Muse – The Dog and The Snake


“How long do you intend to lurk, snake?” Zen questioned as he readied himself for an exchange of words.

“Oh, it seems I got the attention of a rather dangerous dog. Are you going to tuck your tail between your legs again?”

“Your recollection of our last encounter is insulting. It was you who slithered away.”

The Ishi didn’t seem fazed by Zen’s response as he nonchalantly stated, “I had somewhere I needed to be.”

“And your reason for being here?”

Zen could feel the eyes of the Ishi man upon him as his question lingered there with no response. Unlike other Kari men, he was not prone to agitation. Nor was he hotblooded. The silence didn’t trouble him or disturb his patience. He could wait, as long as it took for the snake to answer.

“Reincarnation is a fucked up thing. In one life you could be someone important and in the next some piece of shit that gets caught with his hand in another person’s cookie jar. It is fitting burying him here underneath this tree. It is where he lost his life the first time.” The Ishi paused only a moment, “I didn’t mourn him then and I won’t now; some people get what they deserve.”


Swiftly, Zen’s attention fell upon the Ishi. It was not as though he had any feelings regarding Kyo Kari to begin with. They shared the same blood and that was it, but the words of the snake stung. It had nothing to do with them being fanciful. In fact, Zen believed he was speaking the truth. What bothered him was how this snake knew it.

It was not information you could just happen upon. His clan would never reveal the true reasons that Kyo Kari lost his life. As for the other part, the Tylo certainly had the ability to see the past, the present, and the future. This would allow them to witness past lives of individuals if one had the skill, but as far as Zen knew Tationy had been kept away from the Ishi.

“I finally unnerved you.”

“You are mistaken,” Zen stated as he looked away.


“Oh, you are probably right. This lowly Ishi could never contend with a Lord of the Waichia.”

“So, he noticed,” Zen thought to himself. This snake was truly a troublesome pest. Taking a breath, he kept his composure while responding swiftly, “Your behavior and motives are questionable where Tationy and Hiko are concerned. Had it been a single encounter, I could have overlooked it. However, you continually have displayed a level of stalking…”

The Ishi cut him off, “Oh, who do you think I am stalking exactly?”

Even his mother’s blood was not strong enough to penetrate the Ishi’s guarded thoughts. The snakes mind was like a pond rippling from the casting of a skipped stone. It never calmed and that made it impossible for Zen to see the predator’s motives.

Quietly Zen stated, “Your actions will no longer go unchecked.”

“Oh,” It was clear he was amused, “Are you going to be the Kari to put me in my place?


Zen allowed his gaze to slowly fix upon the snake, “That is right.”

The Ishi laughed, “Well, isn’t that something. The cute little terrier intends to take down the big bad snake. I can’t wait…”

There was no further need for words as the predator turned on his heels. Zen had decided the moment he laid eyes on the snake that only he was capable of handling him. It was not because the Elder and Shield were not strong. Nor was it because Hiko lacked the skills. Simply put, Zen was the only one among the Kari that could go all out with a clear head. He would never lose himself to the beast within and there was no way that Ishi could tempt it to the surface.


  1. Anyways the Kari speaks Truth about Reincarnations you don’t know in advance who you will become and you won’t remember why you choose this path , this family in your birth just because we never have any remembers about our etheral life. How sad !

    • Yes that is very true, would be nice if we could recall these sorts of things. Thank you hun for all of your support and sorry for the late comment. WordPress did not notify me that I had any. -_-

      • No problems for the delay of your reply, sometimes Internet messing if I published my comment right after a wild deconnection of my box maybe you didn’t get the notification because of that. When some people calls at home it f… up.

        You are welcome I do my best for being present for the community I try to forgot no one.

      • Yeah internet hiccups can cause all kinds of things. *hugs* Your support is always greatly appreciated.

      • I used to have internet like that. Now it just disconnects for whatever reason it wants to.

      • I live in a place that Optical Fiber might be tracted to the flat to work. They equiped the whole building but us. Just because we are living in an extension a kind of courtyard without plants ahaha.
        My phone’s internet 4G is a million times more quicker than my internet in the computer.

      • I definitely understand that. We actually cannot get fiber optic internet where I live. The options are DSL or Satellite. Neither is perfect, especially seeing AT&T is the only DSL internet provider and they charge for bandwidth. They suck – I hate the and I do not use that world lightly. They have shady business practices. We used to have unlimited internet, but they took it away from all of their DSL customers, so now we get hit every month with extra fees. They keep saying we will get better internet here, but I don’t see it happening in my lifetime. -_-

      • Ah lies of compagnies .They are deceivers as Christians say and for a time they are right. They are always as politics, promises for a change they never come. In addition, in USA now with the end of the Neutrality of the Internet that will be more horrible because people who pays the most expensive extra taxes won’t have a good internet as well.
        Orange is not nice too, they promised us to install the optical fiber the technician renounced due to the place the flat I live is.
        Now I have to keep my 1GB of internet or pay much more. Even with the cellphone they were nice to up my internet.

      • Yeah, I do not know how things will change with all of this net neutrality stuff when it finally goes through – who knows. Might disappear because of it. Cannot be helped – not paying extra for stuff I already have that should be free.

      • I think that this law isn’t legal at all in a Democracy but in West where are Democracies? Even France isn’t anymore one and believe me EU will follow soon or never even though they promise us that never comes. The “fake news” drama is also in France and the Ministry of Truth is created.

        That a good sense what’s happening.

        In US, they elected Trump , all the dramas of the Democrats and the newspapers about him the Hate speech was so fake , they create the concept of fake news to blame Russia because we’re under a second Cold War with no name and to break the Neutrality of the Net.
        Tada ! How to kill a democracy in a couple of months.
        Now second round for your country is racial war that fakely promote Diversity (people they hate the most) and kill the European Inheritages and people that will open the FEMA Camp (or Prisons) but that’s hard to convinced everybody to hit others so it’ll take more time.
        Believe me it’s the end of our Society. IIn Europe things goes wrong too .

        I might disappear too I won’t pay for getting access to Internet too.

      • The world is definitely a different place. I have been saying for a long time that we seem to take one step forward and a hundred steps back.

      • Indeed, just because they follow a schedule and a plan that is not casual. In a couple of years after the end of the Internet Neutrality they’ll cry for having not views, not money etc. That won’t take so long before they’ll realised their mistakes. And they”ll cry when Robots will replace Human believe me this world is on crisis due to crazy rich that are boring so much to put our life in dust.

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