages.

Of course his change in mood couldn’t be hidden from his father. So it was not at all surprising when he tried to engage him again, “Something happen?”

With the unwelcome lingering of the Son of Rin it became obvious, he was waiting for the return of Enzo. Most likely, so he could lecture the two of them.

“Why don’t you leave. I will have Enzo call you when he gets home,” Togore stated.

“I will wait,” Kuro responded. With a roll of his eyes he glanced toward his phone and got excited by her question and it would be moments later he would start moving, “Where are you going?”

“To take a piss, want to hold it for me?”

His response clearly annoyed his father as he continued toward the stairs that led to the second floor. Right now, all he wanted to do was masturbate to Mikaelas picture and send one of his own to her. He had not decided in which order until he found himself in the bathroom with the door securely locked.

Tugging down his pants he sat himself on the toilet with his phone in one hand and his penis in the other. He was a little disappointed that he was only semi-erect, but dirty conversations through text messaging was not exactly a turn on for him. Togore liked to feel things; smooth skin, big breast, soft lips.

It was a chore trying to get a decent picture and keep up the conversation with Mikaela. When she told him that she could not be herself, it had resonated. There were dark feelings that hollowed out what remained of his soul and all he could do was change the topic by sending her a picture of his cock.

Instantly, there was disappointment when she did not respond right away and worse yet when she finally did and said she had to go. Togore had heard guys say that plenty of girls talked a good game when it came to dirty texting, but the moment the dick pics were put out there suddenly they backed off. Too real for them? He didn’t know, but he nearly dropped his phone in the toilet as he hurriedly attempted to get her to stay.

It calmed him greatly when she responded that she could stay a bit longer. He liked the way she playfully teased him, but the thing that struck him most about the conversation was how easy it was. It didn’t feel forced even when they were talking about hiding in the bathroom.

Togore had never shared anything personal like that about himself before. In the beginning his brother would ask him once a week what he was doing in the bathroom for so long, but now Enzo just shook his head and told him to stop ordering the crab. He didn’t have to lie to the little mouse and that was a strange and unexpected experience for Togore of the Ishi.

Still, his day was not over and all he wanted to do was get lost in the dirty images his imagination could conjure as he masturbated to her picture. Sounded perfect in his head, but deep down he knew his father was probably still loitering around in his kitchen. The images of Mikaela on her back taking all of him would have to wait, at least until he dealt with his unwelcome guest.


He didn’t even make it to the bottom of the stairs before the voice of his brother and his father assaulted his ears. It was heated and the obvious pain in Enzo’s tone told Togore that it was not going well, “It wasn’t at all like that.”

“Oh, you say that now that the damage has been done. I warned the two of you to stay away from them and you couldn’t for a moment follow a simple order. They were off limits; I have let the two of you delve into whatever debauchery you like and you cannot even do the few little things I ask of you.”

Enzo seemed annoyed as he tried to correct their father, “It was not as though you asked us, you told….”

Togore sighed as he hit the bottom step and forced the conversation to a halt, “There is no point in arguing semantics with the Son of Rin.  He doesn’t give a fuck as long as we do as we are told.”

Kuro’s cold gaze shifted upon Togore and he knew there was no turning back now. Anything he said or did would have dire consequences going forward.


“Fuck it,” He thought as he rubbed the back of his neck before saying, “I forced Enzo to go and see them. It was my idea. If you want to punish someone, then look no further.”

His father did not initially say anything which concerned Togore, but the tension became thick when Enzo spoke up abruptly, “That is not true. I was the one…”

Togore snorted, “Someone like you isn’t capable of doing shit on his own. Tugging at my shirt saying big brother this and that. Even the Son of Rin can see that you are a good baby snake. I’m the type they cut the head off….”

“Knock it off Togore,” Enzo warned. “This is not going to help ….”

“You can’t be trusted,” His father spoke coldly as he took a single step forward and even though Togore felt certain that the words were directed toward him they made no impact on his mood. This outcome was not entirely unexpected; he always thought that someday he would be known as coessta. An ugly Ishi word that translated to a snake that eats its own kind. Truly, that was saying something because the Ishi only ever cared about the individual over the many.

“Yeah…” Togore stated as he began to move, “Fuck the Ishi. Fuck the Sons of Rin.”

“Togore,” Enzo shouted his brother’s name.

“Don’t get dramatic Enzo. Think of it as a vacation; I am. It is going to be nice not having to babysit you all the time. Be a good snakelet and mind the Son of Rin.”


Togore did not hesitate to get out there as fast as he could. Certainly, there were drawbacks. All Kuro had to do was go and ask his brother Mikio what happened and it would become clear that he had lied to protect Enzo. In that regard, his younger sibling was probably right. It would make things far worse, but Togore was not about to stand around and be lectured again by the Son of Rin.

Still, he had no idea what he would do now. He forgot the toys he promised, but he picked up the Chinese and found himself inside of Mikaela’s apartment. As much as he wanted to have sex with her earlier in the day, his mind was so muddled with nonsense that he had barely taken notice of her in the cute little underwear and tiny t-shirt. “Tiger, your food is getting cold,” She whispered.

“Yeah, sorry I am not as hungry as I thought I was.”

“Something happened with your dad,” She stated almost knowingly and at first Togore thought about not responding or changing the topic. He didn’t know what to say, but that didn’t stop her from speaking, “Even when you are no longer a kid, parents are still trying to control everything. My mom told me tonight that she is heading back to America. That her mission to save the heathens had come to an end. Before she even said it, I knew what was coming next. I am just suppose to drop everything and return to America with her.”

His eyes shifted suddenly as he tried to process what she was telling him. It was not as though Togore knew anything about her. They had never discussed topics of substance. Even though he was confused he managed to ask, “So, you told her to fuck off right?”

“I wish,” She said with a sigh. “While my brother talked about how great the news was, I just sat there trying to pretend I was invisible. Then, she looked at me and said, with the loss of your job moving will be easy for you.”

“Wait…what?” Togore asked. “Did you get fired because of me?”


Her head bowed as she stared at the floor. As much as he didn’t want to believe it, he felt a knot form in his stomach instantly. Togore never meant to cause her harm as the ugliness of his selfish ways hit him. That was about the point she brought him down off the ledge, “No. I got fired because I gave someone one too many chances.”

“I don’t understand.”

“For months now the medicine count has been short. At first it was just one or two here and there, but then entire bottles started to go missing. I realized one of the nurses was pocketing them on my shift. It took me a bit of time to figure out who it was, but a couple of weeks ago I confronted her. She denied it of course. Begged me not to tell anyone without proof because it could ruin her career.”

Togore frowned, “So, you didn’t say anything?”

“I didn’t want to be the cause of her losing her job if I was wrong. So, I gave her the benefit of the doubt. The other day when you came to see me, I had been sent home. After she was caught and confronted by hospital administration, she tossed me under the bus. Told them that I had known all along …. ”

“That bitch. She blamed you for being turned in,” Togore was furious. “Want me to burn that place to the ground? I will fucking do it.”

“No, thank you though.”

“So, your moms words were not wrong. You got nothing keeping you here…” Togore didn’t know why, but he felt a sting saying that aloud.

“My little brother might jump at the chance to follow our mother home, but I don’t. This is not the life I want and never where I thought I would be. No job and my only future prospect is a trip to a nation I don’t even remember. This is my home, but ….”


“It is going to sound stupid, but I feel like a shitty person wanting to stay. Maybe because they were all so happy and excited at dinner. My mom went on and on about Christmas in the states and how we would be in America within a couple weeks. I kept telling myself that maybe if she said it enough it might actually feel like we were going home and it would be easier. It didn’t.”


Mikaela seemed exhausted to him; emotionally spent from the conflicting and troublesome turmoil. Her stuff was a lot different from his, but in an odd way it made him a bit happy because his shit didn’t seem all that bad in comparison. He never had to worry about losing a job or having to leave his nation; the biggest obstacle in his path was whether he might live to see another day. Not really a big deal when you didn’t care about anything.

Pushing away from the wall he reached for Mikaeal’s food container. Once it was set aside he did not hesitate to strip himself out of his clothing and climb onto her bed. It probably surprised her as much as it did him, but Togore did not instantly try to have sex with her.

“I don’t understand the whole family thing; it has always just been Enzo and I. Really, I never much cared about my own life as long as he was taken care of. So, while he was the calm and sensitive one I got to piss people off and keep the focus on me. It always worked for us and after a while it just became a part of who we were.”

“Sometimes, I wish my dad would say I am proud of you or ask me to help him instead of assuming I am going to get in his way. After a hundred and some odd years, I don’t see it ever happening. Really, it never mattered much though because I always had Enzo. I don’t really know what I am trying to say….”

His words hung there as his attention drifted toward her. Togore was not great at articulating his feelings let alone sharing them. He probably sounded as though he was rambling about nonsense compared to how well she had explained what had been transpiring, “Is your mom religious? You said heathens earlier. What exactly was she doing?”


The little mouse did not respond at first and it was quite obvious she was lost in thought. Togore hated pushing; it was none of his business after all. He was just some guy having sex with her when she would let him. There was little hope she would even answer by how long the silence lingered, “She was teaching Christianity to the Priest at the Anami Seminary.”

The lightbulb switched on and Togore realized that Mikaela’s mother was one of those people that would be nice to his face and then spit on him the first chance she got. He could understand having devotion, but when you referred to other nations, groups of people, or those that practiced other religions as heathens it conjured up questionable behavior and attitudes of superiority.

“Maybe I should have come for Thanksgiving dinner,” He responded absently.

The way the little mouse tucked her hair behind her ear and stared into the distance told him that she probably never once brought a guy like him home. This dynamic was not simple parental control. Her mother was a matriarch; there was no freewill only her wishes.

He hated matriarchal clans. They were always down with the patriarch, but in most cases they were just as bad. Perfect examples were the Zenaku and the Yamada. If it was the will of the queen, the little soldiers would fall inline even if it went against who they were. Sometimes, Togore was very content being part of the Ishi clan and not having to deal with that sort of tyrannical leadership.

Not everyone was a lucky though and it was clear to him that Mikaela had never hesitated to do exactly as she was told her entire life. Inwardly he sighed because he was going to miss the little mouse that rode him with enthusiasm. He supposed he probably would not be the only one considering the boots and bag were still sitting by the door, “Going to tell your boyfriend that you’re leaving?”

Screenshot-5Togore didn’t expect the way she would awkwardly stammer, “Boyfriend?”

Casually he glanced toward the entrance, “Couldn’t help noticing the bag and men’s shoes sitting there….just figured seeing they are still here that maybe things are not over between the two of you yet.”

She made an annoyed sound, “Trust me tiger things are fucking over.”

“Oh, why is that?”

The annoyed expression upon her face softened and Togore couldn’t help instantly feeling as though he had suddenly become prey as she spoke, “Can’t we just fuck. I will let you do whatever you want.” He licked his lower lip as he watched her change positions. It was a rather enticing view, but he was far more intrigued by the fact that she didn’t want to discuss her ex-boyfriend. Still, no matter how curious he was Togore was not going to turn her down.

Author Note: Mikaela is half American and half Raita clan. Her mother is American. Holidays celebrated in the states such as Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving, just to name a few are very important to Dyani (Mikaela’s mother) and despite being in the nation of Aslann she continued to celebrate these holidays. We will generally only hear mention of these holidays being celebrated by those of mixed-blood such as Mikaela, her brother Micha, and Sadoo of the Takahashi. They are only celebrated by a small percentage of people in Aslann, less than five percent to be exact.


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